Dhueing Laurie Dhue

It was a fine warm summer day in the Big Apple.

But, alas! For me it was just another day of work at the
downtown studios of the Foxxy Net News. Not that I mind my
job. Working with all of the lovely and sexy on the air
ladies of Foxxy News is a dream come true! [Make that CUM

As for myself; I’m a overworked and underpaid; [aren’t we
all]; intern at Foxxy News.

My duties today were simple; help a few of the on the air
ladies catch up on answering their snail mail and e-mail
This is no easy task you see, as some of the
ladies receive as much as 3000-4000 e-mails and cards and
letters each day.

There is simply no way that the pretty ladies could keep up
with the volume of requests and still find the time to do
their jobs. That is where someone such as myself comes in to
save the day. Without help, the Foxxy News babes would never
have the time to prepare for their on air assignments.

I was heading down the hall towards the computer / mail room,
when I heard the voice of my cameraman buddy, Harry, greet

“Hey Greg; hold up a minute, will you?” Harry sounded short
of breath. As if he had been in a big hurry.

“Oh hi, Harry.” I replied still not slowing my brisk pace.
“What’s up buddy?”

“I was able to get some great seats to this afternoons
Yankees – Tigers game. Box seats. no less! Right behind the
Yankees dugout!” Harry was beaming as he told me this. Getting
tickets to any seat of any Yankee ball game these days was
nothing short of a minor miracle.

You see the Yanks were the best team in baseball once again.
{Big Surprise, NOT!}. This game was one of the biggest of the
year. Normally I would give my left nut to get a ticket to
an important game like this one.

But not today!

“Sorry, Harry. I’m not interested.” My answer to Harry’s
inquiry caught him completely off-guard.

“But, Greg!’, he began to plead. “It’s the bigest game of the
summer! The winner is in sole posession of first place with a
clear path to the playoffs and the World Series!”

“What can possibly be more important than that?”

“Well I’ll tell you Harry.” I said this to my perplexed
friend. “Any other time I would be out of here like a shot.
But today I have the ‘dream job’ come true.”

“You don’t mean…”, Harry began.

“Yep! You’ve got it! Today I help the blonde goddest of
Foxxy News; the lady wet dreams are made of! I get to help
Laurie Dhue clean up her backlog of e-mails and letters! ”

Harry was struck speechless at my good fortune. A whole
afternoon working alone with the beautiful, leggy, Laurie was
every man’s wish at the Foxxy Net News.

“Oh, you lucky dog!” Harry sounded like he was as excited as
I was at the prospect of close, personal, contact with the
pretty blonde newscaster.

“Let me know everything that happens! Don’t leave out a single
detail!” Harry was saying this to me as he disappeared around
the corner of the hall. He was on a mission to find another
partner for his ballgame outing. This would not be hard to

I came upon the employee break lounge and decided that I had
better grab myself a cup of hot java. I didn’t want to have
any reason to leave the side of lovely Laurie if I could
help it.

Laurie Dhue; the lovely, long legged, and so very beautiful
newscaster was leaning against the refridgerator in the break
lounge. She was slowly sipping on a cold diet soda; waiting
for Greg to make his appearance.

She hated answering e-mails and snail mail requests! It seemed
like a waste of time to her. Addressing and autographing
pictures to adoring fans was not her most favorite thing to
do. She really resented having to read and answer her e-mail
messages! She didn’t have time for such nonsense! She had a
job to do!

She was glad that Greg was assigned to help her in her task.
Patti Ann Browne had told Laurie that Greg had a system to
get through the mass of messages directed to her.

Greg would come up with one or two standard replies to fan
mail and then split the messages down the middle with her.
Each one taking half the burden.

Patti Ann also told Laurie that Greg was very adept at
forging many of the Foxxy News ladies autographs. Picture
signing would not be so tedious with a helper, Laurie reasoned.

Besides; unlike the other interns at Foxxy News; Greg was
only a year or two younger than she was. Also the sandy
haired man was cute!

Laurie had only a little contact from time to time with Greg.
She didn’t know a whole lot about him. This pairing up with
Greg would give the two of them a chance to get to know one
another better.

She was lost in her thoughts as Greg entered the employee
break lounge.

I walked into the break room and was surprised to see Laurie
there. She was up against the fridge, sipping on a soda. She
seemed distant.

The pretty blonde newscaster Donna Fiducia was next to the
coffee table; preparing herself some brew. As usual; the leggy
blonde was dressed in a form fitting dress and a short skirt.
This had the effect of showing the whole world her soft,
rounded, figure and her gorgeous legs.

Not a bad sight to see in my estimation!

“Hi gorgeous!” I greeted the lovely Ms. Fiducia. “You look
absolutely breathtaking today!”

