Dinner Guests

This story is a work of complete fiction.

Victoria Beckham glanced at the clock as she relaxed in her spa bath.6 pm.It had been a good day.Emma & Jade were coming over for dinner, Brooklyn was staying with David’s mum & she had been fucked by David.He had an away game at Liverpool that night, but knew that she was always horny first thing in the morning.He’d woken her up by rubbing her clit & sucking on her tits. This always got her dripping wet & before she knew it,she was being pumped by his rock-hard cock.As it was a match day, he’d only made her cum 3 times before blowing his load.

She stepped
from the bath, the bubbles running down her long slender legs & made her way to the bedroom.”What shall it be tonight ?” she said to herself surveying the wardrobe full of clothes.Her eyes stopped at 1 of the little short Gucci dresses she was famous for wearing.”Perfect” she thought,deciding to forgo underwear.The outfit was finished off with a pair of strappy high heels & a diamond necklace.

As she made her way down the staircase, the doorbell rang.She opened the door to see Emma Bunton & Jade Jones standing there.Emma looked stunning in a short halter neck summer dress & high heeled mules that accentuated her long legs whilst the dress barely contained her tits.Jade, on the other hand, wore his usual jeans & T-shirt.”You look great Em !” excalimed Vicky looking her up & down.”Thanks, you don’t look too shabby yourself” replied Emma.

Dinner passed uneventfully & the wine flowed freely.As they talked around the Table, Vicky couldn’t help but notice how Jade’s hand kept disappearing below the table, coinciding with Emma’s speech becoming a little hesitant.”So hows the…….mmmm….. album coming……ooh… along Vic ?” inquired a now wriggling Emma.She was just about to reply when it hit her.”My God, he’s fingering her !!!!”.Her thoughts were confirmed by Emma’s short breaths & erect nipples poking through her flimsy dress.”Yeah, its cumming along nicely thanks” replied a now very aroused Victoria.The word “cumming” echoed through Emma’s mind.She was desperate to, & Jade knew it.His finger was pressed hard against her clit by the elastic from her from her panties, such as they were.Then, just as she was about to go over the edge, he stopped & moved his glistening finger to his lips.”You bastard” she muttered to a smirking Jade.”Listen” said Vicky, excited by seeing her friend in a state of horniness,”its late, why not spend the night here ?.Theres plenty of room & David would be pleased to see you”.”Oh thanks Vic” said Emma,”if its ok with you,we’ll go up now cos I feel a bit………you know”.Victoria smiled,she knew exactly.

The bedroom door had barely closed before Emma rounded on Jade.” You bastard !”, she whispered.”What ? you didn’t like it then ?” replied a smug Jade.”You know I did, but I need to finish off, I need to cum !!” she hissed.”Yeah bitch, I know now come here.”He grabbed her by the waist, pulling her towards him.His left hand mauled her tit, stopping only to pinch her nipple whilst with his right he explored her sopping panties.”After such a nice meal, I think I need a little pussy dessert” said Jade.”Oh God yes !!,eat my pussy baby……….oh yeah”.Jade’s tongue flicked around her lips before arriving at her erect clit.”OOOOH …..MMMMM…..JUST THERE THATS IT !……..OOOOO…….MMMMM” screamed Emma, oblivious to the opening of the bedroom door.Victoria’s head peeped round,what a site !!.There before her eyes was Emma Bunton, innocent Baby Spice, with her legs spread being eaten out by Jade Jones.Vicky’s hand wandered down to her own moistened pussy & slipped in a finger.Emma was by now totally out of control,”OOOOH PLEASE JADE,LET ME CUM,I NEED TO…….”.”Not yet bitch, you need to be fucked.Now play with them lovely titties you like so much ” replied Jade, & with that he removed his tongue & replaced it with his stiff black cock.He’d seen Victoria from the corner of his eye, she was by now sitting in a chair, legs spread & 2 fingers stuck firmly in her twat.

“This looks interesting” thought David Beckham as he surveyed the room.Emma’s legs were over Jade’s shoulders, her high heels digging in his back as he thrust in & out of her juicy cunt & her hands pulling at her tits whilst his wife was busy frigging herself.”My turn now” he said as he slid is cock into Vicky’s welcoming pussy.The sound of Beckham’s voice startled Emma, but she was too far gone to care now, especially as she was about to orgasm.”MMMMMM………OH YEAH !….OOOO…….I’M GONNA……CUUUUUMMMM !!!!!!” she screamed as her hips bucked wildly,bringing Jade to a crashing orgasm.Beckham was by now into a rhythm & Vicky loved it.”Thats it baby, fuck me…oooh deeper make me cum ….mmmmm…..oooh” cried Victoria.David grabbed her ankles & spread her legs wider to give him better access to her snatch,before throwing them onto his shoulders.This would allow him to rub her clit with his finger as he pumped her cunt.”OH YOU BASTARD”…screamed Victoria “YOU KNOW THAT MAKES ME……..MAKES …..OOOOH….MMMMM….GOD….MAKES ME……MMMMM…..CUMM!!!!.Vicky’s pussy gushed with cum as they both climaxed together.”Looks like we’ll be having guests for dinner more often” he thought.


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