Desperate Demi Part 3

Title: Desperate Demi Part 3

Author: MTL (

Celebs: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift

Codes: anal, FFF, oral, rim, toys

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, or any celebrity for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

“Harder! Come on Dems, wreck that big fat ass of yours!”

Taylor was very used to walking in on her girlfriend Selena getting ass fucked, but she didn’t think she’d ever get used to walking in on her fucking another girl up the butt, even if it was that total anal whore Demi Lovato. Although she might in the near future, as every single time they arranged a rendezvous Taylor found Selena pounding Demi’s big booty, the only difference being this time Demi was frantically bouncing up and down Selena’s strap-on in the reverse cowgirl position. Also after she locked the door to the hotel suite behind her and went in for a closer look Taylor was almost hit in the face with Demi’s cum as it violently shot out of her cunt.


“Yeah, that’s it Demi. Mmmmmm, good girl, destroy that slutty little butt hole!” Selena growled lustfully, before spoting her girlfriend, “Oh, hey Taylor.”

“Hey.” Taylor murmured.

Before Taylor could say anything else Selena yelled, “DEMI! Taylor’s here, and you know what that means, right?”

Stopping her bouncing immediately Demi whimpered, “Yes Mistress.”

With obvious reluctance Demi then rolled off of Selena. The way she rolled immediately gave Taylor a great look at her gaping ass hole, and it wasn’t long before Demi had scrambled off the bed, bent over directly in front of her and spread her cheeks as wide as she possibly could to emphasise her gape. It was something that Taylor had found oddly fascinating ever since her Black Mistress took her anal cherry, but whenever she saw Demi’s brutalised back hole after Selena had destroyed it, and during the butt sex itself, Taylor’s own ass hole couldn’t help but quiver with anticipation of what Selena had promised to do to her, especially now as Selena had promised in her latest text to do it today.

“What do you think?” Selena asked with a wicked grin.

“I think… that’s one thoroughly wrecked bitch hole.” Taylor complemented, finally turning away from Demi’s gaping butt hole to see Selena was grinning even wider from her words. But she could make her grin wider, “But what I really want to know is who gets the honour of cleaning your cock?”

“Oh it’s all yours baby.” Selena grinned.

“Yay.” Taylor grinned back, slowly crawling onto the bed and taking that ass flavoured dick into her mouth.

She then moaned shamelessly and took a moment to savour the taste of Demi’s ass. Which was another thing she had always enjoyed ever since she’d been broken in by her Black Mistress. True, she preferred it when it was her own ass she was tasting, especially after a nice hard anal pounding, but sucking other girls’ asses off of dildos was a very close second. Especially when, like right now, she was getting to taste the deepest part of another girl’s bowels, Taylor having just seen with her own eyes that the head of this strap-on went as deep as it could go into Demi’s big butt. Demi had made sure of that. Of course it wasn’t too long before she started to really start sucking away at that butt flavoured strap-on, and when she did Taylor cleaned the head in what felt like seconds before starting to bob her head up and down Selena’s cock.

Which naturally led to Selena reaching down, stroking the back of her head and encouraging her, “Mmmmm, that’s it Tay, suck my cock. Suck Demi’s nasty little ass off of my big cock you little ATM slut! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, that’s so hot. You look pretty with a cock in your mouth. I’ve always thought that, especially now it’s my cock you’re sucking. Yeahhhhhhh, Taylor Swift looks so good sucking Demi Lovato’s cheap whore ass off of my big strap-on cock! Ooooooh yeah Tay, get every drop! Deep throat that cock so you can get every single drop of Demi’s yummy butt juices. Mmmmm, and you know what happens then, don’t you Taylor? Yeahhhhh, then it goes up your ass! Yes, get my dick nice and clean so it doesn’t have any whore juices left on it when I shove it in your tight little ass and make it mine!”

That little reminder had Taylor grinning with delight around the dildo and quickly shoving the last few inches down her throat so she could give it a thorough cleaning. Normally she did more time sucking a cock, especially when it was flavoured with ass cream, but she was eager to get her own ass fucked. Not that she had gone without over the last 6 months, as there were loads of tops who loved her ass, and she hadn’t gone to a celebrity event without leaving with a gaping ass hole in years, but tonight it would be special because it would be Selena who would do it. She had been totally in favour of spending at least a few months totally dominating Demi before switching it up around her, but Selena was being overly cautious. She hadn’t even let her taste Demi’s ass on her dick until a few days ago, which was another reason Taylor should be savouring the moment, but she was just so horny to get her own butt fucked.

