Desert Rose

He watched her for weeks. He was noone to them, the starlets around the
lot. Bitches, stuck up bitches, they never even noticed him, as he
swept and cleaned the public areas, but he saw them, tits jiggling butts
wiggling. He’d have her, the waiting was over….

Rose walked , in the cool eveing air, from her dressing room toward her
car She wore a white silk blouse and a short black skirt., with high
heel shoes. She found the keys in her purse and turned to open the door.
She mmmphhed when the hand clamped on her mouth. Rose tried to twist
awway but she was pinned againist her car. She heard the crackle of the
Then blackness over took her. He carried her to his truck and put
her in the front seat. He pulled her wrists over her head and cuffed
them down behind her shoulders to a ring bolted in the back wall of the

He got in beside her and drove out toward the desert. As he drove the
quiet groaning Rose made stif enedhis cock. Her eyes fluttered open.
“Who are you? “”What do you want? she asked her voice filled with fear.
He didn’t answer. “Please my hands are asleep, my shoulders hurt.” she
sobbed. Her crying was the only noise in the truck. He pulled to the

of the road and slipped over next to her. He ripped her blouse open,
gazed at her braless breasts, then cupped her right tit. “Nice, real
nice.” Rose cringed and squirmed under his unwanted touch. Her short
skirt slid up her thighs. He put one hand on her panty covered pussy and
stroked her. Rose begged, “No please don’t.” He laughed and slid back
over and started the engine and drove into the night.

He pulled on to a dirt road then stopped ten minutes later. He got out
and opened the passenger door. He unhooked her arms and jerked her from
the truck. “Srip.” he said. “No please.” Rose begged. “DO IT OR I’LL DO
IT FOR YOU!” he screamed. Crying, Rose slipped off her shoes and
unzipped her skirt. The skirt fell to her feet and she kicked it away.
With her wrists cuffed in front of her she had to squirm out of her
panties. her torn blouse open, her tits jiglgled side to side. She stood
her hands covering the small black patch of hair between her legs. As he
looked at her she spoke. “I know you are going to rape me. I can
understand why. Having the power to make me do anything. I’ll do what
you want, please don’t hurt me bad please.” Her voice trailed off as he
moved her behind the truck and let the tailgate down. “A nice chat for
your rapist, very good Rose.” he chuckled. “Now bend over, face down ass
up.” As she bent down, she babbled, “‘ll’l do it…anything you
want…I’ll do anything.. please don’t hurt me… please.” He kicked a
foot “Spread them.” Weeping Rose opened her legs, she heard his zipper
then groaned as she felt his hands slide up her back and under to her
breasts. “What a cow you are.” he cooed squeezing her breasts. She was
sobbing as he pulled and twisted her nipples, then she grunted as he
foeced the tip of his shaft into her dry tight cunt. Rose cried and
sobbed as he shoved his seven inch cock into her. She pleaded and begged
as he fucked her hard and fast.. When he finished he pulled out and
forced her to her knees. “Open your mouth.”Rrose numbly did as she was
told. He slipped his still hard cock into her mouth. Rose fought not to
throw up. she tasted her juices and his cum. She gagged as he forced her
to open her throat. “ACK….ACK…GUGH.” she grunted as he raped her
throat. He pulled back and filled her mouth with cum. “Swallow it.” Rose
swalowed twice then he pulled out of her mouth. She leaned over and
threw up the contents of her stomach.

Thirty minutes later he kicked her side, “Get up, cunt.” He hadn’t
really hurt her. She wasn’t scarred anymore. She knew he would let her
go. He kicked her again. “Up bitch.”” Oh, not again.” she groaned. As
she got up he squeezed her left tit, “One last thing to do, now get in
position.” Rose bent down over the tailgate again. When he spread her
ass cheeks she screamed,” NO… NOT… THAT… OH GOD… NO PLEASE!” He
laughed and opened her further. Rose raised up on her tip toes trying to
escape the burning feeling to come. She howled as he forced his way
inside her bowels. As he sodomized her he swatted one cheek than the
other.She screamed as her breasts scraped along the cold metal of the
pickup bed. When he was done he threw the blubbering actress into the
truck heaed back into Los Angeles. Rose closed her torn blouse and
quietly cried ‘ No more please let me go please god no more it hurts
please.”on te way back. He smiled , his cock hard again, he pulled up
near the gate to the studio . He grabbed her and forced her face into
his lap Rose coughed and gagged as one more time he face fucked her. He
jerked her head side to side enjoying her garbled protests. He spewed on
her face and and let her out. “Thanks for a lovely evening, bitch.” he
said then drove off. Rose wiped the cum off her face with her blouse and
staggered to her car and headed home, she swore never to talk about the
bad time in the desert.

He sees her at the studio, form time to time, he walks up near her not
speaking. When she see him she lowers her head and scampers away,
feeling dirty, a burning between her thighs.

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