Desperate Desires

Fic Title:Desperate Desires

Author:Andrew Troy Keller


Feedback:Yes,I need fackback.


Fandom:Marvel Comics


Other Notes:This story is a birthday gift for Chris Claremont,who was born on November 30th,1950.

Pairing:Famke Janssen/Wolverine/Shadowcat


Disclaimer:The Uncanny X-Men belongs to the Marvel Comics Group.This story is not-for-profir,but I own it.
Summary:After the cast and crew of the latest X-MEN movie finishes shooting a scene and she has started reading an X-MEN comic-book,Famke Janssen
falls asleep and suddenly wakes up inside the headquarters of the Uncanny X-Men themselves.

Warnings:Voyurism,female solo sex,strong language,female/female sex,male/female sex

Dedication:Happy Birthday to Chris Claremont!–ATK 2005

Let me ask all of you comic-book fanatics this one simple question:What would happen if you were doing something that has a little or a lot to do with comic-books the one minute and had found yourself placed inside the world of comic-books the next?

Well,I really do take it by the sudden silence that some of you folks are still unable to understand what I’m trying to get at,which has made me realized that I might as well go ahead and tell you the story that I’m writing right now.

You see,this entire story begins on November 30th,which happens to be the birthday of a truly popular writers of the Marvel Comics X-MEN series,an England native named Chris Claremont and was also the day on which the entire cast of the two hit X-MEN movies had reunited for yet another X-MEN film.

Anyway,as soon as the film’s entire cast and crew had just finished shooting one of the many scenes in the movie and the director has ordered the actors to go take a break,one of the film’s stars,an Amsterdam,Noord-Holland,Netherlands born actress named Famke Janssen has sat herself down on a bunch of wooden crates,opened one of the Chris Claremont-written issues of THE UNCANNY X-MEN and started reading it.

That was before two of Famke’s fellow X-MEN stars,a Berkeley,California native named Rebecca Romijn and a Cleveland,Ohio born actress named Halle Berry had walked over to their friend and sat themselves next to her with the look of curiousity in their eyes.

“Where did you get that little piece of comic-book nostalgia from,Famke?”,asked Rebecca,after she has placed her gentle hand on her good friend’s shoulder.”Were you able to get it at a local comic-book store?”

“Actually,Rebecca.I’ve just found this issue laying here one day and I had just started reading it.”,answered a smiling Famke,after she had turned towards Rebecca and gently placed her hand on her best friend’s shoulder.”And I had became so intrigued by the images on its pages that I was unable to put it down.”

And then,after she has looked at the watch on her wrist,Halle has looked at her two friends with a smile on her face,took a deep breath and said,”Well,Ladies.I’m going to go get myself some lunch.Who wants to join me?”

“I’ll go with you.I could go for some grub right about now.”,answered Rebecca,after she and Halle had gotten themselves off the crates.”How about you,Famke?Do you want to join us for lunch?”

And after she had given that invitation some thought,a smiling Famke has looked at her two good friends and answered,”Thanks,you guys.But no thanks.I just don’t feel like eating lunch right now.I’ll see you guys later,okay?”

And then,after her two best buds had said ‘goodbye’ to her and left to go on their lunchdate,Famke has let out a stretch and a yawn,laid herself down on the crates and fell asleep,only to have a mysterious female place her gentle hand on Famke’s shoulder and gave her a little shake.

That has caused a confused Famke to open her eyes and the look on her face to change from a look of confusion to that of pure shock,because she has suddenly discovered that she has somehow been placed inside the headquarters of the X-Men with the mutant super-team’s leader,Professor Charles Xavier and four of its members staring right at their newfound visitor.

“Where am I?What am I doing here?”,asked a wide-eyed Famke,after she had just sat up and stared right back at the mutant super-team.”Could one of you at least tell me what has happened to me?”

“I do believe that the two of us would be able to do so,Miss Janssen.”,answered an understanding Charles,after he has mentally moved his hoverchair over to Famke and placed his gentle hand on top of hers.”It just so happens that you had somehow been placed into some sort of dimensional vortex and woken up here instead of on the set of your movie.”

“That’s indeed true,Professor.But don’t worry,Famke.We’ll come up with a way to get you back into your dimension.”,said a smiling Jean Grey(aka Phoenix),after she has placed her friendly hand on Famke’s shoulder.”In the meantime,you’re welcome to stay with us for a little while.Right,Scott?”

“I really do agree with you on that,Jean.”,answered Jean’s fellow team member,Scott Summers(aka Cyclops),after he has looked at both and Famke with a smile on his lips.”And if you want to do so,Famke.Both Wolverine and Shadowcat would take you on a tour of the mansion.”

“You’ve got a deal,Cyke.Come on,Lady.It’s time to take the tour.”,said Logan(aka Wolverine),just before he had turned his head towards his fellow X-Man,Kitty Pryde(aka Shadowcat).”Care to join us,Kitty?”

And after she had looked at him with a smile and nodded her head,Kitty has joined both Famke and Logan in leaving the room where a unusual visitor has been discovered and going on a tour of the rest of the mansion.

Just then,after they had gone into some of the rooms in the mansion and shown an impressed Famke all the wonders of the headquarters of the mutant team of heroes,Logan has taken a whiff of the team’s newfound guest and said,”I hate to say this to you,Famke.But you smell like you’re in need of a shower.So,how about it?”