“Why thank you Greg. that’s very sweet of you to say. You’re
always the gentileman.” Donna flashed me her famous smug grin;
a twinkle in her pretty blue eyes.

When laurie heard this opening line from Greg; she started to
laugh. Greg had a reputation of being a big flirt around the
on the air ladies. He hit on them all of the time; although
he had yet to try some of his moves on Laurie.

Laurie coughed as some bubbles from her drink went up her nose
instead of down her throat. Greg was hitting on Donna right
in front of her! He really was a shameless flirt!

As the tall, pretty lady watched the pick-up line being played
out in front of her; a thought crossed her mind.

What if some of the rumors she had heard about Greg and the
ladies were true? She had heard that Greg had been very,
shall we say, friendly in a randy, sexual way with more than
one of her female colleagues.

Laurie paid little heed to such rumors. Tall tells of this
sexipade or that sexual encounter were always flying around
the gossip mill.

Laurie smiled at the thought of such, unsubstansiated tales.
Greg really didn’t pull a double banging of E.D. Donahey and
Dr. Georgia Witkin in conference room #3 did he? And that
sexual exhibition he put on with Linda Vester in front of
four of the lovely Foxxy News ladies just couldn’t be true;
could it?

Besides, the pretty, redhead business reporter, Brenda Buttner,
had told her that such a thing was pure folly! Not a chance
in hell it could be true.

Still, Laurie wondered what she would do if Greg put the
moves on her. She had to admit that Greg was at least very
goodlooking. She had been divorced from her ex husband for over
a year now. The dates were few and far between for her.

She had talked with Dr. Georgia Witkin about her dating
draught. She was not reassured when the pretty PHD informed
her that pretty women, such as Laurie herself; found it
difficult to get dates. Much less develope a relationship
with a nice man. Most men wouldn’t even try with a lovely
lady like herself. The fear of rejection kept them at bay.

That, and her hard nosed attitude towards her work would scare
off most potential suitors in a flash. Her own marriage had
succumbed to this. Her ex just couldn’t keep up with her
carreer or her highly sexual demands.

Laurie was a sexual dynamo! She needed it; no make that
wanted sex; as much as four or five times a week.

As Greg said goodbye to Donna as the pretty blonde left the
break lounge; Laurie found herself musing about what it would
feel like to have Greg’s penis ravage all of her sexual

She hadn’t been with a man in over four months! That
encounter was a total disaster, sex wise. When Laurie laid
down on the bed and opened her long, lucious legs to her
date; the horny guy shot his love seed all over her thighs
and stomach. His cock never came near her hot, tight, pussy!

Needless to say the latest Mr. wonderful never came back. No
doubt embarrassed and intimidated by what had happened.

laurie finished her soda and placed the empty bottle in the
rack beside the refridgerator. A sudden shudder went through
her as she realised that her sexual thoughts had caused her
pussy to become wet with desire.

Oh well, nothing was going to happen between her and Greg
anyways. The rumors of his Foxxy News conquests would not be
enough to get her interested in the handsome young man. A
good fingering and a helping of one of her sexual toys would
do the trick; as usual.

I turned toward the lovely, tall figure of laurie Dhue. My
flirting with Donna was over at this time.

I took a few seconds to survey the vision of beauty which
laurie offered me. She was tall and slender; but she was also
curvy. Two small but perfect breasts poked against the taught
fabric of her tight, red top.

I let my eyes travel down the length of lauries lovely body.
They took in all the full roundness of Ms. Dhues hips and
gazed with approval at the sight of her firm, lush legs.
These peeked out from the short black skirt she was wearing.

“My God!” I thought to myself as I enjoyed the view. “Laurie
is probably the most beautiful lady I have ever seen.”

“Shall we go, Greg?” The soft tone of Lauries lovely voice
broke through the sexual trance I found myself in.

“Lead the way, my pretty lady!” I tried to sound gallant as
I followed the sexy figure of Ms. Dhue through the door.

As we headed to the compuer / mail room; I hung back a couple
of feet behind laurie. I was fixated on her swaying hips and
her sexy bottom. The back and forth motion of her hips and
ass were like a potion of lust to me.

My cock reacted to the sight as any man’s male fuck pole
would at the vision of laurie in front of me. My penis was
rock hard and I had to fight the urge to attack the lovely
blonde in the corridor. It wouldn’t be right to partake of
Foxxy News number one lady sexually in the hall!

I was glad when we reached the computer / mail room. I
didn’t want laurie, or the rest of the world to catch drift
of my ‘excitement.’

Laurie imeadiately took charge of what needed to be done.

“I’ll answer e-mails and you can sign and address the picture
requests. Is that ok with you?’

