Desperate Demi Part 2

Title: Desperate Demi Part 2

Author: MTL  (

Celebs: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift

Codes: anal, FFF, oral, rim, toys

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, or any celebrity for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Demi Lovato was practically shaking with nervousness and excitement. Mostly she was excited, but there was some small part of her afraid she was getting ‘Punked’ or something, as this was pretty much everything she’d ever wanted. Well, she still wished she was the one dating her childhood best friend, but becoming her bitch was almost just as good, Demi unable to stop thinking about her first of hopefully many threesomes with Selena Gomez and her secret girlfriend Taylor Swift. Especially as Demi had spent pretty much the entire night getting her big butt pounded by Selena, which had literally been a dream come true. Getting to eat Taylor’s pussy a couple of times had just been a bonus.

Sadly because of their busy schedules that had been a month ago now, which Selena had said was a good thing as it would give Demi a chance to decide if she really wanted to become their sex slave, but like Demi had told her the last time they were in a room together there was nothing she wanted more. If anything Demi was now desperate to become Selena’s bitch. Well okay, maybe just more desperate. The point was after a whole month of frantically masturbating over the memories of their first threesome Demi practically ran to their meeting place and boldly knocked on the door. Although when Selena opened the door and gave her a wicked smile Demi couldn’t help feel a little nervous.

“Hi.” Demi said softly.

“Hi.” Selena grinned, moving aside, “Come in. We’ve been expecting you.”

“Thanks.” Demi blushed, quickly stepping inside.

Then when the door was closed Selena told her, “Follow me.”

Demi obeyed and soon found herself in the hotel suite’s bedroom where Taylor was waiting for them, the blonde nervously greeting her with, “Hey.”

“Hey.” Demi returned, “I’m, I’m here to-”

“We all know why you’re here.” Selena interrupted dismissively, “Just shut up and turn around so we can see that big booty.”

Demi was completely taken aback by Selena acting that way, but it also turned her on, and she quickly complied. Selena then went straight for her pants, undoing them and then slowly pulling them and her panties down to expose her big ass to Taylor. Which made Demi blush but she loved it, and what Selena did next, because her childhood best friend was acting just like many of the dominant women who regularly topped her. Like Demi was just a piece of meat to be enjoyed. And oh, how Demi wanted to be ‘enjoyed’ by Taylor Swift and especially Selena Gomez.

“What do you think Tay-Tay?” Selena asked, sliding her hands up to squeeze, slap and spread Demi’s butt cheeks, “Is this piece of ass meat good enough for us?”

“Yes.” Taylor said softly.

“Are you sure?” Selena grinned, “We could probably do better. This one is all slutty and used. In fact, from what I hear every secret dyke in Hollywood and the music business has had a piece of this ass.”

Taylor blushed, but admitted, “I, I… I wanna fuck it.”

“In that case…” Selena began, pausing to deliver a hard double smack to Demi’s ass, “Demi, get your ass up on the bed.”

Not needing to be told twice Demi quickly scrambled onto the bed, Taylor moving out of the way so she could join Selena in staring at her butt. Once she was in the centre of the bed with her ass facing the other girls Demi wiggled her big booty invitingly, which had the desired effect of Taylor and Selena quickly stripping off their clothes and joining her on the bed. Demi did her best to get rid of her own clothes, which wasn’t super easy under the circumstances, but as she wasn’t told off she succeeded just in time for Selena and Taylor to kneel behind her and start working on her ass.

Selena knew she should let Taylor go first, but she just couldn’t help herself. She had been constantly thinking about Demi’s big booty, or actually even more, ever since she had fucked it and once she was close enough she just couldn’t resist burying her face between those glorious globes and motor-boating that big bottom like it was a pair of tits. After maybe a full minute of that she pulled those large globes apart and attacked Demi’s ass hole with her tongue. Which of course made slutty little Demi moan in pleasure, but it still felt like an assault as she was licking that ass hole so frantically. Then she pushed her tongue inside Demi’s ass, years of nearly non-stop anal poundings allowing Selena’s tongue to go pretty deep into what was supposed to be her old friend’s tightest hole.

