“Desperate Fever”: “The Beginning” – Chapter 1

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Desperate Fever is about a man named Mark Richens who he believes lives an amazing life. He has a great job, a great car, a great house, and even a great girl named Christy. However, he meets numerous women in the city of Los Angeles who staggers his mind in desperation, changing
him to the best or to the worst as he deals with his revolutionized life.

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Babes of Chapter I: Candice Michelle, Christy Hemme

(MF, cons, spanks)

“Desperate Fever”

“The Beginning” – Chapter I

By Smith1012

I drove in my M3 down the streets of Los Angeles. Life was good. I had a great car, a great job and might I say a great house. I cruised the street looking out the window and seeing people walk near the Staples Center. There were some fine ladies in short skirts which blew my mind. It was a hot summer day. People were sweating out there and I was sweating examining these hot ladies in their outfits as I drove by them.

“Damn! What sexy girls we have in L.A.” I said to myself as I turned a left towards Santa Monica Street.

Due to this intense heat, I felt thirsty and slowly pulled over to the right of the road to catch myself a drink from a nearby store. I parked my car at the side of the road and opened the door as a sudden heat wave splashed into my face. The skies were clear but the temperature was ridiculous. I got out of my car, closed the door, and walked towards 7 Eleven to buy myself a drink. I pulled the store door and a sudden wave of cold air cooled me as I walked into the air conditioned store. I went to the aisle with the cold refrigerators and saw a women opening the refrigerator door.

She was wearing a fine, tight jeans and a short, sleeveless white tied top lifting her breasts and showing a great deal of cleavage. I was able to see her nice curved body and might I also say her sexy tight ass. As she opened, she dropped her purse. As she bent over to pick it up, the woman’s jeans slightly lowed revealing a lacey, pink thong. After seeing that I felt my cock harden within my pants. My mind went wild. I wanted to plant myself in that body. She had a tattoo design on her lower back and it made her body look gorgeous. The woman got up grabbing her purse and took out a bottle of Pepsi from the refrigerator. She closed the door and turned her face towards me. At that moment I was able to recognize that face, it was the dazzling Candice Michelle. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I stared at her. Candice looked so fucking sexy. Her face, her dark brown hair, her life-size breasts covered by her sexy top, her belly button diamond on her visible slim stomach, her tight ass within her firm jeans, her high heel shoes; everything about her was striking.

“Excuse me sir! Can you please stop watching me?” Candice said angrily, staring straight at me with an irritated look. “I know what you’re thinking and it won’t happen.”

I just couldn’t stop looking at that lovely, curved body; yet I didn’t want to start any problems with her. I guess she has a lot of guys who stare at her and she is getting tired of it. Or maybe she already has a boyfriend.

“Sorry Ma’am!” I told her, turning my head away from her and towards the store refrigerator.

I felt embarrassed, but also felt blessed after gazing at her. Without watching her I opened the refrigerator and took out an ice-cold can of Sprite. As I closed the door, I saw this hot woman standing alongside me with her eyes gazing straight into mine. She had lovely eyes; however I couldn’t resist looking down through her top. Her breasts were squished together and lifted in her tight top. Her tits were huge and her cleavage was jaw dropping. Miraculously I didn’t look down, therefore couldn’t spoil the moment for both of us. If I tilted my head down, who knows what would have happened. She would have slapped me across the face and walked away even more pissed off. I knew I didn’t want to lose this chance of meeting her.

“May I help you Ma’am?” I asked joyfully.

“Hi, I just like to introduce myself, my name is Candice,” she said, still fixing her eyes into mine.

It felt strange that she introduced herself after getting angry at me for staring at her; however felt wonderful that she introduced herself to me. My cock was going to rip through my pants. Her tight body was so close to me. I felt like smacking that firm ass real hard.

“Hello Candice, my name is Mark,” I said to her trying to resist all possible things I wanted to do her.

If she wanted to, I would have banged her right here in this store. I seriously would have. I was so desperate to fuck this woman. My mind went all over the place, wanting her. I just wanted her legs around my waist and kiss her. Yet it was too bad, she seemed to try and be friends with me and never gave an impression of wanting to fuck me.

“Hi Mark, you are looking quite good,” said Candice. “A very strong man I believe?”

“Yeah, I guess I do workout.” I said awkwardly. “You’re looking rather nice yourself, very attractive.”

“Ohh Thank you sir!” smiled Candice.