And then,after she had given that suggestion some thought and realized that it might be a good idea for her to do so,Famke has allowed Logan and Kitty to escourt her to one of the bathrooms within the mansion,where she has stepped into the room,taken all of her clothes off,turned on the water and stepped into the shower.

But as soon as the water has started casscading down on her and she has started rubbing soap all over her bare-ass naked body,Kitty has stepped into the bathroom to see if Famke was in need of some towels or whatever,only to have Kitty look at the wonderfully-built body that Famke has on her.

That particular sight has caused Kitty to strip off her entire uniform and start pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot,wet pussy and carressing her own tits with the other hand,just before she has stepped herself inside the same shower and placed her gentle hands on Famke’s melons.

That has caused a shocked Famke to turn quickly around and look at Kitty like she was about to ask,”What the fucking hell are you doing,you crazy bitch?Have you gone out of your head?”

But just as she was about to say those words,Kitty has placed the tips of her fingers on Famke’s lips and said,”Sssshhhh.It’s okay,Famke.There’s no need for you to be afraid.You also don’t have to say anything.All you need to do now is just relax…and enjoy it.”

And then,after the two women had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips and Kitty has started licking all over Famke’s nude body–all the way down to her hot,moist snatch and carressing her firm breasts,an also-nude Logan has stepped into the shower and placed his stiff cock inside Famke’s asshole and his hands on her stiff mounds.

“Aaaahhhh!What are you guys doing to me?Please don’t do this!I don’t want it!Stop it!Oooohhhh!Please,you guys!Don’t stop!”,said Famke,after she has placed one of her hands on Kitty’s bare shoulder and the other hand on Logan’s bare arm.”Yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it,Kitty!Do it,Logan!Fuck me!Touch me!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!”

And then,after she had slid herself down Logan’s body and started sucking on his stone hard dick,Famke has suddenly realized that she was experiencing something that she had never experienced within another dimension before,for she was experiencing pure and untamed erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after they had finished taking their shower together,moved themselves into one of the bedrooms and placed their nude bodies on the bed,Logan has placed his stiff cock inside Kitty’s pussy and started licking on Famke’s snatch and Famke has started sucking on Kitty’s tits.

“AAAAHHHH,YES!THAT’S IT!DO IT,FAMKE!DO IT,LOGAN!”,yelled a sexually-energized Kitty,after she has placed her hands on Famke’s bare back.”TOUCH ME!SUCK MY TITS!FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!MAKE ME WANNA CUM!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!”

And then,after they had started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has made its final appearence in the latest X-MEN movie,the three newfound bi-sexual lovers had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

Then,after they were all finally able to catch their breath and the two girls had placed their heads on Logan’s chest,Famke has looked at both Kitty and Logan with a smile on her lips,placed her gentle hand on Kitty’s cheek and said,”You know,I really do wish that I could stay with you guys forever.”

“To tell you the truth,Famke.So do we.”,said a smiling Kitty,after she has gently placed her hand on top of Famke’s and let out a sigh.”But I really don’t think that the Professor would let that happen.”

“That’s for sure,Kitty.”,said Logan,after he has gently placed one hand on Famke’s bare shoulder and the other hand on Kitty’s bare shoulder.”But we should look at it this way.At least,the three of us were finally able to put a lid on our desperate desires.”

And then,after they had looked and smiled at each other,Famke,Kitty and Logan had snuggled-up to each other and fell asleep with their naked arms in a lover’s embrace.

Just then,as soon as Famke and her two tour guides had walked into the living room and noticed that Charles and his two other X-Men were in the room waiting for them,a saddened Famke has taken a deep breath and said,”I really don’t know what you’re about to do to get me home,Professor.But before I allow you to do it anyway,could I say something first?”

And after Charles has slowly nodded his head,Famke has turned towards Kitty and Logan,taken a deep breath and said,”I guess this means ‘goodbye’.But I just want to say that I’m really going to miss you guys.”

And with that,the three lovebirds had given each other a ‘goodbye’ hug,just before Famke has sat herself down on a chair,closed her eyes and allowed Jean and Charles to place their hands on her forehead and use their mental powers on her.

That was before Famke has felt someone placing his or her hand on her shoulder,causing her to open her eyes and noticed that she was back on the X-MEN movie set with both Rebecca and Halle looking at her with the look of concern on their faces.

“Are you feeling okay,Famke?”,asked a confused Halle,after she and Rebecca had helped Famke sit herself up.”You look like you had gone to some whole other place.”

And after she has let out a smile and small giggle,a relieved Famke has placed her gentle hand on Halle’s shoulder and the other hand on Rebecca’s knee and said,”My friends,all I could say is that if I were to actually tell you,you would never believe me.”

Anyway,after the entire cast and crew had finished shooting the scenes of the movie for the day and they had returned to their hotel rooms,Famke has placed a birthday card that she had bought on the desk and wrote inside it these words,”To:Mister Chris Claremont–I just want you to know that one of the issues of The Uncanny X-Men that you had once written has changed my life in more ways than one.I just wanted to tell you that and wish you a happy 55th birthday.Here’s to also wishing you many more happy years to come.–Famke Janssen.”


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