Honestly Selena had no idea how long she rimmed Demi for. Honestly it felt like hours and she barely even remembered Taylor was there, and it was Taylor’s turn, the sudden realisation making her blush with shame. But it didn’t stop her from rimming Demi. Oh no, Selena kept her face buried in that ass for at least several minutes after remembering she should be moving aside for Taylor, even letting go of Demi’s butt cheek so she could literally smother herself in that juicy rump. She kept expecting Taylor to complain she was being greedy, or Demi to beg for a proper butt fucking, but apparently the two other girls were too submissive to insert themselves.

Eventually though she pulled back and asked Taylor, “You want your turn now?”

“Oh yes.” Taylor nodded eagerly before she followed Selena’s example and buried her face in Demi’s butt.

The difference was that Taylor wasn’t selfish, the blonde happily pulling her face out of Demi’s fat ass and offering Selena another turn rimming her childhood friend. Unable to resist Selena went straight back to shoving her tongue up Demi’s big butt, although she didn’t spend quite as long rimming her this time, hoping that if she played her cards right they could go back and forth on this glorious bottom. Taylor was only too happy to do so and for a while they were practically swapping every minute, and even a few times licking her ass together. It was actually kind of romantic, or at least Selena thought so, especially when that led to kissing in which they tasted Demi’s ass on each other’s lips and tongues.

“Do you wanna get a strap-on, baby?” Selena suggested after breaking their latest kiss.

“Erm, sure.” Taylor mumbled after a brief hesitation.

There was another hesitation, then Taylor slowly and awkwardly got up and retrieved the strap-on dildo they had picked out for her. Honestly the hesitation, and the way Taylor fumbled in attaching the harness to herself, was a little disappointing. Selena knew this was out of Taylor’s comfort zone, but she had loved the fact that her girlfriend shared her fantasy/ambition about topping, and she really, really love the idea of them topping Demi together. Maybe even other girls who were just as submissive as Demi, but first Taylor needed to prove that she could top. And Selena was determined to help her out in any way she could, whether that involved pulling Demi’s butt cheeks apart to expose her little hole, or providing Taylor with a little verbal encouragement. Both of which she did eagerly.

“You got this babe.”  Selena reassured when Taylor kneeled behind Demi again, this time while wearing a strap-on, “Demi is a total whore. She’ll love anything you do. Isn’t that right Dems?”

“God yes.” Demi happily confirmed, “I’m a total whore for anal sex. As long as it’s a girl doing it my slutty gay butt will love anything done to it. Please Taylor, fuck my butt! Please fuck my big slutty gay butt. Please fuck it hard and deep and make me cum like a whore! Fuck it however you want and make me your anal whore!”

Taylor had never been this nervous. The strap-on felt so unnatural and out of place around her waist, and she had been so sure that when it came down to it she would let Selena down. But it was actually like her concerts. The moments leading up to her getting on stage she was terrified and wanted to curl up into a little ball, but when she actually got out there instinct took over. In this case instead of singing it was grabbing a firm hold of the dildo she had so recently covered in lubricant, pressing the tip of it against Demi’s butt hole and pushing forwards with confidence she normally didn’t feel outside of performing.

It helped that, like when she performed, she had people she trusted encouraging her. In this case it was her girlfriend Selena, who was murmuring soft encouragement to her and spreading Demi’s cheeks as wide as she could to make it as easy as possible for her to penetrate that little hole, and perhaps just as importantly provide them the best view possible of Demi’s butt hole stretching for them. Taylor found it just as breathtaking as when Selena had violated Demi’s ass for the first time, or even when she had watched other women anally take her precious Selena, especially as Demi’s back hole stretched open pretty easily, prompting all three women in the room to moan happily.