“No problem pretty lady.” I answered Laurie back as I took a
seat a few feet away from the computer console she had settled
on using.

I glanced one last time at Laurie’s long, lovely , legs. She
had crossed them over her leg mid-thigh instead of at her
knees. This served to show me all of her left leg, right up
to the red silk panties she was wearing. It also gave the
most perfect shot of her right thigh as well. I couldn’t have
a better look at her view of heaven if she had spread her
legs wide for me.

I turned away from the vision of Ms. Dhue’s magnificent legs
and tried to concentrate at the task on hand. I was secretly
glad that Laurie seemed unaware of my rigid male member;
straining to free itself from my pants!

I gave Laurie a couple of generic ‘thanks for watching’
responses for her to answer her e-mails with and proceeded to
tackle the seemingly enormous pile of autograph picture requests
before me.

Laurie looked over from time to time at the figure of Greg;
hunched over the pile of letters on his desk. She found
herself wondering how good it would feel to have Greg’s penis
burried deep inside of her hot, aroused, love mound.

Ms. Dhue was rocking her top crossed leg on the thigh it
rested on. This caused the outer lips of her labia to
stimulate her erect clitoris. It was as effective as if she
was plunging her fingers inside of her love muffin or had a
hard cock banging away inside of her.

Laurie almost brought herself to climax with her leg bouncing
antics. She finally made a decision on what had been going
through her mind ever since the handsome young man had entered
the break room earlier.

Laurie was going to seduce the stud seated so close to her;
of that she was sure. The sight she got of the bulge in
Greg’s pants told her that this would not require much
inducement from her.

When she had answered the last of her e-mail messages; Laurie
turned off her computer monitor and walked up behind Greg. She
peeked over his shoulder and saw that he only had a couple
of letters to go before he was finished.

Quickly looking around the room, she saw that there were only
the swivel chairs that were at each desk and an old
overstuffed armchair against one wall.

“Oh shoot!” laurie thought to herself. “It looks like some
improvising is in order.”

She walked to the door of the computer room and locked it
shut with the deadbolt lock. No need for unwelcome visitors to
the fuck-fest she had in mind for herself and Greg.

She dropped her short black skirt to the floor, exposing her
lucious legs all the way up to her red panties. They were
drenched with the wetness of her arroused womanhood!

She approached the back of the man she was soon to seduce
and offer him all of her carnal pleasures!

I finally finished the last of the mountain of picture
requests and sealed the envelope shut. Another Laurie Dhue fan
would soon have an autographed picture to jerk off to! The
lucky SOB!

I stretched a little to get the kink out of my hunched over
back and swiveled my chair around to see how laurie was

To my surprise, I found my face eye level with laurie Dhue’s
red panty covered pussy. My nose wasn’t more than an inch
away from being burried inside the sopping wet slit of Ms.
Dhue’s love tunnel!

“When you’re finished sniffing my cunt; we need to have a
talk.” laurie was authoratative in her voice.

I felt the blood rush to my face as my embarrassement
overtook me. The blood had also rushed to my manhood. The
full erection I had was straining to free itself from it’s

I looked up into Laurie’s lovely blue eyes and saw a gleam
of passion I had only wished for in my dreams.

Laurie was concise and direct in what she had in mind.

“Take me now, Greg. My body is a gift of love. Embrace it
for your own.”

The utter absurdity of lauries statement was lost to me. She
didn’t have to ask me to possess her. My lust and my
engorged cock needed no invitation to make love to laurie

I pulled her soaked red panties from her neatly trimmed
blonde muff.

I grasped her soft, round, ass cheeks and began to kiss her
around her blonde haired love slit.

Laurie moaned softly and put her hands on my head as my
tongue entered the welcome inside of her pussy.

My thrashing, probing, tongue found the erect nub of Ms. Dhues
love button. It expertly licked and surounded the delicate,
tasty clitoris it had discovered. Each lick and suck on Lauries
lucious clitty caused her to tremble in lust and joy.

The flavor of her love nectar was savoured by my willing
tongue and mouth.

I could feel Laurie’s ass cheeks tighten; her pussy juices
began to fill my mouth with it’s wonderful sweetness. A moan
came forth from her throat as she let the welcome orgasm
envelope her in the depths of it’s rapture!

I licked and swallowed every drop of her love sauce I was
able. The remainder of her feminine love juice was spread all
over my face.

I looked up into the liquid blue eyes of the beautiful blonde
I had just orally made mine. A satisfied smile crossed
Laurie’s lovely lips.

it was now her turn to please me. Laurie hurridly removed my
pants and briefs. This exposed my raging love pole to her
accepting eyes.

In one motion, the long legged beauty swung her legs over my
groin and slipped my slick fuck rod into her hot tight, cunt.

