Desperate Times

Desperate Times

***This story is just that, a story so it is fiction, a.k.a. not real. Therefore, this event never actually happened, but if it did it would have been amazing. Also, I obviously don’t own or have anything to do with any of the shows or products mentioned. Oh well, enjoy the story if you’re 18 or older***

Celebrities: Hayden Panettiere & Hilary Duff
Codes: MF, MMMF, anal, reluc à cons

Author: The Chemist

“How’s your assignment going baby, you look super stressed.” Hayden Panettiere asked her boyfriend Ryan who was sitting
at the old desk scribbling notes furiously. The desk was like most of the other things in their rundown apartment, old, dirty, broken or found in the garbage.

“It’s taking forever, what type of asshole instructor makes an assignment due a day before the midterm. Fuck!” Ryan McVeigh screamed as he slammed his pencil against his expensive textbook. His facial expression captured perfectly his mood at the time, which was one of complete despair.

“Listen up my McBaby. You are smart, determined and so much better than this material, you’re just too tense. So since I’m already done my essay and you are in serious need of a study break, why don’t we head into the bedroom and let me make you forget about advanced calculus.” Hayden said as stood bent over behind her boyfriend of the past two years as she wrapped her arms around his body and planted soft kisses on his neck.

“I doubt we will make it to the bed.” Ryan said as he stood from his chair, stepping around the desk to take his girlfriend into his arms so that he can kiss her, gradually slipping in his tongue as they wildly made out on the stained carpeted floor of their living room. She was only a mere 5’1 so he needed to bend down a considerable amount since he stood at roughly 6’4.

As Hayden intertwined her tongue with his, she began lifting the hem of his shirt up his massive frame and over his head, breaking the kissing momentarily. She then made short work of his sweatpants and boxers by simply tugging the drawstring and applying moderate pressure to have them clumped at the bottom of his feet, leaving him completely exposed. His impressive semi-hard cock laid dangling between his thick thighs, but it was growing by the second as she lowered to her knees and rubbed her smooth, girly hands over it until reaching its full size of 10 inches.

“No matter how many times this cock is inside me it never feels like enough” Hayden said as she took the large bulbous head into her mouth and gently sucked. She then dragged her plump lips over the head so she could pump the dick with her hand to allow her to tongue his balls, occasionally taking them entirely into her 17-year-old mouth. She decided it was time to get down to business with the blowjob so she licked from his scrotum up to the tip of his cock and plunged the first 4 inches into her heavenly mouth, bobbing her head with reckless abandonment. It seemed with ever few bobs she took more of the meat into her mouth until she was deepthroating his large pole at a slower, more controlled pace.

“Alright honey, enough of that or we won’t get to the good stuff. How about we get you naked now.” Ryan said in total bliss as he was still balls-deep in her gullet. Hayden withdrew his dick from her mouth and returned to her feet before being met with a fury of lingering kisses to the nape of her neck. She merely closed her eyes as he pulled her white tanktop over her head then he made similar quick work of her white bra then unbuckled her khaki shorts and slid them, along with her yellow thong to the floor. He made her take a few steps backwards until she collided with the side of the couch, making her fall backwards onto the ratty piece of furniture while exposing to him her smoothly shaven pussy. He immediately targeted her already hard clitoris and sucked it into his mouth as he worked two fingers into the very tight snatch of Hayden. All she could do was toss her head back, moan and play with her pink nipples as her boyfriend worked his expert tongue into her pink hole.

“Oh shit Ryan, I’m so horny. Fuck me now!” Hayden demanded, unable to resist her need for cock.

Ryan obliged and took her thick thighs into his hands and pulled her down onto his lap as he sat on his ass on the ratty carpet, her twat stopping an inch above his raging hard-on. Hayden worked herself onto her feet and squatted herself down fully onto his dick slowly, getting use to his thickness filling her small twat. Once fully descended and adapt to his size, she bite her lip and began to rise and fall along his pole, using his whole length to plunge herself down onto. Ryan was loving the feeling of her pussy clamped around him, almost milking him within the first few minutes of sex, so with her still on him, he rose to her feet and pinned her back against the wall so he could fuck her hard while standing. With her feet dangling and her B-cup tits bouncing with every drive into her, Hayden merely allowed herself to be ravaged fucked, even though the two maintained eye contact the whole time.

“Bring me to the table and fuck me hard babe,” Hayden said, knowing that being fucked on her back would let her stimulate her clit, which she did as Ryan laid her down on the creaky table as he stood at the edge.

“So close, so fucking close. Do me harder, rub my clit. Cum with me.” Hayden huffed as she was barely able to speak between groans of pleasure.

“I’m not ready yet baby, but I really need to get off tonight.” Ryan replied as he worked up a sweat to meet her exerting request. Hayden didn’t even get a chance to comprehend that sentence as she reached her climax with a series of load grunts and moans. Knowing that she wasn’t full of cum, Hayden understood it was her sole responsibility to get her boyfriend off, and there was only one sure why of that.

“I know how you hate fucking me in my 17-year-old tight asshole, but maybe just this once you could.” Hayden said, loaded with sarcasm. With that said, nothing else had to be, so Ryan pulled out of her reddened pussy and watched as she got down from the table, turn around to show off her baby-smooth ass, then pushed it out to bend over the table, showing off her exquisite bubble butt. Assuming that her pussy juice from her orgasm would be enough lube, Ryan took his slick cock into his hand and gently pushed it in until just the head was in.