Selena would have known that was the case just from the way Taylor sucked her cock clean so quickly, but Taylor had made it very clear beforehand she wanted to be the first to bend over for the other, something Selena had no problems with. Of course she was almost just as eager to try it the other way around, and she wasn’t ass fucked nearly as frequently by the celebrity female friends as Taylor was, but Selena wasn’t ready to come down from her dominant high of making her childhood friend Demi Lovato her bitch so she preferred it this way round for now. However, Taylor would have to wait just a little longer for her ass fucking, something which Selena revealed after pulling her girlfriend into a brief but very passionate kiss, Selena grinning into it as she tasted Demi’s ass on Taylor’s lips and tongue.

She broke the kiss and broke the news, “Eat my pussy baby. Mmmmm, really put me in the mood to fuck your ass.”

Which of course made Taylor pout, “But Selena-”

“No buts!” Selena interrupted firmly, “I’m the top here Taylor, remember? That’s what you wanted, so I expect you to show me the proper respect and do whatever I say. I mean, would you hesitate doing anything our Black Mistress said?”

“No, but she’s the one who broke us in.” Taylor pointed out.

“So you act like a little brat for everyone else?” Selena questioned, and then smiled softly, “Awww Taylor, don’t pout. I love anal as much as you do, but just because we got a little carried away treating that fucking anal whore over their like the walking fuck hole she is doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun without toys. At least we should insist on our pussies getting licked. After all, we do at least have some dignity and self-respect, unlike our anal addicted fuck pet Demi Lovato.”

Taylor felt a little sorry for Demi whenever Selena was that mean to her, but just a little because it obviously turned the slut on. Not sparing her a second thought Taylor then apologised, “I’m sorry Sel, you’re right, I’m being greedy. Of course I’ll eat your yummy little pussy. Mmmmm, especially as I’m sure it’s filled with cum from me treating Demi like the ass whore she is.”

“Well, I tried to wait for you, but I got impatient.” Selena blushed, “And I didn’t actually use any energy, I just let her ride me. Besides, she begged me to do it.”

“Looks like I’m not the only one who needs to learn a lesson in self restraint.” Taylor teased.

“It’s Demi’s fault! That shameless butt slut is a bad influence on us.” Selena pouted.

“Right, because we’re so sweet and innocent, right?” Taylor further teased, leaning in slightly.

“Well, we used to be.” Selena grinned wickedly, briefly kissing Taylor before pushing, “Now, about that pussy licking?”

“Anything for you babe.” Taylor said.

She quickly followed that up by crawling back down Selena’s body and pulling off the harness, further proving that Taylor needed to relearn patients. Then again Selena was the exact same way, and after letting Demi brutalise her own butt hole for about an hour her cunt was more than ready for some attention. Which couldn’t be more clear when, after licking the inside of the harness clean while staring Selena in the eye, Taylor crawled between Selena’s legs and gave her pussy one long slow lick. Mid-lick Taylor whimpered with delight, although Selena barely noticed because she was too busy crying out in pleasure.

That was nothing compared to the cries that she let out when Taylor wrapped her mouth around her entrance and started greedily sucking the cum out of her. To Taylor’s credit she managed to give Selena’s pussy a few more gentle licks, and a few more around her girlfriend’s pussy to retrieve some escaped girl cum, before giving into her desires. Selena didn’t think she’d manage even that, mostly because she didn’t think she could do the same if the roles were reversed. Of course while this would have been too much too soon normally Selena had already been having really kinky sex for about an hour, and her interaction with Taylor had done nothing to dampen her horniness.

All she could really do was stop herself from cumming too quickly, and even that was difficult as closing her eyes just made the wonderful things Taylor was doing with her mouth that much more intense. So she kept her eyes open and stared at the ceiling for about a minute, but she just couldn’t resist looking down between her legs to see that pretty blonde head munching away at her muffin. Selena also couldn’t resist looking over at Demi, and for a moment she felt guilty about the way she was treating her friend. She knew perfectly well Demi was in love with her, and her childhood friend looked so sad and jealous watching Taylor go to town on Selena’s pussy. Given the previous 6 months the moment more or less passed, although an idea popped into Selena’s head which would be equal parts a mercy and a humiliation.

Demi was still bent over and spreading her ass cheeks even though there was no longer something there to see. In fact as awkward and achy as it was for her to keep her body in this position Demi hadn’t moved a muscle because she didn’t have permission from one of her owners. Well, she did turn her head so she could get a good long look at first Taylor cleaning Selena’s cock before moving on to worship her pussy, but other than that she acted like the completely broken bitch she was, the entire time hoping that Selena would show her a little mercy and let her move. Eventually she did, but it wasn’t much of a mercy.