The only difference was that Selena quickly followed up with, “Oh that’s it Taylor, take that ass! Mmmmmmm, take that big juicy ass and make it yours!”

“Ours.” Taylor corrected, tearing her eyes away from Demi’s obscenely stretched ass hole for a few seconds so she could smile at her girlfriend, “You mean ours, right Selena?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Selena eagerly replied with a wicked grin, “This ass is ours now! This big fat juicy lesbian ass is ours now. We own it! It’s our property. Demi is our property. Mmmmmmm, Demi Lovato is nothing but a walking anal fuck hole for Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift!”

Taylor was pretty sure that Selena said more, a lot more, but for once she wasn’t listening to her girlfriend. No, she was too busy turning her attention back to Demi’s butt hole, which was slowly but surely starting to fill with strap-on cock, much to the delight of her new anal whore who shamelessly moaned as her most private orifice was stuffed with dildo. It was easily one of the hottest things Taylor had ever seen. In fact it was a total sensory overload, especially when her thighs came to rest against Demi’s ass cheeks what felt like seconds later, meaning she had officially buried every inch of her cock within another girl’s bowels for the first time in her life. She then began butt fucking another girl for the first time in her life, Taylor thrusting back and forth with a never before seen, or felt, confidence.

Suddenly Taylor knew exactly why other women loved to butt fuck her and Selena, and Demi etc, even though they couldn’t feel it like a man could. Sure, she had been told by Miley and others that the rush of totally dominating another girl in such a primal way was out of this world, but there was a major difference between being told that and feeling it for herself. Because wow, this was amazing. So much so she almost wanted to become a full-time top. Or at the very least make sure she got to ass fuck Demi on a regular basis, the thought of sharing this amazing ass with Selena never more appealing to the world-famous pop star.

Selena meanwhile was feeling very conflicted. She had never been more attracted to Taylor and part of her very much wanted to bend over right next to Demi, spread her own cheeks and begged Taylor to butt fuck her instead. Something she had no doubt Taylor would do in a heartbeat. Another part of her wanted to get her own strap-on, shove Taylor out of the way and take over fucking Demi’s perfect ass. Meanwhile yet another part of her wanted to just watch Taylor sodomise Demi forever. For a while that part of her reign supreme, but it was ultimately taken over by a part of her which wanted to mirror what happened last time exactly.

“Taylor, do you think we should let Demi eat my pussy?” Selena asked with a wicked grin.

“Oh God yes, please let me eat your pussy!” Demi exclaimed excitedly, “I’ve never wanted anything more. Please Selena, I’ll do anything if you just let me eat your pussy.”

“Shut up bitch, no one was talking to you.” Selena said dismissively before turning her attention back to Taylor, “So, what do you’d think baby? Do you want our slut to eat my pussy?”

Taylor pretended to look thoughtful for a second, and then smiled, “Well, she has been really good. Acting like a total anal loving bottom for us and all.”

“That’s just because she IS a total anal loving bottom.” Selena snorted, “But I suppose, if she asks nicely.”

“Oh please Selena. Mmmmmm, please give me your pussy.” Demi moaned excitedly, “I’m desperate for your pussy! Oh Selena, I’m desperate for you! Please let me eat your pussy! I swear I’ll eat it sooooooooo good.”

“What, this pussy?” Selena teased, sitting down in front of Demi making sure she was just out of range and then began rubbing her twat, “Mmmmmm, is this the pussy you want over just about anything else?”

“Yessssssss.” Demi moaned, “Please, please, please, please, pleasssssseeeeeee, just give it to me! I’ll do anything!”

There was a long pause and then Selena scooted forward and said dismissively, “Fine, but only because you’ve been good. You may not get this privilege again if you’re naughty. In fact, I might oooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssss, lick me Demi, lick me!”