“Move back when you’re good hunny.” Ryan said, sensing her pain from her tightness. Hayden relaxed and pushed back on his cock until he took the hint, which he did. He took the lead and slowly moved the length of dick in and out of her asshole, being certain to completely remove it to see the gap in her hole every time before diving back in. He gradually increased his speed until he was really sawing into her ass, making her drop her hand onto her clit and rub furiously. Unable to withstand her clamp-like anus, Ryan pulled out of her asshole, at the same time she came again all over her hand, and blew his load into her opened butthole. Hayden used the hand that was pleasuring herself to send three fingers into her own ass and scoop out the recently deposited cum, which she brought to her mouth and slurped down.

“Yum. If there’s something I can’t get enough of is sperm, and chocolate. I still owe you a second orgasm so why don’t we shower up and I’ll take care of that.” Hayden said while still digging in her anal orifice for more of the delicious ooze. Together the naked couple headed towards the bathroom where they started the water, adjusted the temperature then jumped in. Hayden was the first into the water, but stayed just long enough to fully wet her flowing blonde hair so that it was a darker dirty blonde color that was drenched throughout. Once wet, she turned around to face her older boyfriend Ryan and began kissing him, massaging his tongue with hers as her right hand wandered down to his growing erection. As the gushing water cascaded over her backside making it glisten in the light, Hayden slowly made her way down Ryan’s body by planting soft kisses, starting with his neck, over his muscular shoulders, down his washboard abs before ending up on her knees in front of his erected manhood. She continued to use her right hand to pump his cock as she lowered her mouth to take the head of it into her mouth so she could lick the piss-hole. She shortened her strokes so she could get half of his dick between her plump lips while still trying to get more in with every load slurp, seeming to love the taste of her own asshole from earlier in the evening. Eventually Hayden had worked his meat into the end of her throat, burying all of his cock into her mouth so that she held it there with her nose embedded into his trimmed pubic hair.

“Let me take it from here.” Ryan said as he grabbed her by the side of the head and withdrew his cock almost completely from her oral opening before thrusting it back down into her throat. Hayden just allowed her boyfriend to facefuck her since it was one of his favorite sexual activities ever since she first succeed in deep-throating last year when she visited him in his dorm and sucked him off while writing an essay. She sucked him off until he came for the second time that night, which he did by shooting it all over her pretty face, the first squirt landing on her forehead while the second, third and fourth shot hit her in the right eye, nose and mouth, respectively.

“Hopefully that relaxes you for the rest of the night baby, I just hate seeing you frustrated.” Hayden said as she used her fingers to shovel the semen from her face into her mouth to swallow.

“I know, it’s just all this school work and then the fact that the banks are beating down the door for their loan money just piles up. Oh, I forgot to tell you but Dave and I play tonight in our basketball league so I have to head out. Christian is probably going to stop by to pick up the old assignment so just invited him in and get it out from the desk, but I got to run, Finish showering and I’ll see you later. Love you.” Ryan said as he kissed Hayden as he stepped out of the shower.

“Love you too, see you later tonight.” Hayden replied as her boyfriend was already in the process of getting dressed and running out of the door. After 10 more minutes in the shower, Hayden stepped out and grabbed a towel to dry when she heard a knock at the door.

“Hey Christian, come on in.” Hayden said while still dressed solely in the towel. “Ryan forgot he had a game so he told me to give you the assignment, so take a seat as a dig it out from the desk.”

The tall, dark and handsome Christian simply nodded as he stared at the glory of the near naked, shimmering golden goddess in front of him as he felt his dick go hard. He followed her over to the couch where he took a seat as she bent over to look in the desk, nearly right in front of him as he could almost see her bare ass as the towel rode up almost enough. Many thoughts were running through the Portuguese’s mind as Hayden finally found the papers she was looking for and stood straight up to face him.

“Okay I found it, let me just get dressed and I’ll pour us a drink” Hayden said as she handed over the work to her boyfriend’s friend. A little over a minute later, Hayden emerged from the bedroom dressed in a pair of orange short shorts and oversized black tee shirt, obviously with no bra underneath given the way her tits were bouncing as she approached. Hayden looked in her fridge, but realized it was nearly empty again, so settled for offering Christian a glass of water as she took a seat next to him on the couch. Christian was cocky and smug, so interpreted Hayden’s actions as signals that she wanted him, by the way she answered the door, her bedtime attire and seating arrangement. Using his disturbed since of reasoning he placed his hand onto the exposed inner thigh of the gorgeous teenager beside him and leaned in to open mouth kiss her. Hayden was completely shocked by the actions of her friend and immediately pulled away and slapped him across the face while also raising to her feet to order him out of her home.

“You are suppose to be Ryan’s friend you asshole.” Hayden shouted as she demanded him to leave at once.

“Baby you know you want it, I’m good looking, rich and popular and you should be with me.” Christian said as he stood and strode out of the door, which was angrily slammed behind him. Hayden tried to put what had just happened out of her mind by attempting to do some homework, but all she could think of was that creep trying to make a move on her. Once Ryan returned from his basketball game, Hayden vented to him the events of the night and demanded that he take action against his former friend. Ryan vowed to get to the bottom of what occurred, but in the morning as it was approaching midnight and he still had more work to finish, so Hayden headed to bed alone.

With only 4 hours of sleep obtained for what seemed like a thousand consecutive days, Ryan rolled out of bed and got ready for school before riding his bike the 20 miles to campus. He attended his classes and tutorials and at the end of the day he walked by the dorms and entered the building in which Christian lived.

“What the hell man, Hayden told me what happened.” Ryan said, pissed off at his one-time buddy.

“She was sending me signals, I figured she wanted a great fuck as my reputation states for itself.” Christian replied, obviously not phased by the rage.

“Fuck, she’s my girlfriend. Why would she stick with my broke ass just to get her kicks by flirting with my friend. She loves me and would never hurt me.” Ryan yelled.

“Dude I would gladly pay you for a session with her, even with all the girls I get I’ve always had my eye on that young piece of ass. Plus I’ve seen you’re apartment and the eviction notices you’ve received.” Christian said.