“Ohhhhhh, that’s it baby, eat my pussy, mmmmmm fuck!” Selena moaned, lovingly stroking Taylor’s hair as she ate her pussy, “Eat my little dyke pussy just like that! Mmmmmm, worship it with your lezzie tongue. Oh fuck! You eat pussy soooooo goooodddd, mmmmmm God! Fuck me Taylor! Fuck me just like that, ooooooh shit! Love you Tay. And Demi, turn around so I can see what I did to your whore ass.”

Watching someone else eat the pussy of the woman she loved was bad enough, but Demi quickly found out not being able to watch it was worse. Okay, at first it was good because she could close her eyes and imagine it was her eating Selena out, but imagining it just wasn’t as good as the real thing, even though it was now a memory rather than fantasy. That’s why Demi increasingly hated the very frequent time they had to spend apart, because nothing really compared to sex with Selena. Watching it was a distant second best, and being forced to listen to it while not getting a good view, no matter how hard she tried to turn her head, was torture.

Of course because she was still bent over and holding her cheeks apart for someone’s benefit, and forced not to move, a very twisted part of Demi loved it for the submission and humiliation she felt from it, but it was a poor substitute from what she was used too. Then again she had been spoilt lately as Selena had been all over her every time they hooked up for the past six months. It still wasn’t frequent enough for Demi, but it was so wonderful because Selena had become obsessed with fucking her fat ass, which was by far her favourite act, and even though her own slutty butt hole was still gaping open from her latest round of anal sex with the woman she loved greedy little Demi couldn’t help wish it was her that Selena was going to butt fuck straight after her next orgasm instead of Taylor.

Especially as from the sounds of it Selena was so very close to climax, so much so that Demi could practically taste it, and she wasn’t even the lucky bitch her face buried in between Selena’s legs right now. And if it wasn’t obvious enough from Selena’s cries of pleasure her words silently made it clear, and each one of them made Demi more jealous. Also as always some of the sweet words Selena said to Taylor were like a knife to her heart, but of course no matter how much her heart ached from feeling like it was being repeatedly stabbed it was humiliating, so it made her wet. Which was humiliating, creating a vicious cycle, Demi greedily aching for an orgasm of her own despite how many she’d had over the last hour.

Taylor meanwhile felt like she hadn’t tasted Selena’s cum in months, or even years. In reality it was weeks, but that was still unacceptable. She really would have too do better making their schedules more compatible. Not that she was concentrating on that at any time during the pussy eating, but especially at the beginning when she had been sucking the leftover girl cum from the orgasms Selena had while sodomising Demi and at the end when she made Selena cum in her mouth. For that matter Taylor didn’t think about much except Selena as she slowly pushed her tongue into her cunt and then began to fuck her with it, gradually increasing the pace until she had Selena in her current state.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yesssssssss, make me cum, oooooooh, fuck me! Fuck me Tay, fuck me with your tongue, ohhhhhhh, fuck me and make me cum!” Selena cried out, finally taking her eyes away from Demi’s battered butt and only concentrating on the blonde head between her legs, “Harder! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh FUCK! Fuck me harder! HARDER, HARDER, HARDER! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd, FUCK ME! FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE TAY! DYKE FUCK ME! OHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH, DYKE FUCK MY FUCKING DYKE CUNT WITH YOUR FUCKING DYKE TONGUE! OH FUCK, FUCK ME TAYLOR, OOOOOOOOH TAYLOR, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK! AAAAAAAHHHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

After that little outburst Selena’s cum hit Taylor’s tongue and she immediately removed it so she could concentrate on sucking the cum out of her girlfriend again. Or in this case just keep her mouth firmly sealed over Selena’s cunt and let the heavenly liquid squirt into her mouth, down her throat and into her belly were it belonged. Luckily for her Selena generously helped her out by taking a firm hold of the back of her head and shoving her face as deep as it would go into her pussy. Taylor was very grateful for this as it meant that she pretty much didn’t miss a drop of that precious cream that she adored over everything else, even Selena’s regular pussy juices and the taste of girl ass.

The whole time Selena was cumming in her mouth Taylor’s eyelids were fluttering with delight. That continued to be the case even as Selena’s orgasm died down because Taylor was allowed the privilege of sucking and then licking the last few drops of the other girl’s cum out of her fuck hole, Taylor really getting a chance to savour it in the process. Then she shoved her tongue back inside Selena and started fucking her with it. Since the floodgates had been opened it was very easy for Taylor to make Selena cum again, and throughout those first couple of wonderful orgasms Taylor continued swallowing every precious drop like the incredibly experienced rug muncher she was.

