Denise Richards In Bed


I awoke to Denise Richard’s back turned to me in the bed. I smiled as I
remembered the night we had had, and then focused on the back of her
head, on her long brown hair which lay on her shoulders. She was
wearing only a bra and panties under the covers, exposing her beautiful
smooth back and her tight ass, the white material that hugged it so
tightly doing nothing to hide her superior curves. My hand that was
draped over her side and resting on her stomach came to life. My
fingers probed her brown taut
stomach, gliding upwards towards her
large breasts. While they were very big, they were not too big, but
definitely a good handful, the perfect size. I felt the bumps of her
niples through the lacey material barely holding them in. I massaged
the flesh, expecting the dream woman to wake up at any moment, but to
my surprise she didn’t. I began to move my hand back down and to her
crotch where I felt the defination of her trimmed pubic hair through
the slightly damp material. My hand continued down to the inside of
her gorgeous thigh. It was well tanned, and smooth to the touch, and
as I stroked it I felt her delicious body jump while she slept. I had
a need to taste her skin, and I moved back the covers to allow my head
access to her legs. I slipped out my tongue onto the flesh of her
thigh and ran it up and down her leg, leaving spit trails on her
beautiful skin. I glided my tongue up to her panties where I tasted
the dampness before edging the tip of my tonge under the material and
into her wet pussy. It was then that I had a wicked idea.

Denise was still lying on one of my legs, and I slowly brought the other
over and around her voluptuous hips to grip her small body between my
thighs. I was sleeping nude, and my cock was already very hard. I
positioned my cock in the crease of her ass cheeks and began to grind
into the material of her panties. I rubbed my cock up and down, the
roughness of the material compared to her smooth warm skin adding to
the feeling. I gripped her harder between my legs and reached over to
the buckle on her bra to release her prescious puppies. I felt the
clamyness of her skin as my pre cum oozed out over her back. I undid
the buckle to release her tits when she sat up, my legs releasing her
hips. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ she said turning to me on her
knees. I just stared at her beautifully formed breasts, the dark skin
around her large orbs darkening in the centre at her erect nipples.
They were not saggy, and balanced perfectly on her unblemished chest,
heaving with each angry breath that she took. ‘Well?’ I looked up to
her large pouting lips and green eyes. She strapped her bra back on
while chastising me and then lay back down on her back to regain her
lost sleep. Defeated and unfulfilled I fell asleep.

I awoke to the bed shaking vigorously. I was lying on my back, my cock
still semi-erect, so I can’t have been asleep for long, and I turned my
head to discover the source of the rocking. What I saw I felt
privaliged to see. Denise Richards was rocking back and forth next to
me masturbating. I could hear her slight moans, and in the darkness I
could make out her arm rapidly moving up and down as she got herself
off. Her bra was still on, but her panties were down around her
ankles, and her bare ass was grinding into my side slightly as she lay
next to me doing her stuff. She had always denied me watching her do
this, and I almost came there and then, my hand instinctively reaching
for my cock. As I looked on her head began to rock this way and that
and the moans became louder, her breathing getting more rapid. I had
obviously caught the end of the show. She rolled onto her back and
started to almost shout with pleasure as one hand rapidly moved in and
out of her wet slit, the other roaming her body and fiddling wioth her
nipples through her bra. She was writhing around and moaning loudly as
her body braced up and she arched her back. Her fingers going at full
speed now, her buttocks clenched along with the rest of her body, her
legs locking and she shouted out. She made a few more frantic
movements and animal like moans and then slowly relaxed.

When she came down from her orgasm I immediately rolled onto my side and
feigned sleep as she rolled over and rose onto her knees. Through my
half closed eyes I admired the view I had from were I lay. From her
belly button down, her stomach descended into her trimmed brown bush,
which partly obscured the opening to her pussy. Her gorgeous hips were
the last thing I feasted my eyes on as she rolled me over, obviously
believing me to be asleep. She unclasped her bra, allowing her breasts
freedom, her fingers inadvertantly reaching up to play with her dark
nipples. What she did next surprised and turned me on. She straddled my
stomach, still fingering herself. She was going to get herself off
on me while I slept! She looked down to my cock and wrapped her dainty
fingers around it and started to pump it to its full hardness, my pre
cum mixing into her hand. She next pushed herself up on her knees and
positioned her pussy above my now stiff cock. Slowly now, she eased
the tip onto her opening and rubbed it against herself, before
accepting the very end of it, a couple of centremetres. She rose and
fell on my, taking in a little more each time, almost allowing it to
slip out with each movement she made. She soon enveloped the whole
amount with her experienced cunt, while without her knowledge I watched
my member disappear into her dark thatch with each thrust. I also
watched her breasts as with each rise and fall they jiggled of their
own accord, mesmarising me as I concentrated on her nipples and the
expanse of smooth flesh that surrounded them, forming her perfect
chest. What she didn’t count on was my blowing my load in my sleep
before she could cum again, and I was dangerously close to doing so.
As I neared climax my hands, without thinking moved up to grasp
Denise’s ass cheeks, neading the tight flesh there. Surprised, she let
out a squeel, ‘Hey’ she said as she climbed off me quickly, ‘I thought
you were asleep’. ‘Err… you just woke me up’ I came up with, a
master plan, ‘and now it’s my turn to punish you’ I said, and asked her
for the one thing she had never allowed me.

