Demi And Lea


By J.K


The Cab had arrived Promptly at 6:30. Demi Moore was on her way to receive a
birthday present from her husband. Each year they had tried to surprise each
other on their respective birthdays. Due to the increased size of their bank
accounts. Cost had become no object. But as with any kind of wealth. Eventually
you run out of expensive things that will
impress your lover. So now they were
resorting to unusual experiences as gifts. Demi had once hired several Geisha to
attend to Bruce’s needs for a whole weekend. He came back to their estate after
that particular birthday and fucked her in every orifice they could imagine. She
couldn’t go to the bathroom regular for a week. Things like that kept the fires
burning in their marriage. This time it was her turn. After his experience in
the Geisha House; he had promised to return the favor.So, as prearranged. He was
watching the kids. She was dressed rather plainly so as not to be recognized.
And a cab had come to deliver her t o her destination. The length of her visit
was unknown to her. The cabby knew right were to take her. Later she would find
out that this was not a genuine cab. But a private limo service that specializes
in catering to the needs of the rich and famous; in an anonymous fashion.The cab
had driven to a small gated residence outside of L.A. Demi recognized this as
the Geisha House she had sent Bruce to earlier in the year.From the exterior of
the building it looked rather innocent . Just another large house in the middle
of a neighborhood of large houses. The Cabby opened the door and took her into
the lobby of the houses then got back into his cab and drove away. An oriental
women , perhaps in her Fifties , stepped into the lobby to greet her.”Good
Evening , Miss Moore. Welcome to the Gate Of the Sun.””I am you Hostess for the
evening. Mrs. Wai. I hope you enjoy your visit with us. You husband gave us
rather explicit instructions regarding your relaxation and entertainment for the
evening. However if you feel uncomfortable at anytime. Please let us know .
Because..”The elderly oriental women took Demi’s hands in her and looking deep
into her said.We are here for your pleasure.” Turning she led Demi Silently down
a richly appointed hallway and into a small sitting room. Inside were waiting
two of the most beautiful oriental women Demi had ever seen. Bowing politely.
Mrs. Wai introduced them.”This is Mai and Sumi. They will attend to you in your
preparations. I hope you enjoy yourself.” She left Mai and Sumi to prepare Demi
for her evening.Demi was electric with anticipation. As Mrs. Wai left the room
Mai and Sumi’s big smiles spread across their faces. They had no hint of any
accents. ‘Oh Miss Moore. We’re so glad that we were chosen for you today. ” They
were acting like a couple of school girls. Giggling and laughing in their
excitement. The outfits they wore gave every indication that these were hardly
little girls. Both of them wore loose tunic like outfits. They were of a very
simple design. Just thigh length bath-robe looking things; Very plush and of a
color that set off the bronze like color of their skin beautifully.”Your husband
has told us of certain things that pleasure you.” Bruce had been very thorough
in his preparations for today.”He also told us of some of your fantasies; that
we will attempt to fulfill today.” What could Bruce have told them about her
private fantasies? He was going to have some questions to answer too when she
got home.”Whatfantasies did he tell you about?” She asked.”We’ll tell you more
about that later. For now let’s prepare you for your experience at the ‘Gate’.
Can we assist you in the removal of your clothes?”Demi smiled a sly smile and
let them continue.Mai took the lead . She was the taller of the two beauties.
She had long straight, jet black hair that extended down to her slender thighs.
