Den Of The Werewolf<

Fic Title:Den Of The Werewolf

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Pairing:Nicole Eggert/m


Summary:After the hit series BAYWATCH was canceled and she has no idea on what to do next,Nicole Eggert goes to a log cabin within the outskirts of her hometown for some peace and quiet,only to discover that someone…or something…else has other ideas.

Warnings:Mind control,male/female sex,female having sex with werewolf,strong language


I really don’t know how to explain how this had happened to me,nor would I be able to logically explain how I had allowed it to happen,but
since I’m hoping that someone in the outside world would be able to read this and believe me,I guess that the only thing that I need to do now is go ahead and tell you my story.

My name is Nicole Eggert and I was one of the hottest stars in the entire history of Hollywood,which I do believe was due to the fact that after I had starred on CHARLES IN CHARGE,I had gone to star with Pamela Anderson and Alexandra Paul on another hit TV series BAYWATCH and I was having the time of my life.

But that was before the producers had cancelled the show and I had became one of those actresses who has no idea on what to do next with her life,causing me to realize that I was in need of rest and fresh air to help clear my head.

And so,on January 13th,which happens to be my birthday,after I had packed a few things and gotten myself into my car,I had driven myself all the way to my hometown of Glendale,California,where I was lucky enough to bump into one of the friendly townsfolk who had told me about an abandoned log cabin that was within the outskirts of the town.

Well anyway,since I was not the type of person who would dare look a gift horse in the mouth,I had gotten the address from that nice person and drove myself over to the cabin.

And as soon as I had arrived at the place,I had gotten out of my car,gazed my eyes upon it and realized that since there was no one else around,it was going to be the perfect spot to rest and unwind.

However,after I had gotten my stuff out of the car and while I was getting myself settled into my newfound vacation spot,I was unaware that someone…or something…was watching me from within the shadows of the forest around me.

Anyway,after I had finished eating my dinner,I had walked into the living room,sat myself down on the sofa and started reading one of my favorite books,only to have my little evening of peace and quiet interrupted by something that had sounded like the howling of someone’s stupid dog.

At first,I had tried to ignore it,but the howling had kept on getting louder and louder until I was no longer able to take it anymore,causing me to slam the book on the coffee table,get up from the sofa and go outside to see if I could find the owner of that little furry piece-of-shit and get him to keep that fucking furbag quiet.

But then suddenly,just as I was about a couple of feet away from the cabin,I had suddenly noticed that the sound of a dog howling has been replaced by the sound of a dog growling at someone that it really does not like,causing me to place my hands on my mouth and call out,”Hello!Is there anybody out there?Look,I really don’t mean to give you any grief!It’s just that I want you to keep your dog quiet,that’s all!Could you please show yourself to me?”

Something inside my head should’ve told me that what I had just said would’ve be considered to be known as mistake number one,for just as I had turned towards one of the many trees in the woods,I was shocked to discover that both the howling and growling sounds were actually comingf from a two-legged animal known as a werewolf.

And after I had suddenly realized that I was in really deep trouble,I had allowed a smile to appear on my lips,waved to the living K-9-ish nightmare that was standing in front of me and said,”I really do wish that I could stay a while longer and chat,but I do believe that it’s my bedtime!’Bye now!”

But after I had started running as fast as I could back to the cabin,I had suddenly noticed that Mister Tall,Hairy And Gruesome was in hot pursuit of me and figured that he was in no mood to play a good game of catch.

However,I was finally able to pour on that little extra burst of speed and made it back inside the cabin,where I had quickly closed and locked the door,plopped myself down on the sofa and let out a sigh of relief.

Of course,after I had figured that after that little terror trip,I was in need of a nice,warm shower,I had walked into the bathroom,turned on the water and removed all of my clothes,only to discover that there some deep scratches on my tee-shirt.

And after I had looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and noticed some scratch marks on my bare back,I had only figured that my tee-shirt had possibly gotten itself caught on a tree branch or something.

But it was after I was done taking my shower that I had discovered to my own horror that I was way off base,for after I had dried myself off and stepped out of the bathroom,I had became so sleepy that I’ve had no other choice,but to walk into the bedroom,place my nude body on the bed,close my eyes and go right to sleep.

That was before the howling sound had gotten started again and just like one of those helpless maidens in one of those DRACULA movies,I had suddenly opened my eyes,gotten myself off the bed,unlocked and opened the door and stepped out of the cabin.

And the weird part of the whole thing is that I was unable to stop myself,even while I was walking away from the safety of the cabin and right back into the den of the werewolf,where he had suddenly changed himself into the form of a hadsome humanoid male,placed his hand out to me and said,”Come,my darling.It’s time for us to mate and bring a new generation into this world.”

And even though my brain has kept on trying to tell my body to not give in to his demands and get the freaking hell out of there,I had suddenly found myself moving towards him,placing my hand on top of his and allowing him to kiss me ever so passionately on the lips.

And then,after we had placed our nude bodies on the soft ground,he had started licking all over my body–all the way down to my hot,wet pussy and carressing my firm breasts.

Then,at that exact moment,something weird has started happening to me,for even though I was actually having sex with a guy who is actually a werewolf,I had suddenly discovered that I was experiencing pure and untamed erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

And even though he had suddenly began to grow fur on his body and sharp fangs had started growing out of his mouth,I had strangely discovered that I was no longer afraid and allowing him to keep on carressing each and every part of my body.

And then suddenly,after he had placed his stiff cock inside my asshole and used each of his transformed hands to carress both my tits and snatch,I had discovered that I was also changing into a werewolf just like him.

And yet,each and every part of my very own body was still enjoying being fucked by the creature behind me,who had placed his fur-covered lips close to my ear and whispered,”Now,we are like one,for you are now my sister…and my lover!”

And then,after we had started moving harder and faster and our lovemaking was able to spot its final full moon,the both of us were finally able to cum and collapse due to exhaustion.

Just then,on the very next day,I had woken-up and discovered that I was human again and the only one in the exact same spot that I had fallen asleep in,because the werewolf who had chosen me as his mate was nowhere to be found.

Anyway,after I had finally gotten myself back on my feet and made it back to the cabin,I had placed myself into the shower and started washing that horrifying experience off of my entire body.

But then,halfway through my shower,a sudden thought had came to me:What’s going to happen to me on the next night of the full moon?

I mean,I can’t go back to work on another movie or TV series,because I’m afraid that if I do so,I’ll have no other choice,but to turn all of Hollywood into a batch of piled-up corpses.

I’m sorry,my friends.But I just can’t do that to you.And so,in order to keep any of you safe and out of harm’s way,I had decided to stay right where I am and allow the werewolf to have me as his mate.

I’m so…very sorry about…all of this.Please give…my love…to my mom…and dad.Getting harder…to think.My hands…fur growing.The change…has begun.The moon…must be…must be…must…beeeeEEEEAAAAOOOOWWWWLLLL!



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