Desperate Demi Part 4

Title: Desperate Demi Part 4

Author: MTL

Celebs: Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift

Codes: anal, FFF, oral, rim, toys

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, or any celebrity for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Send feedback to


Selena was disappointed not to walk into the bedroom of the hotel suite she had agreed to meet Demi and Taylor in to find her girlfriend butt fucking their bitch. It would have been poetic after how the night after Taylor submitted to her started, and she loved watching Taylor fuck Demi up her big fat ass. However she still walked into a pretty hot sight, even if it was a more subtle domination, namely in that Taylor had her feet up while sat on the edge of the bed and watching TV, and Demi was being her personal footstool. Taylor was also fully dressed, while Demi was completely naked with a hopefully big butt-plug stuffed up her ass.

As her girlfriend came in Taylor looked up, turned off the TV and smiled, “Hey babe.”

“Hey.” Selena smiled, quickly closing the distance between them, pressing a quick kiss to Taylor’s lips and then sitting down beside her, “So, are you still up for this?”

Taylor shrugged, “Sure.”

“Really?” Selena pushed, “Cause I don’t want to push you into anything.”

“You wouldn’t be.” Taylor promised, “I really want to do this. I was on board for enslaving Demi, remember? I know it was your idea, and I know I was hesitant at first, but I’ve loved having her around. She is such a shameless anal whore that topping her is easy. And I know topping you is going to be the same, because you’d do anything for me, just like I’d do anything for you.”

“I so would.” Selena said softly, pressing her lips to Taylor’s for a few long seconds, then pulling back and smiling, “So we’re really going to do this?”

“Oh yeah.” Taylor nodded with a smile, “Let’s just start out slow, okay?”

“Okay.” Selena agreed with a grin, before turning her attention to her bitch, “Demi, go sit your fat ass down on that chair so you can watch the fun.”

“Yes Mistress.” Demi said softly, before quickly doing as she was told.

It was a really fun site for Selena, so much so that she just couldn’t resist teasing Demi a little more by walking over to her and telling her, “Take a good long look Dems. Mmmmm yeah, look at the body you want so bad, but will never truly be yours.”

“Because it’s mine.” Taylor chimed in with a wicked grin.

Those words, combined with the expression on Demi’s face, made Selena grin wickedly. As always when she was deliberately cruel to her childhood friend Selena did feel a little guilty, but it was only briefly as she reminded herself how much this desperate little dyke slut love to be teased like this. So Selena made good on her words by slowly stripping off her clothes, showing Demi the body she so adored. And had apparently always adored, which was both flattering and depressing, as it reminded Selena of how different things could be of one of them had just spoken up earlier. It would have saved them both a lot of pain, but then she wouldn’t have Taylor, or Demi as her bitch, so overall Selena felt the previous pain was worth it.

Once she was naked Selena then turned to her girlfriend and told her with a grin, “Your turn.”

Sadly as she didn’t enjoy teasing Demi quite so much Taylor didn’t replace Selena, although Selena was able to move back so she and Demi were able to get a good look as Taylor suddenly removed her clothes, so they were finally all naked together. Then Selena close the distance between them and kissed her girlfriend longer and harder than before, gently pushing her down onto the bed in the process and landing on top of her while keeping the kiss going. They then made out for a while before Selena worked her way down to Taylor’s neck, and then her perky little tits, more or less giving both of them the same treatment.

Although Selena tried to do her best to start out slow like Taylor wanted the truth was it was really hard, because she was super horny and raring to go from the thought of her submission today. That was another reason she had been hoping to walk in on Taylor fucking Demi’s fat butt, because it meant that Taylor would have been more than ready for the real fun to begin. Which was why even though Selena spent several minutes going back and forth between each boob and even kissing the surrounding flesh, while of course concentrating on the other girl’s nipples, it wasn’t that long at all that she started kissing down Taylor’s flat stomach so she could reach her ultimate destination.

Taylor was almost grateful for this. She had imagined this being so gentle, because after all it was a very special night for them, but the moment Selena kissed her she had pretty much been made to move onto the ‘real fun’. Teasing Demi, and especially thinking about topping Selena, helped a lot, but the truth was Selena never had to do much to turn Taylor on. Neither did many women for that matter, hence why Taylor had been so easily broken and turned into a lesbian slut who was frequently used by the stronger women in the music industry and Hollywood. Plus Taylor could never imagine not wanting a pussy licking from a beautiful woman, especially when that woman was her secret girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Of course just as she was getting on board with the idea Selena had to ruin it by feeling guilty or just wanting to further teased Taylor, as she made her way to her destination, then kissed around the outside of it before slowly working her way down one of Taylor’s long legs. This caused Taylor to let out a pathetic whimper, which in turn caused Selena to grin against her thigh. Which was probably why Selena was able to repeat this a few times, kissing right down to her feet and then working up the other leg so by the time she finished Taylor’s long legs had been thoroughly worshipped, and the woman herself was a whimpering mess.

