Denise Richard’s Secret Fantasy

Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction. As far as I know Denise Richards is a 100% straight girl (although she can be seen kissing Neve Campbell in ‘Wild Things’ 🙂 ) As far as I know she doesn’t have fantasies about fucking teenage girls. Lastly no one under 18 should read this.

Part 1: Denise’s Plan

Denise Richards stepped out of her car. Here she was, ‘Los Angeles Girls Drama School’ the sign read. Denise was rich, famous, beautiful and could appear in any movie she liked and so it had surprised the headmaster to hell when she’d called up asking to teach a semester. The Headmaster had happily agreed
bewildered why Denise would want to. She had worked here several weeks now, teaching young girls drama and showing them how to act and get into Hollywood. The money was good but that wasn’t the reason she was here. Denise had a secret love, one she fulfilled whenever she could but lately the feeling had grown stronger she needed more. See Denise loved to give 15 and 16 year old girls their first orgasm. She loved to watch the expression on their faces as they came for the first time. She remembered her own sexual history, at 13 she’d been already quite well endowed. One day she’d gotten a phone call from her friends 16 year old brother telling her that her friend was unable to get to the phone but to come over. When she came in she found no friend but had found him and his girlfriend naked. Before long the three of them were fucking on the floor. Denise could still remember his still growing 7 inch penus entering her tight anus as his girlfriend had licked her cunt. His balls had banged against her arse so hard. She felt herself becoming wet. ‘No Denise, control yourself.’ she thought. She then fucked anyone she could get her hands on, her friends, her mother, people she met on the street. She fucked guys as old as 40, and fucked girls as young as 8 but she soon found she loved the bodies of 15 and 16 year old girls. Their bodies had already started to form but the mind was still innocent. And this was an all-girl school so the girls had little or no contact with males so almost none of them had lost their virginities. She entered her class, rows of teenage girls, ripe for the picking stared back at her.

“Hello class.” She said.

“Hello Mrs. Richards.” Denise had prepared something special for today’s lesson.

“Today we’re going to talk about sex scenes.” The class stared at her in horror. Did she just say sex scenes. There was a TV and video in the corner. Denise turned them on being sure to bend over so that every girl got a good look at her arse. She wanted the girls to feel drawn to her and she’d given them little sexy hints over the term. She’d bend over and shown her massive cleavage or she’d brush the girls leg, or arse or in one very exciting occasion her breast. She’d walk into the showers and watch them rubbing their young bodies She put the tape in. It was a scene out of Denise’s hit movie ‘Wild Things’. There she was in her bra. Her male co-star was naked and Neve Campbell was clothed drinking a bottle of champagne. She ripped of her bra unleashing her huge breasts, her male co-stars mouth headed for her breasts kissing them all over. She watched as the girls started to look aroused, she caught a couple of girls hands moving into their panties. She smiled. His hands moved over the videoed Denise’s huge breasts as he continued to kiss them. She leaned back as Neve poured some champagne on her breasts allowing her male co-star to drink it of them. He leaned back and Denise and Neve started kissing his body, moving their hands over his body. She remembered how wet she’d been. Denise and Neve moved up kissing. The guy moved up their bodies squeezing Denise’s huge breasts and the video ended. That was all she was allowed to show. She remembered how before filming that scene the three of them had had a ‘rehearsal’. Neve Campbell had such a great body. She smiled as she watched a few girls withdraw their hands from their panties.

“First.” She said. “Pick a partner and practice French kissing which will be an important part of sex scenes.” She watched as 10 girls of 15 and 16 kissed 10 other girls of 15 and 16. She smiled. The girls looked in each others eyes. “Now. Fake an orgasm.” The girls lay back and moaned. “I’ll demonstrate.” Denise sat down at her desk. Her hands moved into her knickers and she slowly fingered herself. It was so horny. She was going to orgasm in front of 20 girls. Her excellent technique and the horniness of the situation resulted in a quick orgasm where she called and screamed. The girls tried to copy. It was time. Her plan would soon come into use. She couldn’t fuck all of the girls so she would tell three of them that their technique was bad and they needed to stay behind after school for private tutorial. She started to pick. First she picked Leanne. Leanne had a Mediterranean look. A tanned body and dark hair she looked mysterious and older than her she really was. Large breasts, around a 34C attempted to escape from a low cut cleavage revealing top. Felicity was blond, she was a bit podgy but she didn’t look fat at all. Just not as thin as some people. As a result from not being wafer thin like some girls in the class she had the largest breasts at 36D. Lastly there was Hannah. She wore short blond hair which hung to her neck. Her breasts were the smallest at about 32B. She was also the least developed and the most innocent looking and actually looked a couple of years younger than either Leanne or Felicity.

Denise stood outside her class. In a few minutes the girls would arrive and the fun would begin. Felicity walked down the corridor. Denise stared at her huge breasts wishing she could have one in her mouth. She grew desperate.

