Desperate Demi

Title: Desperate Demi

Author: MTL (

Celebs: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift

Codes: FFF, anal, oral, rim, toys

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, or any celebrity for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Demi Lovato hadn’t been alone in a room with Selena Gomez for years. It felt like several lifetimes, and in a way it was. They both weren’t the little girls who swore they would be best friends forever. Now those little girls were gone, in the place two ‘adults’ who were strangers to each other. It was her younger self’s worst nightmare come true, and when she stepped into the dressing room and close the door behind her Demi had to stop for a minute to prevent herself from getting overwhelmed and crying. At least not before she did what she should have done years ago, and tell Selena the truth about how she felt.

“Demi, it’s so great to see you again.” Selena said, trying to make her smile genuine but it was kind of hard when she wasn’t sure what Demi would say or do.

“Yeah, you too.” Demi mumbled, losing her nerve as she suddenly found herself studying the ground.

“Sooooo, you wanted to talk?” Selena questioned softly. There was then a long pause and then Selena sighed, “Demi, I’m not trying to be a bitch, but I’m literally performing in five minutes. If you want to come back later you can take as much time as you need, but-”

“No, no, no!” Demi insisted, “I swear this will only take a minute. And I don’t want to be tempted to stay and talk afterwards. I want you to really think about it without me.”

“Okay then.” Selena sighed, “So talk.”

There was another pause and then Demi said, “Remember when we were… us?”

Selena smiled softly, “Of course I remember.”

“Well I’ve never been happier.” Demi blurted out, “Have you?”

There was yet another pause and then Selena smiled softly, “Demi, if you want to try and be best friends again I’m more than happy to try. But realistically we’re both very busy, and different people, and-”

“I know, I know, I know… but we always made time for each other when we were teens, and I really want to get to know the new you.” Demi insisted.

Smiling again Selena stood, walked towards her old friend and nodded, “Then why don’t you stay here? I’ve got snacks, and when I’m done we can catch up.”

Demi took a deep breath. She could leave it at that and maybe she would get Selena back as her friend, and maybe that would really be enough this time. But deep down she knew it never would. Knew that it would be worse. That once again being forced to be around this wonderful girl and not kiss and touch her would be the same kind of torture which had drove her to drugs, alcohol and cutting herself. So for the sake of her mental health she had to not only say it out loud, but finally say it to Selena’s face. Even if Selena rejected her it would help, because then maybe she could finally move on.

“I don’t want to be your friend!” Demi blurted out, “I never… I never wanted to be just your friend.”

There was a long pause, the longest yet, which only ended when there was a knock on the door letting Selena know she was needed on stage, causing her to swear softly, “Shit.”

Demi was almost taken aback by just that, as Selena never used to swear, but she had a lot more to worry about so she quickly started rambling, “I know it’s sudden, and you’re with someone, and we’re not exactly who we used to be, but I know you Selena. I know you better than anyone ever could. I’ve seen your beautiful soul, and no matter what’s happened you can’t have change that much, but I’m sure I’d love all the new parts of you just as much, so when I heard you were into girls, I just had to come here. Even if it wasn’t true I, I needed to tell you, because it’s killing me. It, it almost killed me. But, if you give me a chance, I swear I’ll do whatever you want, worship the ground you walk on, anything! Just please think about it… and, and don’t hate me.”

As Demi was talking Selena turned her back to her and started writing something down for some reason. When she finished Selena came back to stand right in front of Demi and tried several times to interrupt, but Demi wouldn’t let her. The floodgates were opened and she just couldn’t keep her secret inside any more. She had to get it out, even if she barely paused to breathe in between the words, and she cried so much that she could barely see and must have looked like a total mess. Of course Demi was convinced she was about to get rejected, so it didn’t really matter.

When Demi finally finished the was a pause, followed by another knock and an insistence that Selena get a move on, prompting the younger brunette to shove a piece of paper into Demi’s hand and tell her, “This is where I’m staying tonight. Please, please, please come over after the show, and we’ll… talk.”

With that Selena left a dazed and confused Demi behind her as she left her to perform. Demi just stood there staring at the now shut door, trying desperately not to get her hopes up, but it was impossible. Honestly the most likely scenario was that Selena just wanted time to shoot her down as gently and quietly as possible, but now she had not been angrily rejected Demi couldn’t help but hold onto the idea that maybe, just maybe, after having some time to weigh up the pros and cons Selena would agree to give dating a shot, a.k.a. make Demi’s dreams come true. She probably should have known better.


The address Selena had given Demi was also really promising, because it was for a very expensive hotel suite which Demi knew for a fact was soundproof, which made it perfect for certain celebrities to hook up without anyone finding out. Of course it was mostly used by celebrities eager to indulge in a little same sex fun, and as an in the closet gay woman Demi had spent a lot of time in this hotel, and even the suite she was going too. And as she nervously took the elevator to the very top floor of the building she thought how she probably wouldn’t have survived this long without the truth about her sexuality coming out if it wasn’t for this place. At lease when she was not freaking out about the possibility of actually getting to be with Selena Gomez.

Fortunately she wasn’t the only one excited, because about a second after she knocked on the right door it opened to reveal a smiling Selena, “Hey.”

“Hey.” Demi smiled nervously back.

“Well, aren’t you going to come in?” Selena grinned, moving aside so Demi could nervously step into the suite. Then when she had close the door Selena whispered, “Just try and keep an open mind, okay?”