Throughout our time together, she had always refused to give me a
blowjob, as she never had given one before, and thought it was gross.
‘Please, come on, anything but that!’ she begged, but I held her to it,
and directed her downwards with a hand on the back of her head. I
moved to the edge of the bed and placed my feet on the floor, ordering
her to kneel before me, then telling her to improvise. With one hand
she grudgingly went to kneading my balls, while with the other she
gripped the base of my now limper cock to direct it towards her virging
mouth. She tentatively extended her tongue to probe the shiny surface
of my head, teasing me. She licked down the entire length of my shaft,
bringing me to attention once more. She brought her tongue to the base
before moving her luscious lips partway around it and ontinuing back up
before taking the head in her mouth. Her lips remained still around my
head while her tongue circled around my urethra, building the tension
in my cock. She moved her lips downward now, swallowing most of my
length, my tip brushing against the back of her throat, before her lips
came back up to the top, her tongue still attacking my tip. She
increased her speed, bringing me off with her lips and tongue, her eyes
wide as she took in this new sensation. Her breasts rubbed against my
knees as her tempo quickened still, her tongue swirling, working me to
orgasm. I shouted my encouragement and warned her I was about to cum
as the time neared. I was about to pull out when she mumbled, ‘Cum in
me…” She smiled seductively around my cock and slowed, teasing me
as I was about to cum, before finally finishing me off with a sudden
rapid movement of her lips. She smiled cheekilly as the first of my
stream shot out and hit the back of her throat, her swallowing
hightening my enjoyment. She withdrew her mouth as I was still going
and replaced it with her small hand, which she wrapped around and
continued pumping, the rest dripping from her chin and smearing on her
swelling tits. She smiled once more and rubbed it into her erect
nipples, her tongue again extending to clean the remainder of the cum
from my cock.

‘Wow, for a first time that was pretty good. Good night.’ ‘Hold on’
she said, ‘we’re not over yet’. And with that she crawled up onto the
bed, her panting body glistening with sweat and my cum, until her ass
was right infront of me, her pussy opening invitingly for me. ‘Take
me’ said Denise Richards, wiggling her ass as encouragement. I needed
no further pushing, and knelt behind her, doggy style. I brought my
cock back into action by rubbing it against the small of her back and
her ass crack, before placing it at her entrance. I rubbed the head
over her wet hole, lubricating it and teasing us both. I gazed at her
beautiful bottom and thighs as I squeezed my cock head into her. I
gripped the fronht of her thighs as I gently pushed my entire length
into her as she begged for it, and then slowly brought it all back out.
Then I rammed it all in and started to push my hips against hers, my
balls slapping against her legs. I held onto her thighs for support as
she began to meet my thrusts by grinding her pussy into me in time.
With each push my cock would fully disappear, then re emmerge almost
two thirds of the way, glistening with her young pussy juices. With
each push she would moan at being filled up all the way, before I
pulled out. While still thrusting, I relocated my hands from her
thighs to her breasts, almost leaning on her back to get a proper
handhold. I massaged her ample tits, while also playing with her
nipples with my thumb and forefinger, feeling how hard they were. One
hand roamed down to fiddle with her clit, causing her to moan with
desire, so I moved my other hand to her mouth where she sucked on the
finger I pushed in, my other fingers feeling the texture of the cum
still on her chin. I felt myself cumming, and by the way her pussy was
clenching around my cock, I guessed she was too, so I yelled at her to
change position. We stopped, and while I was still inside her she
rolled around so she was on her back with her legs spread. I lay on
top of her, aquashing her breasts under my weight, our pubic hair
entangling. I extended my tongue before her face and she eagerly moved
her school girl face up to suck on it, taking it into her mouth where
we entwined tongues in a passionate embrase before I once again resumed
pace, pumping into her pussy, my body lying between her legs. We both
began to sweat as I quickened and her long slender arms surrounded my
back and her legs rose in the air, spreading her pussy and trying to
fill her to the max. I felt her large breasts pushed against my chest,
her nipples rubbing against me as we writhed about on the matress.
‘I…I’m cumming’ she told me, and I felt her cunt clench up around my
cock as I still pushed in and out. I pushed my tongue into her mouth
for a kiss as her legs came down to grip me between her thighs and hold
me to her as she came. I felt my own orgasm come at the same time and
welcomed it as she arched her back and lashed around I clenched my cock
and let forth a stream of cum into her pussy. She slowly released me
from her legs and relaxed, I rolled off her and bent over to once more
attack her mouth with my lips and admire her perfect face as my hands
found her breasts, and that’s that, to denise richards, the sexiest
woman in the world.

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