Denise Van Outen – Why She Really Left The Big Breakfast


Denise Van Outen – Why she really left The Big


By Maxim

London 1996

Have you ever wondered why Denise Van Outen left

“The Big Breakfast” so suddenly?

There she was on television every day, earning vast

amounts of money,

(don’t believe anybody when they tell you she was

earning less than


She was at the height of her career, the star

presenter on a top

rated show.

When suddenly she announces she wants to leave to “try


things… “.

Doesn’t ring
true somehow does it?

The real reason Denise left ” The Big Breakfast” was

because I told

her too.

You see I know a great deal about Denise and I have

the video and

photographs to prove it, my day job is running a very


establishment that caters for all kinds of special



As a matter of security I have videocams installed in

each room, at

first I couldn’t believe it was Denise when I saw the


It gives a whole new meaning to the song “My four

legged friend”.

I of course stored the video for safekeeping, but it

wasn’t until a

few days later that I saw a opportunity to help a

young model friend

of mine, she’d been trying and trying to break into

television, but

sadly for her with no success, until now that is.

At that time of course the job of presenting ” The Big

Breakfast” was

one of the most sought after positions in U.K

Television, maybe I

could persuade Denise it’s time for

a career move.


” Denise I’m sure we come to a agreement here” I said.


shouted at me

from the other side of my desk, I must say she’s got a


impressive temper.

” Denise Denise blackmail is such a vile word,” I


“Let’s just say, Ms. Van Outen, I’ll do something for

you and you can

do two things for me.”

I could see Denise was getting quite unnerved by all


The temper tantrum had fallen silent; perhaps Denise

now knew that I

had the upper hand.

Closing her icy blue eyes, Denise folded her arms over

her ample

chest and swallowed hard.

Then, opening her eyes again, she glared at me and

said, with all the

disgust she could muster.

“What do you want, you bastard?” Denise asked.

” Dear Denise, you could be quite a actress if you put

your mind to

it, alright Denise listen VERY CAREFULLY

One – You will resign from “The Big Breakfast”, you

will tell the

management and the media, you want to move on and “try

new things…”

Two – Since you are so fond of our four legged

friends, you’ll become

my pet, my little puppy “.

” YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” Denise said, her temper


” And if I don’t? ” Denise said.

” I can just see the headlines in the tabloids and the


Denise, just imagine those pictures “.

I paused for a second to let his words sink in.

” Denise all I want from you is your co-operation,” I


“If I say lick, you lick. If I say suck, you suck. If

I say swallow,

you swallow.”

I was sure my words made Denise’s stomach turn.

Denise started to protest, I placed my finger to her


“Denise If I say swallow, you swallow,” I repeated.

“Denise If I say spread ’em, you spread ’em.

…Whether I’m referring

to your legs or the cheeks of your cute arse, you

spread ’em.”

Denise’s face flushed bright red with anger.

She leaped at me spitting in my face.

” Tch, tch Denise, you may regret doing that, now calm

down Denise ”

“I’LL GET REVENGE,” Denise shouted.

” I don’t think so ” I smiled.

Denise knew what I was saying was true.

She was facing the end of her career, the ruination of

her life.

I stood up wiping her spittle from my cheek; I slid my

hands in the

front of Denise’s top and gently cupped her right


“Are these real?” I asked.

I could see Denise was fighting her natural urge to

slap my face or

to pull away,

she knew there was no stopping me now, she was trapped

and she knew


Perhaps it was finally sinking in, that if she had to

have sex with

me, she preferred a cruel seduction to being raped.

Nodding her head, Denise Van Outen forced a smile and


“May I have a drink?”

I withdrew my hand and got up from the sofa.

I told her,” Denise stalling won’t help, you’re here

for the night.”

Denise nodded, “I understand. I just thought that a

drink might break

the tension,

an g and t…. please”.

“Just a tonic,” I said, “I want you sober.”

“Denise are you wearing tights or stockings?” I asked.

I could see my question caught Denise off guard.

“Stockings,” Denise said, crossing her ankles




“Show me,” I said, turning to face her.

“You don’t believe me?”.

“That’s not the point,” I answered, coldly.

” Denise, the rules of the game are:

I say it, and you do it.

Now, spread your legs and show me your panties.”

Denise slowly opened her legs.

“Wider,” I said, taking something from beneath the


“If necessary, pull your skirt up a little,

I want to see your bra as well.

Open your top.”

Turning my back, I resumed preparing their drinks as

Denise complied

with my instructions.

I glanced back over my shoulder and told Denise,

“Let me see your breasts.”

Denise didn’t want to give her tormentor the

satisfaction of seeing

how uneasy she felt about exposing herself.

So, without a moments hesitation, she unfastened the

clasp between

the cups of her bra and pulled it open, baring her

large, tanned


I think Denise knew that my cold, authoritative manner

was calculated

to humiliate her, and it seemed that she was

determined not to let me


As I turned from the bar and walked toward her, I

think Denise

finally realised that she was going to be subjected to

far more

humiliation that she had anticipated.

In one hand I carried my own drink.

In the other I carried a small yellow plastic dog bowl

filled with

tonic water.

Denise’s name was painted on its side in bright blue


Denise watched in disbelief, as I placed it on the

floor several feet

in front of her.

“Come on, DENISE” I called, as if calling a dog.

“Come and get it, come and drink your tonic water.”

Denise was too shocked to say or do anything.

She just sat there looking from the bowl of tonic

water to me and

back again.

“Come on, DENISE” I repeated. “Come and get it.”