Unfortunately Selena then started grinding her cunt against Taylor’s face, first covering it in her pussy juices and eventually her girl cum. Which Taylor still very much enjoyed, especially as Selena was about to ass fuck her and the only way to make a butt pounding better was to have her face covered in girl cum during the sodomy. But her greedy belly couldn’t help but ache at all that cum it was missing out on, even if it was likely that it would at least get some later just through Taylor licking her lips, and hopefully other ways. Taylor got one of those ways sooner than she would have liked as after only a few orgasms Selena pulled her up into a passionate kiss, licked her cum coated face and then kissed her again so Taylor could taste it on Selena’s lips.

“That was great babe.” Selena gasped after the second time she broke the lip lock, “Mmmmm, so great. God I love you. And now I’m going to reward you with a nice, hard, deep, ass fucking and leave you gaping open like our personal anal whore! You want that Tay? Mmmmmm, do you want to get butt fucked like a total whore?”

“God yes!” Taylor grinned, “Fuck me Sel. Fuck my butt! Fuck it as hard and as brutally as you fuck Demi’s butt. Treat it like the fuck hole it is.”

“Like Demi baby, are you sure?” Selena grinned.

“Oh yeah, fuck me like our personal anal whore.” Taylor eagerly confirmed.

“Then bend over baby and give me that sweet ass!” Selena ordered, moving away from Taylor so she could flip over onto all fours. Then after maybe a full minute of staring at her girlfriend’s ass Selena ordered Demi without looking away from Taylor’s butt, “Dem, get your dyke ass on the bed and get my girlfriend’s ass hole nice and ready for my big dick.”

Demi quickly did as she was told, not even pausing to stop and spread Taylor’s cheeks but just burying her face between them and beginning to lick. Taylor’s butt was tiny compared to her own, and it was also true for Selena’s, but if one of her owners, most likely Selena, pushed her face deep into an ass Demi could still receive the thrill of being smothered in another woman’s bottom. For the first few seconds of this latest rim job Demi forced that humiliation upon herself, meaning her body was grateful when she pulled back slightly and took a deep breath of air, and of course the scent of sexy girl ass, which just made Demi more eager to lick.

Wanting to do a thorough job Demi did eventually spread Taylor’s cheeks so she could have plenty of access to that puckered rosebud, lathering it with her tongue and making Taylor moan happily in the process. Which of course reignited the jealousy Demi had been feeling while being forced onto the sidelines, especially as she was dully aware of Selena getting off the bed, no doubt to retrieve a nice big strap-on dildo to fuck Taylor’s ass with. The reminder of the treat Taylor was about to received inflamed her jealousy even more, but Demi prided herself on being a good submissive bitch who would obey her owners no matter what.

She also prided herself on being good at every aspect of lesbian sex, rim jobs very much included, and while there was a limit to what Demi could do with a top like her Black Mistress the asses of Selena and Taylor had always been more accommodating and with a bit of work she could always push her tongue up their butt holes. This time was relatively easy, almost certainly proving that Taylor had recently been butt fucked by a dominant woman. At the very least Taylor must have dildoed her own slutty back hole, something Demi had plenty of experience with. Despite this revelation Demi proceeded with giving Taylor’s ass a thorough tongue fucking, determined to properly prepare one owner for the other owner to butt fuck.

“Are you ready baby?” Selena asked.

“Hell yeah.” Taylor moaned softly, “I’m totally ready for something bigger in my butt.”

“Mmmmm, don’t worry babe, you’re about to get it.” Selena told her girlfriend, before obviously switching her attention as she roughly smacked Demi’s still really sore ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle and ordered, “Hey slut, get your filthy little dyke tongue out of my girlfriend’s pretty little ass so I can replace it with something bigger. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, I’m about to wreck her ass the same way I wrecked yours! Assuming that’s still what you want Taylor? Huh? Still want me to treat you like Demi? Are you really feeling like that much of a shameless ass whore?”

“Oh God yes, treat me like a shameless ass whore.” Taylor whimpered, “Mmmmmmm, wreck my ass Sel! Wreck it like a cheap anal whore like our bitch. Fuck me hard and deep and make me cum like a little bitch.”

“Fine, then I’m not using lube.” Selena taunted as she tossed the bottle she brought with her aside, “I’m just gonna use spit like the really nasty anal whores do. Because we all know you need to be a real nasty anal ho, like Demi Lovato, to not need any lube when another girl shoves a massive dildo up your butt.”

“Oh God, please do.” Taylor pleaded, “Don’t use lube on my slutty little ass Selena. I’m a nasty little anal whore like Demi who doesn’t need it.”