It felt odd. One minute she is pissed and the next minute she is politely talking to me.

“Is something the matter?” asked Candice.

“Welllll!” I said. “Weren’t you aggravated a minute ago when I was glancing at you?”

“It’s alright! Don’t take it personally. I have enough guys always watching me and it sometimes gets bothersome when it’s the wrong people; however you look like a great guy,” smiled Candice.

“Obviously, who wouldn’t?” I said in my mind sarcastically. “Any guy would want to ram that body of yours. Damn! Who wouldn’t watch you?”

I took Candice’s remarks as a compliment and thanked her. We had a nice conversation as I walked her to the cashier. I offered to pay for her bottle of Pepsi along with my can of Sprite. She hesitated but I convinced her and Candice let me pay for her drink. Candice was a very gracious lady. I was also a polite gentleman obviously. Come on! Who wouldn’t be courteous to a lady as sizzling as Candice? You will always get something in return; like a nice blowjob. I gladly walked her outside the 7 Eleven store and then encouraged her to allow me to give her a ride. Candice accepted.

“Wow Mark! Nice BMW!” said Candice, astonished. “You must be a millionaire to afford such a car.”

“Candice, you must be worth millions to have such a body like that. Honestly, I’ll pay money for you to be on my waterbed,” I thought to myself.

“Yeah! Well! I do have a great job,” I told Candice as I examined this nice babe from top to bottom.

“So what do you work as Mark?” Candice asked.

“I ‘m an assistant president of a large corporation,” I replied.

“Ohhhhhh realllllyy!” Candice said looking surprised. “Are there any vacant full-time positions for a lovely lady like myself?”

Candice laughed and said she was kidding. However I still answered her question and said there was enough positions for well-qualified women. I was hoping she’d apply because she’ll get the position guaranteed no matter what skills she had. My boss was also that kind of person who would hire gorgeous women even if they weren’t well qualified to help the corporation. And trust me there is a reason why.

“I am currently looking for a well paid job and who knows, I might end up applying for your corporation,” said Candice smiling. “So what is your company called?”

“Entech, it’s a computer hardware and software corporation. Well suited for women,” I said.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Candice said. “So let’s get into your lovely car.”

She never noticed my wondering eyes while I was talking to her. I opened the front passenger door of my BMW for Candice. She slowly walked towards the car and bowed to get onto the seat; first placing both her hands on the seat and pulling herself into the car. Her sexy thong slowly became observable as she got into the car. My eyes widen, I just wanted to fuck her so bad. Candice sat down, looked at me and began to giggle. I gently closed the door and ran around my car and got onto the driving seat. I started the car as I turned my eyes towards Candice. I couldn’t stand firm over glancing at her breasts and looked on curiously at her cleavage. Candice never really looked back at me but began to giggle and smile as she looked at the road ahead.

“So are you comfortable?” I asked.

“Yes Mark, I am, thank you,” said Candice.

“So where would you like me to take you?” I asked politely.

“Well! Is it okay if you drop me off at a nearby Glover Street bus stop?” asked Candice.

“Yeah! Sure Candice, anything for a nice lady like you,” I said smiling.

“Thank you Mark, you are so sweet,” Candice remarked.

“Anything for you,” I muttered.

I turned the wheel and drove to the bus stop. We talked about varies things as we fully introduced ourselves to each other. Candice commented on how I always listened to her every word and how generous I was to give her a ride. She said I wasn’t like many guys who usually talk to her to get a one night stand. She never viewed me as that kind of person. We were slowly becoming friends as we chatted. I took a turn on Glover Street.

“So Mark, do you have a wife?” Candice asked raising the topic of relationship.

“I am not married Candice but I have a lovely girlfriend,” I told her. “It been almost a year since we started our relationship. She always makes me happy.”

“Oh I see, so what is this lucky one’s name?” Candice asked with a lovely grin.

“Christy,” I replied, smiling back.

“Has she ever spotted you cheating on her?” she asked as I looked at her suspiciously.

“Huh? Why would you raise a question like that?” I said irritated. “I would never ever cheat on her and never have.”

“Don’t get so heated. I was just wondering. Sorry for asking such a question,” Candice said apologizing.

I stopped at a red light adjacent to a Glover Street bus stop.

“Nevertheless, Christy is a fortunate girl to have a man like you. You are a bighearted type of guy and I can’t see any woman much luckier than Christy,” said Candice.