Enough so that eventually Taylor whimpered, “Selena, please don’t tease me. Fuck me! Please? Mmmmm, thinking about taking your ass and topping you has got me so hot, I don’t want to wait any more.”

“So top me.” Selena challenged.

For a moment Taylor just stared down at her girlfriend, watching as a wicked smile clearly crossed Selena’s face. She then reached down, grabbed her by the hair and forcefully pulled her face into her cunt. It actually took Taylor by surprise just how aggressive she was, although she had no doubt that it was only because this was Selena, who she knew loved that sort of thing and had made it clear she wanted it from her. She could only do that with Selena. Well, and Demi. Or another girl who was as submissive and/or slutty as Demi, and she could actually think of a few who were at least close. But the point was, she impressed herself, and clearly Selena, with her aggression, and Taylor hoped she would be able to do something like that during the butt fucking.

Although right now that was the furthest thing from her mind, as Selena seemed determined to reward Taylor for her aggressive behaviour, first with a soft chuckle in delight, and then with some passionate pussy licking. Well, the latter was pretty much inevitable, which was something Taylor was very, very grateful for, but there seemed an extra bit of energy in Selena’s licks this time. Or maybe her girl was just excited for Taylor to ass fuck her. Either way Taylor was soon stroking Selena’s hair at almost the same pace Selena’s tongue was stroking Taylor’s pussy, the blonde staring lovingly down at the brunette pretty much the entire time. Except when she looked up to enjoy the look on the other brunette’s face.

Demi was used to Selena and Taylor being cruel to her, but this was by far the worst. Luckily it was extremely rare, but on occasion she would be just forced to watch the two of them make love. No holding her cheeks open for them so they could see her battered and gaping butt hole, no performing a little striptease or sexy dance, no going to get something for them, no nothing. She wasn’t even allowed to touch herself. The last time she had without permission Demi had received a really hard bare bottom spanking from Selena, and while it was tempting to try that just to get some attention, and she almost definitely would do that in the future, she couldn’t displease her Mistresses on such a special night.

So Demi just whimpered pathetically, held her legs tightly together and watch Taylor receiving one of her greatest ever fantasies. Ever since becoming Selena’s personal sex slave Demi had spent a lot of time eating pussy, especially Selena’s pussy, although Taylor had a tasty little twat, so Demi was definitely jealous of what Selena was doing right now. However even after all that pussy eating, and the many other things they did together, Selena had only ever eaten her pussy once as an extra special birthday treat. It was something Demi would never forget, there was also something Taylor received regularly, and was receiving now, which made every fibre of her being burn with jealousy, and her heart ache at the unnecessary reminder Selena was with somebody else.

It helped that Demi could still taste Taylor’s pussy in her mouth, as she had already gone down on the blonde twice today, would hopefully have her chance later. Or better yet a chance at the heavenly treat between Selena’s thighs, the current position of the woman she loved ploughing Demi to get a good view of that perfect little ass which was going to get fucked tonight. And not just by a strap-on. No, it was almost a guarantee that first it would be Demi’s tongue which would be rammed up that slutty little hole. Although right now she was fantasising about crawling underneath Selena so the other brunette could sit on her face while worshipping the blonde’s cunt. Oh yes, that would be so sweet.

One of Demi’s favourite things was to be in a little train with the two other women. Of course normally she would be the one not getting her pussy licked, but that was okay, because at least she would be involved. And at least she would be eating pussy. All was right with the world when she had some yummy pussy to eat. Or more accurately she got all about her troubles when she was eating outt another girl. It also helped that Selena and Taylor were normally too busy enjoying themselves to taunt her, even when Selena was the one with her mouth free, which was most of the time. At least, that’s how it normally was. This time however Taylor seemed to be feeling bold.

