Detox Mansion

Author’s Note: Detox mansion is the Continuing Adventures of Josh. He was meant to be a one shot kind of thing, But thanks to the input/output I have been given, He is becoming a trilogy of stories. A very special thank you to one reader who gave me lots of inspiration. This story was brought on when I was up late one night watching Access Hollywood and immeditaely afterwards, The song Detox mansion came on my cd player.

Now then OFFICAL Disclamier, This story deals with a little bit of everything M/F some sex that I am not sure is wholly consentual, some consentual stuff, a little oral and a semi three
some. If that doesn’t spook you away nothing will, and if you are under 18, or local laws say no, Then go to they have things for you there.

I humbly present to you my latest story, please send any complaints or comments to me at I promise I will respond to anything that is sent to me.

————————————— Detox Mansion—————————————————————

by Magnaroman

The three lines laid before Angelina. She brought her face down to the pocket mirror and inhaled. She felt the stinging sensation of the cocaine hit her nose and nasal cavaties. It was like inhaling sand it agitated her membranes to no extent. Then a burning sensation took over and the high started.

She heard a faint knocking on the door. This was a friend of her agents she was at. He had just brokered a deal to make another movie and to celebrate he brought her to this party at his friends house. She was not very sure about comming here in the first place.Now she was really unsure.

She heard shouts of “stay down” and “LAPD”. This could be very very awkward for somebody as famous as her. The door to the bathrrom was kicked open and she saw a police man standing thier with his gun drawn. She flashed a smile at him as she put her hands up.

She was half tempted to flirt her way out, that was until her turned her around and cuffed her! She struggled a little. She shouted as she saw Murray Hammerstien being carted himself away in a squadcar. Whe uttered, “You can’t do this to me! I am famous! It was my first God Damned time!”

She was able to make bail but that wasn’t until she had gone through the booking process. “How dare they do that to her!” Was the comments her family told the press. The tabloids immediately took hold of it.

While all of this was going on a car speed down the road. It was a 1979 Skylark convertiable. Inside a college man named Josh drove home to his frathouse. Summer was over and he finished up his job at the hotel. His telephone rang.

He paused for a second, The name on it said Thurman 214-555-5163. It was Uma Thurman. He hadn’t heard from her in ages. Last time he saw her was end of August. He let her use his car to go into Nappa.

He picked up the phone. He heard Uma’s distinctive voice,”Hey Sexy. I was calling to see how my cock with legs is.” She was using a rather seductive tone in her voice. Josh began to sweat. The woman was a freak in bed.

His mind began to drift back to the tw weeks they had shared when he was a hotel clerk. She had checked in under an assumed name. It was a torrid passionate but very brief fling. Maybe she wants more? He thought to himself.

“Hey Miss Thur..Wall.. Hey to you too.” He stammared out. He felt himself grow harder as the skylark speed down the highway. The wind was in his face. The sun was at his highest and it was a grand california day.

“Josh I am calling about my pills, I left them in your glovebox. At least I think I did. They are what I use to get to sleep at night I was wondering if you had found them? Well Josh have you found my pills? BecauseI do not want to see you get in trouble” He heard her moan out into the reciver.

“What are you doing?” He asked. He knew full well but he just had to ask. Josh felt himself grow harder as she let out raspy moans. She said,” I am touching myself just thinking about how much of a bad girl I have been. Oh yes!” He heard a noise which sounded like her slapping herself.

Josh unzipped his pants and he began to pleasure himself as he drove. In the throes of orgasam he hit the gas. He did not see the CHP Mustang parked. along the sideramp. He however saw the flashing lights. He looked back in the rearview. Uma had hit the point of no return and she was slapping what he thought was her ass.

As he saw the flashing lights he felt his seed shoot across his hand and some of it shot into the air. It landed in his left eye. He swerved into the side of the road. The Cellphone flew out of his hand and out the window. Josh was able to hit the brakes. He came to a second screeching halt.

The police officer aproached the car. he called for Josh to get out of the car. As Josh stepped out of the vehicle, the glovebox feel open and green pills began to spill out. The officer aproached and saw this. Imediately Josh was handcuffed.

—————————————- 1 week later———————————

Josh sat there with Uma in the court cafateria. They stared in shock. the laywer had actualy done his job. Josh was caught with 20 queludes in a ziploc baggie. Josh had smoked some weed before he got into the car so drugs were present in his system. He had chosen to take the wrap for Uma.

