Diary Of A Punk Rock Band

Diary of a Punk Rock Band

by Arsen


Avril’s diary- Friday morning

Dear diary,

Hey! It’s my birthday! Yay! Happy Birthday to me! I’m finally 18! But that means I’m no longer a minor so I’m going to have to start to behave myself! It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to find the time to stop and write in here. My dream is finally coming true, I’m able to do what I love and stay true to myself and my feelings. Since I’ve last written in here, I’ve been on TRL, the MTV Video Music Awards, and fans are really beginning to respond. The greatest feeling in the world for me is when a fan gets
a chance to tell me they like me because I say what I feel and don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. It’s great to know they actually understand me.

Anyway enough of that stuff, their is something else I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for since last time I’ve written in this diary; my crush on Evan David. He’s the guitarist for my band. He, as well as Mark Spicoluk and Matt Brann make up my band. They’re all my boys! All of them are like my big brothers, but lately above everyone else Evan seems like more than just that.

Let me take a minute to describe him because he’s such a hottie! He has messy spiked blond hair, he’s taller than I am (like most guys are), and his face is really cute! Above that he has a really nice body. He’s of average build but once when we were swimming in one of our Hotel’s pools and I got a chance to see him in his swim trunks I saw that there’s more to his normal frame than meets the eye. His arms aren’t too muscular, which is good cause I hate big arms, but I can tell he has strength in them. The thing that drives me wild the most is his perfect six pack! I don’t know what he had to do to get that but I love it.

Of course, I haven’t gotten up enough guts to tell him how I feel about him, and I’m not sure how he feels about me, but I think he might be THE one, if you get my drift. Well, I have a birthday to celebrate along with a billion other things to do… I’ll try and find time to write as soon as possible.


Evan’s Journal- Friday Morning

Dear Journal,

Boy if the other guys in the band ever found out I kept a sissy journal they would probably beat my ass. But hey, old habits die-hard and I’ve been writing in one of these things since I was a kid, I won’t stop now. Even if I have to wait until the other guys go out for something to get into the secret folder on our laptop to write this. Matt and Mark are out getting Breakfast.

Today is a special day. It’s Avril’s birthday. I wonder if she is awake yet. It’s pretty early, the other guys and I agreed we would wait until after they went out for breakfast to wake her up.

But that’s not the only reason today is special, because journal, I finally think I’ve got up the guts to say something to Avril. I know, I’ve been typing about Avril and how beautiful she is in this journal for months and months now. Well it’s time to act on those feelings. I’ve sat secretly admiring her lithe body for long enough. Those small but perfectly round tits and that tight little ass. I mean lets be honest here, how many times have I beat off at night thinking of Avril.

This could be a huge mistake on my part telling her how I feel, it could jeopardize our friendship or even the band, but who am I kidding? I can’t keep this to myself any longer. So tonight, if I can get Avril alone, I’m going to tell her how I feel. The guys should be back any minute now so I better wrap things up. Pretty soon we’ll be off and celebrating Avril’s birthday!


Avril’s diary- Saturday morning

Dear Diary,

Oh my God! I can’t believe what happened last night! But before I get into that let me start from the beginning. Mark, Matt, and Evan came over to my hotel room yesterday afternoon to get me and take me out on the town to go shopping. I got some cool new clothes and a bunch of neckties! When they could take no more shopping it was time for dinner and we went into a Hard Rock Cafe. After ordering and before our food even arrived we had already turned the place upside down. Singing every song that came over the speakers we turned the restaurant into a dance club with everyone up and singing and dancing while they ate. We started a Congo line, and were on the tables for good old YMCA.

I even got to dance a little freaky with Evan and enjoyed every second of it. Taking a break from the action I headed back to the ladies room and went to the bathroom. Stopping by the mirror I quickly straightened the tie I wore over my thin white tank top. Stepping out of the bathroom into the long hallway leading back towards the party that I could hear wasn’t slowing down. Or at least I was about to but as I came out of the bathroom and turned I ran right into Evan.

Both of us blushing and saying we were sorry at the same time, I told him to come back to the party and began to walk around him, but he grabbed me by the arm and told me he had something he’d been meaning to tell me for a long time. I could tell he was nervous and flustered and I could only hope it was for the reason I thought it was.

After stuttering a bit I believe his exact words were “Avril, I-I like you…”

My heart immediately started racing, but I had to keep it cool so casually I told him I liked him too.

Then he said something to the effect of “No… Listen to me, I really, really like you.” I watched him go red with embarrassment and did the only thing I could think to do. I reached up wrapping my hands around the back of Evan’s neck and pulled him down to me locking my lips in a kiss with him.