“Good girl.” Selena grinned wickedly, and then turned her attention to her childhood friend, “Demi, spread Taylor’s ass so I can spit on it. And keep those cheeks spread! Mmmmmm, I want a good view of my big cock sliding into Taylor Swift’s sexy little ass hole! Yes, that’s it bitch, help me butt fuck my girlfriend while you watch, wishing it was you.”

Oh did Demi wish it was her being butt fucked, or better yet she wished she was Selena’s girlfriend. And of course the two together would be ideal, but she couldn’t concentrate on her jealousy when shortly after she spread Taylor’s cheeks Selena leaned down and obviously inspected Demi’s work for a few long seconds, and then spat onto Taylor’s butt hole just to give it a little more preparation. She then spat onto her hand and thoroughly rubbed that saliva into her dildo, grinning wickedly at Demi the entire time. Then she pushed that strap-on in between Taylor’s cheeks and began sliding it up and down, Selena giving Taylor one last tease before giving her what she obviously wanted.

Which of course led Taylor to whimper, “Please Selena, please fuck my ass. Fuck me up my slutty little ass. Oh God Selena, just ass fuck me already! I am ready, I swear! Rip open my butt hole and claim it as yours! Because that’s what it is. Mmmmmm, no matter who fucks it, and who took my cherry, it’s yours. Yours to fuck. Oooooh shit, my little ass hole is the personal fuck hole of Selena Gomez, hers to use whenever she wants. So please Sel, use it.”

Considering who their true Mistress was these words were blasphemous, and even though it was pretty much a guarantee they wouldn’t be repeated to their Black Mistress Selena very much appreciated them, which was why she immediately rewarded Taylor, “Mmmmm, that’s right baby, this ass is all mine. And now, I’m gonna fuck it.”

“Yesssss, fuck it Sel!” Taylor moaned happily, a wide smile appearing on her face as she got what she wanted, “Oh God, my ass is yours.”

Selena grinned wickedly as she pressed the tip of her strap-on against Taylor’s ass hole and pushed forwards. She made sure to push as slowly as possible, not for Taylor’s benefit but her own. After all, this wasn’t Taylor’s first time taking it up the ass, not even close, and after the thorough rim job Demi had just given her Selena was pretty sure she could have just rammed the first few inches straight in without causing her girlfriend too much pain. In fact the last time they had been bending over at the same time right next to each other while a couple of tops anally penetrated them Taylor had even cried out in pleasure from being forcefully violated. And so had Selena.

Although now she thought about it they may have been a twinge of pain, whereas the slow anal penetration Selena now gave Taylor only resulted in a short initial gasp followed by cries and even moans of pure pleasure. Selena tried to listen intently to see if that changed, although she was slightly worried she may have missed it given how lost she was in the beautiful sight before her. The look on Demi’s face as she spread those cheeks had been intoxicating enough, but the moment Taylor’s anal ring stretched wide enough to allow the head of her cock to slip through it and into her girlfriend’s bowels made Selena feel like she could cum on the spot.

Of course she had spent weeks sodomising Demi, but that was different. Demi was the most depraved ass whore Selena had ever met, and so totally devoted to her that she would do anything for her, no matter how humiliating. For her girlfriend to give up her ass to her, another bottom, now that was special, and it was an honour Selena promised herself she would take full advantage of. While making sure Taylor enjoyed it of course. Which sounded like it would be easy, given the sounds of pleasure Taylor made throughout the anal penetration, and especially when the ass fucking officially got underway shortly after Selena’s thighs came to rest against her girlfriend’s butt cheeks, announcing every inch of her dick was buried within Taylor’s rectum.

After that Selena did briefly savour the moment, and give Taylor’s well used back passage a chance to adjust to fulfilling it’s true purpose as a cock depository. But it was not long before Selena began thrusting in and out, months of fucking Demi’s big booty allowing Selena to easily establish a slow but steady rhythm while her mind became overwhelmed by the fact that she was officially butt fucking her secret girlfriend Taylor Swift. For most of that her eyes locked onto were her cock was thrusting in and out of that obscenely stretched ass hole, but eventually her eyes wandered to the girl still spreading Taylor’s cheeks, and it made her grin wickedly. Selena knew exactly what Demi wanted, and she was very eager to give it to her.

Demi always loved watching other girls getting butt fucked. It always made her and her slutty butt hole jealous, and never more than now it was Selena who was ass fucking another girl, but it was still incredibly sexy to watch Taylor’s cute little back hole stretching around Selena’s big cock, slowly but surely taking every inch of it and then getting fucked like every girl’s ass hole should. It was especially hot because it made Demi’s memories of Selena taking her fat ass so vivid it was almost like she really was the one taking it up the ass. Also given her current position she hoped she would get to sample the yummy taste of girl ass. And not just any girl, but the ass of one of her owners Taylor Swift.