Sumi had much shorter hair that was cut close to her shoulders. The two Geisha’s
led Demi to a very plush bench and slowly removed her clothes. These two women
seemed to really be enjoying their work . Delicately removing each article of
clothing , gently folding it, and placing them in a neat pile. As they got Demi
down to her bra and panties; She felt a moment of hesitation and then
surrendered herself to the moment. So far the Geisha’s actions had been polite
but hardly sexual. With the removal of her last pieces of clothing all that
changed. Sumi had a beautiful robe very similar to the ones that they were
wearing, in her hands. They placed this on Demi and loosely tied the sash
securing the robe. Stepping over to a low table they all sat down. Sumi spoke
first.”Miss Moore we are here for your entertainment today. If there anything
that we may provide for you. You have just to ask.””Thank you so much.” Said
Demi.” To start off with you can call me Demi, not Miss Moore.” This brought a
giggle to the Geishas. Mai had brought an ornate tea Service to the table and
prepared the three of them each a cup. Demi wondered if Bruce’s experience here
had been similar to hers. Curiosity got the better of her. She asked them. “Were
either of you with my husband when he was here?” Demi asked.The two women looked
each other in the eyes and then big grins spread across their faces. Then they
laughed out loud. Mai replied.”Oh yes. Sumi a nd I usually work together . Your
husband enjoyed our experience for the whole weekend. ” Sumi added. “Of course
we brought in a specialist for a certain something he requested.””A Specialist?”
Demi asked. “What kind of ‘certain something ‘ did he ask for?The girls once
again giggled to themselves. “Professional courtesy won’t permit us to tell you.
” Mai replied. “But we can assure you. It wasn’t anything that was too unusual.
“Demi had a few questions for Bruce when she got home.”Your husband also
requested that we tend to you needs when you came here. ” Bruce had planned this
for her way back then. How thoughtful.Mai pored another cup of the fragrant tea.
“But now for you.””What do you have in mind for me this afternoon? “Demi
asked.Mai replied. ” Mister Willis has arranged for you to get the full
treatment today. It will begin with a relaxing bath. Then onto the massage room
were we will have some fun.” Sumi giggled .” Then onto dinner and anything else
you would like.” Demis mind reeled. “This is very special tea. It comes from an
ancient recipe. “”An Aphrodisiac?” Demi asked. “Of course. ” Mai replied. ” It
enhances the experience . In Men it magnifies their virility. In women, all of
their senses are heightened .” A mischievous grin spread across both women’s
face. As they finished their tea. The women rose and led Demi into an adjoining
room. In here was a large raised tub and luxurious towels. Sumi stepped behind
Demi as Mai delicately untied the sash and they sensuously removed the robed
from Demi’s warming body. With this done both of the oriental women removed
their robes as well. Demi was struck by how lovely both of these women were. Mai
had large breast with a tiny waist. While Sumi’s breast were much smaller. Both
of the women had neatly trimmed bushes of dark black hair. Sumi was the first to
speak. “Oh Demi, we had heard about how lovely you are. But we had no idea you
were this beautiful.” Mai knelt in front of Demi and begun too gently kiss her
just above her hairless vagina. Sumi begun to caress Demi’s butt cheeks. She
loved that kind of loving. Bruce had instructed them well. But what other sexual
secrets had he told Them. Stepping towards Demi ; they gently hugged her nude
body. Two pairs of hands slowly roamed over her warming body. Sumi was slowly
sliding her hands up Demi’s side to come to rest gently caressing her breast.
Her small hands were gently pinching Demi’s nipples. Mai ‘ who stood in front of
her, had brought her lips to Demi’s and was lovingly kissing her. Her breath was
like the sweetest candy. Mai’s tongue slowly slipped into Demi’s mouth . Demi
returned the caresses and placed her hands on Mai’s rump. Grinding their pussy’s
sensuously against one another. Mai broke off the kiss. Sumi and Mai lead Demi
to the large tub full of scented water. Demi had now known why the small pool
was so large. It amply accommodated all three of them. Demi spoke.”If this is
just the lead into to this evening. I can’t imagine what you have in store for
me “” Oh Miss Moore. ” The women giggled.” Please call me Demi. “”Demi, your
husband has some real surprises in store for you this evening.””Anything you
could hint to me about?”With that. The Geishas began to bathe Demi Moore. They
alternated on her front and back shifting positions as they went. Mai was gently
scrubbing her back with a feather soft sponge. Sumi also had one of these
sponges and was gently washing Demi’s breast. The tea’s was beginning to take
effect. She could feel every caress . And all of these feeling seemed to be
wired directly to her vagina. Sumi hands moved down her body and began to
directly wash her pubic area. Mai had also moved down her body and had directed
her attention on Demi’s Buttocks. The water had some sort of oil in it. Lovingly
Mai and Sumi washed Demi Moore’s crotch and buttocks.Sumi had inserted one of
her long fingers into Demi’s pussy and gently caressed her inside. Mai had also
inserted a finger into Demi’s Anus and gently caressed her there. Demi was in
heaven.”Please Stand up, Demi.”She did as they as ked. With that Mai and Sumi
remained kneeling in the shallow pool and continued to bathe her. After they had
rinsed all the soap off of Demi. They rinsed themselves off and stepped out of
the tub. Once again the Geisha’s embraced Demi. Followed by a long and sensuous
kiss. The three of them put on fresh robes and joining hands; Mai and Sumi led
Demi onto the next setting for the Evenings Sexual Adventures. ” Where to
next?'” Demi asked.Mai answered, as they walked down a short hallway towards
another doorway. “Your husband told us of a fantasy of yours from years ago.”