Candice told me that this was her stop and got out of the car. She expressed gratitude and closed the door saying bye without giving me a thank you kiss on the cheek. I felt as if I got nothing in return. I never even asked for her number and she never asked for mine. I felt such a fool. Okay, I know I have a girlfriend and I know Candice wouldn’t have given me her number knowing that I already had a girl, but this woman was too fucking sexy to give up. I cried in displeasure as she left me in the car all alone. As I waited for the traffic light to turn green I watched Candice waiting in the bus stop through the window. Candice was standing there with that sexy body.

I pictured myself with her in that bus stop as I slowly pull her sizzling tight jeans to her knees revealing that lacey, pink thong fixed onto her fucking, tight bangable ass. I force her against the bus stop window, bent over, with both her hands pressed to the glass; her rear facing me. I unbuckle my pants and drop them to my ankles exposing my ten inch, hardened cock. I then teasingly pull her thong down and slowly insert my cock into her tight, damp pussy; fucking her in and out as she moans with pleasure screaming my name.


I wanted to lick that slim belly and then move up to her top and fuck those two immense figures covered by it. The lights turned green and I pushed the accelerator, moving away from the bus stop as I watched her through my rearview mirror until she was out of site. It was tough luck and I had to live with that. I know I am too hungry for women. I have a girlfriend who loves me and yet don’t really give a damn if I cheat on her with another woman; well only if she doesn’t know about it. I will let you on a little secret, Christy is my girl but Christy isn’t my love, she is my bitch and by the way her full name is Christy Hemme. I could get her anytime I want and since I am a well-mannered gentleman, I always make her think I love her and I will try to never break her heart. That is what good boyfriends do. Don’t get me wrong here, Christy is one gorgeous babe and trust me; she is also one slutty bitch.

I sped down the street and turned right into Venice Drive and parked on the side of the residential road in front of a nice mansion. This manor was not mine; I didn’t have possession of it. This was my girl’s mansion or might I say my bitch’s mansion. The mansion was given to her by her wealthy billionaire of a father whom I consider a good father for raising such a slutty girl. Thank you Christy’s father for creating such a bangable woman! I got out of my BMW and walked towards the front driveway.

There! On the driveway! I see my girl washing her luxury Mercedes in a wet, white tank top and a mini skirt with cut out buckle sides. She was bending over as she wiped the windows clean with a white cloth. She was listening to tunes with the volume cranked up, coming from a boom box in her open garage. Her skirt was dripping with water and her long, wet legs looked beautiful. I continued walking towards her staring at her luscious, wet body. Christy was too busy cleaning along with her loud music deafening her, to even notice me or hear my footsteps. I stood behind her; her bent over rear facing me as if I was giving her a doggy. I figured she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath that skirt and believe me she hardly does. I took my index finger and gradually stuck it beneath her skirt without her noticing and just like that I was able to insert it into my slutty girl’s cunt.

“Hmmmmmmmmm!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Christy whined as I worked through her moistening hole with my finger.

She quickly dropped the cleaning cloth and stood up straight as I withdrew from her pussy. Christy turned around and looked at me. At that moment I saw her tits through her wet, sleeveless shirt. Her wet top basically clung to her tits making it visible to my sanctified eyes. Christy’s nipples were erect.

“MARK!!! What are you doing?” yelled Christy seeming infuriated.

“I just came to say hi,” I said smiling looking at her with my wondering eyes

“Why did you…you know…” Christy said feeling embarrassed, referring to what I did while she was bending over.

“Welllll! I thought you would like it,” I said looking into her eyes.

“I did Mark, but I didn’t want you to do it here,” Christy said softly.

I appeared bolted from the blue. I thought she wouldn’t mind knowing that she wasn’t even wearing any panties or bra outside on the driveway where random people can pass by glancing at this sexy bitch. I didn’t know why she felt uncomfortable outside.

“Are you mad at me Christy?” I said sarcastically with a puppy dog face.

“Awwwww! Mark, I can’t be mad at youuu!” she said forgivingly.

“Christy, I feel as if I offended you,” I said again mockingly.

