Dinner Is Served

Disclaimer: This fic contains scenes of a homosexual nature, do not read if offended.

It in no way depicts the sexuality of those involved.

Max watched as the two girls on the table opposite him ate lunch, chatting away like two old friends

The blonde one had her hand over the brunette’s. It appeared they were more than friends, they looked more like lovers. There eyes were fixed on each other.

The brunette girl, who was stunningly attractive, slid her leg over the blonde’s, giving her a seductive glance.

Max sat there watching them, a stirring in his groin.

seemed intent on each other, the outside world was non existent.

They kissed passionately, tongues sliding in between their lips in a fierce passion. They didn’t seem to care if anyone was watching them.

His cock was raging hard now and he gently gave it a squeeze. His eyes were transfixed

These girls were getting it on and he was loving every minute of it!

The blonde’s leg disappeared between the brunette’s and it didn’t take much for Max to figure out where her foot was.

He watched with fascination as the two girls made out, the bulge in his pants was prominent and he unzipped his flies, freeing it from it’s confines.

Once out, he stroked it swiftly, pre-cum oozed from the swollen tip, landing on his hand

He tried not to make a sound as he beat himself off, his eyes fixated on the girls

Both girls were now playing ‘footsie’, soft whimpering could be heard as they pleasured each other.

Max sped up the movements on his cock, groaning softly as he came all over his trousers

He closed his eyes, images of the two girls running though his mind

He opened them again in time to see them snogging passionately, locked in an embrace, their feet had been replaced by hands and he imagined what they were doing next

The blonde’s skirt was high above her knee and Max could see the tops of her stockings held on by suspenders

He quickly put his limp member away and made his way over to the girls’ table

‘Excuse me’ he said politely ‘May I buy you both a drink?’

The girls looked at him and then giggled

‘We were just going’ the blonde answered

Then, seeing the look of disappointment on his face, she added:

‘But you’re welcome to join us!’ She looked over at the brunette for approval, who nodded

‘By the way, I’m Sarah’ the blonde one spoke again, ‘And this is Michelle’ she pointed to her ‘lady friend’ Michelle smiled at Max

‘I’m Max, my nickname’s Max Calibur’ the girls giggled again

‘Well, ‘Max Calibur‘, you care to come with us?’ Sarah’s blue eyes fixed on him and his groin stirred again

‘Sure’ he replied all too eagerly

The girls got up and Max followed them, his eyes watching their pert asses as they walked in front of him.

Sarah seemed to be wiggling her’s deliberately and Max had to resist putting a hand out to touch it.

They got in the taxi, Max was sandwiched between the two in the back seat

Almost immediately, Sarah’s hands roamed his body, caressing his chest and arms. Michelle was following her lead, doing the same on the other side.

Sarah moved down to his groin, stroking his semi hard cock, bringing it back to life in seconds

‘I’d love to taste that’ she gave him a seductive look

Max opened his legs in invitation and she made no hesitation diving in, immediately opening his zip and letting out his hard tool

She bent over so her face was near his groin, flicking a tongue over the tip, tasting his sweet juices

Max groaned as her tongue hit his fleshy bulb. He shifted so that she could take more if it in her mouth, and she did, swallowing almost all of it in one go

Michelle kissed him, sliding her tongue in his mouth. Max met her tongue with his, dancing circles around it

Her hand was on his balls, massaging them between her fingers, while Sarah continued to suck on his cock

The sensation of the two girls working on him was amazing and he couldn’t wait to reach their final destination

The girls swapped places, with Michelle eating his cock and Sarah sucking on his nipples

He couldn’t bear it much longer and he knew climax was imminent

Sarah bent over his cock, taking it in her mouth, saliva dripping down his shaft, mixing with his juices

Michelle sucked his balls, taking each of them in her mouth in turn, before moving up to his cock, licking it’s smooth underside.

Sarah’s tongue was on one side, and Michelle’s was on the other. They lapped up the juices that flowed from him, savouring every drop as if it were expensive champagne

Max held his breath as he climaxed, the juices seeping from the tip. The two girls lapped it up, drinking the nectar from his fuck stick

‘Oh fuck’ he couldn’t help himself, the honey just keep on coming

The girls didn’t seem to mind, licking up the cream with eagerness

Once done, they kissed, tasting his honey on each other

The sight was so erotic and Max was delirious with excitement

Just as they finished, the taxi pulled up outside an apartment complex.

The three got out and headed for the door. A gentleman in a suit opened it, letting them in

‘Thank you!’ the girls cried in unison, winking at him. He smiled bashfully

Turning to Max, Sarah said,

‘Come on, big boy!’