“You’re fucking serious, you’re a sick person, I can’t believe I considered you a friend.” Ryan said as he walked away in disgust. With a quick look at his watch he discovered it was pushing 5 o’clock so he hoped on his bike and cycled home where he would prepare pasta for dinner for when Hayden got home around 6 o’clock. As he made dinner, Ryan was consumed with the thought of Christian wanting him to pimp out his girlfriend. Unfortunately, the rich prick was right, he and Hayden were broke-ass poor, they had spent over penny they had saved on university as Ryan was injured in the first year of his basketball scholarship so had to pay for the next two years. Hayden expected an academic scholarship, but played nurse for Ryan that year and didn’t get the marks, so had to spend all her money on her first year, which she was currently in. Between the two of them, they barely had enough money to feed themselves, having to receive free food at shelters the odd time just to get by. That is why Ryan had to think about this offer by Christian for using Hayden had a prostitute, so finally he had to take action.

“Christian, its Ryan. Listen, how much were you talking about for what you said earlier.” Ryan asked on his cell phone.

“So you’ve given it a little thought I see. Well it would only be a one time deal, so lets say 200 bucks. Oh, and lets do it tonight.” Christian answered as a smirk creeped across his face.

“500, not a penny less, and this is just to pitch it to Hayden, no guarantee.” Ryan said as he hung up, hating his friend for making him even think of doing this to the love of his life. Ryan now had to think of how he was going to not just ask Hayden to do this for them, but to make her fellow through on it, provided she was still talking to him after the original question.

Hayden arrived just after 6 and throw her bag on the floor before giving Ryan a hug and sitting down across from him as the two began dinner. Hayden was looking incredibly sexy as she was wearing a white blouse with black pants that looked as if they were painted onto her glorious figure. She was also in a good mood, so this was the time to break her the news.

“So babe, we got another eviction notice today. Same as the others, we have until the end of the week to owe 600 hundred. All I have is $150, what do you have?” Ryan asked her.

“Well I made 50 dollars today for selling clothes, so I have like $125. They said they would just kick us out the next time we were short on month.” Hayden said.

“Shit. Oh, by the way, I talked to the asshole Christian today and you wouldn’t believe the sick son of a bitch. He offered me to whore you out to him tonight.” Ryan said, casually bringing up the topic.

“What a jerk. So he thinks paying me a few hundred to fuck him would make us forgive him.” Hayden responded angrily.

“Well he offered $500, not like it matters.”

“$500? Wow I must be hot if people would pay that much to fuck me.”

“Oh you’re hot for sure hunny, and it would keep us off the street.”

“So you want to rent me out?”

“Only if you want to. I would forgive you for sleeping with him.”

“Are you sure it’s not too late to get the rent money in?”

“Yeah, we have only 1 more day to get it in.”

“Are you sure? This could really fuck us up.”

“Hayden I love you and you love me. Are relationship could handle this, and it is the only alternative to living on the streets and dropping out of school.”

“Make the call. I’ll do it, just this once though. We’ll make sure we work enough for next month.”

Ryan grabbed his cell phone once they were done eating and stepped outside onto the balcony of their apartment as he dialed Christian.

“Okay Christian, she’ll do it. $500 bucks before she even steps through the door. You wear a condom, you cum once, then she leaves. No anal, she hates it.” Ryan said as he set out the guidelines.

“Sounds good to me. Make sure she’s here in a half hour.” Christian said as he hung up the phone.

* * *

“Okay babe, he and I went over the rules and he’d be really stupid to go against them. Last chance to get out of this.” Ryan asked as he and his stunningly gorgeous girlfriend Hayden Panettiere stood outside of his friend Christian’s apartment.

“Yeah I’ll be fine. This is the only option.” Hayden said as she knocked on the door as she was still wearing a white blouse with black pants from earlier in the day. Christian answered the door and a housecoat, clearly ready for the event that was about to take place with $500 dollars in his hand, which he promptly gave to Ryan. Ryan barked the rules out again at him before kissing Hayden and leaving to go sit in the library and wait for Hayden to meet him.

“Okay well you’re boyfriend is a bit of a tight ass so we should get right down to business my hired sex slave. As much as I want to impress you with the ease at which I can get you off, tonight is all about me so why don’t you get down on your knees and suck me off. I’ll tell you when to stop.” Christian ordered once they were inside his locked dorm room.

Obediently, out of a mixture of shame and compliance, she dropped to her knees to take his cock into her hand and start to stroke it to life. Once it reached full length, Hayden licked all along the sides of the 9-inch cock before putting the head past her plump lips and began sucking. Although she was being semi-forced to perform sexually for this creep, she was going to give it her all and make sure there was no complaints about the price; she would earn every cent of it. She gradually worked his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, using her right hand to stroke the rest of the prick while using her left to fondle his balls. She was hoping that if she got him to cum by giving him head, then she would be off the hook for sleeping with him, so she began to deep-throat him, plunging it down her throat for several seconds before slowly removing it, gliding her tongue along the underside. Just as she felt his balls beginning to tense up, prompting his orgasm was imminent, Christian freed himself from her grasp.

“Impressive Hayden. I see Ryan wasn’t lying when he boasted about your dick-sucking abilities. Now I want to know if he was as accurate about how wild a fuck you are. Do a little striptease for me to lose the clothes then get on the bed on all fours” Christian said rather smugly.