Sure enough after several minutes of gentle butt fucking Selena slowly pulled her strap-on all the way out of Taylor’s tight little butt, pressed it to Demi’s lips and ordered, “Suck it Dems! Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, that’s it, suck my cock fresh from my girlfriend’s ass hole you dirty little ATM slut! You like that, huh? You like the taste of Taylor’s ass? Huh? Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh, I know from experience that Taylor has got a yummy little ass, and the only thing better than rimming it is tasting it on a dominant woman’s strap-on cock. And now that’s me. Yeahhhhhhh, I’m a dominant little butt buster who owns both your fucking sexy asses, and is now making one of my anal sluts suck the other’s butt off my big dick! Oooooooh fuck!”

The second Selena had press that ass flavoured toy against her lips Demi had immediately parted them, opening up wide so Selena could push her cock inside her mouth. Taking full advantage of that the grinning Selena pushed forwards, making Demi feel even more submissive, which she loved. Demi then of course closed her mouth tightly around the head of the cock and moan shamelessly like the ass to mouth slut she was as she got a taste of the deepest part of Taylor’s butt. She also closed her eyes and at least for a little while blocked out Selena’s constant dirty talk so she could focus on tasting Taylor’s butt for the very first time.

Since becoming Selena’s bitch, and Taylor’s, Demi had the privilege of rimming both these beautiful women on a fairly regular basis, but she had never tasted Taylor’s ass on a strap-on before, and there was just something special about tasting the deepest part of another girl’s butt. Demi had always loved it and this was no exception, her jealousy briefly forgotten as the whole world disappeared except for Selena’s cock coated in Taylor’s butt cream, Demi greedily sucking the head clean once she had savoured that unique flavour and then began bobbing her head frantically up and down the dick, at first concentrating on the first few inches before starting to gradually take more into her mouth.

In what felt like no time at all Demi had that entire cock stuffed down her well-trained throat and she was cleaning the last few drops of anal cream from it. Sadly the second she was done Selena pulled it out of her mouth and shoved it back up Taylor’s ass. Demi’s sadness was short lived though, because after a few minutes of butt fucking her girlfriend Selena switched holes again, pulling her strap-on out of Taylor’s ass hole and directly into Demi’s eager mouth. This process was then repeated over and over again and for a while Demi was in ATM heaven. Of course it couldn’t last, because even the cruellest of tops wouldn’t, and couldn’t, deny Taylor a nice hard ass fucking, followed by amazing orgasms, forever. Which just made Demi savour every heavenly moment of this while she could.

Taylor meanwhile whimpered in frustration, partly out of the fact that Demi was getting all the ATM action, and also partly because she was getting the lion share of Selena’s attention. But most of all Taylor was frustrated because Selena was continuing to sodomise her as slowly and gently as possible. At first Taylor welcomed this because even the most submissive anal sluts needed to have their asses stretched out before a real fucking, but at this point her ass had been well loosened and she was more ready for a brutal butt fucking. As should be obvious to Selena, given the way that Taylor’s slutty little back door now remained open and begging for cock every time she pulled out.

However Selena persisted with a gentle sodomising in between shoving her ass flavoured cock into Demi’s mouth for a cleaning, which made Taylor ache for Selena to finally give her a hard, deep ass fucking. It wasn’t that long ago that Taylor hadn’t thought her girlfriend was capable of it, but ever since Demi Lovato had become their lesbian sex slave she had been seeing Selena in a new and very sexy light. Suddenly Selena’s confidence had increased tenfold, and Taylor had seen her pound Demi’s fat ass as hard as just about any ‘real’ top. Pretty much every since the first time with Demi she had been fantasising about what it would be like to have Selena fuck her ass that hard.

So while she gave Selena plenty of time to indulge in the ATM with her childhood friend it reached a point where Taylor just couldn’t wait any longer, and desperately begged, “Fuck me! Oh please fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck it Hard! Fucking wreck it! Wreck my butt! Destroy my slutty ass hole! Please? I need it! I need it in my butt. I need to be butt fucked. Butt fuck me hard Sel! Fuck me in the butt hard and deep so I can cum. Oh God, I need to cum. Please Selena, fuck me hard and make me cum! Make me cum, oh please make me cum. Make me cum like a dyke slut. Make me cum like Demi when you’re pounding her fat ass!”

“You want me to fuck this ass hard, huh?” Selena teased.

