Dipping Lower

Dipping Lower

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home.
Ali and an article on hypnosis in the same magazine? I couldn’t resist.

Hector was loving this. Working for popular magazine was a good job in
itself. The fact that he was on hand for most of the photo shoots
involving beautiful women
was the icing on the cake. Okay, so he was just a gopher for the
photographers but that was a small price to pay for being near such
gorgeous women. As a man on
Hector got the chance to see
some women more revealing than what the finished product showed. And that
was saying quite a bit when
talking to Ali Landry.
Like most men, Hector had fallen for Ali when he saw her in that infamous
Doritos commercial, doing gymnastics in a laundromat to the delight of men
She had risen a bit higher since, doing modeling work and even a few
acting gigs and was trying to become more of a name than just a face.
Sadly, for Hector and the
other men on set, Ali had a rather strict rule about no nudity and in this
one she was really enforcing it. But, the site of her in a bikini was
still worth it. Those long,
smooth legs. The great ass stretching against its covering. The full bust
straining against the top. The long dark hair framing that gorgeous face,
she was sheer beauty.
Unfortunately, Hector had found Ali to also be a royal pain. Being near
prima donnas was nothing new for Hector but Ali was something else. She
perfect shading at all times, dictated to the photographers how she wanted
to be shot, yelled at Hector for not getting her water to her fast enough
and generally pissed
off everybody.
Hector was used to being stepped on, but Ali was too much. At one point,
he came up, smiling and asking for an autograph. Ali looked at him like he
was a leper,
then disdainfully turned her head away and went back to yelling at the
makeup lady for getting everything right. That did it for Hector. He was
tired of having Ali treat
him this way and wanted to get back at her. And he knew just who to call
to do it.

"Hello, Uncle Harry?"
"Hector! Well, this is a surprise. What brings you to calling out of the
blue like this?"
"Well, Unc, I remembered those crystals you used to talk about and,
"Ah, female troubles, is it?"
"Something like that, yeah. You were on the level when you offered me one,
"Indeed I was. I enjoy keeping these in the family, they’re quite rare,
you know. Shall I assume you’re interested?"
"Yeah, I am."
"Splendid. I’ll have it shipped over at once. Believe me, lad, your
problems are about to be solved."
"I hope so," Hector nodded. "I do."

Hector strode down the hotel hallway with a strong, confident stride, one
that he wouldn’t have possessed earlier that day. The package had come
from his uncle,
as promised and he knew it would solve his current problems. He didn’t
know where his uncle had gotten these things and frankly he didn’t care.
He had seen them in
use and knew that they were the perfect way to give Ali a necessary
attitude adjustment. Taking a deep breath, Hector knocked on Ali’s hotel
room door and waited
for her answer. He knocked again and still waited until the door slid open
on its chain.
"Who are you?" Ali said, glaring at Hector.
"Um, I’m Hector? I was working on the shoot yesterday?"
"So what the hell do you want?"
"Uh, I wanted to talk to you about something. Can I come in?"
"No, you can’t," Ali said as if talking to a child. "I’m busy, okay? I
don’t have time for autographs."
"Look, Ali

"That’s Ms. Landry to you, pal. Now fuck off before I get pissed, okay?"
Hector nodded. Well, he’d given her a last chance. What came now was on
her own head. He held up the pendant. It was a bright orange
pendant attached to a gold chain. Hector held it between himself and Ali,
letting the pendant dangle before her eyes.
"What the " Ali’s remark was cut short as the pendant began to glow. It
swung gently before her eyes, the
glow strengthing and beginning to drain away her will. Ali couldn’t help
herself, she had to stare deeper and deeper into the crystal, had to keep
watching the crystal as
it swung before her and glowed. Soon the glow came to a height and Hector
knew Ali’s will had been captured.
"Let me in, Ali."
The door was pushed shut, the chain slipping, the opening. As it did,
Hector could see why Ali didn’t want anyone coming in. Apparently, she had
decided to spend
some time relaxing and Hector could see the curtains already drawn to keep
anyone from seeing her. The reason was pretty obvious as Ali was dressed
only in a black
bra and panties which did little to hide her
terrific assets. She stared forward with a blank expression, awaiting any
command. Hector began to pull off his clothes as he talked to Ali.
"Well, well, not so arrogant now, are we, Ali? I thought you needed to be
taken down a peg or two because of that
attitude you showed me earlier. And thanks to my little gem, you’ll obey
me in anything I ask of you."
"Obey….you…." Ali whispered, watching as Hector slipped the pendant
around his neck, letting it drift onto his naked chest.
"You are now my slave, Ali, isn’t that so?"
"Yes…your slave…."
"I am your master."
"Yes, Ali, I am your master. You are my slave and therefore must do
whatever I command you to."
"Whatever you command….Master…."
"Take off your clothes, Ali, then kneel down like a good slave should."
Naked himself by now, Hector watched as Ali undid her bra and let her
fall, freeing her incredible breasts. Her panties soon followed, allowing
her dark-haired pussy
to be exposed. She knelt down before Hector, still staring straight ahead
before her with no change of expression. Hector grinned as he looked down
at his new slave
and grinned at the thought of having Ali all to
"For her first act, slave, I want you to take my cock and suck it good."
Obediently, Ali took Hector’s hard cock in her hands and brought it to her
face. She pushed it into her throat and began to suck on it, taking his
rod deep into her
mouth, her lips sliding up and down the hard shaft. She was soon getting
into it, her fingers pinching Hector’s balls, as she sucked him off, her
tongue licking around the
penis as she continued to take him in
her throat. Hector ran his hands through her dark hair, holding Ali in
close and forcing her to continue her sucking motions, not giving her an
inch of freedom. Not that it
was needed, her mind was completely enslaved to the crystal, her free will
dizzolved into a need to obey Hector in all things. The idea of control
forced Hector’s buried
feelings to come loose and he blew his wad
down Ali’s face, cum sliding down her throat.
Hector pulled himself out of his slave and looked down at her.
"Get on all fours, slave."
"Yes, Master," the entranced model said as she obeyed. Hector knelt down
and slowly slid his cock into her hard ass, grunting a bit as he forced it
in. He slowly
began to pump himself in and out of Ali from behind, his hands grabbing
her cheeks as he did, parting them slightly and kneading them in his
hands. Ali slowly moaned
as she felt him go at her from behind, his cock ramming in and out of her
ass, the grip on her cheeks increasing as he took her. Ali moaned louder
and louder as Hector
fucked her, the spell turning on her arousal and causing her to shriek in
delight as his cock slid in and out of her ass with fury. Ali’s
fingernails dragged along the carpet
as Hector went at her and clenched the surface hard as she felt him come
her, her body rocking with the orgasm from behind.
Without warning, Hector pulled himself out of Ali and pushed her onto her
back. He straddled over her, his cock still pumping out semen. Hector let
himself come
over Ali’s breasts, yellow trails of cum covering her gorgeous tits, his
hands rubbing over them as he spilled onto her. Ali sighed at the
wonderful feeling of her breasts
feeling attention as Hector felt himself drain away. He looked down at
Ali, her dark hair framing that gorgeous face and grinned.
"You will always be my slave Ali," he spoke. "No matter what else happens,
what else you do, you will always be mine to command."
"Yours to command," Ali whispered, all resistance wiped away.
As he lowered himself onto her, Hector thought about the benefits of
having the Doritos girl under his command.

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