Demi frowned at these words, feeling a little confused. She was then even more confused, not to mention surprised, when she followed Selena further into the luxurious suite to the bed to find that Taylor Swift was sitting on it. Immediately Demi’s mind raced with possibilities, both good and bad. Mostly bad. Although it could be worse. Justin Bieber could be sitting there, Demi inwardly shuddering at the thought. But she tried to stay out of her own head for once and concentrate on the moment at hand. Luckily Selena made it easy on her.

“So, who told you I like girls?” Selena asked.

Opening her mouth Demi hesitated for a second, no doubt looking ridiculous in the process, and then mumbled, “Miley.”

Selena rolled her eyes, “Typical.”

Fearing the worst Demi quickly added, “She was very convincing.”

“I bet she was.” Selena grumbled, before explaining, “She was always insisting you were in love with me, but I used to be so convinced you were straight. Then by the time she showed me proof you weren’t we were, well…”

“Strangers?” Demi offered softly, only blushing slightly as she thought about all the pictures and videos Miley Cyrus could have shown the only person she’d ever been in love with.

Selena nodded, “Yeah… and I was falling in love with someone else.”

Demi frowned, “With Justin?”

“God no.” Selena laughed, “That was never anything other than a smokescreen, and a publicity stunt.”

“And Justin is a massive ass hole.” Taylor piped up dryly.

“No, he…” Selena started, before sighing, “He isn’t always.”

Demi looked back and forth between the other two girls, frowned and then realisation finally hit, “Wait… are you two, together?”

“Miley didn’t tell you?” Selena raised an eyebrow, wishing she could be surprised.

“She said that you were dating Karlie Kloss.” Demi said while looking at Taylor, trying to control herself she did feel her heart breaking.

“Karlie wishes.” Selena scoffed.

“Hey, I keep telling you she isn’t in love with me!” Taylor protested.

Turning to her girlfriend Selena said, “And I keep telling you that you guys are like a teen me and Demi.”

“No we’re not.” Taylor insisted, “She’s straight.”

“No she’s not.” Selena insisted.

“Yes she is.” Taylor whined.

“I’ve seen the way she looks at you.” Selena grumbled.

“How? Like a friend?” Taylor quipped.

“Like she wants your babies.” Selena said dryly, before quickly adding, “Which I don’t even mind, I just wish you could be honest with me. Or yourselves. Or at least learn something from me and Demi.”

“I am being honest with you.” Taylor insisted, “We’re just friends. Karlie is not in love with me. She can’t be, she’s straight.”

“Just because no one we know has fucked her yet doesn’t make her straight.” Selena quipped.

The couple then continued squabbling like an old married couple, or at least two people who had been together for a very long time, while Demi did her best to keep herself together. Luckily she had over 10 years experience of keeping her mask in check, while inside she was dying a thousand agonizing deaths. At least this time there was a possible saving grace, which would literally save her, because otherwise she would have to go out and get so drunk or high that she would probably overdose. Clinging to that hope Demi allowed the two other girls to argue for maybe a full minute before interrupting them.

“Okay, so… message received loud and clear, I get it, you’re together. What do you need me for.” Demi said bitterly, then before Selena could interrupt added, “But I hope this doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun together.”

Smiling softly at her old friend Selena confessed, “We were actually hoping for more than a bit of fun.”

Frowning in confusion again Demi simply asked, “What do you mean?”

“Come here and I’ll tell you.” Selena said, patting the spot next to her.

“Okay.” Demi murmured softly, cautiously sitting down on the indicated spot, which was in the middle of Taylor and Selena. Which at least explained why they were sitting so far apart, although it certainly didn’t feel very fa when Demi added herself to the equation.

There was then a pause as Selena searched for the right words before going with, “So… we’ve spent the last few years travelling in the same circles but never running into each other. In more ways than one. And the thing is, when Miley finally told me about you I didn’t believe her at first, so she showed me a lot of… evidence. Then me and Taylor started asking around and anyone who would admit the truth said the same thing. That Demi Lovato is the biggest bottom they’ve ever met. That no sexual act is too depraved for her. That she is completely addicted to eating pussy and ass. And she needs strap-ons up her big fat queer ass like most people need oxygen.”

“I also like boobs too.” Demi blushed, unsure whether she should be embarrassed or not about the very true things Selena was saying.

“I know.” Selena smiled softly, “I’m not asking here. I’ve seen who and what you really are Demi, and honestly… I think it’s fucking hot. I mean, I thought me and Taylor were slutty lesbo bottoms, but you really are in a whole league of your own. Which is why I’ve been thinking about getting back into contact with you. See, ever since we were broken in by OUR Black Mistress, me and Taylor have been at the bottom of the food chain. Isn’t that right, babe?”

“Yeah.” Taylor nodded shyly, and then when Selena prompted her to continue she added, “And it’s been great. I’ve loved it. We’ve loved it. We love being topped by our Black Mistress and other dominant women. But lately… well… Selena?”

Helping out her nervous girlfriend Selena continued, “We’ve been wondering what it would be like to top. To dominate another woman, and treat her like our slut. But the thing is, we just can’t take each other seriously when we try to go all Dom on each other, so Taylor suggested maybe we could try and team up on another girl. Immediately I thought of you. Partly because I just found out you were a total dyke who was addicted to getting her ass fucked, but I think I would have thought of you before, because the truth is I’ve always had feelings for you. And if we were to come to some arrangement I would literally have everything I ever wanted. But it wouldn’t be fair on you, because I don’t want you as a girlfriend. At least not in the same way Taylor is. So I was going to leave you alone… but then, today happened, and I just couldn’t resist.”