“Oooooooh yessssssss Selena, lick me. Lick my pussy. Lick it just like that, ohhhhhhhh fuck!” Taylor moaned some combination of those words over and over again for a few happy minutes, before focusing on the sex slave she shared with her precious girlfriend, “Oh God Demi, mmmmmm, I bet you wish this was you, huh? Yesssssss, I bet you wish you were sitting here getting your pussy licked by Selena Gomez. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, I know you’d like to be in Selena’s place eating my pussy, but not as much as you’d love having your precious Selena eat you out, huh? Mmmmmm, or maybe eat her twat? Or both? Yesssssss, that’s what you really want, isn’t it? To 69 with MY girlfriend. Well keep dreaming bitch, ooooooh, and maybe one day we’ll let you. Until then, ohhhhhh fuck yes, enjoy the sight of your precious Selena eating my cunt!”

Taylor struggled not to blush as she honestly gave Demi more verbal abuse than she was comfortable with. She was immediately rewarded for it by Selena beginning to linger her tongue on her clit, making it a struggle for Taylor not to switch gears and start praising her for it. But she had done that before while in this position, and knew it would only lead to Selena beginning to ignore her clit again, and Taylor didn’t want that. Partly for her own selfish pleasure, but also because she knew by now Selena would be more than ready to move on, and the most important thing in the world to Taylor Swift was pleasing Selena Gomez.

So Taylor tried her best to keep up the verbal abuse, the entire time thinking about what Selena would say under these circumstances. Of course it was hard, but she knew this was worse for Demi than when her position with Selena was reversed. Not that Demi had ever admitted that out loud. She didn’t need too. It was obvious. After all, Demi had been pining for Selena for as long as she could remember, and while the little ass whore was getting her fat butt fucked by Selena frequently Demi was almost never allowed the pleasure of having her childhood friend even touch her pussy. Then again, it was clear from Demi’s eyes, and all their previous time together, that Demi love this kind of abuse, which was good, because Taylor could no longer stop herself from begging to cum.

“Yeahhhhhhhh, watch me Demi. Watch me as your precious Selena eats my fucking cunt! Mmmmmmm, watch as she fucks me. Watch as, ooooohhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh, as she makes me cum.” Taylor moaned, struggling to remain coherent while experiencing incredible pleasure, “Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, Selena loves that yummy cunt of mine! Oooooooh, it’s her favourite thing to eat. She eats it all day and all night, and barely even touches yours. Mmmmmm, fuck yeah, maybe she loves it even more than fucking your fat ass. Oh, or getting hers fucked. Oh God, yesssssssss, oh Selena, fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Fuck me with your beautiful little tongue and make me cum all over your pretty little face and in your hot mouth, mmmmmmm, while Demi watches. YES, tongue fuck me in front of Demi, ohhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd, make me cum, please make me cum, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDD, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK, OOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEE SELEEEENNNNNNAAAAAAAA!”

Just before Taylor began begging Selena begging sucking on her clit, and afterwards she went into overdrive, only concentrating on the little bundle of nerves for a few long minutes. Then just as Taylor was about to cum Selena quickly dropped her tongue down to Taylor’s entrance and shoved it as deep into her as it would go. Just like Taylor wanted. Just like she shamelessly begged for. And oh, did it pay off, that sudden penetration immediately making Taylor cum in Selena’s mouth. It also rendered her completely incoherent, Taylor closing her eyes, throwing her head back and letting out the loudest scream of the night so far.

As usual when fucking girls, because girls were awesome, neither Taylor or Selena was satisfied with just one climax, and as soon as she swallowed every drop of that first orgasm Selena rammed her tongue straight back into Taylor’s cunt. Surprisingly Taylor didn’t cum instantly this time, although she very much appreciated the fact that she didn’t as she got to savour the feeling of Selena’s tongue thrusting in and out of her. However it wasn’t long before she went over the edge of another massive climax, and more followed as Taylor forgot all about Demi, and the whole world around her, as the only thing in her world was her precious Selena, and of course the pure ecstasy she was feeling.

Selena would have like to take her time with Taylor’s pussy, it was easily one of her favourite things ever. Was it better than pounding Demi’s big booty? Hard question. Maybe it was like 50-50, but there was no way she could try and really answer that question, or even really seriously thinking about it, when there was a yummy pussy in front of her face. Especially not one squirting girl cum pretty much directly into her mouth and down her throat. No, Selena was too busy moaning happily as she tasted maybe the greatest flavour in the world, and enjoyed the sensation of that heavenly liquid sliding into her mouth, down her throat and into her belly were it belonged.

For a few wonderful minutes everything was right with the world. But unfortunately, even though she obviously tried her hardest, Taylor just couldn’t stay still for long. She managed it through a few good orgasms, and she took her hand off of the back of Selena’s head, but inevitably Taylor began grinding her cunt directly into her face, meaning it was hard for Selena to even swallow the majority of that yummy girl cum. On the bright side Selena scoop it off her face later, and there was definitely something to be said for having a face full of cum. Especially a face full of cum from a girl who was about to fuck her in the ass, Selena momentarily grinning with delight at the knowledge that Taylor’s cum would be covering her face as Taylor ass fucked her.