It gave Selena such a rush to play the role of dominant top, especially after being the super submissive bottom for years. She tried to keep it up for this, like Beyonce and her friends did, but Selena immediately showed her inexperience when Demi’s tongue touched her twat. Immediately she forgot about being a top and became lost in the sensation, even closing her eyes so she could concentrate on the feeling of the first long lick from her childhood friend. She kept them closed for the next half a dozen licks, Demi quickly proving all the stories about her skills as a rug muncher were anything but exaggerated. In fact Demi might just be the best pussy licker Selena had ever met, her fellow former Barney the Dinosaur star giving her the exact amount of tongue she wanted, when she wanted it and where she wanted it.

While in the beginning Selena kept her eyes closed to concentrate on what Demi was doing in the long run she kept them closed so she didn’t have to see Taylor fucking Demi’s fat ass. Hearing it was bad enough, the constant reminder raising her towards orgasm much sooner than she would have liked. Especially as Demi was constantly whimpering, moaning and gasping into her pussy. Ultimately though she couldn’t resist opening her eyes again feasting and upon the sight of Taylor thrusting into Demi’s big bottom as Demi’s pretty little face was buried in her cunt, that sight combining with the feeling of the other brunette suddenly deciding to concentrate on her clit almost making Selena cum on the spot.

She was very tempted just to go with it, but instead Selena suddenly pulled away, prompting Demi to whine, “Selena!”

“You wanna make me cum?” Selena asked.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh pleassssssssseeeeeeee, please Selena, let me make you cum!” Demi proceeded desperately.

“Is that the best you can do?” Selena teased, trying to sound playful although she wasn’t sure she quite managed it, and she was at least partly angry as she continued, “Because apparently everybody knew you were desperate for my cunt, and just assumed I knew. That it was obvious you were desperate to fuck me. That I’m the girl your lezzie heart, and tongue, obviously wants over anything else. So go on then. Really convince me you want my cum.”

There was a brief pause as Demi thought about it, “I’d, I’d give up anal sex for you.”

“Wow.”Selena smiled, “Considering how much I know first hand how hard that makes you cum, I know that’s a really big deal for you. But our Black Mistress would never allow it, and even if she would, I just couldn’t resist pounding your big fat ass myself. But just suggesting it is good enough for me, so go ahead Demi, do what you’ve always wanted to do and make me cum in your hot little mouth and all over your pretty little face. Yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, ooooooooooooh fuck, lick me, lick me just like that, now AH FUCK! OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSS!”

Again Selena found it impossible to keep talking once Demi’s tongue went to work on her cunt. Especially when, this time, Demi pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into Selena’s pussy and started fucking her with it, pretty much making Selena cum instantly. To be fair her eyes were wide open now and she was experiencing sensory overload from having America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift anally slamming Selena’s fellow former Disney girl while that same girl frantically tongue fucked Selena. Plus she had been thinking about this all day, or more accurately ever since she had last seen Demi, and everything just caught up with her and she experienced a truly mind blowing climax which left Selena completely incoherent.

Demi wasn’t cumming, but she found it impossible to believe Selena was actually enjoying herself more than she was at that moment. Even as the girl cum pour down her throat and all over her face Demi thought she had the better deal, because above anything else this was her biggest fantasy come true. Perhaps second only to Selena wrecking her ass, and even then it would have had to be a seriously hard and deep anal ramming to even come close. And to get ass fucked while Selena was cumming in her mouth and all over her face was a heaven Demi had never dared to even dream, so yeah, Demi was actually surprised she wasn’t cumming considering how good she felt.

The only thing which could have made this better was if Taylor was fucking her ass just a little bit harder, which surely would have made Demi cum for sure, but that wasn’t really a thought that Demi could really concentrate on. Not when she was receiving her biggest, and certainly oldest, fantasy, Demi desperately concentrating on making Selena cum as hard as possible and swallow as much of her childhood friend’s girl cum as possible. She also desperately tried to hold Selena in place so she would be able to get to tongue fuck her to more than one orgasm, and thankfully she was allowed to do that. Sadly though Selena didn’t let her fuck her into unconsciousness, instead choosing to crawl out of her grasp after a couple of climaxes and then rest a while as she watched Taylor continue to sodomise Demi.