I was just playing around with her, trying to make her feel as if I was becoming gloomy. She couldn’t tell if I was being sarcastic. Christy was a serious slut; flashing all her features outside in the open so that men could glance at my girl. Obviously, any man would have tried and hammer her from behind while she was washing her coupe and I’m sure she would have liked it. And the sad part is I wouldn’t have even cared if she was getting her brains fucked out. I just love watching her moan even if it’s from another guy. I also love jacking off while watching her finger herself to an orgasm. Oh yeah! You don’t know the countless possibilities of Christy Hemme.

“Nooo! You didn’t offend me. It’s just that you caught me by surprise…but don’t feel bad Mark, I love you too much to make you sad and nothing should ever come between us,” said Christy as she slowly moved her lovely lips toward mine kissing me and then wrapping her arms around my neck kissing me passionately on her driveway.

The boom box unexpectedly shutdown as Christy was kissing me; I took both of my free hands and placed each one on Christy’s butt cheeks underneath her wet skirt. I then began squeezing and feeling her ass and instantly spanked her left cheek hard.

“Ohhhhh Mark!” Christy groaned after spanking her.

I quickly pulled her by the ass closer to me ready for what I really wanted to do her. I slowly moved one of my hands onto Christy’s shaved area as I lifted her skirt with my other hand. I inserted my index finger into her hole, however this time she didn’t resist. She began fucking my index finger hard outside on her driveway. She kissed me, binding her arms around my neck as she moved up and down riding my finger.


Without doubt I knew she would love to have sex out where people can witness, and looking at her now I think she would scream for people to notice. As for me, I didn’t care if a mammoth crowd comes watching us. As long as I get a nice bitch, I wouldn’t give a damn. However, I had a feeling that people in neighborhood are peeking through their house windows watching us do our thing. Nevertheless I was craving to fuck her pussy with my rock solid cock out here against her car.

“Come on baby! Let’s do it right here, right now!” I said feeling horny.

“Mark? You want to fuck me?” Christy muttered, looking at my desperate eyes. “Ohhh baby! I love it when you want to fuck me. Let’s do it! But not here! Get into the back seat of my car.”

Without hesitation I removed my finger from her moistened cunt and opened the back seat door of her car with excitement. The windows of the car were tinted dark; therefore nobody would be able to see us inside; like I even cared! I got inside and sat down. Christy walked her sexy self around her car and opened the back seat door on the other side. She got into the car and we both closed the doors and locked it. Christy was on the back seat on her knees next to where I was sitting. She pulled her wet top off exposing her amazing breasts. Christy then gradually pulled her skirt off while on her knees. She was completely naked inside her own car as I watched her move closer, fondling with my magic stick inside my pants. She began licking her lips seeming as if she wanted me bad. Christy jumped on my lap as I removed my hands from my pants with her back rubbing against me. Her ass was on my hardened cock as she sat on my lap moving her ass around and massaging my cock within my buckled pants.

“Does that feel good Mark?” Christy asked as she continued rubbing her lovely ass on my lap.

“Ohhhh yeahhh babyyy !!” I moaned, about to cum inside my pants while Christy jumped around on my lap with her bare ass.

Before I could even explode, Christy soared herself off my lap and back to the seat next to me. I got off my seat and stood up slightly in the cramped car. I told her to lie on her back and extend her entire body on the back seat. I then slowly got on top above her legs and began licking her from her legs to her lovely thighs, forgetting about her juicy cunt for now and slowly licking her from her stomach to her fine breasts. Christy moaned slightly as I stuck my tongue throughout her amazing body. Right on then I began sucking on her immense breasts and licking her hard, erect nipples. I then with time lowered my head into Christy’s succulent shaved region. I wedged my tongue into her pussy as she screamed in pleasure.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!” Christy cried as her hips lifted above the seat due to the intense sensation coming from her g-spot. “AHHHHHH BABYY!!!! LICK MY PUSSY!! STICK IT IN DEEPER!!! AHHHHH!!!”

My lips came into contact with the lips of her vagina. I stuck my tongue as deep as possible into Christy’s hole. It tasted so good while I ate her pussy out. She cried out, deafening me.


Suddenly a mysterious person began banging on the car window. In panic I raised my head away from my girl’s cunt, but Christy took her hand and forced my head between her thighs. I couldn’t resist she was desperate. I resumed licking her cunt viciously as the thumping continued on the window.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Christy cried the roof off as her cum began dripping through her tightening pussyhole. She reached her orgasm

I couldn’t take the immense pressure buildup within my pants. I needed to ejaculate. As Christy screamed through multiple orgasms, I unbuckled my pants and pulled them to my knees while on my knees on top of Christy. I wanted to slam in my cock into her pussy; however I couldn’t; not while someone is violently knocking the window. I guess I can’t have good intercourse when I’m panicky. My pressurized cock was going wild. I was desperate to burst. I began stroking it very fast above Christy’s breasts while she was fingering her clits, still moaning. This unknown person was still trying to crack the car window, yet my mind was on Christy’s beautiful body and my cock.