In return she chose to hire a lawyer as well as give him all the congical visits he could stand. She also agreeded to marry him whenever he got out. Uma hugged him as the atorney Hirshel Meinburg aproached with a paper.

Without saying a word he handed over a 113-12 Form to them to review. It read;

It is the decession of this court to go leinenant upon Mister Sanders. Due to the strong support that Miss Thurman has shown as well as Mister Sanders chairty work and letters from his fraternity brothers.

It is so ordered that you be remanded to the custody of the Saint Helena Substance Abuse Facility for a peroid of no less the 18 months to complete thier Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment program.

Judge Strom Cogswell the III

Uma hugged him. She leaned in and whispered,”Josh I will see you in 2, 3 weeks tops. You got off so good!” She kissed his cheek. Josh let out a sigh, he muttered, Not nearly as well as you. He ran his fingers through his hair.

This entire incident destroyed his relationship with his father. His mother was at least still willing to talk to him. He was beyond upset by this. It was Uma fault, or at least that’s what he thought.

Hirshel looked at Josh and Uma, he shrugged his shoulders, “It’s a great deal. I started the paperwork Joshua. I also have the prenuputals for your and Uma’s marriage when you are released. The guards will be by to get you in an hour. My office is just down the hall. Go ahead say your goodbyes.” With that the little man stood up and walked away.

Uma grabbed Josh’s hand and headed down the hall. They got to her lawyers office and she kissed him with such fevored passion. Her hands ran down Josh’s chest, pulling open the shirt, the sounds of the buttons hitting the wall and floor were amazingly loud.

With his chest exposed Uma began to lick down it nipping and sucking on his now hardening nipples. She reached up the skirt she was wearing and showed him her shaven muff. She reached up and slapped herself on the rear. The slap echoed throughout the room.

Josh smiled and for a moment forgot his troubles as he reached for his belt. Uma unbuckled it for him. She stared at him she had the look of a crazed beast in heat. She growled at him and said, “No this is mine!” She impaled herself on top of him with a loud grunt.

Josh let out a yelp of pain as her nails dug into his chest. He was burried to the hilt in that tight warm prison. He reached up to touch her breasts She pulled open her blouse, she allowed her small perky breasts to spring out. “Wow you are like some amazing porn star!” He exclaimed.

“Porn stars won’t marry you or share you with their friends!” She let out another loud moan. She was bouncing very fast right now. She brought her hands to her hair and piled just a little bit ontop of her head and looked down at him, right in his eyes and said, “Come for me!”

Josh was at the point of no return and that look she gave him, that sexy come hither stare made him erupt like no other time he has before. He felt almost his entire soul pour out of his member. The orgasam he had left his legs wobbling and his heart racing.

Uma rolled off of him and zipped up his pants. She light a marlboro and smiled at hiim. She then spoke, her voice returning to her normal tone instead of bitch sex goddess, “Josh it is very important that you take this wrap for me. You can’t tell a single soul about those drugs or else I will be ruined. I told you before, I will marry you, be your girlfriend, love slave or whatever you want to do to me I will do it. But quid pro quo okay?” She kissed him.

All Josh could do was nod. There was a knock at the door Josh threw on his remaining clothes. It was their lawyer. “Come on you two, the judge is waiting.” he said through the door. The left to go hear the sentancing.

Josh was sentenced to St Helena medical center aka “Detox Mansion”. The van that took him drove a long and winding road through all of scenic Nappa. The ironic thing was Josh had the song “Cocaine” stuck in his mind the entire trip out.

When they got there it was a sight to behold. A fenced in Victorian style house with a few smaller annex buildings around it. He read in the brochure that this had a spa even a pool. There was a real piece of ass greeting them as they all stepped off the van.

Josh was about to find out the devil wore versahce and carried a prada purse. She had red hair, she was 5’2″ She couldn’t have been more then 98 lbs. She had firery red hair. She looked a little like the Rose McGowan from Charmed. She was wearing a finely tailored suit and had a small purse with her.

She blew a whistle to get everybodies attention. She had Josh’s already. He had a weakness for attractive women. He flashed a roguish grin at the woman standing before him. She scowled at him. He saw behind her off in the distiance a woman who looked like the chick from Tomb Raider. He always teased his nerd brother about that movie. He secretly borrowed the DVD’s and jerked off to them for a week.

Josh’s train of thought was derailed when the red got real close to his face. She blew whe whistle. She stared at him and said, “Mister Andrews do you have any questions reguarding the facility? This is a center for rehabilitation not for fun!” She stomped her foot at the word fun. For a therapist she didn’t seem very much fun.