Then Selena forced herself to concentrate on the moment just long enough to squeeze a few more climaxes out of her girlfriend, mostly by switching tactics. She didn’t want to, but in the name of making Taylor cum hard Selena made the sacrifice of moving her mouth upwards, away from her girlfriend’s entrance and back to the other girl’s clit. Selena immediately took that clit into her mouth and began licking and sucking it for all she was worth while pushing first one and then two fingers into Taylor’s cunt and effortlessly fucking the other girl through climax after climax before returning her mouth to her entrance for a little reward.

It wasn’t long after that Selena stopped, which had always been the plan, but to her delight it wasn’t her choice. No, Taylor grabbed her again and pulled her upwards. Okay, Taylor didn’t use nearly enough strength to force her upwards, but it was clearly an order, and that was more than enough given the mood Selena was in and she happily rewarded her girlfriend, first with a happy grin and then with a long, deep and loving kiss which allowed Taylor to taste herself on Selena’s lips and tongue. They then broke apart again, shared a brief smile, and then Selena turned to their bitch with a wicked smile crossing her face.

“Demi, eat my ass.” Selena ordered, “Mmmmmm, get it ready for Taylor’s big dick.”

“Yes Mistress.” Demi said softly, before quickly doing as she was told.

Demi scrambled onto the bed so fast that Selena literally hit her in the face when she pushed her hot little ass into the air. Demi didn’t flinch at this, or paused in anyway, instead she just buried her face in between those cheeks and breathed in the smell of Selena’s ass hole, and more importantly the overpowering smell of her wet pussy. The latter smell was almost enough to make Demi disobediently lower her head and start licking Selena’s pussy, but she was far too desperate to please Selena for that. Hell, Demi didn’t even dare to give it one lick on the way to rimming her childhood best friend, instead completely ignoring her pussy, even though it was a little painful to do so.

She didn’t even go straight for Selena’s butt hole, just choosing to leave her face buried in between those cheeks for a few long seconds, then rub her face in them, causing Selena to let out a cute little giggle which almost reminded Demi of when they were kids, making the situation even more perverted. Then she spent a minute or two gently covering Selena’s ass in kisses before finally spreading those cheeks and sliding her tongue all the way up her former best friend’s butt crack. She then repeated that lick a few times, before finally concentrating on Selena’s ass hole, causing her once friend and now owner to encourage her by first moaning in pure pleasure, before ultimately beginning to talk.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it Demi! Eat my ass! Eat it you fucking butt muncher! Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah!” Selena moaned happily as Demi enthusiastically licked her ass hole, “Oh fuck, you’re so good at that. Sooooo goooooddddd at eating my ass, oh shit! Mmmmmm fuck, lick that butt hole you slutty little ass kisser! Oh yeah Demi, look at you. So desperate to be mine that you’ve become my ass kissing bitch. Mmmmmm, but hey, at least you’re good at your job. Yeahhhhhhhh Dem, you’re soooooo goooooodddddd at licking my little shit hole. Ooooooh yesssssss, make that little back door of mine nice and wet so Taylor can satisfy me like you never could. Yeah, you could never top me, could you Demi?”

“No.” Demi whimpered, lifted her head from Selena’s ass for a second before it was shoved roughly downwards.

“Hey! I didn’t give you permission to stop!” Selena smiled, reaching back to roughly shoved Demi’s face back into her ass, “Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, don’t stop. Don’t stop. You’re not allowed to stop until I say so! Yeahhhhhhhh, you’re not allowed to stop licking my fucking butt hole until I say. I own you Demi! You do what I say, always! Got it? Good, now shove your tongue up my ass. Shove your tongue as deep as it will go into my fucking ass hole so it’ll be nice and wet for my girlfriend’s dick! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmm, butt fuck me Demi! Butt fuck me with your tongue! Mmmmmm, and I hope you enjoy it, because it’s the only way you’re ever going to fuck this cute little bottom of mine, you pathetic little fucking dyke bottom!”

Again the hurtful words just made Demi more turned on and determined to please Selena. Also she just love the submission which came from thoroughly licking another girl’s butt, and again this was the girl she’d been in love with her entire life, so it only took a little encouragement for Demi to ram her tongue up Selena’s ass hole. Years of being pounded by their Black Mistress, and many other tops, ensure that Demi was able to get her tongue pretty deep into Selena’s bottom, but it wasn’t good enough to give her a thorough preparing for anal sex. For that Selena needed one other thing, and Demi certainly wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t her who ended up doing it.

“Yeahhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh, mmmmmm fuck that’s good! That’s so fucking good! Fuck Dems! Ooooooooh fuck!” Selena moaned happily before ordering with a smile, “Now spread my cheeks for Taylor, and watch her do what you never could. What you’ll never be allowed to do. Mmmmmm, fuck my ass. Ohhhhhh, that’s it, spread those cheeks so Taylor can fuck my ass properly with a nice big strap-on cock while you watch. Ah yeah, finger me Tay! Mmmmmm yessssssss, that’s it, finger fuck the little hole Demi was just licking. Make sure my slutty little butt hole is as ready as it can be for your big hard cock! Oh fuck!”

The moment Selena had ordered it Demi had reluctantly pulled her tongue out of Selena’s ass, turned so her body was out of the way, and then spread those cheeks like the little submissive bitch she was. It was then that she got a good look at Taylor, looking nervous but really hot with a big dildo strapped firmly around her waist. She was even rubbing some last-minute lube into it. Taylor then wordlessly pushed one of those lube coated fingers into Selena’s tight little ass hole, Selena crying out with joy and then continuing to beg as her hole was stretched. Which made Demi jealous, but mostly of Selena, silently hoping after the anal pounding her girlfriend Taylor would turn her attention to her bitch’s fat ass.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, ohhhhhhh FUCK!” Selena moaned extra loudly as Taylor added a second finger, “Fuck me baby, fuck my ass! I want you to fuck me Tay, mmmmmm, I want you to fuck me in the ass. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, so many people have fucked my ass, but no one I love. And I love you Taylor. I love you so much, and I want you to be the one to butt fuck me. Oh yeah, I want my secret girlfriend Taylor Swift to fuck me up the butt like the little anal slut I am! Ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah, do it Tay! Stretch that slutty little bitch hole of mine and pound it with your big hard cock! Fuck me! Please? Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddd Taylor, fuck me!”

Taylor just listened to Selena offering her encouragement for quite a while, partly because she was enjoying just fingering her ass, but also because she was more familiar with that, whereas what she was about to do was something new. Yes, she’d sodomise Demi, a lot, but Demi was the biggest anal whore Taylor had ever met, and more importantly the most submissive person she’d ever met, while Selena had been getting increasingly dominant ever since she first took Demi’s ass and made it hers. Well, technically theirs, but who was Taylor kidding, Demi might bend over for anyone, but it was Selena she wanted. And she was beginning to worry it was mutual. So maybe this would be for the best? Then again she really loved it when Selena ass fucked her, and Taylor didn’t want to ruin her dominant mood. Mostly though, she didn’t want to disappoint Selena.

Promising herself she wouldn’t do that Taylor took a deep and calming breath, removed her fingers from Selena’s butt hole and then quickly replaced it with her cock. She quickly realised that it was too quick, as Selena cried out in pain as Taylor almost penetrated her in one go. Which initially caused Taylor to frown, until she reminded herself that this was Selena’s ass, not Demi’s, and therefore it wasn’t as slutty, and more importantly hadn’t been regularly used lately. So Taylor slowed her role and watched with fascination as Selena’s back hole slowly but surely stretched wide enough for the head of a dildo to slide through it and into her girlfriend’s butt. Which she’d had seen many times before, but never with the dildo strapped around her waist.

As she was anally penetrated by her girlfriend for the first time Selena cried out, “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHHHH, OH FUCK! Oh fuck. Fuck me Tay, fuck my ass! I can’t believe you’re inside my fucking ass baby, mmmmmmm, stretching my naughty little ass hole, oh fuck! Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCK! OH FUCKKKKKKKKKK, AAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!”

Enjoying Selena’s words, and the moment, Taylor paused for a little while, but it wasn’t that long before she started slowly pushing inch after inch of dildo into her girlfriend’s tight little ass hole, constantly reminding herself she needed to be more sweet and gentle to it than the slutty fat ass she was used to fucking. Unfortunately she received constant reminders of that in the form of small cries of pain which escaped Selena’s lips. Selena did a good job of hiding them for the most part, but Taylor was listening carefully and at the beginning of the penetration Selena’s ass hole seemed to struggle to remember it was a fuck hole. But Taylor had seen Selena butt fucked her to orgasm several times, and had been on the receiving end herself a lot, so she was confident it would pass.