“Mark! Don’t mind the person outside. I want you to cum on my tits,” Christy muttered licking the top of her lips with her tongue as she watched me moan ready to fire away.

I watched my babe moan, then I hit climax and went all the way as Christy closed her eyes and waited in anticipation while rubbing her g-spot.

“OHHHHHHH! OH MY GOD! AHHHHHH!!!” I whined exhausted as cum sprayed onto Christy sexy tits.

She took her hands and rubbed the cum all over her body as she moaned softly for the last time. I smiled and told her she was one hell of a girl. In my mind, she was one hell of a bitch! Now as for the knocks on the window, it still continued. We both now realized and had our minds on these mysterious bangs. I slightly opened the window not showing off to much of what was inside the car. My eyes were only peeking out through the window.

“Who is it?” I said exhausted after the intense orgasm.

“It is me, Andrew,” the mysterious voice said.

“Andrew?” I said.

“ANDREW!!” Christy yelled.

“Is that you Christy?” the voice said again.

Christy fearfully took her clothes and put them back on. I followed by pulling up my pants and buckling them up.

“Open the door Mark,” Christy demanded.

I opened the door and in popped a head.

“Hi Christy, I just came by to see how you are doing,” the so-called Andrew said.

“Andrew! What are you doing here? We already told ourselves not to see each other again,” shouted Christy.

I looked confused, wondering who this Andrew was.

“Christy? Who is this guy? Do you know him?” I said puzzled.

“Mark, this is my ex-boyfriend,” Christy replied.

“EX-BOYFRIEND!” I said shocked. “So this is the man who fucked you so many times before spotting him with another woman.”

“CHRISTY! Why do you always tell everyone?” roared Andrew. “We were just having a meeting with each other talking about how to run our business more efficiently. There weren’t any emotional connections between us. Christy, you have to understand.”

“Understand what? I spotted you flirting with this woman. You two were kissing and her hand was in your pants,” screamed Christy.

I watched as these two exchanged verbal abuse even though Andrew was more towards asking for forgiveness. Christy hardly forgave him as she got out the car from the other side. Andrew raised his head out of the car and watched Christy walk away back into her house.

“Christy you slut! Wear some decent clothes for once! I can see your fucking cunt underneath that skirt and your tits through that white top.” Andrew said laughing.

“SHUT UP ANDREW! GO BACK TO THAT BITCH WHO SLEEPS WITH YOU!” yelled Christy as she opened the front door to her home and went in.

I was still sitting on the back seat of Christy’s car. I looked at Andrew; he was laughing his ass off. I slowly got out of the car and stood in front of him. He turned his head towards me and began smiling at me.

“So you are this bitch’s new boyfriend eh?” Andrew chuckled. “I see you had some fun inside her car.”

“Haha! Well I wasn’t able to ram her because of you,” I said. “Your thumping on the window seriously freaked me out.”

“Ohh! Hehe! I’m sorry I ruined your moment,” he said mockingly. “I’m not trying to offend you or anything. All I am saying is that girl of yours fucked like twenty guys before us. Ever noticed why her pussy isn’t so tight within. There been enough dicks inside that slut.”

“SERIOUSLY!” I said with my eyes widened. “I know she’s a fucking slut. Just look at her! But I never thought of her fucking that many guys before I came along.”

“Honestly, you got to watch out for her. She’ll be sucking enough guys’ dicks without you knowing,” said Andrew. “Christy may love you but you seriously got to watch out for her. She can sometimes take advantage of you.”

“Advantage of me?” I said. “Honestly, you don’t know me. I don’t even love her. She isn’t taking advantage of me, I’m taking advantage her.”

“You Playa!” Andrew yelled grinning. “You the man! Take advantage of that bitch. But don’t lose her eh? You’re damn lucky to have a whore like this. I slap myself thinking about how I lost this girl. I had the best moments fucking her. Damn Yo! Don’t lose her!

“Yeah! Yeah! Don’t worry!” I said smiling. “And by the way, my name is Mark.”