There was a long pause and then Taylor insisted, “Tell her what you want Sel. All of it. Be specific. This isn’t going to work unless you’re honest.”

Selena hesitated for a few long seconds, then she looked Demi in the eye and while doing her best impression of a top told her childhood best friend, “I want to own you, like our Black Mistress owns all three of us. I have talked to her about this, by the way, and she’s cool with it. She’s willing to let me buy you, as long as she and everybody else can still fuck you whenever they want. Which I’m more than okay with, as long as they ask my permission first. But you Demi… I don’t want you to be able to choose. Or rather, I want you to choose me and Tay-tay. To submit to us completely and be our personal lesbian sex slave.”

Taylor faked a cough, “Honesty! Remember?”

“Okay, that’s not true.” Selena admitted, “Not exactly. I still want you to eat our pussies from time to time, but mostly… I want you to be my anal slave. Our anal slave! Sorry baby, I’m just so excited.”

“It’s okay, just keep going.” Taylor pushed.

“Right.” Selena nodded, before turning her attention back to Demi, who seemed to have an unreadable expression on her face, “I want you to be my anal slave. I want to own your fat ass. God Demi, I love big asses, and yours is just so big, and round, and jiggly, and so obviously made for fucking that I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop thinking about watching all those videos Miley gave me of our Black Mistress and her friends gang banging your big booty. How much those juicy cheeks of yours jiggled with every thrust, and how those big dildos fit so easily up your slutty ass, and most of all how hard you came and begged for more. I mean, before that I thought it would be cool, and ultra-twisted, to fuck you up the ass, but ever since I learned what an anal whore you are, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your fat ass. So I want you to be my anal whore Dems. Mine and Taylor’s. And I know it’s not fair on either of you, but I want to keep Taylor as my girlfriend who I treat with love and respect, while we both treat you like just a piece of ass.”

Demi had to stop herself from crying out ‘yes, yes, a thousand times yes’ as her true self, the anal addicted lesbian she hid from the world, thought what Selena was describing pretty much sounded like heaven. And wasn’t that far from the arrangement she currently had with Beyonce Knowles, who apparently owned Selena and Taylor too, although that really shouldn’t have been surprising. But if she agreed to this chances are Selena would never see her as anything but a piece of ass and never truly be with her, giving up the dream of a sweet and loving relationship with Selena Gomez was enough to make her pause. But not that long, because she desperately wanted to be Selena’s, and at this point Demi would take what she could get.

“Honestly…” Demi began, her throat feeling incredibly dry, “I’ve wanted to be with you so badly I’d have agreed to be nothing but your personal boot licker if you’d just smiled at me and mean it again.”

“Well, that sounds fun.” Selena giggled, “But you can lick my boots later. Now I just want your ass! Mmmmmm, oh Demi, I’ve always wanted to say this to you… bend over! Bend over and give me that sweet little dyke ass. Bend over and give me that big fat ass of yours!”

“Yes Mistress Selena.” Demi giggled, and blushed, “It’s yours. My ass is all yours, if you want it.”

“Oh, I want it.” Selena murmured lustfully as Demi cautiously got up, “Now give it to me! And don’t worry about calling me Mistress just yet. You haven’t earned that right yet.”

Selena might have blushed at that last comment, and a lot of the others, but hopefully Demi was too turned on to notice. Which luckily seemed to be the case, because while Taylor would have been in a fit of giggles by now from Selena trying to act dominant Demi seemed only too happy to obey, the other brunette crawled onto the bed and getting into the center of it with that gorgeous ass of hers pointing in the direction of Selena and Taylor, Selena unable to gauge her girlfriend’s reaction or anything else as for the next few seconds she was too busy lusting over the big booty of her childhood best friend.

Then Selena scurried onto the bed, kneeled behind Demi and quickly undid her jeans before slowly pulling them down to reveal that big fat ass which had consumed her fantasies and easily become her most forbidden desire. After all, they were two girls who had met while auditioning for Barney the Dinosaur, and now here they were about a decade later with one about to butt fuck the other, and hopefully solidify Demi as her anal slut. God, this was so twisted, but Selena just couldn’t help herself. Demi’s butt was just so sexy, Selena swearing she drooled for real as she slowly pulled her old friend’s jeans down to around her knees and then just stared at that ass for a few long seconds.

She then let out an un-lady like groan and buried her face in Demi’s big butt. Selena had a lot of experience licking asses, although she preferred the big ones after spending so many hours worshipping the bootylicious backside of her Black Mistress, and Selena took full advantage of the fact she was in charge by spending a few long minutes just pressing her face into those large globes of flesh, and then rubbing her face against them. Or another words Selena Gomez went back and forth in between smothering herself in Demi Lovato’s fat ass and motor-boating it like a pair of giant boobs.

Only then did Selena finally actually start preparing Demi’s ass hole to be fucked by sticking out her tongue and frantically beginning to lick that puckered rosebud. For a while that meant pushing her face even deeper into Demi’s big booty, but that wasn’t nearly as effective as Selena wanted it to be, so inevitably she pulled her old friend’s ass cheeks apart so she could get more access to Demi’s anal ring. Taking full advantage Selena spat onto Demi’s butt hole and then rub that saliva in with her tongue. She then repeated the process a few times before literally pushing her tongue into Demi’s ass hole, which was not only easy but Selena was able to slip her whole tongue inside, which was both encouraging and just proved what an anal whore Demi truly was.