Hayden was far too humiliated at this point to even resist, so she climbed back to her feet and went to the middle of the room. She started to move her hips back and forth and get into some rhythm, which was hard with music, but she didn’t care too much as she just wanted to get this night over with. She rather briskly popped open her white blouse to expose her white bra underneath before unbuttoning her pants, turning around and slowly wiggling out of them to show off her full thong-clad ass. This playful display not only brought hunger to the eyes of Christian, but a smile to the face of Hayden as she started to have fun by pushing the circumstances out of her mind. She was determined to have a little fun, anywhere she could get it so played into Christian hormones and shock her ass for him, letting her plump cheeks bounce every which way as she unhooked her bra and tossed it to him. Finally she was prepared to shed the last barrier keeping her monogamous twat from her “john” when he spoke again.

“Please, allow me. You just get onto the bed.” Christian said, sporting the biggest erection of his life.

Hayden hopped up onto the bed with her ass facing Christian, who promptly followed behind her. He hooked his fingers inside the edges of her black tiny thong and yanked it down to her knees, unable to go any further. His first site of her perfectly shaven pussy would last forever in his mind, it was glistening and inviting so like a dog who hadn’t eaten for a week, Christian plunged his mouth onto her pink cunt. He had no thoughts on pleasuring her, but rather to taste every square inch of her box and once that was accomplished he moved his mouth upwards until his licks landed upon her puckered asshole. This caught Hayden by surprise as she thought there was no anal in the arrangement, but she let it slide since it wasn’t doing any harm especially since he could really toss a salad! His perimeter licking soon turned into penetrating tongue lashing, pushing his tongue past her tight sphincter and into her tantalizing ass.

“Tell me how much you love having your asshole licked” Christian said as he took a momentary break of lapping her rectum.

“Oh Christian I love you rimming my ass. Fuck it feels so good” the usually conservative blond bombshell screamed. “Fuck me, I need you to fuck me. That’s what I’m here for, so fuck me silly big boy”

Christian was now the one being dominated, but he didn’t mind as he positioned himself behind Hayden and slowly entered her, being considerate to allow her pussy to stretch to his size before full-fledge pounding her. Due to her pleasure-induced hysteria from the rim-job, she failed to notice that Christian hadn’t put on a condom, which he greatly appreciated. After a few gentle thrusts, he abandoned the tenderness and did what he felt like, which was fucking the hell out of her teenage twat and to his surprise was the moans of pleasure coming from his hired whore, which seemed to increase the harder he went. Encouraged by her liking it rough, he started crashing his hand down very hard onto her round bottom, leaving large red marks and making it jiggle. To his amusement, Hayden loved it and moaned louder with each slap, which were coming as fast as he could. When his arm started to exhaust he opted for a more passive approached so he pulled out and laid on the bed, his cock standing straight up. Hayden was temporarily upset then realized it was her turn to control the pace so she eager jumped on his cock and sunk right down to the bottom. She grinded her hips a little before pulling herself almost complete off his dick before dropping all the way down, a process she continued while increasing the speed. Christian was making good use of his hands by mulling the blonde’s tits, which were conveniently bouncing right in front of his face.

“You seemed to like my ass so much, why don’t you get a good look of it as I fuck you” Hayden said seductively as she pulled herself off the sexy coed and turned around to mount him reverse cowgirl style. Christian was memorized by watching her ass jiggle every time she brought herself down onto his lap as she continued to ride his cock with such passion and purpose. An idea suddenly occurred to him and his goal was to know make Hayden cum, make her cum so badly that she can’t control herself. He half sat up as she kept working his cock and used his fingers to massage her exposed clit, which was might with a very accepting response. He kept doing this until he knew she was close to her orgasm then would stop for awhile, then would go back to rubbing until she was on the brink and stop again.

“Please let me cum Christian. I need it bad” Hayden begged.

“You’re my sex slave Hayden, what’s in it for me if I let you cum?” Christian asked, wanting her to give in to him.

“I don’t know, I’ll suck you off again after you cum. Please let me cum, I’m so close” she begged again.

“You know what I want Hayden, I want that tight asshole of yours. Tell me I can have it and you get to cum and I’ll make it the best orgasm of your life.” Christian knew he had her as he once again brought her to the brink before stopping.

“Fine, fuck me in the ass but be gentle and never tell Ryan. Now make me cum damn it and it better be worth it.” Hayden said, knowing Ryan would be enraged if he ever found out, not to mention she was now going to dread the minutes following her orgasm.

Hayden pushed her off his cock and laid her down on the carpeted dormitory floor and bent her legs over her, nearing her head so her ass and pelvis was sticking in the air. He then pushed his cock back into her pussy, this time his head grinding right against her g-spot with every thrust, meanwhile his hand was rubbing furiously at her swollen clitoris again. Within second Hayden was screaming at full volume as wave after wave of her orgasm hit her, nearly passing out due to the powerful sensations.

“Now my fun begins” Christian said as he kept Hayden in the same position as he slipped his cock out of her cunt and took to his knees to lick up her asshole again. After it was nice and wet, he dipped his dick back into her soaking wet pussy to get moist again before placing his head at the entrance of her asshole. He gave it a little force but nothing happened, so he increased the pressure until finally he broke the plain, much to the displeasure of the young blonde who was groaning in pain. Slowly, and painfully to Hayden, he pushed his dick until he buttomed out, then removed himself entirely before doing it again, but faster. After every few thrusts he pulled out altogether and plunged into her sensitive cunt for a few strokes before returning to her unbelievably tight asshole, which seemed to go back to its original contraction every time he returned. The piledriving lasted a pain-inducing 10 minutes for Hayden, most of the time she spent on the verge of tears, screaming in pain and hoping for him to cum, which he finally did. He pulled out of her now loosened rectum brought his cock right in front of her face.

“Open your mouth and suck me until I’m dry. I better not be able to even have to hint of your ass on my dick afterwards.” Christian demanded.