At first I could tell I completely caught him off guard as he did little to return the kiss, but that only lasted a few seconds and then he was kissing me back. What a kiss it was. I had never experienced anything like it before. Our tongues searched and twirled around in each other’s mouths as he pushed me back into the wall pinning me there. His hands still free I felt him searching for the bottom of my tank top. He found it and brought one of them up under the shirt cupping one of my breasts.

For a moment or two I was too far-gone to care as I let him fondle with my bra covered breasts. However I quickly let myself think for a second as I felt his hand go around to my back and begin to try and unclasp my bra. I was able to realize this wasn’t the right place even though I wanted him so bad. I pulled my lips from his and began to lightly push him back. I told him we couldn’t do it here because if someone came back and saw the press would have a field day with it. On top of that it could ruin the band if Matt or Mark happened back here and see us. Being a complete gentleman, he agreed.

Although I was able to stop the hot act, I couldn’t deny the feeling I had all over, not to mention a sudden wetness in my underwear. Breathlessly I told him to wait the next night after Matt and Mark went to sleep to sneak over to my room where I’d be waiting up for him. Well that was last night, so he is coming over tonight. All four of us have promotional work to do with MTV today, it’s going to be almost impossible to hide my excitement for tonight while I’m around all three of them. I hope Evan is able to hide it too. Well I have to get ready to head down to the studios. The guys should be coming by my room to get me any minute now. I will write what happens tonight as soon as I get the chance.


Evan’s journal- Sunday morning

Mark and Matt went out skateboarding so I am going to get into this right away while I have the chance. Friday night during Avril’s birthday I got up the nerve to tell her how I felt about her. Apparently she felt the same way because as a reply she started making out with me. I can’t spend any more time explaining that because last night was too amazing and I have to write as much as I can of it down before Mark and Matt get back.

After making out Friday night Avril told me to come to her room after Mark and Matt went to sleep last night. Laying in the bed wide awake in our hotel room after we’d turned in for the night I waited for what seemed like forever until I could hear the breathing pattern of sleep from both Mark and Matt. Silently I crept out of bed and slipped on a pair of baggy flannel pants, secretly hoping I wouldn’t have them on very long. Not even bothering to slip on a shirt I opened the door as quietly as possible, shut it behind me and tip toed to the door to Avril’s room.

Just as I was about to quietly knock on the door it flew open and I was being pulled into her suite. I pushed the door shut behind me as I was being pulled by Avril away from the door. We only got a few feet before she was pulling my face towards her and we were kissing passionately again. We hadn’t even made it all the way into the living room area of her suite and our mouths were already attacking each other. My tongue probed her mouth briefly before I had to pull her away from me for a second and hold her out at arm’s length to take a look at her. She was wearing a black bra and smiley face boxer shorts. The shorts hugged her skinny waist perfectly and her luscious round tits looked breathtaking in the little black bra. She wasn’t large in the chest but just the right size and all the more sexy to me.

At the same time I was admiring her I noticed she was eyeing up my body as well. I saw her look dreamy eyed at my six pack that I’ve worked so hard for over the years. Then I saw the look in her eyes go from dreamy to excited as she looked at the bulge that I finally realized was still oh so visible through the baggy pants I threw on. With no words said and no further pause she was pulling down my pants. Once she got my pants to my ankles she ran her small smooth hands back up my legs to the point of my navy blue briefs that met my legs on both side. She got a finger up under them on both sides and then pulled them down that way.

Now completely naked her eyes went from my underwear on the floor back up my legs to my rock hard cock. Seeing her licking her lips at the sight of it almost made me shoot it right then and there but I contained myself. I wasn’t going to go through that embarrassment again like I did my senior year of high school. I’m sure I wrote about that in this journal already. I took the hottest girl in school to the towns favorite make out spot she took off her shirt, pulled out my cock and was about to go down on me when I shot all over her face and the car.

I don’t want to get off topic though, and for the record I’ve received a few good blow jobs since that embarrassing moment, and have made a few girls weak with pleasure as well. Anyway, she took my cock, which if I haven’t mentioned somewhere in this diary already is a decent but by no means monstrously big 7 inches. To go with the 7 inches there is a slightly more impressive and certainly more important thickness to it that certainly stretches first time girls’ cunts to the max. Which is exactly what I was thinking as I looked at the petite Avril Lavigne wondering if she could take me.

That was for later though, because in a moment longer all I could think about was right then and how good it felt. Avril got down on her knees in front of me eyes still glued on my manhood. She started by licking the tip of my penis head in a small circle around my piss hole. Already driving me bonkers, she then went all the way down the shaft to my balls and then back up as if it were one long lollypop she was licking. That was all the playing around she did before opening that talented mouth of hers and putting it to a different use servicing my cock.

