Denise Fuck

Denise Fuck

This story is in no way an accurate representation of the true real life activities of any of the included characters.

I’m sure that you hav heard a number of people complain about working in the big cities, saying that it is cramped, noisy and dirty, and that the traffic is terrible. Well on many occasions this can be a correct representation of the life of many workers in London. However, as you will soon discover in the following story, this is not the case one hundred percent of the time.

It had been a long dull day at my office at the top of the office block
in London. My law firm takes up all 23 floors of the building, and we get a number of world famous A-list celebrities coming in to us. I had today been working on a large case for popular singer Sting, who was suing an advertising company for the illegal use of his song “Brand New Day” in one of their adverts. It had been a tiresome case, and it didn’t look like my day was going to get any better, as I had to take a trip all the way to New York tonight to meet with Sting himself. I left my office at 19:30, and went down in th elevator to the car park which is specially reserved for my law firm. I slid into the driver’s seat of my Aston Martin, and drove quickly over to the airport. I was there for 45 minutes, before I boarded my jet and sat in my first class seat. About 5 minutes after I was seated, a young woman sat next to me. She had long brown hair, blue eyes and full pouting lips. She was wearing a tight, black low-cut top and even tighter black leather trousers. I introduced myself to her, and I was surprised when she replied “Hi, I’m Denise”. At this point I recognised who it was – it was Hollywood actress Denise Richards! I couldn’t believe my luck, I was so excited my penis began to enlarge in my trousers.

A little while after we took off, it became apparant to me that Denise was getting somewhat horny. I could smell her sweet pussy juices, and I began to imagine what it would be like to hav my head in between her majestic thighs, lapping it up and licking her cunt. The thought of this gave me huge boner, and before I could cover it up Denise appeared to have noticed it. I could see just by looking at her crotch that she was very wet, and her sexual lust was almost confirmed when she rested her hand on my thigh. She squeezed it slightly, and my dick began to throb. She slowly ran her hand up and down my leg, each time getting clser to my bulging crotch. She leaned over to me, and I could feel her tits pushing against me, slowly moving up and down. I could tell she was grinding her pussy against the seat, and now she gently touched my dick. “I have a really naughty idea” she said in her seductive manner to me “let’s go and do it in the bathroom”. I didn’t need asking twice, and I gout out of my seat and made my way to the bathroom. About a minute later Denise got up, and followed me down the aisle. I went inside, and after a quick check to make sure no-one was looking Denise slipped in with me and locked the door. I took off my shirt, tie and shoes, and hung them on the door. Denise removed her top to reveal that she had no bra on underneath. I kissed her neck, as she unzipped my trousers and slid them down around my ankles. I trod out of them and began to kiss down beneath her large breasts. I took each nipple in my mouth in turn, and gently sucked on each one. With my hands now I slipped down her trousers, to reveal to my delight that she had no panties on. We were now both completely naked, and really gagging for it. I was about to go down on my knees in front of her and lick her soaking cunt, when she stopped me. She opened her bag and took out a packet of Polos. She handed them to me and told me “Here, use these.” I took the polos and slid them into her moist hole. Denise let out a loud moan, as I worked the mints in and out of her soaked pussy. She suddenly pushed her legs out and clamped my head in between them as I continued to fuck her with the Polo packet. She began to moan louder and louder as the sweets rubbed against the lining of her tight shaved pussy. When she eventually had the orgasm she let her cum go all over the place. It seeped into the polos, and ran down the insides of her legs, from where I lapped it all up. I then handed her the polos again, and told her to eat them. This she did, sucking each one clean in turn, tantalizing me even further. Then it was my turn she said. First she instructed me to close my eyes, which I did. When I opened them I saw that she had changed. She was now wearing a PVC thong and bikini top, stockings and knee high leather boots. Then I received another surprise, when she took a dildo from her bag. I smiled, and she began to lick my ass. She ran her tongue in and out a few times, and then suddenly put the dildo in my ass. Denise then leaned forward against the sink, and told me to give her some up the ass. I didn’t need asking twice. The dildo was vibrating in my ass and I went up behind her. I slid my cock up her tight asshole, and began to fuck her. My dick ran in and out, rubbing roughly against the wall of her anal hole. She screamed out in pleasure, driving me on to fuck even harder and faster. “YES YES YES!!!” she screamed in ecstasy. She came soon, and this time she was gushing out more than before. She filled the sink with cum, and lent forward to drink it. This drove me over the edge, and I ejaculated in her asshole. I splashed my cum all the way up, and joined in drinking her cum. We were still lapping it up, when we heard the pilot over the PA announcing out arrival was imminent. Quickly we dressed, and returned to our seats. As we exited the plane we wondered what the airline would think when they found our cum splashed all over the bathroom in their, and still half filling the sink basin.

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