Despite just how much she loved her girlfriend Taylor also continued because she just love the sight of another girl’s butt hole stretching for a strap-on cock, especially when it was Selena’s butt getting stretched. Besides, she had a perfect view of it thanks to Demi continuing to prove herself a shameless sex slave by spreading Selena’s ass cheeks for her, and she continued to do so after Taylor buried every single inch of her dick into Selena’s bowels and then officially started the butt fucking. After a little more encouragement from Selena of course, who sounded like her ass hole had remembered what it’s true purpose was given her cries of enjoyment were now of pure pleasure.

“Fuck me Tay, fuck my ass!” Selena cried out in encouragement, “Mmmmmm yesssssssss baby, fuck me! Ass fuck me! Fuck me up the ass! Ohhhhhhhh fuck! That feels so good, soooooooo gooooooodddddd, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh shit! Bang my butt! Bang it right in front of Demi. Show her you know how to please me like she never could. Oh yeah, make her jealous that it’s you who gets to fuck my butt, and not her. No, mmmmmm, make her jealous of me being butt fucked! Yeahhhhhhhh, I can see it in her eyes. She doesn’t want to butt fuck me, she wants to be butt fucked. Demi is a dirty little dyke bottom who craves cock in her slutty little butt hole. She’d prefer it was me, but she’d let anyone up her fat ass. Well any girl. Won’t you Demi? Yeah you will, mmmmmm, it feels so good Demi! I love having Taylor Swift’s big dick in my butt!”

Demi again love the verbal abuse, but this time round she barely heard it as she was too busy staring at Selena Gomez’s stretched wide back door. As a proud pure lesbian bottom Demi had wanted to do many nasty things with her childhood best friend, but fuck Selena’s ass was never one of them. However it was hard for her to imagine sweet little Selena as a top, or at least certainly not a pure one, so whenever she had allowed herself the privilege she had imagined the two of them bottoming to someone like her Black Mistress, who as it turns out had been their Black Mistress who had been cruelly keeping them apart all these years. Or maybe that was because she was worried that Selena might steal Demi away from her. She would have to ask her when she saw her next.

It didn’t matter at this moment. All that mattered was this was yet another dream come true, Selena being butt fucked right in front of her and Demi having the privilege of holding Selena’s cheeks open for the woman taking that pretty little ass hole of hers. True, despite her size Taylor Swift wasn’t exactly the woman Demi used to imagine in this position, but that had changed ever since becoming the submissive little bitch of these normally submissive women, and this was definitely living up to the fantasies she’d been having more recently. And Demi was sure second she was about to fulfil another one of her dreams, and sure enough she was right, even though it did take a little prompting from Selena.

“Hey Tay, mmmmmm, don’t you think it’s time we let Demi taste my ass?” Selena grinned, looking back over her shoulder at her girlfriend.

“Oh yes, please Taylor! Please feed me Selena’s yummy little ass.” Demi pleaded excitedly.

“Shut up bitch, no one asked your opinion!” Selena snapped at her bitch before turning her attention back to Taylor, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck! Mmmmmm, give it to her baby. Take that dildo out of my ass and shove it right in her mouth! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, suck that dick Demi! Ohhhhhhh, suck my ass off it you perverted little whore!”

Without a word Taylor did as she was told, pulling her dick out of Selena’s ass and pretty much pushing it directly into Demi’s mouth. Several other tops, including Selena, had barely given Demi the chance to open her mouth. Luckily she had learned from her mistakes and after Selena had scolded her she held her mouth open and her tongue out and anticipation. Although Taylor was slow to both pull out of Selena’s ass and to push her ass cream coated cock into Demi’s open mouth, Demi smiling at this mercy before closing her eyes and the first time in her life savouring the taste of the deepest part of her childhood best friend Selena Gomez’s bowels.

It was a familiar taste, but who this was definitely made it all the sweeter, Demi barely able to keep herself from slurping up the liquid in a matter of seconds. It still felt like only a few seconds, and it was the same story for when she started bobbing her head up and down the first few inches of the dick, taking more and more of it until she was pushing it into her throat. Far too quickly the entire length was in her windpipe and she had cleaned every drop of Selena’s ass juice, and of course soon after that Taylor switched holes once again. Then Taylor began switching back and forth between Selena’s ass and Demi’s mouth, after a little prompting from Selena that is, which gave Demi more of a chance to savour the taste of her childhood friend’s butt.