Hayden was about to make her protest when as she opened her mouth he stuffed in his meat, forcing her to take in the taste of the own ass and lingering hints of her pussy juice. To her surprise, the taste started to lessen and miraculously it turned into something not bad, so she began to eagerly work the cock in and out of her mouth, cramming every inch in to suck the flavour off it. Christian could not hold out any longer and started to cum into the gorgeous coed’s mouth, filling it up until there was no room left so Hayden had to withdraw it from her mouth and the final strands landed on her face, covering her forehead, nose and chin. Hayden was surprised by the sweet tang of his cum, Ryan’s was always so bitter, so she easily swallowed it down then used her fingers to scoop the shots on her face into her hungry mouth. Christian helped her accomplish this by using his head as a swab and dragging the semen to her.

“Listen, no one else needs to know about this so don’t tell anyone. I don’t want people thinking I’m some slut or something.” Hayden said as she hunted down her clothes and redressed herself.

“Oh no problem Hayden, no one will ever know” Christian said as he walked her out of his room and into the hallway where her boyfriend Ryan was waiting. Ryan gave a spiteful glare at Christian before walking away with Hayden. Once they were gone Christian went back into his room when the closet door opened and out came his roommate Mike, holding a digital camcorder.

“Did you get it all?” Christian asked.

“Every second, and from multiple angles. I set up a few extra cameras around the room too. I guess it helps having a roommate in cinema. I’ll start editing right away, you can come watch if you want” Mike said rather smugly.

“I trust your work, plus I’m exhausted. Come get me when you’re finished and I’ll have a look. This slut will be the most sought-after pussy in school history.”

* * *

It was a quiet ride home for Hayden and Ryan as they made the short drive to their apartment as Ryan didn’t know what to say and Hayden’s actions of the night were keeping her silent. She couldn’t believe she let another man touch her like that and even worse was the feeling that she liked what happened, how he made her feel as he had sex with her. All this was too much to comprehend for both of them so once they arrived home they both ready for bed and slept on their own side of the bed, not comfortable enough to cuddle after what had happened.

The couple talked the next day and worked out most of their problems, finally getting over their feelings and going back to there normal lifestyle, even the sex, however there was a bit of a difference. Hayden had started to realize Ryan wasn’t that good in bed, and stopped swallowing his load due to the horrible taste of it, meanwhile Ryan kept thinking Hayden’s pussy was abnormally loose, even though it wasn’t true. Gradually they stopped having sex and were becoming somewhat distant from one another.

Meanwhile, in student residence, Christian and Mike had finished their video and were now passing them out between their friends, explaining the situation and how anyone with money could get a piece of that fine ass. Word was spreading around campus of Hayden’s exploits, which had become the hottest issue around school.

Unfortunately, it was an even slower month for Ryan work-wise as they continued to struggle for money to pay rent, bills and car payments. He tried picking up extra shifts but work had slowed down and now was rent was due in a few days, not to mention hydro and gas. Then he received the most unwelcoming of news, first he was being laid off from his highest-paying job and the apartment complex was raising its prices. The pressure was mounting again and Ryan knew there was only one way out of it, considering they were a thousand dollars in debt for the month.

“Hayden listen. We need money and fast. We have to pay all the bills in two days and rent went up again. We have to sell you out again if we want to avoid living on the street. Of course, say the word and forget about it, you don’t have to do it” Ryan said one night over dinner.

“Whatever, set it up and I’ll do it” Hayden said as she finished eating and went into the bedroom to be alone.

Ryan entered an hour later and told her she was to meet with Paul after classes tomorrow and he was going to pay the whole one thousand dollars, but he was going to get the rest of the day with her.

“What? This creep gets to have me for a whole day?” Hayden said shocked.

“Yeah he drove a tough bargain but he was the only one willing. Everyone else was offering very little money because of the short notice. Just get past tomorrow and we’re set for the next month, hopefully longer. I’ll find ways to make more money, I need time though.” Ryan pleaded. “I don’t like this anymore than you do but we have to. It kills me to rent you out to these assholes but it has to be done.”

“Fine, tomorrow after class for the rest of the day. Should be fun,” Hayden said sarcastically. Truth be told, Hayden was somewhat anxious for the next day, after all her sex life with Ryan had all but dried up and she was as horny as ever so hopefully this Paul is as good as Christian.

* * *

Hayden was nearly done all of her classes for the day, minus the last few minutes of her philosophy class as she sat anxiously awaiting being released. Her nerves had increased from last night as she was wondering what she would have to do to equal the grand Paul was paying for her. He was probably some nerd that was in university because of his rich parents and was looking to lose his virginity and had some of mommy and daddy’s money left over. However, once the professor ended and she made her way towards the door, Professor Anderson stopped her.

“Hello Hayden. I really liked your assignment on the difference between gamesmanship and sportsmanship, however I need to discuss with your referencing. If you have a few minutes I can talk to you about it in my office now.” The professor asked, who was dressed in navy dress pants, a gray dress shirt and a brown sports coat. He was about 45 years old with short brown hair and was roughly 6’2” with a somewhat slim build.

“Um, sure. Yes I definitely have time.” Hayden said, knowing that keeping the nerd waiting an extra few minutes wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Hayden followed the professor out of the lecture hall and into a series of corridors to his office, which was in the back corner of the building. It was a small office with a desk in the middle of the room with a black leather chair behind it and a few chairs in front of it. All that was on the desk at the moment was a laptop, which was open.

“Hayden, I have something to show you,” Professor Anderson said to the hot blonde who was dressed in a green golf shirt, black miniskirt and black boots that went up to her knees. Hayden walked behind the desk to where he was and looked at the laptop that was playing a video. Her face instantly went the palest shade of white as she was looking at herself stripping out of her clothes in front of a very naked Christian.

“Someone was kind enough to pass this video on to me and I was quite shocked by the content. Here was one of my best, hardest-working students having sex for money on a sex tape. Now this type of situation is unprecedented so I think it best to just report this to your parents and let them handle the punishments.” Professor Anderson said.

