Diamonds: Who Done it? Killer Anal – Encore


Title:  Diamonds: Who Done it? Killer Anal – Encore

Author: X-tremeFAN

Content Codes: ANAL, M+F, rape, SICK, SNUFF, viol, X-tremeFAN

Celebrities: Rihanna

Disclaimer: Be aware that this story is for adults only and should not be construed as a true story in any way. It is pure fantasy and for non-commercial use only.

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Rihanna walked into the Black Assassins club house in the Hood without so much as turning a head. It wasn’t until she demanded the presence of the gang’s leader that she begun to get noticed.

“What do you want with our brother?” Someone in the shadows asked.

The place was fairly deserted. Only six or seven dudes were there lazing about and Rihanna presumed they were the inner sanctum of the gang who had nowhere else to be.

The question was repeated and Rihanna responded by taking off her basketball cap.

“Do you have any idea who I am?”

Somebody piped up, “Hay you’re Rihanna. Look everyone we have a visitor. A famous one.”

The gang members all looked up and stood quickly gathering around her.

“Shut the fuck up”, Rihanna said unfazed by the stars in their eyes. “Which one of you is the leader?”

“Shut the fuck up?” A few of the gang members said in chorus with half a laugh and a wry smile.

“Why you dissin’ on us?”

“It’s okay Bub”, a taller stocky figure said stepping forward and smiling. “Yeah I’m the leader here. Most people call me Mike but seen as you’re under my roof you had better call me Sir!”

A few laughs agreed in good fun.

“Sir what? Sir I’ve got a small dick?”

The laughter stopped as abruptly as it started. Rihanna was obviously out to fuck with these peeps but they bought the act. They didn’t like it one little bit especially Mike who felt insulted.

“I don’t care who you are girl you had better have a good reason for walking in here and speaking down on us. Wait. You’ve got a body guard outside don’t you?” Mike waved off Bub to go inspect the entry way as he spoke.

“Or what? What are you and your measly pathetic gang going to do?”

Bub returned quickly stating it was all clear. Mike shrugged then slapped Rihanna hard across the mouth. Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth.

“Imma give you one last chance to tell us your story and you might just walk out of here alive!”

A sly smile came over Rihanna’s face before she abruptly spat the blood in Mike’s face.

“You wouldn’t dare”, she said snarling.

The gang members looked around at each other and then at Mike who wiped his face with a hanky. He nodded and Rihanna’s arms were instantly pinned lifting her onto her toes, whilst another brother grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Rihanna didn’t flinch as Mike swiftly revealed a switchblade, snapped the blade open and pushed it against her throat.

“The fame must have done something to your head Ri-han-na”, Mike said, laughing again, before getting serious all the same. “I’d slice you up just for some afternoon fun.”

He looked down at Rihanna’s cleavage and proceeded to cut the top button from her shirt revealing some bra as well. Rihanna attempted to free her pinned shoulders in response but the gang members held her tight. Instead Rihanna kicked out her knee high leather boots with a direct hit to Mike’s groin.

“You had wanna kill me”, Rihanna said to Mike who was reeling on the ground. “‘Cause you come any closer and you gunna wish you were dead by the time I finish with you.”

Mike slowly got to his feet, his face red with a mixture of embarrassment and anger looking at Rihanna with blazing eyes.

“Hold her down”, Mike demanded of his gang who proceeded to slam Rihanna into the ground as hard as they could. She lost her breath but was still able to respond laughing.

“What, with your small dicks?”

Mike forced open Rihanna’s legs and punched her in the stomach.

“Clearly you don’t know who we are”, Mike said.

“Yeah”, Bub started as Mike ripped Rihanna’s shirt front from its buttons and sliced her bra straps pushing her bra around her neck.

“Yo don’t know what yar doin'” Rihanna choked.

Mike lifted Rihanna’s skirt and ripped her stockings and nickers away just as easy as her shirt. The gang looked in awe at her clean shaven pussy glistening in moisture.

“I think she wants us to”, one brother chanted pulling harder on the bra around her neck.

“Well she’s gunna get it”, Mike said groaning, and suddenly in a hurry to show his own manhood exposing nine and a half inches of erection to Rihanna’s surprise. Mike tapped it against her clit then penetrated her pussy with another deep groan.

Rihanna took it all comfortably groaning herself as Mike lost all control. Bub decided to join in pulling his own bulging erection from his pants and directing it at Rihanna’s mouth.

“You put that thing anywhere near my mouth and Imma bite it off”, Rihanna choked still finding it difficult to breathe particularly with the bra blocking her airways.

Bub was undeterred convinced that Rihanna was indeed putting on an act. Her head was forced sideways but she refused to open her mouth until Mike punched her in the stomach once again.

“Suck his dick bitch!”

Bub had already taken his opportunity despite Rihanna’s attempts to breathe. Her blood pressure was by then through the roof causing her pussy to throb with every thrust of Mike’s cock. It was so excruciatingly climatic her knees couldn’t help but try to close together almost preventing Mike’s ability to move his torso and who thought was fighting him. He responded by punching her in the stomach again and again until the onset of orgasm came over him.

Rihanna half smiled. She bit down as hard as she could and a split second later Bub was in hysterics screaming at the top of his lungs. His brothers quickly went to his aid trying to open her jaw.

“O shit!”

Except for Mike.

“FUCK… I’m cumming don’t you fucking move her.”

One of the brothers stood up and started kicking Rihanna in the shoulder and it was enough to get Rihanna turning over and she opened her mouth letting go of Bub.

“FUCK!” Mike repeated as his cock flopped out of Rihanna’s pussy. The other gang members stood and joined in kicking into Rihanna who screamed in pain as two of her ribs were broken. Bub grabbed Mike’s switchblade and threatened to cut her throat then and there.

“I’m not finished”, Mike yelled, unsatisfied.

“Well make it hurt”, Bub demanded eyeing Rihanna who was on all fours, her head in her arms and what looked like to be presenting.

Mike quickly move in behind her.

“Whoa! Look at this tight ass”, he said and without a second to lose drove his cock as hard as he could into it.

Rihanna cried out again lurching forward and almost instantly piss began spraying from her pussy all over Mike.

“Fucking bitch”, Mike said absolutely shocked. “She’s FUCKING cumming!”

“Fuck yeah”, Rihanna laughed pushing back on Mike’s cock to get the most out of it as she reached down and felt for her Colt Derringer pistol hidden in her leather boots.

“No way”, Mike and Bub said simultaneously as Rihanna swung around onto her back, took aim and pulled the trigger shooting Mike squarely between the eyes.

To Rihanna’s amusement the gang split before Mike’s head even hit the ground. With piss still piddling from her vagina she began laughing and squeezed her legs together to relieve some of the climax pleasuring her. Eyeing Mike’s switchblade on the ground she then decidedly got to her feet and used it to slice off his cock.

“A keeps sake”, she said to him as though he was still alive. “You wouldn’t believe the collection I have.”

And with that she quickly pulled down her skirt, wrapped her shirt around herself as best she could, put her basketball cap on and walked back out of the hood.


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