Then after a few minutes Selena asked, “Hey Tay, I know I said tonight was supposed to be your turn, but do you mind if I get a piece of Demi’s ass?”

“Of course not.” Taylor smiled, “She is supposed to be OUR slut, and I love watching you fuck her. Go get your strap-on and you can have her.”

Not needing to be told twice Selena quickly retrieved her strap-on, or as quickly as she could after orgasms like that, and then returned to the other two girls, at which point Taylor immediately pulled out of Demi’s butt, causing Selena to regretfully tell her, “Oh no, I meant after you were done with her.”

“It’s fine, this way we can spit roast her.” Taylor smiled, and then when Demi’s eyes lit up she grinned, “Oh, you like that idea, do you Demi? Huh? Wanna taste your own ass on my dick?”

“Oh yes, please let me clean my own ass juice off your cock!” Demi pleaded, “I’m a total ATM slut.”

“I remember.” Taylor grinned, before turning to Selena , “So how about it Sel? Are you up for it?”

“Well, if you insist.” Selena grinned before slamming her strap-on into Demi’s gaping butt hole.

Thanks to Taylor’s slow and steady ass pumping Selena was able to slam the entire length of her strap-on inside Demi’s whore butt in one thrust, the other former Disney girl even crying out in pleasure at the rough anal penetration. Demi then continued to moan as Selena started fucking her ass much harder than Taylor, although not hard enough to make her cum. Taking full advantage of her open mouth Taylor pushed her ass cream coated cock in between Demi’s parted lips, Demi moaning even louder as she tasted the deepest part of her butt on Taylor’s dick. She then wrapped her mouth tightly around the head of that dildo and eagerly sucked it clean before getting straight to work on the rest of the strap-on as Selena pounded her butt hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle.

Normally Demi would savour that flavour of her ass, but she was hoping that they would swap again once she was done cleaning Taylor’s cock and thus get even more of the anal cream that she craved above just about anything else. Sure enough Selena and Taylor took a page out of their Black Mistress’s book and started swapping back and forth between her mouth and ass hole, constantly making sure Demi was tasting her own butt while getting anally taken. Which was yet another heaven she’d experienced before, but it was so much better with Selena involved, especially when Selena was the one fucking her ass, Demi starting to take her time when it came to sucking Taylor’s dick as it meant she got more time getting deep thrusts.

Selena was still blown away by how easy she found this whole topping thing. Having a super bottom like Demi helped, especially because she was so slutty, but she had definitely tapped into a part of herself she hadn’t been sure existed. However what she was currently doing wasn’t easy, and even though she thought that was understandable it was still a little frustrating. See, she was getting Demi ready for a particular party trick, and for that her slutty ass needed to be as loose and relaxed as possible, Selena fucking Demi’s ass hard to properly prepare her friend. But not too hard, because she didn’t want to make her cum just yet. Which in itself was hard, Demi enjoying her spit roasting so much Selena almost made her cum several times, and it was very tempting just to give in as Selena was loving the way Demi’s big butt jiggled with every thrust.

Somehow Selena was just about able to avoid temptation until she felt Demi was relaxed enough, at which point she pulled her dildo out of Demi’s ass and then, after Taylor followed suit, she casually mentioned, “You know Dem, a little birdie told me you love dick in your ass so much that you can take two of them at once. Is that true? Are you the type of anal whore that can get double ass fucked?”

“Oh God yes!” Demi exclaimed, “I LOVE getting my ass double stuffed! Please share my ass! Mmmmmm, I want both of your big cocks up my slutty fat ass!”

Actually surprised by just how enthusiastic Demi had responded Selena could only blink for a couple seconds, before growling, “Taylor, lay down on your back. Demi, get on top of her so we can share your whore ass.”