“Hi Miss Richards!” She said. Denise pushed her into the nearby Janitor’s cupboard. “Miss Richards!” she said. “What are you doing?” The young star pushed Felicity up against a wall.

“Do you like me? Tell the truth.”

“I think you’re nice.”

“No. Do you LIKE me.”

“Well…umm…” Felicity looked at the floor. “Yes.”

“Well have you ever had an orgasm?” Asked Denise.

“No.” Denise kissed her. “Wow.” Denise’s hand moved up inside Felicity’s mini-skirt she moved Felicity’s panties to the side and two fingers plunged inside, Felicity gasped. Denise’s fingers moved in and out bringing her close to orgasm and withdrew. “No, please continue.”

“Don’t worry I will.” They moved into the class to find Hannah and Leanne already sat down. They smiled to each other. Denise locked the door so she wouldn’t be disturbed.

“OK. I’ve worked out what’s wrong.” She said. “Everybody strip.” The girls looked at her in horror, all except Felicity who smiled at her. “Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m gonna rape you!” The girls laughed. They all stripped. So did Denise to make them more comfortable. Denise inspected each girl’s cunt from her desk. Felicity’s cunt was trimmed in amateur fashion. Hannah’s was bald, probably through not being that developed. Leanne’s was also bald, Denise couldn’t tell if she’d shaved it or it was through age. “Right now who’s had an orgasm?” All of them said they hadn’t had one. Denise smiled. “Maybe you should have one.” Denise said.

“You want us to have sex with someone?” Asked Leanne.

“Well maybe someone, maybe me.” Said Denise smiling. She walked over to Felicity and kissed her hard. She sucked on Felicity’s huge nipple and Felicity moaned as Denise used her expert technique and Felicity’s nipples grew. She sucked the twin. As she did so Felicity got up on her desk spreading her legs wide. Denise’s fingers moved inside. It was tight in there and as she stroked the clit Felicity widened under Denise’s fingers. She touched the hymen and it exploded as Felicity came and finally lost her virginity at the age of 16. She smiled.

“That was great!” She said. Denise sat on top of the girl’s face.

“Lick it!” She said. The girl agreed and tentatively placed her tongue inside Denise. Not knowing how to do this completely she slowly licked, with each moan from Denise she licked more frantically/ Denise pinched her nipples and rubbed her breasts. It was all too much for her as the young girls tongue penetrated her and she came covering her young lover with her juices.

“Me next.” Said Hannah, stepping forward. Denise moved over to the horny youngster and pushed her down onto another desk. She widened the girls legs giving her a perfect view of her bald mound. Then she seemed to reach a decision. She turned the youngster over to her surprise. “What are you doing?” She asked. Denise stared at Hannah’s pristine young arse, sitting there. Her hands rubbed it. She stuck a thumb inside and the young girl screamed as her arse tried to open up to take it. Unused to such punishment the arse was tight and started to open up. Next Denise placed her fingers inside. The young girl gasped but more was to come. Next Denise’s tongue entered violating the young girl’s most sacred area. As she tongue-fucked her students arse she began to play with the girls cunt, playing with her clit and the girl began to come. Denise’s fingers stroked the girls hymen and the onslaught was too much as the 15 year old girl came to her first orgasm when her hymen cracked and she was no longer a virgin. However Denise wasn’t finished.

“Felicity fetch me the big dildo out of my desk will you.” She asked sexily. Hannah lay there, barely conscious on the desk, smiling to herself, she was a woman. The dildo was a strap on and double headed. It was 8 inches long either way. Denise put it on. “You’re my arse bitch!” She whispered into Hannah’s ear. She plied Hannah’s cheeks apart and placed the head inside. Hannah screamed.

“No! It’s too big! I can’t take it! Please no!” Denise withdrew the monster and applied more lubricant. Then she tried again. The girl continued to scream but slowly the screams turned to screams of ecstasy as her arse grew used to the anal violation and Denise pumped into her. The cock pushed itself up into Denise as well as she rhythmically pounded the young girls arse making her come again. At the same time Denise came. Denise withdrew and threw the cock to the floor it was covered in female juices.

“There’s only one person in this room who is still a virgin!”

“Denise… make me a woman! Please! I want to come! I want to know what it’s like!” Said Leanne. Denise took her in her arms. Denise moved her hand inside the young girls clit fingering it she explored it and was surprised. There was no hymen.

“You’re not a virgin.”

“No. No I’m not.”

“How come?”

“I’ve been with a woman.”


“I was showering in the changing rooms with my friend and she looked so horny rubbing herself, so basically I rubbed her for her and we’ve been trying things ever since.” She said smiling. “Now it’s my turn to take control.” The girl pushed the luscious body of Denise onto a desk and began to lick at the stars cunt. Denise moaned. Looking over to the other girls they had both picked up the dildo and Hannah had put it on. She was now showing the huge breasted Felicity the joys of anal sex. Leanne’s tongue continued inside Denise’s well used cunt. She slurped at Denise’s juices and the girl soon delighted as Denise came. Denise pushed her over and did the same. Meanwhile Felicity and Hannah were now engaged in a 69, the two girls came over and over again. At that moment Leanne also came finishing her orgasm.

