Denise Van Outen : Dominatrix

Story Title – Denise Van Outen : Dominatrix
Author Name – Dark Cloud
Contents Code – fDom, anal, BDSM, ws
Celebes – Denise Van Outen

Disclaimer: This is a very adult themed piece of erotic fiction and should not be read by anyone under the age of eighteen or by anyone who does not like hardcore descriptions of sex and violence. The people written about here would never act like this in the real world

I am lying face down on a hotel double bed, naked and growing ever more aroused by the second. My six inch cock is hard already and growing stiffer as the anticipation builds.
I glance briefly to my right and see my clothes folded neatly on a chair to the side of the hotel room. Wriggling, I adjust my body position for what feels like the hundredth time to compensate for my engorged penis, but I aw lays make sure to leave my thighs nice and parted – that’s a given.

I’m lying across the bed so when I hear the room’s en suite bathroom door open I am able to look up and forward and see her in the full length mirror in front of me. Oh she looks divine! The blonde bombshell that is UK TV and Musical star (and sometime model) Denise Van Outen. In reflection she looks amazing, somewhat ethereal and way, way out of my league. Her long blonde hair is pulled back quite severely in a tight, long ponytail. That only gives more of a view of her immaculate cream coloured skin. Really it is almost perfect, flawless in texture and feel and with those cold, piercing blue eyes as the centrepiece she is quite the most striking looking woman I have ever encountered. Her figure is sublime, her breasts contained (just) within the constricting confines of a lace up leather Basque – but they look like they might escape any time soon. Her long legs are wrapped in firstly the sexiest pair of fishnet stocking imaginable and from knee down a pair of spike heeled, black, leather boots. Her whole ensemble was mind blowing, but what topped it off was the black rubber harness that encased her crotch and the near ten inch long dildo that jutted out obscenely from her!

I don’t have the time or inclination to detail exactly the circumstances that led to this, know only that it was an illicit affair with a difference and this was not our first dalliance.

She spoke in that deep, husky voice that was enough on it’s own to give me a raging erection.

“Are you ready bitch?”

“Yes Mistress.”

I managed to reply even though my voice quivered with excitement and anticipation. As I heard and watched her move towards me I squirmed feeling that now familiar panic / thrill course through my tanned, muscular body and stretched my arms forward to grab onto the side of the bed above my head.

“You had better be ready bitch, because we are going further tonight, we are going deeper than ever before!”

She took out a tube of lubrication jelly and squeezed some out on the fat, fake dick. It looked to me that Denise was enjoying herself as she rubbed the fluid up and down the length of the dildo, she really got into what she was doing and it looked for all the world to me like she was masturbating herself (if the cock was real, that is) – I wondered how much the county’s paparazzi would pay to have this picture of the celebrity. Maybe my thoughts betrayed me or I was having too much fun watching her because all of a sudden she stopped, looked up with the fiercest look on her beautiful face and stormed forward to me. Inwardly I grinned even more.

“Right you bastard, let’s get started!”

With that I felt her soft hands on my buttocks, roughly prising them further apart and felt the solid tip of her dildo pressing urgently at my anus. She wasted no time on ceremony but shoved forward and invaded me anally!

It’s hard to explain how you feel when a famous babe is fucking you in your asshole with a strap on cock. Some guys, I know, would not like it whoever was doing it, and fair play to them but I had always been turned on by the idea of it (my submissive feelings were not that well repressed) and once I had done it, survived it and bloody well enjoyed it there was no looking back. Denise was into it too and since the first time we had got together she had been sourcing bigger and longer strap on cocks for every liaison.

Denise was in position now, knelt between my strong thighs, I could sense her excitement at having a hunk like me on my back and ready to be her fucking bitch, she was kinky as fuck that way. She dragged her long nails over the soft skin of my thighs and plunged forward from her hips, at once entering my ass with her fake cock and filling it immediately. My head exploded with fireworks (at least it felt like), this was too much, it was too big, too long, but my god the sensations that coursed through my body as Denise Van Outen started to pump in and out of my were utterly mind-blowing. I thought I would cum right then after just a couple of fucks from behind but somehow I strained to control it.