“Please no professor, they’d kill me. I’ll do anything for them not to see or hear about this” Hayden begged as she turned and faced him. At that moment, she knew what the professor wanted and she was trapped.

“I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement,” Professor Anderson said as he rotated Hayden around and bent her over the desk with her firm, skirt-clad ass sticking up in the air. He bent down slightly to lift up her skirt before taking down her panties and stared face to face with the most beautiful ass he had ever seen.

“I know my office is in a rather remote part of the building, I still can’t have you making to much noise,” he said as he took her panties and brought them to her mouth.

“At least put on a condom,” Hayden said, defeated, before accepting the thong into her mouth.

“And miss some of the pleasure? I don’t think so whore. I figured you’d be on the pill if you’re some sort of prostitute.” Professor Anderson said as lowered his pants to reveal his already rock-hard 10” cock. He took hold of himself and gently smacked her ass cheeks before plunging himself into her pussy. Hayden was happy she had her thong in her mouth as she immediately bite down on it to help divert the pain. However, once she got use to the quick entrance, it started to feel good and she become wet, much to the delight of her teacher.

“This was my favourite part of the video, when he sticks it in your ass. Come to think of it, that’s a great idea.” He said, eluding to her sex tape that was still playing on the computer inches away from her head.

To her amazement, the professor was very gentle as he worked in his rod to her asshole, putting in just the head past her tight sphincter before very gradually working in the rest of his 10 inches into her anal cavity. However, he was going much to slow for her liking, surprising herself for actually preferring a certain type of ass fucking.

“Screw me hard, professor. Give it to me hard.” Hayden said, straining her voice against the panties in her mouth. Right on cue, the professor did as he was told and really started to pound his dick into her butt, causing a slapping noise whenever his pelvis collided with her ass, which was sporting a little sheen of sweat to make it glisten. Each thrust made the wooden desk creak a little, but it didn’t last long as the feverish pace seemed too much for Mr. Anderson and he pulled out. Hayden quickly dropped to her knees and took his member into her mouth to milk every last drop of cum from it, savoring the mildly sweet taste in her mouth before swallowing the load down. Professor Anderson fell backwards into his chair to recover from the action as Hayden fixed her skirt and gathered her things.

“Oh Hayden, see you next week at the same time.” Professor Anderson said as she walked out the door.

The last few words Hayden would definitely remember as the instructor proved to be a good partner. Now Hayden had to make the trek across campus to meet with this Paul character and spend the rest of the day and night with him.

* * *

Hayden had finally reached the North Residence where Paul leaves only 20 minutes late, due to Professor Anderson’s little talk about her paper. She knocked on the door and when the door swing open she was greeted by the site of a man who was roughly 5’9” with an athletic build, blonde hair and pretty cute.

“Hi Hayden, I’m Paul. I talked with your boyfriend on the phone yesterday and again today when he picked up the money.” Paul said, inviting the petite blond into his dorm. This dorm was different than Christian’s as this was more apartment-style, with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room.

“Haven’t I seen you around before? You look really familiar.” Hayden questioned.

“I’m the running back for the football team.” Paul answered.

“Oh right, there was some big write-up in the school paper how you’re the biggest recruit in school history. I have to ask, why pay for me when you could probably get any girl in the school?” Hayden asked, talking quite freely.

“Well when I came here it was for football and it took up all my time, I didn’t study much and my grades reflected. I got a few tutors for different subjects and they pulled me up to a C average. Well, my tutors decided they wanted an unusually form of payment from me once they heard of you and the services you provide. Since the school not only paid my way but give me spending money each month, I had the goods to pay.” Paul explained to the astonished Hayden.

“You mean I’m not having sex with you?”

“No, I have a girlfriend. I’m just the middleman for my shy tutors. This is their apartment, they are in the room.” Paul said as he gathered his things and left, leaving Hayden in the doorway alone. She started to walk towards the door that was slightly ajar with the light on, opening it to find 3 men sitting anxiously on the large makeshift bed they created by pushing together 2 of the small twin beds into the middle of the room.

“Hi, my name is Wayne, this is Carl and he’s Lou.” Wayne said, one of the trio of nerds. Wayne was roughly 6’ tall, slightly overweight with a big round head and brown hair.

“So you are the guys that I’m spending the rest of the day with? Sorry to be intrusive, but are you guys virgins?” Hayden asked, still a little dumbfounded that she would be the sex kitten for a couple of nerds.

“Yes and no. This is Paul’s gift to us for helping him pass his courses. The buzz was all around school about you and the video was so hot we decided this would be ample payment. And last year for helping the star quarterback he gave us a few groupies.” Carl explained, whose appearance resembled a troll with a short, heavy-set body, large head and wild-like long black hair.

“Wow has the whole campus seen that damn video.”

“It’s quite popular, in fact most video on the free video site its received the most views.” Lou said, who is a tall skinny black man with a curly hair and a slight French accent.

“Okay so what do you want to do, like how do you want to start? Who’s first?” Hayden asked as she shrugged her book bag to the floor.

“Actually, we’ve watched a lot of porn since last year and studied all of the options available. We really like the double penetration a lot so we want to start there,” one of the nerds said.

“Um I’ve never done that so I’ll have to walk me through it.” Hayden said, showing no apprehension.

This motivated the trio and they stood almost in unison and started to undress as the tiny blonde did the same, but in a much less rushed attitude.

“Don’t take the boots off, they look hot.” Carl said.

