Diane Sawyer’s Intruder


By Boner

The ABC news anchor rushed as she put the finishing touches on her appearance as she prepared to leave for a network affliates dinner party. Her husband, director Mike Nichols, was away on a film shoot, so she would have to make this appearance alone. But she was nearly 20 minutes late as she put the last of her two earrings in place. Nevertheless, she gave herself a quick lookover in the full-length mirror. She was disappointed that she only now discovered her favorite knit black skirt had shrunk rather severely. But she had no time to change now. But she looked
very fetching in the orange satin blouse she had paired with it, along with her black tights and black suede heels. And now, too top it off, her driver was late in arriving.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Diane walked over to open it, fully expecting her driver, Les, to be standing there. To her surprise, another young man, rather casually dressed was there.

“Oh…I’m sorry”, said a startled Diane, “I thought you were my driver.”

“No Ms. Sawyer”, responded the man, “my guys made sure your driver wouldn’t get her”.

Diane was puzzled. “I’m not sure I know….” Suddenly the man pushed her back hard, knocking her to the floor. “Shut up bitch!!” he grunted as he slammed the door behind him.

“They’re making sure I get my chance to get between those goddam sexy legs you keep flaunting everyday!”

Diane looked in shock as she saw him leering over her body. “And I see you’re especially ready for me tonight, I see”, he said in a menacing tone.

“Wha–what do you mean” stammered Diane?

“Hot blondes in black tights get me VERY horny. And you just made the top of my list bitch!!”

“Oooh god…nooo” she said, shaking her head. She then tried to get up and run from her unwanted visitor. But he quickly grabbed her shoulder-length blonde hair, pulled her back, then roughly pushed her face into the wall. Standing close behind her, he threatened to kill her there and now if she screamed. He then got a whiff of her perfume.

“Mmmmm….you are such a goddam sexy cunt”, he whispered as he slowly, lustfully, stroked her right leg. “It’s time you got fucked by a true man!” With that, he quickly spun her around, pulled her to himself and forced his mouth onto hers, pushing his hungry tongue inside, as he ripped open her blouse to feel her voluptuous tits. Diane began to struggle wildly, pulling away from his sloppy kiss.


“NO WAY, BITCH”, the man grunted as they continued to struggle, “IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!”

He then began nuzzeling her neck and yanked off her black lace bra. Diane’s struggling only made him more insane with lust. He forced her to follow her to her dining room, pushing her forward over her dining room table.

“You know what, blondie? You’re such a bitch, I think I’ll fuck you like a dog!!!” He reached up under her tight skirt and violently yanked down her tights and panties and then quickly pulled down his pants.

“Let’s see you enjoy this, cunt!” He savagely forced his 7″ cock into her ass.


“EEEERRRRGGHHH!!! OOHHH YEAH BITCH!!!” the stranger grunted as violently slammed is hard cock over and over into that sweet ass. “YOU…GODDAM….CUNT!!!”

Diane wept as he raped her with a violence she had never known. But the anguish on her face only encouraged his enthusiasm. “YOU….KNOW…YOU LOVE IT…YOU..BITCH!” he grunted with each thrust of his rape rod.

Minutes that, for Diane, seemed like hours passed. Finally the man reached a monsterous climax in which a full load of hot creamy fluid flushed into Diane’s ass.

“AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!” he sighed in exhausted relief.

He pulled his weapon out, causing Diane to slide off the table and drop to the floor in a sobbing heap. The stranger exited without saying another word, fully satisfied of his accomplishment.

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