Taylor was thinking along the same lines as she watched the familiar sight of her girlfriend with her face buried in another woman’s butt, the only difference being that this time it was to prepare the other woman to be butt banged by Selena and not some powerful older celebrity getting off on ordering them around. God, it was so hot, Taylor having to bite her lip and almost literally sit on her hands to keep herself from masturbating to the perverted sight, especially when the rim job really got going and Selena had Demi moaning like the lesbo slut she was, Taylor loving every word that came to Demi’s mouth.

“Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss, eat me Sel! Eat my fucking ass!” Demi moaned when she was no longer able to stop herself, “Eat my dyke ass! Eat out my big fat gay butt! Mmmmmmmm, fuck, lick it, suck it, tongue fuck it, oh God Selena, I never thought you’d be like me. I never dared hope that you’d be even half as perverted as me, ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, but you are. You’re a perverted little lesbian slut just like me, and I love it! I love you. Oh Selena, please fuck my ass! Aaaaaahhhhhh fuck, please fuck my big fat dyke ass. Please? Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh, that’s so nice, but an anal slut like me doesn’t need this thorough a rim job. Oh fuck yeah Sel, just shove a big dick up my ass! Please shove a big girl dick up my dyke ass and make it yours!”

“Well, since you asked so nicely.” Selena giggled once she pulled her face from Demi’s ass, giving those meaty cheeks a hard double smack which made her old friend cry out before she turned to her girlfriend, “Taylor, take over rimming Demi for me. I’m going to get a strap-on.”

“Can you make it a big one?” Demi asked hopefully, “At least 10 inches?”

“Slut.” Selena chuckled as she got up and began taking off her clothes.

She may have said more, but Taylor was too busy taking her place behind Demi and burying her face in that big fat ass. Taylor had a lot of fun memories of eating the asses of her Black Mistress, and her friends and/or bitches with big butts, although she loved smaller backsides just as much. Like Selena’s, for example. Of course Taylor loved getting the chance of licking Demi’s big booty, because it reminded her of the previously mentioned memories, and she simply loved giving women rim jobs. Also this was actually special because she was preparing Demi’s ass for Selena, the wicked thought making Taylor smile into Demi’s big bottom.

Like Selena before her Taylor had immediately pushed her face into Demi’s big ass and then motor-boated those juicy cheeks for a while before finally starting the butt licking. Although before that, she sneaked in a little ass kissing, pressing her lips to Demi’s butt cheeks a few times before pulling them apart and beginning to eagerly lick her back hole. She licked even more eagerly as she sensed her, now no doubt naked except for a strap-on, girlfriend returning, however instead of taking over right away Selena seemed perfectly happy with just watching Taylor rimming Demi like it was her job which just made the tall blonde lick harder and faster.

Which pleased Selena as she gently lean down and encouraged, “That’s it Tay-tay, eat that ass! Mmmmm, bury your pretty little face deeper into Demi’s slut butt. Come on, deeper! Yeahhhhhh, that’s it, eat out that ass I’m about to fuck! Oh yes, shove your tongue up her ass! Demi loves that, don’t you, you little slut?”

“Yessssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, tongue fuck my slutty ass Taylor!” Demi moaned, “Shove your tongue deep up my whore ass! Ohhhhhhhh, I want to feel Taylor Swift’s tongue deep inside my dyke ass! Please just do it, please, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, tongue fuck me!”

Demi said a lot more, however Taylor didn’t really register it as she was too distracted by just how easy it was to push the full length of her tongue into the other girl’s back door. She was also distracted by the hand on the back of her head, Selena at first just gently encouraging her face deeper into Demi’s ass but now almost literally suffocating her with those large cheeks. Not just because she was firmly pushing her face downwards into those cheeks but she was smacking that ass and encouraging Demi to shake her booty, making it very difficult for Taylor to keep licking Demi’s ass hole. Or breathe for that matter. Luckily just as she was getting lightheaded Selena pulled her face out of that big ass and pulled her backwards into a passionate kiss, the two girls sharing the taste of their new bitch’s butt for a few seconds before Selena broke the kiss and smiled wickedly.

“Spread those cheeks for me baby.” Selena practically purred, “Show me that cute little ass hole I wanna fuck so bad.”

Taylor smiled shyly, pulled away from Selena and then moved so she was kneeling beside Demi so she could reach down and spread her ass cheeks wide apart, exposing the little hole she and Selena had taken turns licking before asking with obviously fake innocence, “Like this?”

“That’s perfect babe.” Selena practically groaned, before asking the other brunette, “Are you ready Dems?”

“God yes.” Demi whimpered, even more horny after hearing her childhood nickname from her childhood best friend who was about to sodomise her, “Fuck me! Please fuck my fat ass! Please? I’ll do anything if you just ram my ass hole with your big dick. Please Sel, take my big fat slutty dyke ass and make it yours!”

Selena just grinned wickedly and admired the sight before her for a few long seconds, then she took her lube covered strap-on cock firmly in hand and then rested it against Demi’s cute little butt hole. She then took another few seconds to savour the moment, then Selena pushed forwards slowly but firmly so she could stretch this out for as long as possible. She was also nervous about hurting Demi, because while they were now sadly strangers to each other they had once been best friends and Selena didn’t want to hurt her. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, so this seemed like the best bet. Besides, she knew that regardless of how much preparation you could get anal penetration always hurt.