Demi was intrigued. What had she mentioned to Bruce that would qualify as a
secret fantasy from her youth. ” He told us that at one time you had wondered
what sex with one of your friends from your “Brat Pack’ days would be like.” Now
Demi remembered. Bruce and her often spoke about their sexual fantasies
together. This had led to some very hot love making.This made the girls laugh.
“Oh Miss Moore…”But this fantasy. How could they have arranged this. After all,
this particular women, she was still a pretty big star on television. Their
careers had started out together. But as time went on and they grew out of the
teenager roles. Demi’s career had continued to climb. While her career
stagnated. Sure, in their youth Demi had not consented to do nude scenes. While
her fantasy girl had. They came to the door and Mai opened it. Her Guess was
right. On the massage table, resting her head on a small pillow was her old
friend, Lea Thompson. Lea’s eyes were closed as they entered the room. Two
beautiful masseuses were tending to her. Slowly she opened her eyes . An
intoxicated expression crossed her face. “Oh Hi,….ohhh…” Was all she could say.
One of her masseuses was slowly moving her hand in and out of Lea’s pussy.”How
did you arrange this?” She asked Mai.”It was your Husbands doing.” Mai replied
.” Please lie on the table and we will begin.” Removing Demi’s robe . She laid
down on the low massage table. Once again she was naked in the hands of her
beautiful Masseuses. Looking over to Lea. . Her two Geisha were also naked. Leah
was lying on her stomach. One of her Geishas was gently rubbing her neck and
temples. The other had directed her attention to Leah’s pubis. Much like the two
women who were tending to Demi. One of them had applied oil to her back and was
slowly rubbing it in . The other had started a slow massage of her feet and was
working slowly up Demi’s leg. Towards her wanting pussy. Demi d rank in the
moment. Relaxing , she closed her eyes and luxuriated the hands of her two
Geishas. Then she senses a subtle motion. Looking over to Lea. She watched as
the naked Geishas gently pushed the two tables together forming one very large
bed. This was getting interesting, she said to herself. Lea was now only inches
away from her. Looking over to her , she opened her eyes.”How?…” Was all she
could say as Mai and Sumi concentrated their efforts once again to Demi’s erotic
pleasure. Gently oiling up her entire body.Lea looked into her eyes and
responded, almost in a whisper. “Bruce contacted me about a month ago and asked
me if I was interested. Of course I said yes. I felt the same way about you back
then. At the time I was too embarrassed to say anything. But …..oooh”. The
masseuses were really working on Lea now. Gently turning Both Lea and Demi onto
theirs backs. They continued their administrations . Demi felt a warm and wet
tongue enter her Pussy. A second tongue was light ly licking her nipples.
Looking over at Lea, her eyes opened with surprise. One of her gorgeous Geisha’s
was sitting on Lea’s face and she was passionately lapping away at her pussy.