As was usual as soon as she was inside me Denise started to enter a frantic, manic state of mind and she began to bang away at me. As I felt my ass fill up with her plastic shaft and press upon my prostrate and send indescribable shivers through my body my own cock hardened even further. Honestly, I can’t recall having an erection of such rigidity, the only problem was it was being pressed into the duvet and mashed further with every thrust from Denise. And those thrusts were becoming ever more frantic, she twisted to the side with the dildo deep inside me and I felt my body go with it, it had to, and in an instant my hands and knees were on the carpet but she was still anchored inside my ass and fucking it for all she was worth. Ah, but that at least gave my own cock some freedom and it strained into it, the helmet stretching my foreskin vitally. And then I felt Denise reach around my right side and cup my nuts with her hand, gently massaging them as she continued to bang me not so gently.

We must have been making quite a noise by this point, what with Denise’s guttural grunts from the exertion of ass fucking me and my groans and moans and stifled exclamations at the pleasure / pain that was turning me on so much, but we didn’t care she was rich enough to get this luxurious hotel room that it would be difficult to be heard from. Her rubbing and massaging of my balls was now almost too much for me and I blurted out that I wanted to cum to which Denise spat out her answer.

“Ok, but if you do I will rub your face in it and make you lick it up!”

Right at that point I could have cared less, my dick was absolutely bursting to cum and she knew it and helped me do it by squeezing on my swollen balls and I came in several powerful spurts all over the expensive carpet, the relief in my loins was tangible.

Apparently Denise was not too far off climaxing as well, judging by the noises she was making behind me. Her strap-on was a specially designed tool based around every fold and curve of Denise Van Outen’s pussy (that lucky sex shop designer) and it had an internal dildo that fed into her pussy as she was using the strap on to fuck her lucky partner – but I was surprised that she was going to cum this early into our session, maybe she had to rush away.

She obviously wasn’t and was just getting too carried away and had to slow down for a moment, leaving the dildo buried in my ass.

“Don’t get too hopeful bitch, I’m not going anywhere yet, just taking my time over this.”

She reached forward to take a tight grip of my hair and steered my face down to the smears and drops of my cum on the carpet.

“I told you that you’d have to lick it up if you came bitch! So get licking!”

Not that I had much chance, Miss Van Outen was a surprisingly powerful woman and before I knew it my face was on the expensive carpet and my tongue was straining to lap at my spilt jizz.

Licking my own dried cum off a hotel’s deep pile carpet while a famous babe fucks your ass is one of those truly memorable experiences that can only be properly enjoyed if you are a confirmed submissive. There’s no doubt I am. Being used and abused by beautiful women has been my fetish for a long time and it was just fortune that I met, in Denise Van Outen, the polar opposite – someone that just as desperately needed a male to treat like a piece of shit. We were a match made in sado-masochistic Heaven. I was her bitch alright and the stunning blonde was always keen to re-inforce the fact in our minds. She fairly forced my face into the carpet and I licked at my goo for all I was worth as she added some stinging spanks to what she could reach of my butt cheeks.

“Enough! That will do for now bitch! Get off me and turn around you need to clean my cock before we take our shower.”

Mention of ‘our shower’, cheered me immensely, evidently she did not have to rush off then. I lifted my sore tongue from the carpet, savouring the bizarre taste and pulled my body forward and off the dildo, my asshole suddenly feeling free and open again. I straightened up and turned around and immediately was presented with the huge plastic cock that had just escaped my asshole. I think Denise liked this show of submission from me more than anything else we did, even her hard fucking of me. Who knows, maybe she had given her fair share of blow jobs to get to where he was in the celebrity ladder, god knows I reckon she would give great head (I was never likely to discover that!). Whatever, the look of sheer unadulterated glee as I opened my lips and she rammed her fake cock between them was something to behold and if she had possessed a real cock I doubt she would have derived quite as much please as she did from giving me a rough as hell face fucking as she did. Honestly, she gave me absolutely nothing and took what she wanted from my mouth and throat. Gagging me with almost her first thrust into my mouth and hammering into my shocked mouth to the point that I even partly ignored the taste.