“Oooooooh yessssss, I want you to fuck it. I need you to fuck it.” Taylor moaned, “Fuck it like the fuck hole it is. Use me like I’m our anal whore Demi! Please? Mmmmm, come on Sel, fuck my ass!”

“And who owns this ass?” Selena asked.

There was a brief pause and then Taylor whimpered, “You.”

Pushing Demi’s hands away from Taylor’s butt cheeks and then smacking those cheeks hard Selena pushed, “Who?”

“You!” Taylor cried out, once again committing to the blasphemy, “My ass is yours! You own it! It’s your fucking fuck hole! Oh God, my ass hole is yours to fuck whenever you want. Please Selena, fuck it. Mmmmmm, fuck it hard. Selena Gomez owns my slutty little lesbo butt and I need her to pound it hard and deep for me so I can cum like the little anal loving bitch I am. Please Sel, fuck me like Demi, the other anal whore you own. Oooooooh, our asses are yours, all yours, and now I want you to prove it by ruining my fucking ass in front of YOUR little anal loving bitch. Oh please Selena, pound fuck your bitch’s bitch hole!”

“Fine, since you literally asked for it.” Selena grinned, “Here! Take it like Demi bitch! Take it like a total anal whore! Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, take this cock up your sexy little ass and cum like a slut!”

Without another word Selena shoved her strap-on back up Taylor’s ass and began to give it the hard and perhaps more importantly continuous fucking she had been craving, Taylor’s greedy little butt finally having her girlfriend’s cock all to herself, much to her clear delight. Okay, it wasn’t perfect, because after the first initially hard thrust which slammed the dildo through Taylor’s loosened rectum Selena insisted on slowly building up a rhythm, which led to Taylor trying to frantically keep begging for what she wanted. She wasn’t entirely sure how much of that was coherent, but it didn’t really matter because her encouragement seemed to work as it wasn’t that long before Selena’s thighs were smacking against Taylor’s ass cheeks, making them jiggle ever so slightly and the sound of flesh meeting flesh to echo throughout the room, along with screams of pleasure.

Almost immediately after the real butt pounding began Taylor received the kind of orgasm she’d had only ever received through anal sex. The type of mind melting climax which was better than any other, mostly because of how perverted, naughty and submissive it felt. And this time it was extra special because Selena was the one fucking her ass. Oh yes, the woman she loved was ass fucking her hard and deep, in that moment undisputedly making Taylor her bitch, and Taylor fell even more in love with her for it. Which was the last coherent thought to go through her head as she was bombarded by orgasm after orgasm, Selena seemingly intent on giving her the best butt fucking of her entire life, and while she was up against some pretty stiff competition Taylor was confident she would manage it.

Selena totally wanted to make this the best butt fucking of Taylor’s life, although it was only partly because she loved her girlfriend and wanted to make her feel good. The biggest reason was she wanted to prove a point. That Taylor Swift’s ass hole was hers now. It was her personal fuck hole, and she would use it whenever she wanted. Oh yes, Selena didn’t care who had claimed ownership over Taylor’s ass, or her own for that matter, as in this moment she felt like she could take down even Beyonce herself if it meant she could be the sole owner of Taylor Swift’s tight little butt hole. Whether she would feel the same when she came down from her high would be an interesting question, but right now as she brutally pounded her girlfriend’s butt with her personal lesbian sex slave watching them Selena felt unstoppable.

There was another big reason Selena wanted to give Taylor the best butt fucking of her life, and that was because she simply felt that she had been neglecting her girlfriend lately. Ever since Demi had become her bitch Selena had been obsessed with fucking her fat ass. They both had, but especially her, and while it had been incredibly fun she had often chose anal with Demi over just about anything with Taylor, and that was unhealthy considering Taylor was supposed to be her girlfriend and Demi was supposed to be her sex slave, not the other way around. Also while it had been good to practice with Demi, otherwise she would be nowhere near as confident, it now seemed insane Selena hadn’t bent Taylor over and shoved a strap-on up her perfect ass approximately five minutes or less after meeting her.

Right now nothing felt more natural to the normally submissive bottom, Selena fully embracing her inner top as she enjoyed the feeling of Taylor’s cheeks jiggling against her thighs with every thrust. They weren’t nearly as big and bouncy as Demi’s fat ass was, but there was still some jiggle and it was definitely tighter than the whore ass of her childhood friend. Most of all the sheer joy of having her secret girlfriend, the infamous Taylor Swift, bent over in front of her, ultimately slamming herself back against her anal invading thrusts, made Selena go totally berserk on Taylor’s poor little ass hole, the two ‘sweet and innocent’ popstars becoming like wild animals determined to literally ruin Taylor’s rectum with this brutal ass pounding.