At least that was her experience, which was why Selena’s eyes went wide and her mouth fell open in shock when Demi cried out in pleasure as her anal ring stretched wide enough to allow the head of the strap-on to slip through and into her big butt. She… she cried out in pleasure. Fuck, Demi had actually cried out in pleasure from getting her fat ass penetrated! Hadn’t she? No, that couldn’t be possible, Selena thought. No one could be that slutty. But Demi proved that she was as she whimpered and moaned as Selena cautiously pushed another inch of dildo into her former friend’s ass hole, Selena repeating the process a few times before, without really thinking it through, she rammed forwards as hard as she could, burying the rest of the dildo in Demi’s big booty.

Which made Demi cry out again in pleasure, prompting Selena to exclaim in disbelief, “Oh my God, how slutty are you?”

Initially Demi just whimpered in reply, then cried out again, this time in pain, as Taylor let go of her cheeks so she could give those well-rounded globes a hard double smack and demanded, “Answer the question!”

“I don’t know.” Demi whimpered.

“You don’t know?” Selena frowned, “You just took this 10 inch cock up your ass like it was nothing. And you fucking enjoyed it!”

“I’m sorry.” Demi wept softly in humiliation.

“Don’t be sorry, I think it’s as hot as hell.” Selena grinned, “God Demi, you’re such a whore. Oh yes, my childhood best friend has become such a little anal whore, and I’m going to make her MY anal whore!”

“You mean our anal whore, right?” Taylor asked softly.

Pulling her gaze away from Demi’s butt for the first time since the anal penetration started, Selena smiled ruefully and said, “Of course.”

Selena then lent forward and pressed her lips to Taylor’s, hoping that a gentle kiss would make up for her slip of the tongue. Because of course she meant their anal whore. The whole point of this was that she could have both Demi and Taylor, the latter as her sexy girlfriend and the former as their slutty anal whore. And giving her girlfriend a loving kiss, while her dick was buried in her anal whore’s butt seemed the perfect way to emphasise that. Then Selena got an even better idea, why not really ram the point home by ramming Demi’s fat ass while tongue kissing Taylor? Yes, that was perfect, she thought with a grin.

So Selena pushed her tongue into Taylor’s mouth and at the same time she tightened the hold she had loosened on Demi’s waist and then pulled her hips back, her old friend actually letting out a whimper of disappointment as inch after inch of dildo slipped out of her ass hole. Demi then cried out in pleasure as Selena pushed forwards again and repeated the process, Selena becoming lightheaded as for the first time ever she began butt fucking another girl. A girl who was her childhood best friend, and she was making her moan like the anal whore she clearly was just from a gentle ass fucking.

Taylor and Selena made out for a few long minutes, and then on and off for a while, but both of them struggled to take their eyes off of Selena’s strap-on pumping in and out of Demi’s stretched wide ass hole. Oh how Taylor loved watching another girl getting ass fucked. She especially loved being in this position as she had an up close look at another girl’s butt hole stretching for a strap-on, Taylor often leaning right in, so her face was close as possible to the action. She also did this to encourage the top to make her go ass to mouth, especially when it was Selena’s ass she was getting a up close look at. But this time was different, because for once she was focused on the ass fucker. Oh yes, Taylor was focused on her beloved Selena finally getting to ass fuck another girl, and it made Taylor’s cunt burn with need until it wasn’t something she could ignore.

“Babe.” Taylor murmured softly and shyly, then when Selena pulled her eyes away from Demi’s dildo stretched ass hole the blonde added, “I know you mostly just wanted Demi to be our anal slave, but do you mind if I try her mouth? I’ve just heard so many stories about what an amazing pussy licker she is, and I wanna see for myself if it’s true.”

“Hell yeah, make her eat your pussy while I fuck her up the ass!” Selena grinned with wicked delight, “Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, put that dyke tongue to work. Let’s see just how much of a lezzie slut she really is!”

Not needing any more than that Taylor leaned up, pressed a quick kiss to Selena’s lips and then quickly lifted her skirt up to around her waist and pulled her panties down and off. She then repositioned herself so she was lying with her head against the headboard of the bed with her legs spread and directly in front of Demi’s face. Well, the two brunettes had to scoot forward a little, but that just gave Taylor another wicked sight. Surprisingly then Demi hesitated for a second or two before leaning her head down and starting to gently lick Taylor’s pussy. Which would have been more than enough, if it had been just the two of them, and there had been near enough no foreplay. But as Demi was getting her fat ass fucked right in front of her, and everything that had led up to it, Taylor wasn’t in the mood for a gentle licking.

Which was something Taylor quickly made clear, “Oooooooooh, come on Demi, you can do better than that. Mmmmmm, you think I need teasing after watching Selena stuff your fat ass full of cock? No, oooooooohhhhhhhhhh, I’ve been dripping wet ever since Selena called me and told me all about her plans for you, and now aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssssss, lick my clit just like that, mmmmmmmmm, that’s more like it! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, that’s just how Selena likes to eat my cunt. Mmmmmmmm, a little attention to my clit, and then back to licking my pussy. Mmmmmmmm fuck, that feels good, but I still want more. Yeeeeeeeessssssss, that’s nice, but I want your tongue inside me. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yes Demi, I want your dyke tongue inside my little queer cunt! You hear me? Tongue fuck my cunt like Selena does! Ah yeah, tongue fuck my lesbo pussy while Selena fucks you up your big gay butt! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, oh Demi, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooodddddddddd!”

