Dinner and a Movie

Title: Dinner and a Movie

Author: Tori

Celebs: Peyton Roi List

Codes: MF, oral, rape, anal, fist, BDSM, drugs

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Dating an older man was not something Peyton List ever dreamed she’d do but her she was, getting ready for her date with Thomas.  Thomas was in his thirties and had met the gorgeous 19 year old Disney starlet at a fundraiser a few weeks earlier.  They had to keep their romance quiet since the ramifications it would have on the young actress were too numerous to count, not to mention, her parents disapproval and even though she hadn’t slept with Thomas yet, she knew that tonight was probably the night she would give herself to him.

When Peyton arrived at Thomas’s home, the door opened and she saw her man standing there with a dozen roses.  “I thought we’d stay in tonight.”  Peyton gave him a kiss and then saw the caterer standing behind him.  “I arranged for dinner my sweet.”  Peyton smiled as she stepped inside and after Thomas closed the door, he took Peyton in his arms and kissed her deeply.  “I thought after dinner, we could watch a movie and enjoy a bottle of wine.”  Peyton hugged him and said, “Just when I thought I had you figured out, you do something like this.  You have got to be the sweetest man on Earth.”

Thomas opened the bottle of wine and poured two glasses before joining Peyton in the living room.  As the chef set up dinner, the two lovers chatted and sipped the expensive wine.  When dinner was served, Thomas dismissed the chef and his staff and said, “Thank you George.  I’ll take it from here.”  He handed the chef an enveloped and let them out before escorting Peyton to the dining room table.  He held her chair for her and then joined her at the table.  The two enjoyed their delicious meal and when they were finished, Thomas and Peyton made their way to the couch.  Thomas grabbed the wine bottle and joined Peyton on the couch.

After he put in the DVD, he refilled their glasses and sat close to Peyton.  As soon as the video started, Thomas saw the expression on Peyton’s face change from happy to one of disgust.  She stared at the flat screen TV and watched Thomas as he brutalized a young girl tied to his bed.  The sound of the girl’s screams filled the room and when she turned to say something, she felt the sting of the needle in her arm.  Within seconds, she fell unconscious in his arms.

When she finally woke up, she found herself lying on her stomach, naked.  She had a metal “O” ring strapped in her mouth and her legs were bent with her wrists attached to her ankles behind her back by leather cuffs.  Thomas was tying her blonde hair into a ponytail and when he saw her eyes open, he said, “Relax baby.  We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”  When he finished, he turned her head towards the TV and said, “See that?  See how she struggles.  I like it when they struggle.  Are you going to struggle for me baby?”  Peyton tried to turn away but Thomas held her head by her ponytail and forced her watch.  It was then that Peyton noticed that Thomas had removed his clothes and was sitting next to her, his hard cock sticking straight up.  He grabbed her by the ponytail and forced his cock through the “O” ring and down her throat.  Peyton gagged and made a “glug, glug, glug” sound as he slammed his cock in and out of her throat.  Peyton’s eye shadow was running down her cheeks while she choked on the massive piece of meat.  Thomas pulled her off his cock and turned her head once again towards the TV.  “See that?  See how she takes my entire fist in her cunt?”  Peyton tried to close her eyes but Thomas used his fingers to keep them open.  “Oh no, don’t close your eyes.  You need to watch and learn.  You’ll be doing this soon and you’ll love it.”

Thomas held Peyton’s head tightly as he forced her to watch the video.  When it finished, the scene switched to another young girl.  Thomas throat fucked the pretty blonde teen, occasionally turning her eyes toward the screen.  Thomas pulled her head up and said, “You see how she takes my cock in her ass?  She was an anal virgin when I filmed this.  Are you an anal virgin baby?”  Peyton nodded and saw a sadistic smile on his face.  He said, “Good.  I like being the first cock in a pretty girl’s tight little asshole.  I’ve been dreaming about taking that precious hole.”  Thomas slammed Peyton’s mouth back down on his cock and skull fucked her for several minutes before he finally filled her mouth with cum.  He kept his cock buried deep in her throat until he was finished.  When he finally let her go, she coughed and spit up massive amounts of cum causing Thomas to laugh.  “You’ll have to do better than that next time baby.”  He stood and picked Peyton up off the couch and said, “I think it’s time to retire to the bedroom, don’t you?”

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Peyton saw the cameras.  Thomas had four set up around the bed which was covered with a plastic sheet.  He laid her down on her stomach and then pulled four leather straps from under the mattress.  One by one, he attached her wrists and ankles to the straps and then went around the room turning on lights and the cameras.  When he was satisfied, he got on the bed with Peyton and pulled her head back by her ponytail.  He pointed her face at one of the cameras and said, “A special treat.  This is Peyton Roi List, star of several Disney shows and soon to be the star of this special video.  Peyton stared wide eyed into the camera and started to cry again.  Thomas saw her tears and said, “Don’t cry baby.  You need to enjoy this.”