The swivel chair I was sitting on began to creak as lovely
laurie began to slide herself up and down on my rigid member.
I grabbed laurie’s hips and held on. The pretty blonde
newscaster was in full control! I was just along for the ride
in her trip of love!

She bounced herself up and down on my rigid cock; faster and
faster. Her breath became short and labored. My cum began to
fill my scrotum.

Laurie threw her head back and screamed out in passion as
her climax overtook her. Her tight, spasming pussy completed
it’s job by milking the streams of jism from my splurging
penis. My love rod filled Ms. Dhue’s honeypot with it’s seed
of life.

When our mutuial orgasms subsided; I leaned forward and began
to kiss the soft skin of Lauries chest just above her red
silk encased breasts. Laurie made no move for a couple of
minutes to remove herself from my lap. Her pussy was still
spasming; trying to coax more cum from my now flacid, love

Laurie gave me a kiss on my forehead and raised herself off
of my spent male member. A flood of our two love juices
flowed out of lauries just fucked, love hole and onto my lap
and the floor.

“I want to thank you for being so co-operative.” Her smiling
face told me that there was more fun to come.

The beautiful blonde got on her knees in front of me and
began to kiss and lick all of hers/mine love juices off of my

She kissed and licked my flacid little friend until it sprang
back to life. My rigid cock filled laurie’s lovely, sensuous

She swirled her tongue around the head of my penis. The
pretty newscaster began to take my full member into her mouth.
Soon Laurie had swallowed all of my penis.

A lustful glint came into her eyes as Laurie began to
deepthroat my slick love pole. Her head bobbed up and down
faster and faster. I could feel myself near another intense

Laurie suddenly stopped her expert cocksucking of me and rose
to her feet. She walked over to the old overstuffed chair by
the wall and got on the chair knees first.

She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled enticingly at
me. I knew then that beautiful, lovely, Laurie was offering
me the pleasure of a reaming of her, tight, sexy, ass.

My rigid ass reamer twitched in anticipation of it’s entry
into Ms. Dhue’s anal orifice.

I walked up to laurie and kissed both sides of her waiting
butt. I wanted to thank her beautiful, sexy, ass for the
butt-banging it was about to let me give to it.

I grabbed her soft, round hips and guided the tip of my cock
to her forbidden hole. I paused for a few seconds and then
thrust my hips forward.

Laurie let out a soft wimper as my penis entered her anal

After a few slow pushes; my cock was totally embedded deep
inside Laure’s lovely, tight, ass.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass hard!” Laurie hissed the words out. She
was impatient at getting her butt-reaming.

Who am I to deny a beautiful lady her wishes? I began to
plow my rigid ass reamer deep into laurie’s lovely, tight,

I shoved and pushed as hard and fast as I was able to. Each
forward thrust of my hips was met by an equal back-thrust by
beautiful laurie. My cock continued to disappear it’s entire
length into the pretty blonde’s anal highway.

Laurie fingered her hot pussy. Her impending orgasm would be a
big one! My penis began to swell inside of the tight anal

Laurie and I both let out a joyous yell as our orgasms
overpowered and consumed us.

Laurie’s pussy and anus spasmed as my fuck-pole emptied itself
deep inside of laurie’s willing asshole!

When I was finished filling her beautiful flower with my love
seed; I pulled myself out of Laurie’s freshly fucked ass. A
stream of my jism ran from Laurie’s anal opening onto the

The pretty blonde then got off the overstuffed chair and
positioned herself in front of my flacid love pole.

Laurie began to jack off my penis. It did not take long for
my cock to; once more; rise to the occasion!

Laurie positioned her face and open mouth in front of my soon
to erupt, penis. Her hand pumping very shortly brought about
the desired effect.

My cock spewed forth it’s creamy prize into Laurie’s waiting
mouth and face. My love goo covered the pretty blonde’s face
and hair.

Laurie went to her purse and got some tissue to clean my cum
from her face.

When we both had dressed and made ourselves presentable to the
world once more; Laurie unlocked the door to the computer room.

As she left, the pretty blonde Foxxy Net News babe turned
to me and said, “Thank’s for your help, Greg. We work well
together don’t you think?’

No answer was necessary from me as she saw the wide smile I
had on my face.

She gave me a wink and said ,”See you later, stud!” With
that, the tall, beautiful, goddest of Foxxy News went on
her way down the corridor. She still had a 7:00Pm
newscast to prepare for.

As I stood there; taking in all which had just transpired;
I heard the melody of a 1950’s rock and roll song coming
from an office down the hall. I recognised the song and
began to hum it to myself.

I added my own version to the familar music.

“I did the Dhue and I won; I did the Dhue and
I won!”

God; I love my job!

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