For a moment Demi almost reminded Taylor of her beloved Selena given the way she went back and forth between rapidly licking her clit and gently lapping at her cunt. However Selena normally took the time to give her a few wicked smiles while Demi was completely devoted to her pussy, and ultimately pushed her tongue inside it sooner than Selena ever would, even while being fucked in the ass at the time. Which had happened several times already in their short romantic relationship, and the simple friendship before that, although Taylor couldn’t concentrate on that when she was receiving maybe her favourite thing ever, namely another girl’s tongue pushing into and then fucking her cunt.

Considering all the excellent tongue work Taylor had experienced already in her short life she was pleasantly surprised to find that Demi’s tongue lived up to the hype and she felt herself on the edge of orgasm in what felt like seconds. The amazing show in front of her had a lot to do with how quickly she got to that point, but Taylor couldn’t deny Demi was good, making her hope that Selena’s indecent proposal worked out and she would get to experience this type of tongue fucking again. If not she would have to try and hook up with Demi again, something which was reinforced a few minutes later when Taylor came hard in Demi’s mouth and all over her face.

Demi loved eating pussy, and she loved getting ass fucked even more, but somehow she had never experienced her two greatest loves at the same time. Which was actually a little weird now she thought about it, because she had been shared like this before, but the closest she came to what she was doing now, was being spit roasted by a couple of strap-on wearing tops, those tops swapping holes over and over again, so they were constantly making Demi go ass to mouth, which was a humiliation she adored, but this might be even better because it was so special to her. After all, this was her first time getting butt fucked by her true love Selena Gomez, and anything else was icing on the cake, and this was extremely sweet icing.

True, on the whole she preferred the taste of her own ass over pussy cream, and even girl cum, and the fact that this was Selena’s girlfriend she was eating out which just drove the point home that Selena wasn’t hers, and she was now just the sex slave if these two women. However while the last thing hurt her heart and diminished her enjoyment at the same time she felt like such a slut, and Demi’s submissive little heart adored that, so it still felt like heaven for a total bottom like her. Plus Selena was doing an amazing job at fucking her ass considering this was her first time topping anyone. Okay, it wasn’t exactly difficult to stretch out and loosen Demi’s slutty ass, but after that Selena kept to a slow but steady pace until Demi was desperate to cum.

However when she tried to pull away to beg Selena to fuck her harder Taylor kept a firm hold of Demi’s hair, keeping her in place as she told her, “You want to cum? Already? Gosh, what a slut. Mmmmmmmm, well if you want to cum, first you have to make me cum. Isn’t that right Selena?”

“Oh fuck yes, make my girlfriend cum!” Selena grinned eagerly, “Oh fuck Demi, make Taylor cum in your mouth while I’m fucking you up the ass! Mmmmmmmm, make my girlfriend cum all over your pretty little dyke face and then I’ll make you cum with my girl cock pounding your fat lezzie ass!”

Not needing any more encouragement than that. Demi rapidly increase the force of her tongue thrusts, the combination of that, the joy of watching Selena sodomise her and Taylor beginning to grind her cunt into her face making the blonde cum hard and fast. Sadly all the grinding meant that as much as she tried Demi couldn’t swallow much of Taylor’s cum, although getting her face covered in girl cum was always a very enjoyable consolation prize, and Demi revelled in it. Especially this time, as again it was special, Taylor baptising her as her cunt lapping whore, which was all Demi now wanted to be. That, and perhaps more importantly Selena’s anal whore, something which she made clear when Taylor pulled away from her.

“Fuck me Selena! Fuck my dyke ass!” Demi squealed desperately, “Pound fuck my big fat slutty dyke ass and make me cum! Please? You promised! You promised me, ohhhhhhhh, you promised me you would make me cum if I made Taylor cum, and I did. I made your girlfriend squirt her delicious cum all over my face while your girl cock was in my fat lezzie ass, oooooooooh, and now I want you to fuck it. Mmmmmmmm, I need you to slam my slutty little lesbian ass hole and make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass! Oh shit, please Selena, I need you to make me your bitch. I need to be your dyke bitch, licking your pussy and taking it up the ass for you whenever you want. You and Taylor! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, I WANNA BE THE LEZZIE BITCH OF SELENA GOMEZ AND TAYLOR SWIFT! I WANT BOTH OF YOU TO OWN MY SLUTTY LITTLE ASS HOLE AND USE ME LIKE YOUR PERSONAL ANAL WHORE! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK, I AM YOUR WHORE, OOOOOOOOOOH, I LOVE BEING YOUR WHORE, OHHHHHHHHHHH, MAKE ME YOURS! PLEASE I AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWD!”

Initially Demi was disappointed that Taylor had pulled away so quickly, but it had allowed her to close her eyes and start shamelessly begging. And in that moment she could ignore the cum on her face, and the taste of it in her mouth, and just focus on the fact that the only person she had ever been in love with was pleasuring her in her absolute favourite way. Or to put it another way, Selena Gomez was fucking her hard and deep up the ass, the other brunette’s next few words causing Demi to cum harder than ever before. And unlike Taylor she didn’t roll away after one orgasm. No, she stayed right where she was, getting brutally butt fucked by the girl she loved, until so much cum had squirted out of her cunt she literally passed out.


Selena worried that she was taking this too far. After all, deep down she was still a good girl. A nice girl. A Disney girl. It was just that years of lesbian sex with her fellow females celebrities, and even some of her fellow Disney girls, created something dark and perverted inside her. Or at least brought it to the surface, and now she was unleashing it on her childhood best friend and in doing so abusing Demi’s poor butt hard and brutally. Yet no matter how hard she fucked Demi’s big booty, or what she said, her former friend just kept cumming and screaming her head off with pure joy.