As Hayden stood there naked in front of the three men in just her knee-high boots, her B-cup size tits on full display, she eyed up the trio. Carl’s cock mirrored the rest of his physical appearance of short and fat, probably only 6 inches long but a good 3 inches of girth. Wayne’s was a modest 7 inches with normal width while Lou’s was a good 12 inches with at least 2 inches of girth, nearly the size of Hayden’s forearm. The size of his member made her jaw drop, then she had to whip the ensuing drool that came running out of her mouth.

Taking the lead, Wayne got onto the enlarged bed and laid on his back with his dick standing straight up then gave Hayden the wave to come over. She straddled his lap before working in him into her pussy and got riding on a normal pace, until Lou jumped on the bed directly in front of her and presented his third arm to her. She eagerly accepted the challenge of getting it into her mouth by getting right to work, managing the first few inches but struggling for anything more. Meanwhile, the neanderthal-like Carl mounted the bed to the rear of the pint-sized blonde babe and started rubbing his fingers against her tight backside hole, which were coated in a generous amount of vaseline, much like his own cock was.

“I hear this helps with the pain, after all it’s a long night,” Carl said in an attempt to calm her before popping the head of his chubby into her butthole. He definitely knew what he was talking about as the lubed glided the cock all the way into the hilt without considerable pain, which was saying something given the dimensions. The tripod action didn’t last very long as Wayne began to cum inside Hayden’s tight twat due to her hard humping. Hayden herself came next causing her anal sphincter to tighten in pulses, which was easily enough to have Carl blowing his load as well. Lou came last but not long there after Carl as the moans from Hayden pushed him over the edge and he unloaded wave after wave of thick cum into her mouth, which she gladly accepted.

“The shower is in through there, go wash up and we’ll meet you back in here for round 2.” Wayne said as he continued to lay on the bed, exhausted. Hayden knew her night was just starting with these three but she wasn’t regretting it at all, in fact she was quite curious as to what other ideas the boys had thought up.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the school library, Ryan was trying to bury himself in work to try and get his mind off what Hayden was doing at this very same minute. As he was ineffectively learning about radiation biology, he received a tap on the shoulder and spun around to see his lab partner Hilary Duff staring him in the face. Hilary resembled his girlfriend Hayden in size and hotness, but had dark brown hair and thick lips, she was also wearing a red tanktop with a jean skirt and skate shoes.

“I’ve been here awhile and haven’t seen you take a break, I’m gonna go grab lunch, care to join?” Hilary asked.

“No I’m, I’m not that hungry,” Ryan said searching for an excuse, but as he said that an audible hunger pang come rumbling from his stomach.

“Come on, my dorms only a few minutes from here and I make a great grilled cheese sandwich. Plus from the sounds of things you could use a friend right now.” Hilary said, eluding to the high frequency of rumors about Hayden being pimped out to his best friend.

“You’re right, plus I really am starved,” he said as he packed up his books as she lead him out of the library and to her dorm. Once they arrived, they went into the floor’s kitchen and made some grilled sandwiches before taking them back to Hilary’s room, which was empty due to her roommate leaving for the weekend. Ryan explained what had occurred over the past month with Hayden and how it really put a strain on their relationship and how he needed to just forget about it for awhile.

“I have a great idea,” Hilary said as she stood from the bed where they were eating and brought back with her a bottle of tequila. She took the lid off and passed the bottle to Ryan, which he gladly accepted and took a hefty sip. He passed the bottle back to Hilary, who took a little bit before handing it back to Ryan who was more in need.

“You know Hil, you’ve been a great friend,” Ryan said, obviously drunk. “I really needed someone to talk to and Hayden has just been so distant lately.”

“You know Ryan, we don’t need to mention Hayden again,” Hilary said as she moved closer to him. “Just let me make it better.”

And after those words were spoken Hilary brought her lips to Ryan’s and began making out. Kissing soon turned to Hilary unbuttoning his shirt before undoing his khaki shorts and sliding down his legs, which she followed to the ground by coming to a rest on her knees. She took down his bowers and immediately grabbed his cock and started stroking it to life while closing her mouth around his swelled balls. Once she had him at full length she swapped his nuts for the 10 inches of flesh and worked the head into her mouth with loud slurping noises escaping from her lips that seemed to be made especially for dick sucking. She continued to gave him a super wet blowjob as she moved down the shaft until her nose was butting up against his pubes because she had engulfed the whole rod.

“Fuck me baby, tonight I’m yours. Do what you want to me.” Hilary pleaded to hr very drunk lab partner.

Ryan took over from there by getting to his feet and lifting off her tanktop, followed by her bra to leave her C-cup sized tits bare. He began to knead and grope them, eventually lowering his head to suck on her dollar-sized pink nipples, getting them quite erect in the process. He thought to himself how firm and large her boobs were, at least compared to Hayden’s who were smaller but equally firm. He worked his hands down to unbutton Hilary’s skirt, which fell to the ground to reveal the dark-haired seductress wasn’t wearing any panties. While still standing and making out, Ryan inserted his first finger into her thin landing-strip shaved pussy until it responded to his touch, then he added a second and worked his fingers like a piston up inside her tight twat.

“How do you want baby,” Hilary asked, obviously horny.

“Get on your back, I need to take out some frustrations.” Ryan demanded, which was obediently followed out by Hilary.

With her in the spread eagle position, Ryan mounted and inserted his 10-inch cock into her rather clumsily before starting to hump her at a very fast pace. Hilary was loving every minute of being fucked silly by the stud she wanted ever since she asked him to be lab partners. After a few minutes Ryan was having trouble keeping himself propped up so Hilary pushed him onto his back and crawled between his legs and started giving him head again.

“Mm, I love the taste of pussy on cock, I bet that prude Hayden doesn’t. You don’t need her Ryan, you need me,” Hilary said before returning to her oral obligations.