“Yeah I’m Andrew,” he said shaking my hand.

“I figured after that fight,” I said, knowing his name.

He smiled and we both shook hands and Andrew gave me his cell number. He told me that we should hang around sometime. I also gave him my cell number. I was friends with my girl’s ex. Who would have thought! Andrew walked to his car and on his way he took a small rock and threw it at Christy’s car, laughing.

“Remember Mark! You’re one lucky bastard,” Andrew said laughing to his car.

“Alright later man,” I said as Andrew got into his Ford pick-up and drove away.

Now that my new friend Andrew was gone, I wondered what Christy was up to in her house. I bet she is really pissed off at Andrew. I stepped onto the front porch and opened the front door. I yelled Christy’s name as I went inside the house. There was no answer. I walked upstairs to the second floor and heard water running. It came from the bathroom. Christy was taking a shower. I opened the bathroom door and called for Christy.

“Yes Mark? What do you want?” Christy asked while washing herself in the shower stall.

I wasn’t able to see her while she was in the stall. I was only able to see a slight portion of her head as water sprayed from the shower head.

“I came to see if you are all right,” I said courteously.

“I’m sorry Mark, I’m sorry for what happened today,” apologized Christy.

The only thing on my mind right now was not if Christy was happy but how nice it would be to bang her in the shower. I felt my cock harden dramatically.

“It’s alright baby, don’t apologize. You did nothing wrong,” I said to her.

As I cheered her up, I stripped myself from my clothes. I was from top to bottom naked in her bathroom as my cock pointed to the shower stall.

“Here Christy, I will show you how much I love you,” I said as I walked towards the shower stall while Christy rinsed her luscious body.

I opened the stall door and got into the shower. I got wet as water began misting from the shower head.

“Mark!” Christy said surprised.

I got behind and wrapped my arms around her waist as I began kissing her neck. Her back rubbing against my chest while her butt cheeks rubbed against my cock; water pouring as I stood up against Christy. I then turned her around so that I can kiss her mouth to mouth. She inserted her tongue into my mouth as we French kissed. I lowered my head down to her tits and began sucking them as Christy quietly moaned.

“Here is your chance Mark,” said Christy as she turned around and placed her hands against the stall window, slightly bent over with her rear facing me. “Fuck me baby!”

This was my chance; I held my hard cock straight and slowly directed it into Christy’s nice, warm pussy. I then moved my hips back and forth slowly. Her pussy was so fucking warm and wet, yet not very tight.

“AHHHH! OHHHHH!!! BABYY!!!” Christy moaned as I picked up my speed. “FASTTERR MARKKK!!! HARDEERRRRRRRR!!!”

While I was still inside her, she pushed against the window and pushed me against the tiled wall of the shower stall. This time I didn’t have to do anything as she moved back and forth fucking my cock while I was leaning against the wall.

“AHH SHIT!!” I moaned as Christy slid my cock in and out of her moist pussy. “AHH! I’M GOING TO CUMM!!”


I held her hips and directed it in and out as she fucked me bent over, doggy style. I forced her hips to move faster and faster as her clits slammed into my balls. I could sense her almost reaching orgasm and as that pussy began contracting…


I felt her pussy bucketing and drowning my cock inside as her pussy tightened, struggling my cock deep inside her. Her cum began shooting out her clit. I couldn’t take the pressure and let her cunt do all the work as her constricting pussy forced me to ejaculate hard into her vagina.

“AHHHHHHH FUCKKKK!!!” I moaned. “Christy, your pussy did it real good.”

“Ohhh yeahhh baby! Your cum feels so good inside me.” Christy said whimpering.

My cum dripped out her vagina as I took my cock out of her. The shower rinsed us clean as I wrapped my arms around Christy and kissed her on the lips in the drizzling water. I gave her a final kiss and told her I was going to leave. We told each other goodbye as I left the shower stall with a smirk on my face. I dried myself up and put on my clothes. I left her bathroom and heard the telephone ring. I went to Christy’s bedroom to pick it up.

‘Hello,” I answered.

“May I speak to Christy please?” asked the caller.

“Christy is taking a bath,” I said courteously. “May I know who is calling?”

“Just tell her it’s Eva Longoria calling,” the caller said. “Also tell her I’ll be meeting her tomorrow night at around seven. Okay thanks.”

