Diane Sawyer Undercover

Ed,the Good Morning America producer got the idea when that teen age age boy got on the show and asked for a kiss from Diane Sawyer for his 16th bithday. Diane was reluctant at first, offering to give the boy a hug instead. She compromised by giving him a kiss on the cheek. The 16 year old was hoping to lock lips, but it was better than a handshake. Ed particularly liked how Diane and the boy flirted with each other afterwards. Joking about going steady. Ed had the hots for Diane himself, but seeing how this boy who should be jerking off to Britney Spears was getting a hard on for Diane as much as he was made him realize
that there may be a lot of underage guys who would love to fuck this much older woman. Also,seeing Diane’s easy flirtation with the boy made him think how she would react if a lot of teen-age boys competed for her attention and affection. That’s when he decided on her next assignment that would probably score big ratings. That for a week, he’d have Diane do a piece on modern high schools, and despite her age she would go through what a high school girl might go through. He even planned on having join a cheerleader squad if possible. The thought of Diane’s long legs sticking out form a short skirt would be enough to give every redblooded straight male viewer a boner.

Ed called Diane into his office to pitch the idea.

When she heard it Diane laughed out loud and turned it downed because it sounde too ridiculous. She a 57 year old woman behaving like a teen age girl in a high school for one week. But Ed changed her mind when he reminded Diane that the “Today” show was beating them in the ratings. This way for one week, GMA could be on top. “OK”. Diane said. “But do you really want me to be on a cheerleader squad?” At my age that’s too silly.” However, Ed said, “Diane we are gonna get ratings by using promos of you jumping up and down in that outfit.” “You’re male fans will be dying to see you dressed up like that.” ” You’ve got to do it.” Diane laughed some more but didn’t resist.

Ed her introduced her to George, a 20 something film student who would be the only GMA staffer who would accompany her. H e would be her cameraman. Ed didn’t want any other crew members with her because he wanted to make the experience as ordinary as possible which would be diffficult anyway.

Arrangements were made with a high school in Ohio and a month later Diane showed up to experience what a typical teen age girl goes through and report on it. Diane couldn’t help but feel foolish, but at least all she had to do was just observe and ask questions and be seated in a classroom. However, she was going to feel silly when she had to participate in the cheerleader squad as part of the story.

In walking the the hallway, Diane noticed a dark haired 17 year old boy named Trey, the football captain. Diane thought he was cute and smiled at him. Trey saw that but just shook his head in disgust. He was thinking that Diane is old enough to be his grandmother and that turned him off. There’s no way he would ever go for her.

Later that day, in the same halllway, Trey was by his locker waiting to see the cheerleaders pass by getting ready for practice. He really enjoyed that. Among them though this this time was Diane wearing a red and blue crinoline mini cheerleader skirt and the longest, shapeliest legs he ever saw protruding from a skirt. Trey couldn’t believe it. Earlier in the day, he dismissed Diane as an old hag, but now he had a hard on that was so bad that as soon as Diane was out of his sight, he went to the nearest rest room stall, shut it and jerked off immediately thinking of Diane.

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