When Denise remained in her seat, I walked to a nearby


“I can see Denise needs a little obedience training,”

I said taking

out a collar and leash.

Denise Van Outen started to get up, whether she was

going to the

water bowl or heading for the door to leave, she

didn’t know for


But she was stopped short by the loud crack of leather


leather as I whipped the arm of sofa with the leash.

” DENISE Crawl on your hands and knees, with your

dress up and your

panties down,” I ordered, tossing the collar at her


“And put this on.”

“I’m not thirsty,” Denise said and went on.

“Look, if you want to have sex with me, fine, let’s

just go in the

bedroom and get it over with. If you want to use me,

fine, I’m just

going to lie there and let you.”

Denise jumped nearly a foot as I lashed the sofa

again, this time

only inches away from her arm.

” DENISE you WILL NOT speak unless I tell you to

speak, if I tell you

to speak, you bark like a dog”.

” WHAT, YOU CAN FU—” Denise tried to say, but I cut

her off.




Denise really seemed terrified; she quickly picked up

the collar and

fastened it around her neck.

I could see now that things had taken on a violent

overtone, she


making a break for the door, I locked it and took the


Denise was in for much more degradation that she had



” DENISE, go to your bowl ” I told her.

Slipping to her knees, the great Denise Van Outen

slowly crawled


the dog’s bowl.

Without warning, I took the leash and lashed across

her buttocks.

Squealing in pain, Denise tried to protect herself

with her hands.

“DENISE I told you, pull your dress up and your

panties down.”

“Okay. Okay,” Denise said.

” DENISE what did I say about talking,” I asked.

Denise pulled up her skirt over her back and lowered

her panties to

her knees, and continued crawling to the water bowl.

I could tell Denise was now too scared to even care

that I could now

see her pussy.

“Good girl DENISE, get drinking,” I said.

Denise began lapping up her tonic water. “There’s a

good bitch


As Denise continued drinking, she suddenly felt my

hand on her naked

buttocks; I slipped my fingers into her crotch,

twirling slowly in

her soft, blonde pussy hair fringing her labia.

” Well, Well DENISE, you’re a real blonde after all” I


” Let’s see how tight you are, after all your four

legged friends ”

I worked my middle finger into her thick, puffy cunt


” DENISE, finish up your tonic water “.

As she licked up the last few drops of tonic water,

Denise heard the

unmistakable sound of my zipper coming down.

Denise got onto her back ready to be fucked.

” No, No DENISE, you should know by now, DOGGIE STYLE,

arse in the

air please”

Reluctantly, Denise parted her legs slightly and

lowered the front

half of her body, preparing to be mounted like the dog

she was being

forced to imitate.

“Good girl, DENISE” I said, petting the top of her


” DENISE’S a good little BITCH.”

I moved around in front of her, when Denise looked up

and saw my

prick only inches from her face.

” DENISE, open wide ” I laughed.

Denise parted her lips allowing me to fill her mouth

with my prick.

“Good girl, DENISE, Pretty BITCH,” I repeated over and

over as I

stroked her blonde hair and worked my hips, pushing

and pulling my

prick and out of her sucking mouth.

” DENISE is a good girl.”

I face fucked Denise, pushing and pulling my prick in

and out of her

sucking mouth.

” Class act, DENISE, turn around BITCH” I said.

I pulled my prick from her mouth; I spread her labia

with my fingers.

” Right, DENISE time for some mating, you should be

used to that with

your canine lovers ” I laughed.

I pressed the head of my prick into the entrance of

her cunt, I

penetrated her fully, and then I withdrew.

I pulled her top off and pulled her skirt up onto back

and tied them

in place using her bra.

The great Denise was still fully clothed, but she was



I got up and walked to the cabinet from which I had

earlier taken the

collar and leash

“Come here, DENISE” I said.

I could see Denise’s heart sinking; she knew she was

about to be

subjected to further humiliation.

I could see Denise thinking, I was more than 15 feet

away from her,

and the front door was less than 10 feet away in the



I could see she was thinking of making a run for it.

But sadly for Denise, I had the key and she had her

panties around

her knees, she knew wouldn’t make it.

Hanging her head in shame, she crawled over to me.

When she was at his feet, I took a large rubber penis

from the

cabinet and held it over her head.

“Sit up, DENISE” I said, waving the dildo back and


“Sit up and beg.”

Denise I could see was hating herself.

She hated herself for getting herself into a situation

where she was

vulnerable to blackmail.

She hates herself for agreeing to my terms.

I could see her watching as my hand tightened on her

leash, and her

feelings of self-loathing gave way to fear of pain.

This was it…

Denise rose up on her knees, she hung her hands like

little puppy

paws and whimpered softly.

“Very good, DENISE” I smiled. “I’m impressed, you’re a

good actress

no matter what anybody says, you learn quickly.”

I took out a pair of white leather wrist cuffs and put

them on

Denise, I took out the dildo, wagged it in front of

her face and

threw it across the room, saying,

“Go get it DENISE, Fetch.”

Feeling lower than she had ever felt in her life,

Denise trudged

across the carpet on her hands and knees.

Not thinking, she almost picked up the rubber penis

with her hand.

Then, catching herself at the last second, she picked

it up with her

teeth and returned to me, dropping it at his feet.

“That’s a good girl, DENISE, now, play dead. I have a

phone call to


I picked up my mobile and pressed the keys.

” Hello Kelly, I have some good news for you, are you


interested in “The Big Breakfast job?”

The End


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