Ryan was becoming more and more incoherent with the more pleasure Hilary dealt out, but he was staying wake enough to feel every bit of it. After a few minutes of another sloppy blowjob, the attractive Hilary mounted Ryan and began riding him with reckless abandonment until she came all over his dick. Feeling her pussy tighten like a vice nearly caused Ryan to cum as well, but he had other plans in mind so swiftly pushed Hilary off of him.

“Hayden never lets me fuck her in the butt hard. I always have to be gentle. Are you some whore like her or are you down with hardcore anal.” Ryan said, his mind clearly on one thing.

“I’m no prostitute like her, I’ll do anything for you.” Hilary said as she stood and bent over her bar fridge, which was at the perfect height.

Ryan was so pleased and made the short walk and immediately plunged himself into her ultra-tight asshole, which from the feel of things hadn’t been entered very often. He was going to ease up but she kept giving him encouragement, albeit through clenched teeth, so he continued to pound away on her extremely taut ass. This type of speed meant he couldn’t keep going so as he was ready to cum and pulled out and came in the first thing he could find, which happened to be a shot glass. Once Hilary turned around and saw him relieve himself in a shot glass she took it and very seductively swallowed down the thick white liquid in one mouthful. She then dropped to her knees and started to suck Ryan dry, effective cleaning his cock from her own ass and pussy juices. Once she stopped, Ryan stumbled into her bed and passed out, so Hilary decided to jump in and cuddle with him and after a brief nap wake him up some more of the same.

* * *

Meanwhile, as the day turned to night, Hayden was still being worked like a paid sex toy she was, currently in the middle of another three-pronged attack. This time, she was in the piledriver position with a cock in her ass and pussy by Wayne and Lou and Carl humping his fat rod in her mouth. She had grown use to being ravaged in all three of her holes simultaneously and was enjoying it, even when it was Lou’s turn to stick his 12-inch long fleshy member in her tight bottom. Each of the nerds had fucked her in every hole, each cumming 5 times thus far after only a few hours while Hayden was going on orgasm number 4. Apart from the three variations of the triple team, they had the lovely sex kitten suck them off as well as each have a turn with her one-on-one. Hayden knew she was in for a long night as every hour the boys would pop another caffeine pill, having consumed enough to keep them up all night, plus they were also taking some sort of erection pill that was keeping them hard for hours on end.

8 hours later, Hayden had redressed and was very slowly leaving the dorm room and heading to the bus stop to go back home and rest. She was receiving sideways glances the whole time she was walking and she couldn’t blame everyone for staring, after all she was walking very slow, deliberate and bow-legged as the 18-hour fuck-fest she just endured had made her extremely sore. Once she got home she had a quick shower and went to crawl into bed when she noticed Ryan wasn’t home, however she could hardly care as she through herself onto the pillow and fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.

* * *

Ryan awake several hours later with a big headache and confusion as he didn’t recognize where he was, all he could place was his girlfriend in his arms cuddling with him. After a minute he realized Hayden doesn’t have brown hair then it all suddenly came back to him, he had gotten drunk and cheated with his lab partner Hilary Duff. Very carefully, Ryan freed his arm from under the sleeping beauty and rolled out of bed where he promptly gathered his clothes, dressed and rushed out of the room heading for his car. The past month had been hell for him but he feared it would be nothing compared to his and Hayden’s next fight.

When Ryan got him he found Hayden sleeping soundly in the bed so he grabbed a shower and made some coffee to fight the last of his drunkenness so he had a clear mind when Hayden woke up. He had to wait another few hours until the blonde goddess finally awake and came out in the living room.

“Hi, how did it go.” Ryan asked not really wanting to know at all.

“Great, I love being fucked for 18 straight hours by three guys with overactive perverted imaginations.” Hayden said sarcastically.

“What? I had no idea, but don’t snap on me. This past month has been hard for both of us.” Ryan snapped back, slightly losing his cool.

“Hard for both of us? You’ve barely worked while I’ve had school, a part-time job and got assfucked so many times I can’t even count. Don’t talk to me about having it hard.” Hayden yelled back.

“You’ve made it hard for me Hayden. I hate giving you out, but it doesn’t mean you get to treat me like crap. You agreed to it too.”

“So what now it’s all my fault?”

“No, no not at all. We have to get away from this place, it’s tearing us apart.”

“That’d be nice but we can’t just up and leave. We just have to try to work through all this.”

“Hayden, I can’t keep this from you. Last night I was upset and got drunk with Hilary. One thing lead to the next and we ended up sleeping with each other. It didn’t mean anything,” Ryan said, unable to hold it in any longer.

“You what? While I was out last night sacrificing my body for us you cheated on me with some slut.” Hayden yelled angrily. “You’ve done some stupid things and made mistakes, but never would I have thought you to be a cheater.”

“It was stupid and won’t happen again. It was just frustrating thinking about you with other guys. Please forgive me.”

“I can’t even look at you. Get out of my site you bastard. Just leave.” Hayden said in tears.

Knowing the situation wasn’t going to get any better, Ryan left the apartment, but didn’t know where to go; all he knew was he had to make things right.

* * *

Conclusion: Ryan’s vow to make things better was put into effect that night as he got on the phone with his brother who attended university a few states north of his school. His brother had a townhouse he lived in with his girlfriend and another roommate and it had a basement that was not furnished. Ryan partially explained the situation to his brother, about having no money and in desperate need of a change of scenery and they agreed that if he fixed the basement it was all his and he’d give him a break on rent and hook him up with a part-time job. That day he headed up to the northern university and talked with the academic advisor and worked out a transfer and possible transfer for another student and was given the green light since all the credits would apply. The night he drove back to his apartment and had a talk with Hayden and pitched the plan for a better life. Hayden and Ryan still loved each other and promised to work through all the issues they had. The next day they pack there stuff and drove out to their new house and life, together.

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