It was kind of funny, because before this Selena had thought she and Taylor were the biggest bottoms, and sluttyist anal whores, she knew. But Demi really was just in a whole league of her own, all the stories Selena had heard about her old friend turning out not to be exaggerated at all. If anything they had downplayed just how much of an anal loving bottom Demi was, Selena amazed at just how easy it was to make her old friend cum, and the way the other girl brutally slammed herself back against her thrusts, which made Demi’s meaty cheeks jiggle like a big bowl of jelly against Selena’s thighs, which was a feeling Selena could never see herself getting tired of. In fact, she never wanted it to end.

Deep down Selena knew it had too. She didn’t have the strength to keep this up forever, and as much as she tried to hold back her own climaxes ultimately the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of butt fucking another woman for the first time, and her childhood best friend at that, caused her to have some of the greatest orgasms of her life. Maybe even the greatest. Which was really saying something considering how hard Taylor, and the dominant women she had been with, made her cum. But these were different types of orgasms. Orgasms which made her feel powerful and dominant, instead of weak and submissive. Which was an extremely addictive feeling. Ultimately those orgasms forced her to stop fucking Demi’s fat ass, but not before Selena came to a few conclusions.

Firstly, topping was awesome and she was totally going to do it again. Secondly, she no longer wanted Demi as her anal whore. She needed Demi to become her anal whore. She needed access to this big fat ass every single minute of every single day, so she could bend her childhood friend over and show her who was boss. That out of the two of them she was the dominant one, and Demi was her bitch. Most of all, she needed to feel these big fat ass cheeks jiggling against her thighs morning, noon, and night. Ideally forever, but again, tragically, she just didn’t have the energy for that. Not yet. But maybe, just maybe if she ass fucked Demi enough she would have the stamina to at least keep going longer than this. Maybe even the confidence to dominate other women too.

Taylor hadn’t wanted to move away from Demi’s mouth so quickly, it was just after one hard orgasm she truly believe that if she couldn’t pull herself away immediately she never would, and given this was Selena’s first time dominating anyone she thought it would be nice to back off. Especially as it was also Demi’s and Selena’s first time together. Although she almost immediately regretted her decision as her selfish body ached for some relief, Taylor soon beginning to frantically finger herself while watching Selena seem to try to literally ruin the rectum of her childhood best friend. And as Selena effortlessly made Demi cum Taylor wondered why on earth she hadn’t been able to take her girlfriend seriously as a top.

It probably had a lot to do with Selena giggling and not being able to keep a straight face, as much as it did the vivid memories of Selena getting completely dominated by every woman they’d ever had sex with, but now Selena’s beautiful face was deadly serious and filled with pleasure, and she certainly wasn’t giggling. No, she was brutally pounding Demi’s big butt like she had been a pure top her entire life, the amazing sight making Taylor want to bend over, spread her own ass cheeks and beg Selena to take her ass and make it her desert after making Demi’s big meaty ass her main course.

Somehow Taylor managed to avoid the temptation as she still wanted to allow Selena to focus on having the ass she had most lusted over. Besides, she didn’t want the first time that Selena fucked HER ass to be an afterthought. Or Selena to be too tired to do it properly. But now she definitely wanted to do it at some point. She also definitely wanted to fuck Demi’s butt. Which she kind of thought would have been cool before, but she had never seriously thought about topping another woman until Selena talked her into it. Now though she definitely wanted to know what it would be like to feel Demi’s big meaty cheeks jiggle against her thighs like they had against Selena’s, and gape this slut’s ass like her girlfriend did, Taylor gasping and cartoonishly holding both hands over her mouth when Selena pulled her cock out of Demi’s ass, leaving her forbidden hole completely wrecked.

Of course it wasn’t the first time Taylor had seen such an extremely stretched open ass hole, but it was the first time she’d seen Selena responsible for it, so she couldn’t help gasp softly, “Gosh Sel, that ass is so gaped!”

“Yeah it is.” Selena growled lustfully, holding Demi’s ass firmly in place and spreading those meaty cheeks so she could get the best possible look at her handiwork. Then after a few minutes of staring deep into Demi’s bowels Selena moaned, “Oooooooh yeah, I’ve completely wrecked Demi’s ass! Oh fuck, I think this may be even as wide as Beyonce makes her gape! Mmmmmm, or us. Don’t you think Tay?”

With that Selena turned her body so she was kneeling beside Demi and then switched over her grip on the other brunette’s butt cheeks so she could spread them for Taylor and show off what she had done to her childhood friend’s butt hole, which made Taylor gulped and then she slowly replied, “It’s at least as wide, and as deep, as Miley gaped it.”

“Awww, you say the sweetest things.” Selena chuckled, and blushed slightly, before her eyes lit up with a wicked idea, “Hey, take a picture.”

Taylor blushed seriously, “What?”

“Take a picture of us like this. I want to prove to Miley she’s not the only former Disney girl who can ass fuck another girl.” Selena said.

“Are, are you sure that’s a good idea?” Taylor questioned, and then before Selena could push the issue added, “Cause all I have is my phone, and you know we almost got outed last time we did something like this. Well, not this, but-”

“It will be fine.” Selena interrupted.

“But our Black Mistress said-” Taylor protested.

“Not to keep incriminating pics on our phones.” Selena sighed, before adding, “And we won’t. We’ll transfer the pics to one of those flash drive thingies. That way we can prove we’re not the total bottoms everybody thinks we are.”