Peyton stared at the monitor and watched as Thomas took out a huge jar of Vaseline.  He dipped his entire hand into the jar and then covered her pussy and asshole with the gooey substance.  One by one, he pushed his fingers into her and as she screamed out through the “O” ring, he pushed his last finger inside.  She felt his large fist in her pussy and winced in pain as he twisted and turned it.  He slapped her ass several times and fisted her hard and deep until he was wrist deep inside of her.  “You see my sweet.  You love it, don’t you?”  Peyton shook her head from side to side and begged him to stop but with the ring in her mouth, her words were unintelligible.  While he fisted her stretched out hole, he reached over and picked up a huge butt plug.  Peyton thought getting fisted was the worst pain she’d ever experienced but when he pushed the plug into her tight virgin ass, she saw a bright white light and screamed out louder than before.  Thomas twisted his fist and the plug and said, “Go ahead and scream baby.  Scream as loud as you want.  No one can hear you anyway.”

Just when she thought it couldn’t be more degrading, Thomas pulled his fist out, making a loud “POP” sound and scooted up next to her face and released and torrid stream of hot piss.  He aimed at her open mouth and filled her with the rancid liquid, making her cough and gag before shoving his cock down her throat, forcing her to swallow.  When he was spent, he took off the “O” ring and grabbed her by the ponytail and skull fucked her for several minutes until he filled her mouth with another hot load.  After he pulled out, Peyton lay her head on the plastic sheet and let the cum pour from her mouth.  Thomas stood up and looked at her and said, “Your puffy lips look lovely my sweet.  Now it’s time to get serious.”  Peyton tried to speak but the pain in her ass from the plug was unbearable.   She felt momentary relief when Thomas reached over and pulled the butt plug out of her ass but her relief was short lived because as soon as her ass was free, he replaced the plug with his hard cock.  “FUCKKKKK!!!!!!!  YOU’RE KILLING MEEEEEE!!!!!” she screamed.  Thomas spread her cheeks as he rammed his cock deep into her gaping hole.  “Beg me to fuck your ass baby.  Tell me how much you love it” he said.  Peyton closed her eyes and tried to think about anything besides the humiliation she was experiencing.  Thomas pulled her head up by the ponytail and spit on her face.  He slapped her ass hard and said, “TELL ME WHORE!  BEG ME TO FUCK YOUR ASS HARDER!!!!!”  Peyton winched and started to grunt with his hard thrusts.  Finally, the broken beauty said, “Please……fuck……..my……….ASSSSSSSS!!!!!!”  He slapped her again and again and said, “I SAID BEG ME BITCH!!!”  Peyton started screaming, “FUCKKKK MYYYYYYY ASSSSSSSSSS!!!!”  Thomas rammed his cock in and out of her and said, “WHAT ARE YOU?”  Peyton screamed out, “I’M A SLUT, A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!”  Thomas laughed and then looked at the camera.  “Take a long look at her.  Peyton Roi List, teenaged Disney princess is just a worthless anal whore.  AREN’T YOU?”  Peyton looked straight at the camera and said, “YESSS I’M A WORTHLESS ANAL WHORE!!!!”

After what seemed like an eternity, Thomas pulled his cock out of Peyton’s ass and shot rope after rope of hot cum across her back.  He quickly pushed his cock between her lips and squeezed out the rest of his load.  After a few minutes, he stood up and went into the bathroom.  While Peyton lay there sobbing, Thomas took a shower.  When he returned, he turned off the cameras and released Peyton from the straps.  The ruined teen slowly pushed herself off the bed and tried to stand up.  Thomas grabbed her and helped her steady herself and said, “There now, you loved it, didn’t you?”  Peyton looked up at him and said, “No you fucking bastard.  You raped me.  How could you?”  Thomas started to get dressed and said, “Rape?  Please.  You’ve been asking for it since I met you.”  Peyton slowly made her way downstairs and found her clothes.  She got dressed as fast as she could and made her way to the door.  Thomas stopped her and said, “You should know that if you tell anyone about our little movie, I’ll make sure it shows up on the internet.  I’ll sure your young fans would like that, wouldn’t they?”  Peyton looked at him, her face streaked with mascara and her hair matted with sweat and dried cum.  She said, “You wouldn’t, would you?”  Thomas smiled and said, “In a New York minute sweetheart.”  Peyton opened the door and ran out into the cool night air.  Her entire body hurt but her ass and pussy felt like they were on fire.

By the time she arrived home, the lights were off and she was thankful her parents and brother were in bed.  After a long, hot shower, she lay in her bed and thought about what had happened to her.  She told herself it wasn’t her fault.  She told herself that Thomas was just a sadistic bastard that took advantage of a young, innocent teen.  As she slept, she dreamed about her ordeal and when she woke, she found her fingers buried in her sore pussy.    Maybe she really did enjoy it.  Peyton tried to shake that idea from her head but it wasn’t easy and it took almost an hour before she fell back to sleep.