The caller hung up the phone. I walked back towards the bathroom and opened the door as Christy was still in the shower.

“Christy, someone by the name Eva called you just now,” I said. “She said to meet her at around seven tomorrow.”

“W-w-what?” Christy hesitated seeming frightened. “What else did she say!? Is that all she said!? What else she say? TELL ME!”

I looked at the shower stall awkwardly. Christy sounded fidgety and impatient. Was she hiding something? Or maybe it’s me thinking too much.

“No Christy, that is all she said,” I said.

Christy then thanked me and I closed the bathroom door. I walked downstairs to the main floor. Christy was still showering as I exited her house and into my BMW.

I was exhausted driving to my house. I just wanted to lie on my bed thinking about the nice fuck Christy and I had in the shower. I just forgot about the phone call. Suddenly I got a phone call from my cell.

“Heyyy Mr. Richens! I’m waiting for you!” the caller said in a seductive voice.

“I’m on my way!” I said ending the call.

I took a turn on Olive Street where my mansion was located. I then turned on my driveway and parked my car. As I got out of my BMW, I looked over my neighboring house. Before I left my house this morning, there was a for sale sign on that house and now it seems that they have taken it down. Somebody had bought the house and I suppose I have a new neighbor living beside me. I walked over to the house’s driveway and saw a Ford pick-up parked on the driveway. I stared at the pick-up and instantly turned towards the front door which opened. A woman walked out onto the front porch as I glanced.

“Candice?” I said shocked.

“Markk!” Candice glanced in surprise.

Just after Candice stepped out onto the porch, another person came out behind her shutting the door. I looked on stunned. It was Andrew!

“Mark? What are you doing here?” Andrew asked with a polite grin.

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here?” I said reversing his question.

“This is my girl’s new home. I just came to help her move some final stuff,” said Andrew.

I stared in astonishment thinking that Andrew was dealing with Candice.

“Candice, meet my friend Mark. Mark, this is my girl Candice,” introduced Andrew. “It seems as if you both already know each other.”

“Yeah, I met her at 7 Elevens,” I said, staring at Candice.

Is it just me or is Candice Michelle my new neighbor? I was speechless. I couldn’t believe my ears. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Candice will be living next door to me. I gazed at her. She looked so beautiful. She was wearing a black Lurex Long Sleeve Mini dress in stiletto heel sandals. Her dress tightly clung onto her body as I stared at those gorgeous legs of hers. Again she had a lot of cleavage. She was million times hotter than Christy and Christy is overwhelmingly hot just to let you know. Candice smiled at me, letting her hair lose from a ponytail and moving her head side to side to spread her hair evenly. I wanted to stuff my head underneath that dress. I wanted to hump that body of hers. Damn! I wanted to do every possible thing to her. Candice and Andrew stepped on to the driveway as Andrew held one of his arms around her neck.

“Hi Mark, How are you doing?” Candice greeted as I stared nervously at her with my ten inch cock becoming so stiff that it hurt inside my pants.

“I-I-I-I am doing fine,” I stuttered with my eyes and mouth wide open. “How are you doing?”

“I’m alright,” said Candice giggling at my expression. “I just moved here today. I am going to be staying at Andrew’s house for the night.”

“So I guess we’ll be neighbors,” I said nervously.

“Ohhh! Seriously! You live in that house!” Candice yelled shockingly. “Oh my god! I’ll be living beside a great-hearted man. I feel as if I’m blessed.”

I laughed at her statement.

“So I guess I will be meeting you soon,” Candice said as she got into Andrew’s pick-up.

“Hope to see you soon too! Bye!” I said sending them off.

I jumped in joy as I watched the Ford pick-up speed away. I was neighboring a fucking gorgeous woman who by the way is going to live alone in that house. I could picture it now, me lying on her bed naked as Candice lowered her pussy onto my cock and riding me hard on top. Oh baby! I can’t wait!

I walked joyfully to my property and took out my house keys. I unlocked the front door and went into my house, closing the door. It was eight o’clock at night. I walked upstairs to my bedroom fully energized with my cock so stiff thinking about Candice Michelle. Oh that Candice! Can’t wait to fucking rape you! I entered my bedroom and took of my shirt. On my bed lied a woman who was smiling at me. She was in her office uniform, a black long sleeve office jacket and in an ass-clinging, black office skirt.

“Hello Ms. Alba, How are you doing tonight?” I asked smiling.


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