“This is a hospital where we focus on the recovery of the mind as well as the body. No caffine or chocolate is allowed on premises, You may smoke if you have brought them with you and no visitors for the first 15 days. This is a place you will be at until I determine that you are recovered.” With that she looked directly back at Josh. She wrote down something on a chart.

A large man named Leon cracked his knuckles, He wore a large shirt that said “Orderly: On it in bold black print. He spoke in a loud southeren accent, “Hello I am Leon, You try to leave its me you gotta deal with! No phone without asking, No TV without asking. Lights out at 11pm. We get up at 7 am. Welcome to my world now.” He walked over and began to search bags that were being unloaded.

Josh’s bag was thuroughly searched. Nothing illicit was found inside. Leon handed him his bag, “I will be keeping my eye on you Mister Luditude!” Leon growled out. Josh just took his bag and walked inside.

He didn’t see that woman playing checkers anymore. “Darn it” he muttered to himself. He ran his hands through his hair He went to the receptionist and got his room assignment.He grumbeled as he went upstairs.

He tried to turn on the light switch. The bulb twitched and burnt out. “No phone, no light no motor car! I am fucking Giligan” he murmered to himself. With a laugh he floped down on the bed. It had been a long day. Too long. He qquickly felt sleep over take him.

He woke up and it was dark, he felt hands slide into his pockets. He reached out and felt a woman’s wrist. The hands were inside his pockets. He felt his wallet being pulled out. A voice he had heard on the Movie screen said, “Make a noise and I scream rape. You got any coke on you?” The woman began to sniff his neck. With her hand in his pocket she reached and felt his member. It was semi errect from the proximity of this woman to him.

“Aren’t we a naughty boy” Angelina whispered. She grasped the base of his member and rubbed his shaft. She, with her other hand frantically searched his wallet for any drugs. She was desperate to get high.

She continued to stroke his member allowing it to reach its full size and girth. Josh was starting to get very excited by her ministations. He began to pump to meet her strokes, he felt an orgasam boiling up and he was about to release when she stopped.

“Damn it you don’t have anything.” She stood up. There was no way Josh was going to let her leave the room ater blue balling him. He grabbed her and threw in on the bed. She kicked and struggled against him. Her robe came open and he felt his member push slightly into her. She seemed warm and moist.

“Get off of me asshole!” She spat out. Josh knew she was withdrawing off of something. He was poised to take her even with the complaining she was doing, but his sense of morals got the better of him and he rolled off of her.

“What the hell is your problem?” He asked her. His rigid member ponting upwards in the cool evening air. She just stood up and walked out. As she walked out he heard her mutter, “I so need to get high.” Josh stood u and followed her out the door.

She was searching through the bathroom at the end of the hall. She poured some powdered bubble bath on the counter. Josh pushed her slightly away from it. “You don’t want to do that” He said, this woman he remebered from some really great movies was about to snort Calgon. He heard the saying Calgon take me away but this was crossing the line.

She burst into tears, “You don’t know what its like My husband left me I have some kids that are probably going to be taken away! A whole fucking country depends on my income! And the god damn UN! I am a goodwill Ambassador damn it! All I want is a liitle coke.”

Her eyes then for a second saw some of the Calgon slip on Josh’s member. Her lips went and began to lick the tip of it. Josh just froze he didn’t know what this crazy woman was going to do. She began to almost deep throat him on the second suck. Her hands went to his butt and began to rub.

He couldn’t believe the way his life was going. A month ago he was a hotel clerk, Then he had sex with Uma Thurman. A month after that he became a pariah to his friends and family, Now he was getting head from Anglina Jolie in a bathroom.

She sucked as hard as she could. Josh equated it to getting his shaft stuck in a hoover tube. She kept squuezing his ass. He began moaning. He braced himself against the walls of the bathroom. He felt his knees starting to buckle.

Angelina started stroking his shaft and sucked on his left testicle. That did it for him. He orgasamed. His seed shot out and hit the top of her hair, some landed on her face and the rest collected in a pool on her cleavage. The sound of footsteps and a flashlight could be seen and heard at the end of the hallway.

LeRoy let out a scream when he saw Angelina on her knees, a line of Calgon on the counter and the Quelude Kidd standing there with a smile on his face. He grabbed Josh and knocked the calgon into the sink.

Angelina shouted out, “He said it was coke and if I blew him he would let me have some!” She let out a psychotic laugh as Josh was dragged down stairs. He was being brought into the Redheads office. He had a bad feeling about this.