Pretty much since the hard butt sex began, and perhaps even before then, Selena had been desperately holding back her own climax as she wanted to concentrate on Taylor’s pleasure. However she was fighting against the inevitable, and eventually the stimulator bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising Taylor Swift caught up with her and Selena had a powerful climax of her own. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as all the practice with Demi allowed her to push through orgasms which would have definitely put an end to this fun a few months ago, but now Selena just seem to drill Taylor’s back hole with every ounce of her strength. In truth she held back a little, but only because she wanted to admire her handiwork afterwards.

When she only had that little bit of strength left Selena yanked her cock out of Taylor’s butt hole and then grinned widely as it remained gaping open, allowing her to see deep into her girlfriend’s rectum. She was so captivated by it that she almost didn’t notice Demi slowly approaching while hungrily staring at the dildo covered in Taylor’s ass cream, but she did, causing Selena to frown and scold her bitch, “No! Bad Demi! Bad. You’ve had plenty of chances to taste Taylor’s ass, you greedy little bitch. It’s Taylor’s turn now, isn’t that right babe?”

“Oh yeahhhhh, mmmmm, it’s my turn.” Taylor moaned dreamily, still recovering from her multiple orgasms, “It’s my turn to taste my slutty ass on your big dick. Please Selena, let me suck my own slutty little dyke ass off of your dick.”

“Only if you spread your cheeks for me first.” Selena teased, and then grinned widely as Taylor did as she was told, “Oh yeahhhhh, show me that cute little gape! Oh fuck, that’s one wrecked bitch hole. Mmmmmm, our Mistress would be proud.”

“So proud.” Taylor quickly agreed with a soft moan, although she wasn’t sure it was true.

Taylor had been gaped enough to know that her butt hole wasn’t nearly as wrecked as it had been in the past, although from the feel of it Selena had done real good for her experience level. But would their Black Mistress found that cute, or annoying? After all, it had taken some convincing just to get her to sign over ownership of Demi’s dyke butt, even with the promise that anyone could still use it whenever they wanted too. Which Taylor could understand, as it might encourage other bottoms to start topping and buying each other from their Black Mistress, leaving none for her. As unlikely as it sounded. Not that Taylor was focusing on that right now.

Taylor was too busy concentrating on holding her cheeks wide open, and staring back lovingly at the look of glee on Selena’s face as she stared deep into the gaping hole in front of her. Being asked to do this occasionally made Taylor blush, especially in times like this one there was an audience, but as always the embarrassment and humiliation only added to the thrill of performing such a submissive act, and knowing Selena was enjoying it so much really helped. Besides, it was special because it was the first time Selena had gaped her ass, so Taylor didn’t mind it going on a little long as it gave her the chance to savour the anticipation of another first.

Of course it came as a relief when Selena finally ordered, “Good girl Tay, now get over here and suck my cock! Oh yeah, I want my secret girlfriend Taylor Swift to use that cute little mouth of hers, which everyone thinks is so innocent and sweet, to clean her own ass off my big strap-on cock! Yeahhhhhhh, come on you little dyke, suck your lesbo butt cream off of my girl cock! Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah, take it into your dyke mouth and deep down your dyke throat! Get every drop of your whore butt! Suck it up like the greedy little ATM slut you are! Mmmmmm, yesssssssss, suck it just like that, in front of our bitch. Make Demi jealous as you have the honour of sucking my big dick while all she can do is watch.”

Again Taylor felt a little sorry for Demi, but only a little. Especially in this case is that bitch had hogged all the yummy butt cream to herself while Taylor was tasting it for the first time tonight, and for the first time ever on Selena’s dick. In fact it was hard to think about anything when she wrapped her lips around the head of that dildo and greedily started to suck, Taylor allowing her eyes to flutter closed as she savoured her favourite flavour ever, her own butt. And not just her own butt, but the deepest part of it, Taylor loving it so much she was able to savour it for about a full 10 seconds before greedily sucking every drop from the head and then lowering her mouth to get more.

Soon she was stuffing the strap-on down her throat, taking more with every bob of her head as she ravenously gave her girlfriend a blow job. Then as she reached the bottom, getting the last few drops of her anal juices Taylor reached up and cupped Selena’s butt, causing the other popstar to grin wickedly, this was a pretty clear reminder that it was Taylor’s turn next. Oh yes, it was Taylor’s turn to top Selena, and Taylor would be lying if she wasn’t super nervous about it. Super excited, but super nervous. Maybe mega nervous. She just hoped she could do half as good a job as Selena, or at the very least give her cute little butt a decent pounding. The good news was, with a little scheduling, she would have a little super bottom named Demi to practice on.

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