Dial P For Pleasure

Fic Title:Dial P For Pleasure

Author:Andrew Troy Keller


Pairing:Alicia Silverstone/Christopher Jarecki/Freddie Prinze Junior/Sarah Michelle Geller


Summary:Two of Alicia Silverstone’s Hollywood buddies,Freddie Prinze Junior and Sarah Michelle Geller arrive at her San Francisco home to celebrate her 29th birthday.

Warnings:Voyurism,female/female sex,male/female sex,strong language


It had all started on the Fourth day of October,which happens to be the birthday of a hot Hollywood babe named Alicia Silverstone and also happens to be the
day that two of her good friends–Freddie Prinze Junior and Sarah Michelle Geller–had arrived at Alicia’s hometown of San Francisco,California to wish her a happy birthday.

But as soon as they had gotten out of their car and started walking towards the front door,both Freddie and Sarah had suddenly heard the sounds of someone running around the inside of the house and giggling.

That has caused the curious couple to walk up to the front door and Freddie to ring the door bell,which–in turn–has caused the door to open and both Alicia and her husband,Christopher Jarecki to stand in front of the second couple with a smile on their faces.

“Hi there,you guys!We’re so glad that you were able to make it!”,said a smiling Alicia,after she and Christopher had let out a small giggle and allowed Freddie and Sarah to step into their house.”So,how was your trip down here?”

“Oooohhhh,it was okay.”,answered Sarah,after she had let out a smile and small giggle of her own.”So,we had came over to wish you a happy 29th birthday and let you know that we had suddenly realized that you were celebrating your birthday already.”

“You better believe we were,Sarah.”,answered Alicia,after she has wrapped her gentle arms around her beloved husband and gave him a kiss on the cheek.”Well,I’m going upstairs to take a shower.You could join me if you want,Sarah.”

And then,after she had given that suggestion some thought and realized that it might be a good idea to do so,both Alicia and Sarah had gone up to the upstairs bathroom,take all of their clothes off and stepped into the shower,just before Alicia has turned on the water.

Then suddenly,while the water was casscading down on the two Hollywood babes and they were rubbing soap all over their bare-ass naked bodies,Alicia has taken a good look at Sarah’s nude form,placed her hands on her bare hips and started moving her lips towards Sarah’s.

But just as Alicia was about to give her a deep and passionate kiss,a confused Sarah has pulled her head away from Alicia and said,”Whoa!Wait-a-minute,Alicia.I’m really not sure that we should be doing this.You see,I’m not…!”

But just as she was about to say another word,Alicia has placed the tips of her fingers on Sarah’s lips and said,”Sssshhhh.It’s going to be okay,Sarah.Now is not the time to be afraid.Now is the time for us to dial P for pleasure.All you need to do now is just relax…and enjoy it.”

And with that,both Alicia and Sarah had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,just before Alicia has started licking all over Sarah’s nude body–all the way down to her hot,wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts.

That was before a nude Freddie and Christopher had stepped into the same shower,where a smiling Christopher has cleared his throat and asked,”Would you girls mind if we join you?”

“Why no,my darling husband.We don’t mind at all.”,said Alicia,after she has looked at the two nude males with a smile on her lips.”Please do join us.”

And then,after Freddie has placed his stiff cock inside Alicia’s hot,moist snatch and Christopher has started pumping his stone hard dick in and out of Sarah’s asshole,Alicia has continued licking on Sarah’s cunt and carressing her melons,causing Sarah to place one of her hands on Christopher’s bare leg and the other hand on one of Alicia’s tits and said,”Oooohhhh,yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it,Alicia!Do it,Christopher!Touch me!Fuck me in the ass!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!”

Then,at that exact moment,Sarah has suddenly realized that she was experiencing something that she had never experienced with anyone besides her beloved husband before,for she was experiencing pure and untamed erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after they had finished taking their shower together,moved themselves into the master bedroom and placed their nude bodies on the bed,Christopher has placed his stiff cock inside Alicia’s pussy and started licking on Sarah’s snatch and Alicia has started sucking on Freddie’s stone hard dick.


And then,after they had started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has made its final appearence on the hit NBC-TV series MISS MATCH,the four newfound bi-sexual lovers had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

Then,after they were all finally able to catch their breath and the girls had placed their heads on the guys’ chests,a smiling Alicia has placed her gentle hand on Sarah’s cheek and asked,”Well,Sarah?How did you enjoy my little birthday celebration so far?”

And after she had rolled her eyes and given that question some thought,Sarah has gently placed her hand on top of Alicia’s,allowed a smile to appear on her own lips and answered,”All I could say is this,Alicia.If this is how you celebrate your birthday,I just can’t wait to see how you ring in the New Year.”

And then,after they had shared a small chuckle between them,Alicia,Christopher,Freddie and Sarah had snuggled-up to each other and fell asleep with their naked arms in a lover’s embrace.

Just then,as soon as they had finally made it back to their Hollywood home and started unloading some boxes of stuff out of their car,a curious Sarah has discovered something inside one of the boxes.

It was a folded piece of paper…and after Sarah has picked it up and unfolded it,a smile has suddenly appeared on her face,for she has discovered that it was a note from Alicia,which had said,”Sarah–Don’t forget to dial P for pleasure next time.–Alicia.”


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