They walked into the lift. As soon as the door closed, their hands were all over him again, fondling him, teasing him.

The girls kissed each other, then kissed him. The three way kiss full off passion, tongues dancing feverishly, passion rising in them all.

The doors opened and the two girls pulled him out into the corridor.

Michelle fumbled for her keys and opened the door, pushing Max inside

He was totally under their control, succumbing to their whims, and he was loving it!

They led him to the bedroom, stripping him as they went.

He was naked by the time he got to the bedroom, his cock was already raging hard

Sarah pushed him on the bed, climbing on top of him

She ground her hips against his groin and he felt her pussy through his trousers

Michelle sat on his face, her panties had long disappeared, if she had any on at all and her luscious pussy was begging to be eaten. Max immediately dived in

Sarah had released his cock and was sucking on it once again, her tongue running over the bumpy surface.

She had swallowed all of it, taking it down to the base, his pubic hairs tickled her nose

She took his balls in her mouth, juggling them with her tongue

‘Oh………’ Max groaned between gulps of Michelle’s pussy

Michelle ground her hips, riding her pussy on his face

He lapped at her cunt, sliding his tongue between the folds of her delicate pussy

She put her hands on his chest to steady herself, moving faster over his face

Max hungrily ate her, her sweet nectar tasted delicious and he was eager for more

He slid his tongue inside her cunt hole, fucking her relentlessly

Sarah stopped her movements on his cock and sat on his crotch, sliding his thick meat inside her

Max groaned as his cock filled her, the slimy walls of her cunt sucking him in.

She bounced on top of him, riding him like a rodeo cowboy, moaning with each thrust

Max grabbed Michelle’s cheeks, holding on to her as she rode her pussy over him, his tongue frantically explored every nook and cranny of her wonderful treasure.

She got up and headed over to where Sarah was and Max watched as the two girls French kissed

Then Sarah disembarked him and Michelle took her place, guiding his cock into her delicious pussy

The two girls fondled and kissed each other while Michelle rode his fuck stick

The sight was awesome, Max’s eyes were like saucers as he silently watched them get it on

Sarah moved up to his face, kissing him on the lips. She tasted Michelle’s sweet juices on her tongue

Pulling away, she mounted his face, as Michelle had done, grinding her pussy over him

He slipped a tongue inside her hole, lapping at the juices that flowed from her

She sped up her movements, fucking his tongue, every thrust eliciting a muffled groan

Michelle dismounted him and motioned for Sarah to come over to her

The two girls sucked his cock as they had in the taxi, licking and sucking him to near frenzy

Max got up and motioned for one of the girls to bend over on all fours

Sarah volunteered, crouching over so he could mount her

He slid his cock in, pounding his meat into her with force, she yelled in ecstasy, screaming for more

Michelle sucked Sarah’s tits, taking the juicy mound in her mouth, rolling her tongue over the hard nip

She kissed Sarah, their tongues darting in and out of one another’s mouths

She lay down underneath Sarah, positioning herself below her pussy

Flicking a finger over her clit, she heard Sarah yelp

She moved faster, rubbing the little bud into frenzy. Sarah’s body rocked violently, as she was mutually pleasured

Suddenly she came, her body racked with pure delight

‘Oh fuck yeah……….’ the profanity just kept flowing as she succumbed to orgasm

Max continued to drive his cock into her, pounding her with an a mighty force until her orgasm subsided

Michelle also continued her movements on Sarah’s clit, making Sarah cry out with joy

Max pulled his cock out, offering it to Michelle, who immediately sucked it, tasting her girlfriends’ juices, mixed with his pre-cum

She massaged his balls, lightly fingering the soft sac

Max moaned a deep throaty growl, his eyes shut tight, images of the two girls flashing through his mind

The thrill welled up inside him and he knew he was about to come

Michelle pulled out, beckoning Sarah

The two girls stood facing each other, their tits rubbing against one another

Michelle stroked his hard cock, drops of pre-cum fell from the tip landing on their chests

Max cried out as he came, shooting his cream over the two girls’ breasts

Sarah stroked his balls, squeezing out the remaining juices from his sac

Streams of more come flowed from him, the girls lapped it up hungrily.

He watched their eager faces as they drank from him

‘Oh yeah’ he moaned as he dispersed the few remaining drops from his spent cock

The girls lapped it up greedily, hungry for more

Max sat back on his heels watching the two girls eat the come from each other’s bodies, their tongues scooping up the delicious honey, not wasting a drop

Once finished, they lay on the bed, fondling and caressing each other, before continuing on their journey of passion


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