The name on the desk said Tonya Elaine MacConnel. He recognized that name from the winery. She bought 4 cases of wine a month. He was having a even worse feeling when LeRoy said, “Son don’t move the director is coming to talk to you. Shame on you son, She may be a fanstasy but she is a recovering coke addicit! You caused a relaspe.” He closed the door. He let out a gulp. She motioned for him to stand near her.

“Well lets see it.” She waved at his neither regions. Josh blink. He didn’t think he heard red correctly. Staring at the woman her said in a rather timid tone, “Pardon me?”. He gave a shrug he wasn’t sure about dropping trousers to this woman. She just might cut it off.

She stared at him like he had just spoken gibberish. She took a more authoritarian tone to her voice, “I said drop your pants patient and let me see that crank she was sucking on.” Josh did as he was told. This woman could very easily have him by the mediphoric as well as litteral balls. He dropped his bottoms and allowed his cock to come out. It still had Angelina’s saliva on it.

“Well its impressive, makes me a little horny just looking at it.” She stared at his member with an appreciative stare. She reached out and flicked the shaft. It bobbed in the air like a springboard. It started to become hard.

Josh had a nervous look on his face. The director flashed a wicked grin on her face. She stood up and walked behind him. “Joshua I have found that sometimes there is only one way to administer punishment, That is through unwanted stimulus. You either do this or you never complete the program.” He heard a sound he was going to regret. She was pouring something out of a tube. It had that distinctive *pwhaft* sound. Josh tried to turn back around to see what she was doing. She slapped him sharply on the rear. “Don’t turn around pretty boy!. Now grab hold of the desk this is going to rock your world.”

Josh gulped and did exactly what he was told. He felt warm lubricated fingers grasp the base of his member. Her left hand made a fist for his member to slide in and out off. He had a bad feeling as to what was going to come next. Uma tried something like this before. He had kind of liked it But really wasn’t his kink.

“You like to take advantage of women pretty boy, lets reverse roles.” The Director whispered into his ear. She slid two fingers into his anus. He felt himself stretch and give almost instantly. He did his best to relax. He tried to fight the urge to scream and vomit. He couldn’t let this woman know sh had the better of him.

He felt her fingers slide faster and faster. She was fucking him! She reached up with her free hand and tugged on his hair. “This is the way any good slut likes it she whispered.” Josh then felt her hit something.

She stimulated his prostate hitting his g spot. He tried to fight the orgasam that rushed out of him. But it was so quick so hard and to no avil. His seed blasted out of him like water through a hose. It splashed through her fingers and onto the desk. Josh lost the ability to stand it was so large of an orgasam.

The Director she laughed. She said to him, “What a good sport you are Josh. Most men begged me to just let them go to prison, or be stuck here. You are brave I like that.” She smiled at him. For a moment she seemed to loose a lot of her demanding ways.

“May I speak?” Josh asked. He wanted to know a few things. Nobody had ever even tried to pull what this woman did. Male anal wasn’t his thing. He needed to express to her that this was the first,last and flukeish time this was going to happen.

She tossed down a rather small bag of white powder on the desk. The door then opened and LeRoy was bringing in Angelina. She was blindfolded. LeRoy had with him a tripod and a camera. Tonya then spoke. The director spoke loud enough so they got the impression that she meant bussiness.

“Here is the deal you two, Angelina here is addicited to coke, I can help her with that. You Josh are here with a bogus wrap. Thurman called me a few days ago tried convincing me to go easy on you. Well she gave me 10 grand to, So I accepted. Angelina here has a body most men would kill to fuck, Josh you are going to make a movie with her. And Angelina is going to do this entire dimebag off of your body. The movie is added to my personal collection of films. You and her spend the rest of the time doing whatever it is you want, I release you guys in two weeks. Earliest I can by law. Either of you squeal on me I turn the tape over, Saying I found it in your room Josh.” Tonya smiled and untied the blindfold off of Angelina’s eues.

She saw the coke in the small bag and made a mad dive for it. Josh pushed her back, “What if we say no?” Josh couldn’t believe this bitch she sounded crazy. Really really crazy. This had to be a setup or something/

She smiled at him,”LeRoy here is bisexual. He has had it in for you ever since you came here.” Angelina just stared at the cocaine, She would fuck a dog , to get to it. She looked at Josh,”come on I really need to get out of here! I will fuck you, if that’s what it takes.”