The next day, she told her Mother that she wasn’t feeling well.  In fact, her body felt like it was run over by a truck and her asshole felt like that truck was still parked there.  It was well past noon by the time she pulled herself out of bed and got dressed.  Sitting was almost impossible so she went out by the pool and laid down on one of the lounge chairs.  She had just dozed off when she was awoken by the buzz of her phone.  It was Thomas.  The message simply read, “Meet me at 8pm at the coffee shop.  Dress appropriately and don’t be late.”  Peyton didn’t know what to do.  If she didn’t meet him, there was chance he’d post the video and if she did, she had no idea what would happen to her.  Would he rape her again or did he simple want to talk.

Peyton arrived at the coffee shop just before 8pm.  She was dressed in a black skirt, white silk blouse and red heels.  She looked fantastic and when Thomas saw her, he stood up and held her chair for her.  After sitting down, Thomas leaned over and kissed her cheek causing the pretty teen to pull back.  Thomas laughed and said, “Don’t be that way baby.  You belong to me now and nothing can change that.”  Peyton looked around and then said, quietly, “You don’t own me.  You’ll never own me.”  Thomas laughed again and pushed his phone over in front of her.  When she looked down she saw herself getting fucked in the ass.  She felt sick and wanted to run away but she knew if she did, he’d release the sordid video and her life would be ruined.  She looked up at him and said, “What do you want?”  He ran his hand up under her skirt and rubbed his finger along her pussy.  He smiled again when he discovered that Peyton hadn’t worn panties.  As he started to finger her, he leaned in and said, “I want you to help me.”  Peyton felt herself getting wet and squeezed her legs together.  “How……how can…..how can I help you?”  She was on the verge of orgasm and fought hard not to cum in the crowned shop but her body had other plans and as she came, she bit her lower lip and held back her screams as she came.  Thomas pulled his wet fingers up to his mouth and licked them.  He stood up and took her hand and said, “Come with me.”

Thomas led Peyton out to the parking lot and over to his Mercedes.  He’d parked in the back of the lot where it was dark and pushed her over the trunk lid.  Peyton put her hands on the lid as Thomas flipped her skirt up and pulled out his cock.  She laid her head down as Thomas pushed his cock into her sore ass and started to sodomized the 19 year old beauty right there in the parking lot.  She closed her eyes and took his cock the best she could and as he pounded away at her, he leaned in and said, “I want you to introduce me to one of your friends.”  Peyton’s body betrayed her once again and as she came, she felt Thomas fill her ass with his load.  When he finally pulled out, he put his cock back into his trousers.  Peyton slowly stood up and said, “I can’t Thomas.  You can do what you want to me but I won’t give you one of my friends.”  Thomas laughed again and said, “It doesn’t have to be a good friend but you will do it.”  He looked her straight in the eye and said, “Won’t you?”  Peyton just nodded and then looked down.  Thomas walked over to the car door and said, “My place, tomorrow night at eight.”

Peyton walked over to her car and got in but before she started the engine, she pulled out her phone and called her friend.  “Hey, it’s me.  Listen, I know a guy that really wants to meet you.”  She listened and then said, “Tomorrow night, around 8.”  She listened again and then said, “That’s awesome.  I’ll pick you up.”

Peyton and her friend arrived at the house promptly at 8pm.  When the door opened, Thomas was standing there with two bouquets of roses.  He handed them to the two blondes and escorted them into the living room.  He looked at Peyton and said, “Sweetheart?  Aren’t you going to introduce us?”  Peyton swallowed and said, “Of course.  Thomas?  This is Olivia.  Olivia, Thomas.”  Thomas took Olivia Holt’s tiny hand and kissed it.  “A pleasure Olivia.  Please, come in and make yourself comfortable.”  The three sat down on the couch and then Thomas poured them each a glass of wine.  He handed them to the girls and said, “My word Peyton, you didn’t tell me how beautiful your friend was.”  Olivia blushed and said, “Thank you.”  She took a sip of her wine and said, “So, Thomas, what do you do for a living?”  Thomas sat down and said, “I’m in real estate but I also make movies.  I thought we’d watch one before dinner.”  Olivia smiled and said, “I’d like that.”  Thomas held up the remote and hit start.  As the scene came up on the TV, Peyton looked over at Olivia and saw the look on her face.  Up on the TV was Peyton getting fisted by Thomas.  She was screaming for him to stop and when Olivia turned to her friend, she said, “Oh my GOD!  That’s you!”  She felt the sting in her arm from the needle and was just starting to pass out when Peyton said, “I’m sorry Liv.”

The End

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