Desired Answers

This story is purely fictional, and does not depict the sexualities of those involved

It was a big night for both Heidi Range and Michelle Heaton. They were doing a charity gig, their final one.

For Michelle, it was not only great to be able to perform with other artists she knew, such as Blue and Girls Aloud, but she also had the hots for Heidi Range, from the Sugababes in a big way.

She remembered the first time she saw Heidi, her long blonde hair draped down her bare back, her dress barely covering her sexy body

Lately, she had been surfing for hot pics of her, some of them
making her pussy moist. They were from men’s magazines, very revealing. In some of them, she wore hardly anythingArms covered crucial parts and Michelle wished she could move them to get a good look

She rammed dildo in her dripping cunt, imagining that it was Heidi’s fingers thrusting in and out of her. Her orgasm was coming fast and furious, and she let it overwhelm her, sighing as it took hold. It was intense, and she knew that seeing Heidi in the flesh would make it even better. Once done, she put on a sexy outfit, in hopes of seducing Heidi

She settled for a purple top that was cut off at the top of her waist, showing off her bare midriff, and a pair of tight denim shorts. She knew she was desirable to men. Hell, she even played on it, though men weren’t really her thing. Right now, her mind was on one thing – getting Heidi in the sack

She was also hoping that the teenage girls watching her perform were full of hot lesbian desire, ogling her gorgeous body. She wanted them all to imagine they were tasting it, touching it with their dainty little hands, giving her pleasures beyond her wildest dreams

Her pussy was moist at the thought, imagining of millions of hot teenage girls sitting naked on their computer chairs, masturbating while looking at her firm, sexy body.

Michelle took one final look at herself in her dressing room mirror. Satisfied at what she saw, she left, making her way to the stage.

Her heart leapt in her chest as she caught sight of her love, walking towards her, her hips swaying provocatively

“Hey”, Michelle said coolly.

“Hi, Michelle” Heidi answered, giving her a big cheesy grin

Michelle noticed Heidi’s amazing body in tight black leather skirt and a white top. She looked as stunning as ever

The two parted ways, vowing to meet up later

For a solid hour, they performed each, giving their all on stage, as they had done many a time

After the show, Michelle went to her dressing room, immediately searching for a bottle of Champagne

Her thoughts were still on Heidi, running through their conversation earlier

She had remembered how incredibly sexy she was, her gorgeous body practically bursting out of their confines

At that moment, there was a knock at the door, interrupting her pervy thoughts.

“Who is it” Michelle called out.

“It’s me…Heidi” came the reply, making Michelle leap out of her seat, spilling a little of her drink

Her heart started pounding as she answered the door.

“Hi” Michelle said as she opened it, trying to sound more confident than she felt. Underneath it all, she was a bag of nerves

“Hello” answered Heidi, walking in the room

“You want a drink?” Michelle held up her glass

“Sure, why not?” Heidi smiled

Michelle gave her the glass of bubbly and she held it up

“Cheers!” she took a sip, her eyes never leaving Michelle

Putting the glass down, she made her way over to Michelle

“You know” she began “I saw the way you were looking at me tonight” her voice was low and seductive “In fact, I’ve noticed you looking at me that way before

Alarm bells rang in Michelle’s ears, but she let her continue

Without a word, she placed her mouth on Michelle’s red lips, darting her tongue in and out of her friends’ mouth.

Her hands caressed Michelle’s firm body, and she fondled her tits, taking the nipples between her fingers.

Michelle moaned in her mouth

She moved down to her neck, nibbling at it gently. She pulled Michelle’s top over her head.

Her mouth went down Michelle’s neckline, landing on her cleavage.

Her wet tongue licked between the crack of her tits, finding it’s way to her nipple.

“Mmm…that feels hot” Michelle sighed in delirious pleasure.

Heidi’s tongue rolled over Michelle’s nipple in, and she took it between her teeth, biting down on it gently

Her mouth went down Michelle’s stomach, stopping at her navel.

She kissed and licked Michelle’s belly button, running a circle around it. Michelle cried in delight.

Heidi’s mouth reached Michelle’s dark pubic hair, and she twirled it in her mouth. She moved down her wet, pink slit, putting her nose in the hole, taking a deep breath sniffing.

Her tongue entered Michelle’s sweet, tight cunt hole. She had never tasted such a delectable a snatch.

She ate at her pussy, furiously sucking at the long cunt lips.

“Ooooohhhhh…….yes……I’m gonna to cum” Michelle warned her, immediately coming in her friends’ mouth. Hot pussy juice flowed from her cunt, into an eager Heidi’s awaiting mouth

The orgasm was intense, and it took her several minutes to fully recover

Michelle eyed Heidi’s gorgeous tits, and knew what she wanted

She moved over so her chest was opposite her cunt, she slowly stuck a tit in, running it over the length of her slit. Heidi gasped as it brushed against her clit

Michelle stood up, rubbing her tits through the material of Heidi’s top

She quickly removed it, rubbing her bare breasts with her hands, before replacing it with her own mountains

She moved back down to her hot, wet, throbbing cunt, rubbing the nipple across Heidi’s pussy.

Heidi arched her back as the tit came into contact with her cunt. She was so excited she thought she was going to faint. Michelle thrust her enormous tit in and out of Heidi’s cunt,

Heidi sobbed and moaned in pleasure.”Oh, fuck, I love your tit in my pussy! Fuck me with your tits!”

She was no longer in control, ecstasy taking over

“Oh, Christ, I’m cumming!” she squealed in total pleasure, her pussy juice covered Michelle’s tit.

Michelle stood up, placing her tit in front of Heidi’s mouth.

Heidi took it, sucking her own juices of the flesh

“You like the taste of your own pussy?” Michelle asked her

“Mmmmmmmmmmm……..” Heidi answered her in between gulps

Once done, the girls went over to the couch, laying in a 69 position

They proceeded to lick each other out, pleasuring one another repeatedly until neither could stand no more

Putting their clothes on, they left the room, only to start again elsewhere………..


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