As she took in as much as she could of my meat and pulled back off and then swallowed as much as she could again I felt weak in the knees. The combination of the thought that it was Avril Lavigne doing this to me, the girl I’ve secretly lusted over since the band got together, coupled with how good she was doing it, was unbearable.

Now one hand cupping and playing with my dangling balls, one jacking off the area of my shaft she couldn’t swallow, and her head bobbing up and down lips wrapped tightly along my pole I was ready to blow. I think I moaned out something of a warning that I was cuming before I was shooting out in jet streams. At first I felt guilty I had started doing it in her mouth and was about to pull free until I looked down and saw her frantically working to swallow every last drop. Even letting her tongue lick up one remaining glob from her chin when I had finished and pulled out.

The orgasm was too much for me and I collapsed back into a leather reclining chair. Avril on the other hand jumped to her feet and pulled off the boxer shorts she was wearing. Under it I saw a barely there thong that covered up just enough for her to not be totally naked. It was so tiny that I knew she was completely shaved down there, which drove me wild in an instant. She sat down legs crudely spread out on a matching couch across from me.

I think she told me to eat her and even if she didn’t I was going to anyway. Naked and now sweaty I was on my knees in front the couch she sat legs spread on. Reaching up I pulled the floss-sized piece covering her pussy area to the side and immediately dove my face into her crotch. Even completely soaked with her juices down there she had managed to remain smelling sweet as a peach. She tasted as one too as my tongue worked furiously around her entire tight pussy. I could tell by her tightness that she had never received a cock down here before, which I hoped to change later that night.

After making sure I’d licked up her juices and explored her entire sex, I worked my tongue to her box and easily found a swollen clit that I swirled circles around with my tongue. She responded with a gasp, then a moan, than her legs wrapped around my head and pulled me in farther until my face was buried in her hairless virgin cunt. Legs wrapped around me she began bucking her hips while I worked her clit and with out being able to let out a warning she had her first orgasm that I could tell by her shudders and shakes was a doozy. I could tell even more so by the water fall of juices that poured over my tongue and mouth.

I am very proud to say that after this oral assault on the punk rock princess my cock was completely hard and ready for action once again. I’ll never forget her next words.

“Let’s get in the shower you sexy thing.” were her exact words. She didn’t need to tell me twice as we both got up and I followed her into the bathroom of her suite. The bathroom was rather spacious, and included a large open shower in one corner, and a jet tub in the other.

I followed Avril to the shower and as soon as we were both inside it’s tiled walls and floor we locked in the most passionate kiss I have ever been involved in. I could taste myself in her mouth, as I am sure she could taste herself in mine as we explored each other with our tongues.

She broke the kiss, and reached behind me to turn the hot water on so that it immediately began raining down on the both of us. We locked lips again as we let the steam form clouds around our bodies. When we were both soaked she turned her back towards me affording me a view of her lithe body from behind.

Her bra and thong were now soaked as I reached to the clasp on her back and unhooked it. She pulled it off and tossed it out of the shower as I bent down and pulled off her matching underwear and she stepped out of them. She took the soap off it’s holder on the wall and passed it back to me. I lathered my hands until they were completely covered with soap suds and began rubbing them into Avril’s body with her back to me.

My hands rubbed her shoulders, down her sides and smooth back, until they reached that tiny firm ass of hers. Caressing each cheek in turn, and than rubbing in the crack between them, I than let my soapy hands rub down her smooth legs. Hunched over with my face in her now wonderfully smelling ass she turned around so that I now looked straight into her hairless pussy.

Resisting the urge to eat her out all over again, I began rubbing up the front of her legs, and ever so softly rubbing more soap into the outside of her cunt slit. I moved up further still over her flat smooth stomach, until I came to her two perfectly round perky breasts. Massaging soap into the right one first, than the space between them, and than the left, I squeezed and rubbed each softly. I than made sure to rub her now hard and pointy nipples.

Finished, I let her rinse herself off in the showers spray, and than handed her the soap and turned around. She rubbed it into my broad shoulders, and than ran down both of my muscled arms. She washed over my back, and paid special care to my firm butt. I turned and let her rub the soap into my pecks, and than down to where she massaged and washed my defined abdominal. Gently she lathered up the small patch of hair at the base of my hard cock until there was enough bubbles to rub them up my shaft and cover it all. I rinsed myself off in the water and pinned her against the shower wall and my body, the water hitting off of my back.