There was a long pause in which Taylor bit her lip and weighed the pros and cons before ultimately nodding her head, “Okay.”

Selena just grinned widely in response, Taylor able to capture that as her girlfriend was smiling just as widely by the time she got her phone, although she moved down to rest her chin on the top of Demi’s buttocks. Taylor took a couple of shots of that, then a few more of Selena resting her face against one of Demi’s meaty cheeks and then a couple of Selena resting her face against one of Demi’s meaty cheeks and giving a thumbs up, although she wasn’t sure how steady her hand was as she was too busy giggling for that last one. Then Selena beckoned her over to take a goofy selfie or two with Demi’s gaped butt, Taylor amazed by how happy that, and really this whole thing made her, how natural it felt.

Selena thought much the same thing just before she asked Taylor, “So, do you want a turn now?”

“With her ass?” Taylor asked instantly.

“No, with the remote control.” Selena rolled her eyes, “Of course with her ass. Mmmmmm, I want to see you pound this fat ass and prove it’s yours too.”

“That sounds like fun.” Taylor admitted, meaning it more than ever before, “But I think this night should be about you and Demi. You’ve both wanted this for so long, and I really loved watching you fuck her ass. Oh yeah, I could watch you fuck that big sexy ass of hers all night long, and I want too. I want to see you fuck that ass over and over again so Demi knows who owns it.”

With a huge grin on her face Selena pulled Taylor into a hug and frantically squealed in her ear, “You’re the best! I love you.”

“I love you too.” Taylor said softly, happily hugging back.

As they hugged Demi’s lower half slowly slid down to the bed sheets, prompting Selena to break the hug, and deliver a hard double smack to her old friend’s behind, and even though that caused Demi to wake up with a squeal Selena continued to smack those cheeks a few times as she exclaimed, “Get that fat ass in the air and spread your cheeks! I’m not done with your ass! Oh yeah, I’m not done with that gaped hole which I now own. You understand me Demi? Do you understand your ass is now mine and I will use it whenever I want, including now? Do you? And is that what you want?”

“Fuck yes!” Demi whimpered, still coming to, “I want you to pound fuck my slutty little ass hole again. Oooooh Sel, pound fuck it all night long! I swear, I understand my fat ass is yours now. You own it, because you just made it yours, and now the little hole I shit from is your personal fuck hole, which you can use whenever you want! Please Selena, use that fuck hole I call an ass hole for your pleasure right now! Use my sore little gaped butt hole as a cock depository! Use your personal fuck hole all night long!”

“Oh don’t worry Dems, I’m going too.” Selena promised wickedly, slowly getting off the bed, “But… I think you need to earn your second butt fucking with a nice little blow job. Ohhhhhh yeah Demi, get on your knees in front of me and suck your own ass cream off this dick! Become my ATM whore.”

“Oh God yes.” Demi whimpered, then quickly turning around and rushing over to where Selena was now standing in the centre of the room.

Demi then dropped to her knees in front of Selena, which was no doubt the reason Selena got off the bed as it put emphasis on their new roles as Dom and Sub, Demi revelling in that feeling as she glanced up shyly at her childhood best friend who had just given her one of the best butt fuckings of her life, which was really saying something considering how regularly she took it up the ass. Then she closed her eyes, leaned forward and slowly wrapped her lips around the head of the strap-on dildo which had just pummelled her bowels, Demi moaning as she tasted maybe her favourite flavour in the world. Girl cum was a close second, or maybe even equal to this, but nothing could beat the taste of her own ass, especially when she was tasting the deepest part of it.

Savouring every drop of that precious liquid Demi sucked the head of Selena’s strap-on clean as slowly as possible before beginning to bob her head up and down on the dick. At first she concentrated on just the upper half, and went nice and slowly so she could savour her favourite flavour. Then when the upper half was completely clean she started pushing herself lower with every bob of her head, forcing inch after inch into her mouth and down her throat until she had the entire length buried within her windpipe. She did all this without a hint of gagging or choking, Demi opening her eyes again and looking up in hopes of finding that Selena was impressed with her skills, even if they would both would know it was a result of Beyonce’s training.

To her disappointment she found that Selena wasn’t even looking at her, but rather at the approaching Taylor Swift who, apparently responding to her girlfriend’s beckoning, walked up to Selena and kissed her right on the mouth. Demi wanted to believe this was just Selena having her cake and eating it too, which seemed like the whole point for her, although it also felt like a slap in the face. An unnecessary reminder that Taylor was the girlfriend, and Demi was just the ATM whore. And Demi severely doubted Selena meant to be cruel, yet that probably accidental cruelty was a wonderful humiliation which just made Demi suck Selena’s strap-on more enthusiastically.

It also made Demi realise that while she had come here hoping to become Selena’s girlfriend maybe being her whore was actually preferable. After all, her darkest desires had just been wonderfully satisfied by the only person she’d ever loved, and if Selena had been even slightly nicer about it Demi wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much. And who knows, maybe after spending some time together she would get close with Selena again, and ideally Taylor too, and Demi would be allowed to be a fully-fledged girlfriend rather than a submissive fuck pet. Either way her desperate need for Selena to be back in her life had turned out very well for her.

Breaking the kiss, and then Demi out of her thoughts, Selena told her old friend, “Demi, get back on the bed. I want to take that bitch ass of yours on your back this time so Taylor can ride your face.”

Oh yes, Demi thought as she got into position, things had worked out very well for her.

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