“Now back in my butt Tay. Mmmmm, get that dick nice and tasty for Demi by shoving it up my ass so it can be covered in more anal cream.” Selena suggested, well okay ordered, as usual getting what she wanted, “Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, fuck my ass again. Don’t be shy Tay, I’m nice and stretched out now. That means you can shove the whole thing up my ass. Now! Do it! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, mmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my butt! Butt fuck me, oooooooooh, fuck me in the butt Tay, mmmmmm, fuck me good! Now… Stick it in Demi’s mouth! Make our bitch go ass to mouth again! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, suck it Demi! Suck that fucking cock!”

Selena felt weird. She remembered being ass fucked as her favourite thing ever, but while this felt really, really good she found herself enjoying making Demi go ass to mouth more than the actual butt fucking itself. Maybe it was the fact that Taylor didn’t seem nearly as confident sodomising her as the far more submissive Demi, or maybe ordering Demi and even Taylor around had awoken something inside her and now Selena preferred being a top. Maybe she even was a top, albeit one who knew exactly how hard she could cum from an ass pounding. Although when the time came she decided she’d rather be the one pounding her own ass.

So when she’d had her fill of making Demi go ass to mouth Selena ordered, “Taylor, get down on the ground. On your back sweetie. Mmmmm, I wanna ride you. I wanna ride my girlfriend with my slutty little ass hole right in front of Demi.”

Again without hesitation Taylor scrambled to obey, rolling back so she was sitting with Selena sitting on her lap with the full length of strap-on still in Selena’s butt. Selena took a few long seconds to get used to that position, then the two girlfriends landed back so that Taylor was lying on her back and Selena could place her hands either side of her, while resting her feet at the side of Taylor’s legs so she could began bouncing her butt up and down. Gently at first, but as she was more than ready for a deep hard anal pounding it wasn’t long before Selena was jackhammering herself up and down in a way which ensured that her back hole was being absolutely brutalised.

Just before the sodomy became violent Selena ordered, “Demi, come here! Ohhhhhhhh fuck, get your face next to my cunt. No! Mmmmmmm, I know what you’re thinking you little slut, but don’t you dare lick it. No, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh shit, I wanna give you a facial. Ooooooooh I want to squirt my cum right into your pretty little dyke face as I cum on Taylor’s cock. Oh yeah, you like the sound of that, don’t you? Don’t answer that! Of course you do. Yeahhhhhhh, a perverted little lesbo whore like you was born to take this kind of facial, and now I’m going to give it to you. Aaaaahhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I’m gonna cum all over your face, ohhhhhhhh, I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum OH TAYLOR! Ohhhhhhh Taylor, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh!”

The look on Demi’s face when Selena told her she couldn’t lick her was heart-breaking. That alone was almost enough to make Selena rethink her plan, especially as this would surely be better if Demi tongued her at the same time. But the thought of giving Demi a facial was just too delicious to pass up, and Selena was suddenly in the mood to re-establish her dominance, and she couldn’t do that if she came from Taylor fucking her ass and Demi eating her pussy, because she’d probably be catatonic afterwards, or at least faint. Besides, for better or for worse look on Demi’s face might have broken her heart, but it also pushed Selena over the edge of climax. Well, that and constantly hammering her own ass on that big dildo.

When she did finally go over the edge Selena was quickly reminded of what she loved so much about being a bottom, that being the mind-blowing orgasms which were enough to melt every fibre of her being leaving her in a state of mindless pleasure. Or at least after a few of them, luckily Selena found the ability to keep hammering her own butt through climax after climax, and Taylor even helped by beginning to thrust up into her ass. Best of all, she stayed conscious just long enough to enjoy the sight of Demi’s pretty face getting absolutely drenched in her girl cum, seemingly much to the delight of her submissive little bitch.

Taylor was initially glad that Selena had taken over as it took the pressure off of her, and given they had been shared by many more dominant tops Taylor had been given plenty of chances to watch Selena anally ride a strap-on and while she could never get tired of it, this was extra special because Selena was riding her cock. Sure enough watching Selena’s little butt bounce up and down on HER cock was truly breath-taking, Taylor staring lustfully at that, and loving the way that Selena was absolutely shameless when it came to brutalising her own butt hole. And best of all was how hard she was able to make herself cum.

However after Selena started giving herself those powerful orgasms a feeling of failure washed over Taylor. The whole point of this thing with Demi was so that Selena could explore her dominant side, but Taylor had hoped that while doing it she would get in touch with her inner top and eventually be able to give Selena everything she wanted. And she had failed because she found Selena too daunting to butt fucked. But not now. No, now Taylor wasn’t seeing her dominant and controlling girlfriend, she was seeing just another ass whore. Maybe not as big an ass whore as Demi Lovato, but still a pretty big one, and more importantly a submissive one.