There was a long silence, the first few seconds of which continued to stare in amazement at Demi, and lustfully at her old friend’s already gaping butt hole. When she was finally able to tear her eyes away from Demi and look up at her girlfriend Selena was disappointed to see her reluctant and nervous Taylor looked. Which she should have anticipated. She and Taylor had only ever been DP’d, and made air tight a couple of times, and had only ever seen one other girl get double butt fucked before and it seemed like a struggle for her. So it was understandable that Taylor was apprehensive about forcing that upon another girl, and although she had reluctantly agreed to do it Selena had originally said they would only do it when Demi had been their bitch for a while and they had personally made sure she got several hard ass fuckings first.

To Selena’s relief Taylor ultimately decided to go with it, laying down on her back and allowing Demi to get on top of her. Unsurprisingly Demi was quick to do so, lining her stretched open back hole up with the head of Taylor’s cock and then dropping herself down on it, that greedy ass hole swallowing that big strap-on with these, which was definitely encouraging. Just in case Selena let Demi anally ride Taylor for a few minutes, although that was partly because it amused her that the obviously eager to cum Demi didn’t trigger her own orgasm when she had the chance as she knew it wasn’t what the more dominant women wanted. Fuck, that level of submission was intoxicating, and meant that Selena could only wait so long before getting into position behind Demi.

As soon as she did Demi stopped in her tracks, causing Selena to grin and ask, “You really want this, huh?”

“Oh God yes.” Demi whimpered.

“Tell me!” Selena demanded, “Tell me how badly you want this second cock up your ass!”

“I want it, I want it so bad. Please Selena, give it to me.” Demi pleaded desperately, “Fuck my ass! Please fuck my ass! Fuck my big fat ass! Give me that second dick! I want that second dick up my ass! I want that second dick up my ass soooooooo bad! Oooooooooh, please Selena, shove your cock up my slutty ass at the same time as Taylor’s. Mmmmmmm, I want two girl cocks up my dyke ass. Please? Oh fuck, I wanna get double stuffed. I want you and Taylor to double stuff my whore butt! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooddddddddddd, please, share my ass. Double fuck it. Wreck it! Oh God! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Selena yes, please double fuck me. Double fuck my slutty gay butt!”

Even as Selena pressed her dildo firmly against Demi’s already dildo stretched butt hole Demi continued talking, which was impressive. Especially as her ass hole started stretching wider than Selena had ever seen one stretch before, at least up close. It was so obscene, and yet Selena loved it, especially when Demi’s anal ring stretched wide enough for the head of her cock to slide through it and into the rectum Taylor’s cock was already occupying. Demi even cried out in mostly pleasure, and even though she could say nothing else pass that no one held it against her, all three girls stunned into silence as the engaged in the most wonderfully perverted act of their lives.

Demi loved getting double ass fucked. It proved to herself, and anyone around her, that she was one of, if not the, biggest anal whore on the planet, something she was bizarrely proud of. At least behind closed doors. She enjoyed the extremely uncomfortable stretching of her back passage as it strained to accommodate a second cock, each time making her feel like she was losing her anal virginity all over again. Which Demi loved more than ever before, because one of her biggest regrets in life would always be that Selena hadn’t been the one to take her anal cherry. Or her double anal cherry, or her pussy licking cherry, or her real cherry, etc.

Having Selena stuffing her ass with a second strap-on now almost made up for it, and having her involved made yet so much more wonderful for her, but she couldn’t help dwelling on regret for a least majority of the penetration. Although she was also very aware that Selena was being more slow and gentle with her ass than any top doing this before her, which made Demi’s lovesick heart flutter. Maybe this was a sign there was hope for them after all, which was fuel to the fire of Demi’s hope that one day she’d be seen as an equal and not as a fuck toy, or even that Selena would leave Taylor for her. Then Selena completed the penetration and Demi couldn’t help but whimper and then moan with joy.

