Demi Moore violates The NBA

This story contains graphic sexual situations, if you
are under age or easily offended, Stop reading

By Wonder Mike

It had been over 24 hours since Demi Moore had been fucked,
she had never went that long before. Bruce Willis had always
managed to get men and women for her, but he just couldn’t

keep up.

She happened to catch a basketball game on television Friday
night. She made a couple of phone calls and got court side
tickets for the next Laker game Those guys were big. She
imagined the fun she would have with them.

The Lakers were playing the Atlanta Hawks, Demi made sure that
the guys noticed her. She leaned over to the bench and got an
invitation to meet the teams
in the locker room.

The game ended and the Hawks after a tough victory stormed
into their locker room. They found a naked Demi Moore laying
across the bench with her legs spread
and up in the air.

The formed a circle around her and began to clap her on. She
had shoved her whole fist
into her cunt.

She was ramming her fist in and out of her dripping pussy when
she spotted a water bottle. She grabbed it and made it
disappear into her pussy.

She held it with both hands and shoved it in and out as hard
as she could, The whole bottle would vanish inside of her
cunt, then she would shove her hand inside and pull it out.
The Hawks began to undress.

Demi told them not yet, she asked where the Lakers were,
Steve Smith ran to go get them. The Lakers of course didn’t
believe them, but Steve eventually convinced them to come see
for them selves. When they arrived Demi had slid a second
bottle into her cunt.

All 15 men from each team had circled Demi, they had a
rhythmic clapping going and she slammed the bottles
alternately in and out of her cunt.

The 30 men where standing around her all erect, Demi was able
to pick and choose, Mookie Blaylock shoved his 10 inch cock in
her face. Demi grabbed it and told them, "Nobody less the 12."
The guys slowly sunk their heads and slunk away.

The guys left standing where Shaquille O. Neal, Travis Knight,
Eldon Campbell, and Sean Rooks from the Lakers, and Alan
Henderson, Dukembe Mutombo, and Steve Smith from the Hawks,
Demi told them that is more like it.
She double checked to make sure nobody was cheating, she went
down the line and began stroking the 7 guys left. She was
really impressed with Shaq, he had at least 14, But Dukembe
had at least 16 and it was the fattest cock she had ever seen.
It was bigger than her horse, He had to go first.

She pushed Dukembe over so he was one his back. She jumped up
in the air and came down with that monster cock buried into
her snatch. She had no trouble accepting it all. She planted
her feet and started jumping up and down on his cock. Dukembe
was grunting and groaning, Demi just rode him harder.

Dukembe began to beg for her to stop, she didn’t want too but
there were other fish to fry. She dropped to all fours and
asked who’s next?

Alan Henderson shoved his 12 inches into her cunt. Demi
started to rock back onto him before he could take his first
thrust, he grabbed on to her shoulders and held on for dear
life. Demi was thrashing her head around and rocking back
harder and harder, Alan could only take about 5 minutes of
Demi. Steve Smith jumped in behind her next. Demi started to
ram back into her, Steve was breathing heavily after the first
2 minutes,
he wouldn’t last long.

Shaq wanted his turn, He laid on his back and Demi jumped on
his 14 inches. She laid her head against his chest and started
slamming her ass up and down on him. Shaq began to thrust up
into her, he wanted to here her scream but it was no use, Demi
just fucked him harder.

Sean Rooks had to help his main man. He climbed on top of Demi
and slid his 13 inches into her ass hole. This only slowed
Demi down for a second.

As soon as Sean had his cock in her ass, she began her ride up
and down on the two cocks, she was starting to breath a little
harder now, the guys were making head way. Eldon Campbell
slipped his 13 inches down her throat.

He couldn’t believe that she could deep throat him, but she
did it, He quickly shot his load down her throat. Shaq and
Sean stood up and deposited their loads down her throat. She
didn’t spill a drop.

Travis Knight laid down next. Demi ran over and jumped on his
cock, he had 14 inches too. She was jumping up and down on his
cock, the guys were laughing at the terrified expression he
had on his face. They could tell he wouldn’t last long.

Dukembe climbed on top of the couple, he knew what she needed,
he would give it to her just like they did in Nairobi. He
rammed his cock into her pussy along side Of Travis.

Dukembe started to ram his cock down into her and Travis
Started o thrust up. Demi screamed now, she was getting what
she needed.

She was screaming but she was still managing to slowly go up
and down on the two cocks in her pussy, Travis and Dukembe
were each going to cum but they managed to outlast Demi. When
she had an earth shaking orgasm, they each pulled out and
covered her face with their spunk. Demi took her fingers and
scooped it into her mouth, she was finally full filled.

The rest of the teams gave her a standing ovation, it was the
role she was made for. She decided to reward the onlookers,
she had them line up side by side and she sucked off each one
of them and had them deposited their loads into her
water bottle.

She then told them to got get the arena workers and security
guards, there where 40 people left in the arena, Demi lined
them all up and sucked them all off and filled up her other
water bottle, she then chugged them down one by one with one
big gulp. She couldn’t wait until the next game.


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