Josh for some reason found himself unable to matain an errection. As he felt the bile rise from what this evil woman was saying, He genuinely flt bad for Angelina. He then cleared his throat and said,” I will do it under this condition, No more Coke for the Tomb Raider here.” He held her hand for a moment and said, “Look when I first came here I thought and still think she is one of the hottest things on two legs. But when I saw her snorting the soap that put things in perspective. Get her off the stuff and I will do whatever you ask. Just do your jobs.”

“Angelina made another dive for the packet. LeRoy grabbed her and pulled her back, Tonya walked over and opened Angelina’s robe. She admired the stars body. Even with the drugs, the tatoos and the abuse she still looked good. Tonya looked at Josh, “Okay I will make sure this little slut gets off coke, If you just get her off.” Angelina struggled in the arms of LeRoy , it did her no good.

Tonya went behind the camera and pushed record. Josh stepped forward. He didn’t feel very right about doing this. He reached out and touched Angelina’s pussy. It felt warm and wet. She stopped struggling for a second as Josh slid a finger in and out of her. Rubbing her velvety depths with his fingers.

LeRoy Pulled her back so her back arched, offering out her breasts. Josh reached his shaking hand out. With his free hand he rubbed her breast. The felt wonderful. He remembered jerking off to them when he saw Gia. It was either the sight of her breasts or the crack on his butt by Tonya that made him very hard and forget all restraint.

LeRoy pulled out a set of handcuffs and cuffed Angelina’s hands behind her back. Josh pushed her on the desk. All he could think of right now was fucking her. He was filled with uncontrolable lust. He began to really rub and lick those breasts, He felt her push her hips up and let out a moan.

His cock was harder then it had ever felt. He began to kiss down her stomach taking his time. He then was brought back to reality when he heard Tonya, “Fuck her, You aren’t making love.” Josh was annoyed. He was never a porn star he never intended to become one. Especially after this redhead.

Josh looked at Angelina’s eyes she seemed so lustful and so strung out. he thrusted himself into her. She was warm and wet. He felt her muscles give to accomadate him. He couldn’t resist kissing her. Those lips were incredible. Angelina’s lips spread open taking his tongue in her. Thier tongues whirrled and teased each other. She pumped her hips up.

He let out a loud moan as he pumped his his faster. He heard the desk creak under the strain of thier fucking. He pulled almost all the way out of her and then as he was about to lunge in, he felt her push up. She broke the kiss and began to nibble on his ear.

She whispedered, “Come for me, You won’t be sorry. Just do it Josh!” She was talking dirty to him! This woman was incredible. THis felt so sureal. He was expecting to wake up any second. He felt her legs wrap around him. He felt the presure building with every pump.

He yelled out, gripping onto her breasts. He felt like he was pouring his very soul into her twitching muff. He rolled off panting. His member was still rigid.LeRoy uncuffed Angelina he pulled on her hair bringing it down to his semi hard member.Josh felt those lips sucking on his member.

He began to pump upwards. He looked over to Tonya who was rubbing herself off to this. Her legs spread wide. She seemed like a bitch but right now he was enjoying everything. Josh let out a satisying moan as he came a second time. He felt himself loose conciousness.

When Josh woke up he was back in his room. There was a white envelope with a note it read, *DISCHARGED* on it. Je was being released? None of this made any sense to him. He had been so pushed into doing time in the program. He was tempted to flag down LeRoy. The thought quickly disappeared when he saw Uma there in the hallway.

He ran up and hugged her. He whispered,”Wat the hell happened? They are letting me out early?” Uma smiled to herself. Pished Josh back and said,” I had to fuck a judge. Don’t be mad. I also managed to get the warden to agree to let you out. She said there was no way in the world you were a junkie. I ran into Angelina she seemed..edgy? Anyway lets get you out of here.”

She led Josh out of that hell hole. Josh had a feeling that this was going to come back and haunt him. He just scratched his head. His jaw dropped when he saw Tonya greeting him and Uma. She acted friendly and smiled at them both, “Joshua, I am so sorry the sample came back from the police. We here make sure we don’t mistreat people. You have the states appology and a pardon from the State Assembly. I spoke to your fatyher. He can’t wait to see you. Oh and here is something from us, Your dad says your brother is going to a Star Trek convention next week. Here are some tickets from the City of Nappa. Good bye and good luck.” Tonya had LeRoy escort them to the waiting van.

Josh was in shock but at least he was out. Uma smiled at him as she drove him to the frathouse. She was going to have to tell him about the movie deal that just came in. But that could wait. For now she was just going to enjoy the road trip back home.

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