“Wow, it slid in like a knife through butter.” Selena gasped in amazement when her thighs came to rest against Demi’s butt cheeks, meaning both those two dildos were now buried in her childhood friend’s back passage. Then to her amazement Demi moaned, prompting Selena to grab a handful of dark hair, pull back on it and growl, “Oh my God, did you just moan? You did, didn’t you? You just moaned from having a second cock shoved up your ass! A second cock slid into your slutty little ass hole alongside the first like a hot knife through fucking butter! Fuck Dems, you’re like the biggest anal whore ever! Mmmmmm, I don’t know whether to be disgusted, or proud. Either way, let’s see just how much of an anal whore you really are.”

With that Selena let go of Demi’s hair, firmly gripped her waist and began pumping her hips back and forth. She’d had ‘worse’, but it definitely could be considered hard for the beginning of a ass fucking, Selena did make her cry out in pain. But she also cried out in pleasure, Demi adoring the way that Selena was even making her incredibly slutty ass hurt from this obscene act. However thanks to years of getting her ass fucked by dominant women, and her naturally slutty ass which was made for fucking, it was not long before all the pain and discomfort faded away and not only was Demi moaning with pure pleasure, but she was shamelessly begging for more.


Despite her best efforts Demi couldn’t help but become incoherent after Selena began increasing the already pretty hard pace, especially as just that slight increased triggered a powerful climax which was quickly followed by another and another and another. Very quickly her mind melted and her whole world became those two massive dildos pumping in and out of her ass hole, each of Selena’s hard thrusts making sure that Taylor’s cock slid in and out with hers, making sure Demi’s rectum was getting absolutely pummelled, and that the shameless anal whore was cumming as hard and as frequently as possible. Which just made Demi fall more deeply in love with Selena.

Taylor on the other hand was finding that for the first time in her life she was actually scared of Selena. Ever since she had met her girlfriend she had been so sweet and submissive, but getting to dominate Demi had brought out a whole other side of her, seemingly Selena literally trying to destroy Demi’s big booty. She was slamming it so hard with a wild and crazy look in her eyes, like she was literally trying to send Demi to the doctors with a ruined rectum. And the most horrifying thing about it was that Taylor not only found it hot, but it helped make her cum. Oh yes, she could tell she and Selena were cumming hard partly from the stimulators on their clits, but mostly from abusing Demi’s fat ass in a way no one should have been able to take, let alone cum from it.

Yet Demi was. This girl was actually cumming from getting brutally double ass fucked. And not just cumming, but squirting her cum all over Taylor’s stomach as Selena pounded into her big bottom so hard even Taylor could feel how violently her meaty cheeks were jiggling and the sound of flesh smacking off flesh was almost as deafening as the screams constantly flowing out of Demi’s mouth. Of course as much as this new arrangement with Demi had changed Selena she didn’t yet have the stamina of the butt busting tops that regularly used Selena’s and Taylor’s butt holes as the fuck holes they were, and ultimately she collapsed in exhaustion, first onto Demi’s back which squashed Taylor under a pile of girl meat, then she rolled off of Demi and fell onto her back, pulling her own and Taylor’s dildos out of Demi’s butt hole with an obscene sound.

The three girls then lay there for a couple of long minutes, panting for breath and fighting from slipping into unconsciousness. Then Demi crawled off Taylor, but instead of collapsed in exhaustion next to her or trying to snuggle with Selena she crawled down Taylor’s body and then took Selena’s strap-on into her mouth. Which wasn’t that surprising given how Taylor had seen other girls make a quick recovery from anal sex, but she would have thought it would have been different for a double ass fucking. Apparently not. At least not for Demi. Then again the girl was obviously motivated by getting to taste her own ass, which was definitely something Taylor could relate too.