“Denise. We want you to just watch!” Said the hot and horny Leanne.

“Yeah, masturbate and we’ll show you a show you’ll remember.” Denise sat on the floor, legs sprawled apart, cunt being fingered. The three girls stood up. And amazed at the pure size of Felicity’s breasts the other two girls rubbed them making the nipples grow, each took a nipple in their mouth and sucked the developed breasts. The girls breasts were very sensitive and in fact Felicity thought of them as her ‘upper body clitoris’ and she soon came because of the onslaught. The girls manoeuvred round and this time Leanne got the vantage position with the two girls positioned ready to lick her. Hannah stood ready to lick her cunt and Felicity was ready to violate her anus. The two girls tongues manoeuvred inside the girls cunt and anus allowing her to scream out in enjoyment as she was licked on both sides. She soon came allowing Hannah to drink her young juices. Next it was Hannah’s turn, Leanne whispered in Felicity’s ear, telling her of something she and her girlfriend once did. Leanne smiled. Hannah lay on the floor. Felicity crouched down in front of her cunt. She took her right breast and brought it to her mouth licking and sucking it. She enjoyed the sensation. She took the massive 36D tit and placed it in the young girls cunt. Then she began to tit fuck her, meanwhile Leanne sucked the young girls nipples. The new experience soon brought the innocent Hannah to orgasm. And Denise exploded in her 2nd orgasm from masturbation. The girls left each other.

Part 2: The girls ‘Thank-you’

It was a month later. Denise and the girls had never had a repeat performance although they did flirt. Denise would teach and one of the girls would widen her legs to show she was knickerless, her hand would move to her crotch and she’d finger herself in full view of Denise. Or the girls would bend into positions to show of their breasts or arse’s. She looked around the class, each girl was wearing clothes to accentuate their figures. Felicity was wearing a cleavage revealing boob tube which clung against her huge breasts while Hannah wore a mini-skirt which revealed she wore no underwear. Leanne on the other hand was wearing a polo shirt. She left it unbuttoned and when she bent over she revealed a lack of bra. Denise felt herself becoming wet at this display, she rubbed herself but pulled her hand away when she realised everyone was looking at her as she moaned.

“Get back to work, class.”

She dismissed the class. The three girls however stayed behind.

“You’re dismissed girls.” She said, smiling.

“We don’t wanna be dismissed.” Said Leanne.

“Over the last month we’ve been ‘practising’ what you taught us and learning about sex in many different ways.” Said Hannah. Felicity laughed.

“I still can’t believe you fucked your 22 year old sister, Hannah!” She said. The thought of this turned Denise on so much.

“Well I can’t believe you fucked the father and mother of the kid you were babysitting! Felicity!” Replied Hannah. Felicity went red. He’d had a big cock. When she was riding it she’d taken it anally and his wife had rubbed her cunt.

“Basically.” Said Leanne. Getting back on topic. “We had as much sex as possible to get experienced so we could show you a real good time.”

“Oh don’t worry, I had a good time!” Said Denise.

“Not good enough” Said Felicity and with that the three girls threw Denise onto the floor. First they ripped of her skirt to reveal her bra-less tits. Their hands probed her 34D’s. Denise moaned. Felicity stood back and stripped to reveal her body and got back to work on Denise’s body, kissing it all over. Next Hannah stripped and then Leanne. They pulled of Denise’s skirt to reveal her bare cunt. Their hands moved over her, bringing her to orgasm almost straight away. Hannah moved over to her bag while the other two girls pushed Denise onto all fours. She pulled out a strap-on double headed dildo similar to the one Denise kept except this one was 12 inches long, not 8. She’d gotten her sister to get it after their first ‘encounter’ together. It still smelled of her sister’s musky aroma, she licked it, tasting her sisters juices. She put it on. The 12 inch slid in her cunt, after all she’d taken the 20 inch cock of a horse just a week before and it had widened her to huge proportions. She went up behind Denise and rammed it in. The cock head placed Denise in agony. She was used to fucking women and her arse was relatively tight considering her use of the dildo on Hannah. However the star soon began to enjoy it. Leanne crawled underneath the star and began to lick her cunt, tasting her juices and watching as her mentor in sex shuddered with each lick. Felicity moved underneath for a couple of seconds as well but only to grab Denise’s huge nipples and pull them downwards making Denise yelp in pain. She looked so horny, so very helpless, yet so very horny. Felicity manoeuvred her cunt in front of Denise’s mouth.

“Lick it!” She commanded. Denise complied doing as the young girl had commanded. Hannah’s cock rhythmically pushed into her while Hannah licked her cunt and she licked Felicity’s it was all too much. She soon came, screaming in utter ecstasy with her young students. The four women lay together on the floor for a while promising to do this every week.


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