Feeling encouraged Taylor started hammering upwards into Selena’s butt, making her cum even harder over Demi’s face, shake even more in her arms and let out even more ear piercing screams. Which in turn only emboldened Taylor more, so much so that when Selena finally ran out of steam and collapsed on top of her Taylor continued thrusting up, only instead of the occasional thrust she built up a slow and steady rhythm which pushed her woman through another series of climaxes which left her literally whimpering for mercy by the end. And then because she was so caught up in the moment Taylor ignored the whimpers and just kept butt fucking her girlfriend.

To be fair she slowed her thrusts, and rolled Selena onto her side so she could gently begin sodomising her in the spooning position. Also Taylor’s size allowed her to wrap her body around hers, brush her hair off of her neck and then start kissing the exposed flesh beneath her, starting with Selena’s neck, and then eventually moving to her cheeks and then finally her lips. Selena kissed back, softly and lazily at first, but then hard and passionate towards the end, and always so wonderfully loving. To make it even more wonderful when Taylor finally stopped and the kiss was broken Selena smiled at her and gave her those three little words which Taylor always crave to hear from a lover.

“I love you.” Selena whispered.

“I love you too.” Taylor happily whispered back, before kissing her girlfriend again.

After a minute or two of that Selena broke the kiss and asked with a wicked smile, “Wanna see your handiwork?”

Taylor blushed slightly, but replied, “Sure.”

Demi was of course jealous of the soft, loving kissing the two girlfriends enjoyed it for a few long minutes, which felt very long to her, but she was even more jealous of Selena as she pulled her butt hole slowly off Taylor’s dick, obviously savouring the feeling of slowly reminding her girlfriend just how much cock she had taken up her ass. Then the second the entire thing was out of her she quickly turned around to grin at Taylor before turning back and slowly spreading her cheeks for her. During that teasing grin Demi got an excellent look at Selena’s gape, and once she was really showing it off Demi moved round so she could get an even better look, even though it made her insanely jealous as she wished it was her ass hole that was that well fucked.

That jealousy only got worse when after another minute or two Taylor said, “That’s hot Sel, but how about a little ATM action? Unless of course, you’d like Demi to do it?”

“No!” Selena quickly protested, turning around and scowling Demi in turn warning for her to stay back and then proudly admitting, “It’s my turn! Mmmmm, it’s my turn to taste some ass! My ass. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, it’s time for me to deep throat some strap-on and clean your big dick of my slutty little ass hole!”

As she said those words Selena was crawling in between Taylor’s legs, was now sitting up against the headboard and presenting Selena’s prize to her. Demi’s mouth was watering from just the memory of how heavenly Selena’s butt had tasted, and while she knew Selena had tasted her own ass many times on the cocks of more dominant women like their Black Mistress this would be the first time she would be tasting it on Taylor’s dick. For a rare moment Demi was genuinely happy for them, but it pass quickly though, pretty much the moment Selena wrapped her lips around the head of that dildo and moaning happily at tasting the deepest part of her bowels on it.

For a few long moments Selina obviously savour the flavour, just as Demi would have done in the same circumstances, and then she began slowly bobbing her head up and down the strap-on. At first she just concentrated on the first few inches, and then the first half, but it wasn’t that long before Selena was relaxing her throat muscles and shoving the full length of that dick into her windpipe, again making Demi seethe with jealousy as Selena got the last few drops of her ass juice. Then she crawled up to kiss Taylor, who had been unusually silent throughout this process. Demi thought that was weird, though she was too busy being jealous, first at the sight of the kiss and then that Selena’s gaping butt hole as her eyes wander downwards.

Breaking the kiss with her girlfriend Selena noticed Demi’s wandering eyes and decided to ‘punish’ her for it, “That was fun, but I don’t want to go the whole night without getting some ass myself. Demi, go get me a nice big strap-on so I can rip open your slutty little bitch hole!”

With her entire face lighting up with true happiness Demi quickly replied, “Yes Mistress.”

Just as quickly Demi retrieved Selena’s favourite strap-on and what felt like only a few minutes after that Demi found herself face down with her fat ass being slowly filled with strap-on. Demi moaned happily throughout the penetration, but nowhere near as loudly as truthfully as when Selena officially started banging her big booty, quickly and easily reminding her that whatever abuse she may receive was totally worth it to get her desperate little butt hole wrecked just like this by her childhood best friend. And better yet Taylor Swift was there and ready for a turn. Maybe they’d even double ass fuck her. Whatever came next, desperate little Demi was sure she would love it.

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