She could also relate to taking a particular sadistic pleasure out of tasting the deepest part of her own butt, the sight of Demi lingering on the head of Selena’s cock easily enough to reinvigorate Taylor, or at least fill her with enough adrenaline that she once again became fully awake. The fact that Demi gave Selena a very thorough blow job helped, Taylor feeling very jealous as Demi bobbed her head up and down that dildo and greedily sucked up all that yummy ass cream. The thing was, Taylor wasn’t just jealous of Demi, she was jealous of Selena. She actually wanted to be the one getting her dick sucked for a change, and while she didn’t have the guts to acknowledge it her wonderful girlfriend seemed to read her mind.

“Don’t forget about Tay-Tay, slut.” Selena grinned, “Mmmmmm yeah Demi, you’re such a good submissive whore for cleaning my dick, but Taylor’s dick has also pounded the deepest part of your fat butt, so I expect you to give her the same treatment. Ooooooooh yeah, that’s it, suck Taylor’s dick! Mmmmmmm, good girl. Suck that dick, you fucking cock sucker.”

Selena was certain she said more, but she wasn’t really concentrating on the words coming out of her mouth. How could she? Demi was switching dildos and lingering on the head of Taylor’s dick, and thus savouring the deepest part of her own butt. It was a perverted and wonderfully submissive experience that Selena had done many times before, and watching Demi go ass to mouth definitely brought up submissive memories/thoughts, especially when Demi was sucking a cock which wasn’t strapped around her waist. But mostly she felt dominant as her new bitch thoroughly cleaned her girlfriend’s strap-on and then went back and forth between them. They even sort of helped by grabbing a firm hold of Demi’s hair and yanking her over to their dildo as they laughed wickedly.

It was such a power trip to have another girl, and her childhood friend at that, act so submissive for her, and her girlfriend. This whole night had been a power trip, and while this couldn’t quite compare to butt fucking her best friend turned lesbian bitch, and certainly not when she had double butt fucked her, it was still amazing. Especially when Demi deep throated the dildos, stuffing each one in turn completely into her mouth and down her throat more easily than anyone Selena had ever seen before, and she had seen some sluts in her time. Hell, she considered herself to be one, but again Demi was in a league of her own. And now she was hers. Demi was her bitch, and Selena wanted to further solidify that with something even more degrading than ass to mouth.

“Demi, come here.” Selena ordered a few long minutes after she was sure that Demi had got every drop of her ass cream, gently grabbing Demi when she was halfway up and then pulling her the rest of the way and momentarily acting like she was going to kiss the other girl. Instead she shoved the poor girl face down into the bed sheets, in the middle of herself and Taylor, and then murmured, “Wow…”

Even just sitting up with Demi lying flat Selena could get a good look at her handiwork, although that didn’t stop herself and Taylor from shuffling slightly so they could get the best possible look at what was easily the widest gape they’d ever seen. Demi’s fat ass cheeks hiding that gaping crater a little bit, but not much, which only added to Selena’s enjoyment, first seeing how discoloured the meaty cheeks were from having her thighs, and Taylor’s, relentlessly crashing into them, and then Demi submissively reached back and spread her cheeks, emphasising the gape and allowing Selena to see deeper than ever before into another girl’s guts. It was so nasty. And hot.

“So what do you think Tay?” Selena grinned, looking at her girlfriend, “Can I keep her?”

Taylor smiled back, “Only if we can share her like that again.”

“Oh trust me, we will.” Selena grinned wickedly.

With that Selena leaned forward and kissed Taylor softly and sweetly in stark contrast to the rough double anal sex they’d just had. The rough double anal sex that they had both given Demi, officially breaking her in as their sex slave. Oh yes, Demi Lovato was now their bitch, and Selena couldn’t wait to abuse her again. But she also very much wanted to reward Taylor for being so understanding. Maybe by fucking her girlfriend up her slutty little ass? Or let Taylor fuck her slut butt? Maybe both. Whatever the case they’d definitely have to do it in front of their new bitch, with Demi assisting the top in whichever way she wanted.

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