Why would I do this? Why would I subject myself to this? Because I’m a submissive masochist and because Denise Van Outen was just so fucking adorable to be physically dominated by. Taking that dildo fresh from my ass in my mouth was a gesture of my submission to her and I knew it only served to turn her on even more. Despite that I was struggling to get a decent breath in and Denise wasn’t too keen to cut me much slack but finally she slowed down and gave one last poke of the dildo into my cheek to make it bulge obscenely before grabbing a handful of my hair and dragging me into the bathroom from whence she had emerged

The term ‘our shower’ is a tad misleading – it would be me that was getting soaked, though Denise might get a little wet herself (you’ll soon see what I mean). She dragged me through into the spacious bathroom by the hair, making me feel like a naughty pupil in the presence of the strictest teacher. Having led me to the side of the bath she demanded I clamber in and kneel there waiting for her, I did exactly that. Then she peeled off the harness with the strap on from her crotch to reveal her beautiful, shaven, smooth pussy. They were glistening and she was no doubt already extremely aroused by what we had been doing previously but when she stepped in beside me, and held them open I could literally see her juices dripping from her cunt. She tilted my head back and pulled my mouth open then began to furiously frig her pussy with her hand.

Goodness, as I knelt there inches from her hole I was struck by the overpowering desire to put something, some part of my anatomy up there. Whether it be my fingers, my nose, my foot, my dick or my fist just to stick something up there was all I wanted from the world right at that moment. But I would never, ever be allowed to do something like that. No, instead I had to kneel there submissively and wait, suppress my aching to touch her (or even tough my own recovering cock) and anticipate what was too come. She was masturbating furiously by now, I half expected smoke to come up from between her fingers and pussy, so hard was she rubbing herself. She had her eyes screwed up in intense concentration and was calling me all the names she could.

“Come on you bastard! Keep that fucking mouth open, you are going to fucking swallow this! You pussy!”

I think she was spouting all this filth as much to turn herself on as to abuse me but whichever it was it seemed to have the desired effect and within seconds her pussy seemed to explode and fast spurts of her cum flew out and squirted all over my waiting face, at least half hit my mouth and I got to drinking it down while the rest coated my features. When it had relented Denise stuck her fingers in my mouth to clean them off and wiped her soaking pussy on my hair.

I drank in and savoured her tastes and aroma’s, I felt so filthy (but in a good way) and could feel stirrings in my balls again – this was such a turn on to me. It was also just stage one in the three stage process that was ‘our shower’, the next part was the colourful one, as in golden.

Denise took a few moments to regain a modicum of composure from her almighty ejaculation over my face and that nasty, cruel smile that I adored so much played across her face.

“In a bit of a mess are you bitch? Don’t worry I’ll wipe some away.”

And with a bit of repositioning and directing she did just that, holding her pussy at me so that when she pissed it splashed all over my face, my mouth still obediently open as I knew she would require. This taste was so much sharper and harsh and it quickly filled my mouth as I struggled to swallow it as quickly as Denise pissed it into me so it began to spill from my mouth, down my chin and over my chest. Denise moved closer until she was just inches from touching my mouth with her pussy and the flow of piss was just way too fast for me to handle, I was nearly gagging on her piss and loving it. Eventually her flow slowed and came to a trickling halt, she once again gabbed my, now wet, hair and physically hauled me out of the bath tub towards the toilet bowl. Here was part three of ‘our shower’.

it now felt like Denise Van Outen was towering over me as I cowered by the bowl, knowing that the blonde beauty, dressed in her dominatrix gear except for her gorgeously naked crotch, was going to clean her juices and piss off of my face by forcing my head into the toilet bowl and flushing it sending my head into a maelstrom of watery chaos. She did exactly that, holding my head in place so I couldn’t reduce the pressure at all until the flush subsided and I emerged from the bowl with my head totally saturated and pretty disorientated.

This left me easy prey for Denise to kick me in the bollocks from behind as I knelt over the bowl. Not seeing or knowing it was coming made it all the more shocking and winding to me and I fell forwards on my face as she stood sneering over my carcass.

“Same time next week bitch?!”

It was more a demand than a question and I’m not even sure Denise heard my mumbled ascent as she was already heading back to the bedroom to get dressed for the Saturday Night Talent show she judged on that would be on in a couple of hours!

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