While her other Geisha was slowly finger fucking , Lea’s red hared pussy. Mai
was gently licking Demi’s clit has she finger fucked Demi towards her first
orgasm of the night. Not an earth shattering orgasm. Just a warm feeling all
over. This women knew how to eat pussy. Her geishas once again shifted position.
Mai moved up Demi’s body and resumed their soulful kissing from earlier in the
evening.Another tongue had entered her steaming pussy. Then another began to
lick one breast; then the other. Another began to lightly lick her toes and
armpits. She was a pool of sensations as all the women on the large bed directed
their erotic desires towards Demi. Mai had stopped kissing Demi for a moment .
Demi looked down her body to fully appreciate the many tongues exploring her
Body. Sumi was licking her Fingers one by One. The two Geishas who had been
attending to Lea were massaging Demi’s nipples with their tongues. And the
Lovely Lea Thompson was lapping for all she was worth on Demi Moore’s cleanly
shaved pussy. She paused in her efforts for a moment when she noticed Demi
staring at her. Smiling like the cat who ate the canary and resumed her pussy
eating. Bringing Demi to yet another in the long line of tonight’s erotic
thrills. Lea changed positions with one of the Geishas. They had rolled Demi
once again onto her stomach. A slight pull upon her hips and she raised her hips
up in the air. Presenting her asshole to the next person inline to pleasure her.
A soft pair of hands massaged her butt cheeks as a slim finger worked its way
into her sphincter. A red haired pussy was placed in front of her. She gladly
began to lick the very wet pussy of Lea Thompson. She looked up into Lea’s eyes.
They were alive with ecstasy. Demi was enjoying herself. Lea was stretched out
before he r on this large bed. One of the Geishas was slowly inserting her
entire hand into Demi’s rectum. Another was underneath lovingly tonguing her
clit. Another Geisha was suckling on Lea’s sweaty breast and the fourth Geisha
was Soulfully kissing Lea. She was going to have to thank Bruce for this very
memorial Birthday. When gently it happened. Lea’s pussy began to flow like a
river with pussy juice. Demi had been massaging her G-spot with her index
finger. The Geisha with her hand up Demi’s butt was slowly working it in and out
of her rectum. As She squirted the Geisha lapping at her clit with another face
full of her own girl-cum. Oh Ecstasy…. The four Geisha’s decided to give Demi
and Lea a moment to catch their breath. Cuddling together; Demi and Lea Looked
on either side of them at the erotic play of the four women. They had paired
off; and were sensuously sixty-nining. After watching this very erotic tableau
,Lea became the aggressor . She brought one of her fingers up to Dem i’s lips.
Demi gave it a good lick; and Lea took the finger and slowly moved down Demi’s
back. Bringing her hand to rest on Demi’s butthole. Gently she worked the wet
finger into Demi Moore’s asshole and then began to wiggle it around inside. Demi
could feel another orgasm approaching. But she wanted Lea to join her for this
one. Laying on top of lea as she was ,it was very simple to move her hand down
in-between their sweaty bodies and tickle Lea’s clit. Their upper and lower lips
pressed together. Lea’s tongue snaked into Demi’s mouth. Her hands grabbed
Demi’s butt checks and banged their pussies together . Demi’s hand was squeezed
away. She helped Lea by Thrusting her pussy lips down to meet Lea’s upward
thrust. Once again they came together. Demi squirted girl-cum all over lea’s hot
pussy. This drove Lea right over the edge. Her eyes opened wide and then
squeezed shut. Her mouth opened but no sound came out. The only sound she made
was a long inhaled breath, and then…. She pas sed out. Lea slowly opened her
eyes. “WoW, that was great. I never thought it could be like that. Did I tell
you. Your the first women I’ve ever had sex with.” Demi looked at her in
amazement. Tickling her nipple as she spoke. “You mean… you never.” ” No
never, and it was worth the wait. come here lets go again.” Grabbing Demi by the
buttchecks . She ground their pussies together. “Maybe I’ll try shaving my pussy
too.” Demi smiled at Lea as their lips met in a deep and sensuous kiss. The
night had just begun…

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