Denise And Cameron Fuckfest

Denise and Cameron Fuck Fest

By XXDJPhatty68

It was the premier party for a new movie out starring Cameron Diaz and Denise
rIchards. I had played the bouncer at the strip club that they worked at.
They were sisters in the movie. I didn’t even expect to talk to anyone i
just wanted to come to have a good time. I saw tow girls walking in my
direction and when they came to me i realized they were Denise and Cameron.
Weren’t you in the movie? said Denise. Of course he was said cameron, he was
the bouncer with the big dick. Well i was the bouncer i replied. We were
just going back to the beach house
we rented together and we saw you standing
alone and wondered if you wanted to join us. Sure i said.

When we arrived the first thing Denise said was lets go in the jaccuzi.
I informed them i didnt have a suit and they said the didnt either. They
turned it on then they stripped off all of their clothes right in front of
me. I couldnt believe my eyes. Denise’s tits were so huge and Cameron’s ass
was so fine. I took off my clothes and jumped in with them. We were having
a conversation about the movie when i realized Cameron was playing with my
cock. “I want it” she said. So I slid up on the edge of the jaccuzi and she
began to suck me off. THis was incredible. Then Denise came over and
started fingering Cameron. Once Cameorn came, Denise got on top of me and we
screwed like maniacs. I had my face buried in her giant bobbing tits. I told
her i was about to come so i pulled out and came all over her face, and then
she licked it all up. By now Cameron was horny again so i bent her over the
edge and slid my cock into her ass. I was slamming it into her and she
screamed like a maniac. Then she lost it when i filled her tight little
asshole with my hot jizz. They took me into the bedroom, tied my hands to
the bedposts and fucked me, sucked, me jerked me off, made me eat them out,
anything you could imagine. Cameron had shaved her bush for the movie so it
was great to eat he rout without hair in my face. She had such cut little
tits and then Denise with her huge boobs, i sucked on both of their tits till
they couldnt take it anymore. I would fuck Camerons tight pussy and then
jizz on her face tnen i stuck my monster dick in Denise’s Ass. I loved the
sound of my balls slapping her dripping wet cunt as i ass fucked her. I came
on her tits and Cameron licked it off. Denise fell asleep with my mouth
around her tit and cameron had her mouth on my dick. I left the next morning
but i have both of thier numbers from the night i will never forget.

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