I kissed her neck, and than bent my head down to kiss each of her tits, all the while my crotch grinding into hers. I turned the water off and scooped her naked wet body into my arms and carried her out of the shower room.

I placed her on top of her king-sized bed and climbed onto it hovering over her. She grabbed me around the neck and pulled herself up to my lips where she kissed me again passionately. I began kissing her back but she pulled herself away from my lips. It would be impossible for me to ever forget her next words.

“Fuck me now Evan!” She said. That was all I needed.

She spread her legs to me and I got between them and began lowering myself down towards her hairless crotch. I guided my cock to her tight lips until I touched them. I looked at Avril.

“I know this is your first time. Are you sure you want this? It might hurt.” I asked, begging it wouldn’t change her mind.

“I said fuck me now!” she demanded, staring me right in the eye. I wouldn’t ask her again. Looking down at her beautiful young pussy I could tell she was going to be tight even with her legs spread wide. Reaching down with my left hand I placed a finger on either side of her slit and spread her pussy lips as wide as my fingers would spread them open, admiring her pink inside.

With my other hand I guided my cock head to her opening and began to apply pressure. My throbbing head wouldn’t even go in at first, so I pushed harder, until finally with a wet pop my head was inside of her. I heard her yelp and felt her jump as I entered her. I looked to her face.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She nodded, and I noticed she gripped the bed sheets beneath her tightly. I pushed again, inching slowly into her tight virgin cunt. With each push I noticed her hands tighten their grip on the sheets. Suddenly, only a quarter of the way in the punk rocker my cock met a barrier and wouldn’t go in any further. I might have panicked had I not taken away the virginity of a few others in my time.

“Now I’m at your hymen. I have to pop your cherry but it might-“

“Just push through me and fuck me Evan!” She cut me off and jerked her hips towards me trying to push me through herself but to no avail. Taking her advice I decided to cut out the slow stuff and just push as hard as I could. I had success as I felt myself push through her wall and pop her cherry. Avril gasped, but I continued pushing into her until I was buried to the hilt.

I inched myself out and pushed back in, noticing the shudder of pleasure Avril’s body went through. I pulled out once again and pushed back in, this time a little more easily. I repeated the process 3 more times until it was smooth and easy going in and out.

“Now if you’re ready-“

Before I could answer Avril had wrapped her legs around my waist and locked them behind my back.

“Let’s fuck like crazy!” She requested. Before I could respond she was bucking her hips pulling herself up off my cock and back down onto it. In moments I was responding so that we fucked together in unison on the bed. Ramming myself into her as she slammed herself into me my balls cracked off her lower pussy lips as our speed increased.

Soon, as I continued to fuck her no longer virgin cunt I had reached down and was squeezing and pinching both of her perky tits.

“Oooooh yeah fuck my pussy!” Is what Avril kept moaning over and over. “Squeeze those tits!” She added.

Pulling myself out of her and breaking free of the legs she had wrapped around me, I grabbed her by the waste and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. She stuck her ass in the air.

“Fuck me doggy style!” she pleaded. I obliged and plunged back up into her dripping cunt from behind. I slid all the way in easier this time as the fucking we’d already did had loosened her up nicely. However, she was still tight around my cock as I began pulling back and slamming up into her.

Gripping her by her tiny waist I let completely lose and opened up on her pussy with a speed and intensity that sent her skin rippling all the way up her ass to her shoulders. She was moaning the entire time. Soon she was also bouncing back and forth, up and down, side to side in a furious attempt to send herself spilling over into an orgasm.

An attempt that succeeded as I heard Avril moan louder and suddenly freeze in mid-fuck. Her tight cunt grew tighter around my cock and began convulsing in an orgasmic spasm.

“Ooooh Fuck yeah I’m cumming!” She groaned as her cunt began milking my engorged prick. I could take no more and just before I was about to plunge deep into her I realized that even if she wasn’t thinking so at the moment, blowing my load in her could very well ruin her career. I pulled out from her pussy as she continued her orgasm and gripped her harder by the waist flipping her back onto her back. Than with 3 final jerks of my member I began spewing forth my spunk all over Avril’s stomach and chest.

I collapsed next to Avril where she lay panting in a sweaty cum covered mess. Turning over to look at the beautiful woman next to me, I realized she was already asleep from her exhaustion. Quietly I got up, got my clothes back on, and left her room to sneak back into my own. I got back into bed happy to realize Mark and Matt had both slept straight through my absence. Speaking of them, they should be back from skate boarding any minute now so I got to stop writing and shut the laptop down. Hopefully this is not the end of the excitement by a long shot.

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