Direct Deposit

Title: Direct Deposit

Author: Tori

Celebs: Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson

Codes: MF, Fm, oral, anal, rape, pedo

Disclaimer: This is fiction.  It did NOT happen.  This story is pure fantasy and fantasy is  legal.


Sofia Carson and Dove Cameron had been besties since the first time they met on the set.  After the second film, the two became inseparable and did everything together.  They were heading to the beach for a day of relaxation but Dove had to stop at the bank to cash one of her residual checks from Liv and Maddie.  Sofia wanted to wait in the car but Dove talked her into coming inside with her.  The line to the tellers was long but moving along steadily when suddenly, then masked men came in brandishing pistols and yelled for everyone to get on the floor.




Everyone did what the robbers told them to do and quickly got on their stomachs with their hands behind their heads.  One of the patrons didn’t move fast enough and was smacked in the head with a pistol by one of the robbers.  He fell to the floor, bleeding and then one of the other women screamed.  The woman was getting hysterical but quickly shut up when another robber shoved his pistol in her face, telling her to shut the fuck up.


While one of the robbers kept his pistol trained on the customers, the other two made their way behind the counter, filling a bag with money.  Just then, the robber watching over them came up behind Dove and said, “I know you.  You’re one of those chicks on Disney, aren’t you?”  Dove nodded and then Sofia said, “Leave her alone you bastard.”  The man looked at the pretty brunette and said, “You’re an actress too, right?  You both were in that fucking lousy movie they show twenty times a day.”  Sofia put her head down and nodded.  The robber called out to his partners and said, “Hey, we’ve got a couple of movie stars over here boys.”  One of the two men came over and pulled Dove’s head off the floor by her hair and said, “Well, well.  What do you know?  I’ll bet she can suck a mean cock.”  Dove cringed at the thought and tried to pull away but the man said, “Tell me bitch.  Tell me how much you like to suck cocks.”  Dove moaned and shook her head no but the man grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet.  He quickly grabbed her by the throat and said, “All you Hollywood bitches suck cock and take up the ass, right?  I mean, you ain’t got no talent so you’ve got to be good at something.  Let’s see what you can do.”


As Dove was dragged into the vault, one of the other robbers told Sofia to get on her knees.  When she didn’t, he pulled her up by the hair and said, “On your knees cunt.”  She finally relented and did what she was told when the other man saw a teenaged boy staring at Sofia.  He walked over to the boy and said, “Do you know who she is kid?”  The boy nodded and said, “Sofia Carson.”  The robber looked at Sofia and then at the kid and said, “How old are you kid?”  His Mother screamed, “Leave him alone!”  The robber pointed his gun at her and said, “Shut up or I’ll splatter his brains all over the floor.”  He looked at the kid again and said, “How old are you?”  The boy said, “13 sir.”  The robber smiled and leaned down next to the kid and said, “Ever had your cock sucked by a movie star kid?”  The boy shook his head and said, “I’ve never had anyone suck my cock sir.”  The robber pulled him over in front of Sofia and said, “Well, now’s as good a time as any.  Take out your cock boy and let’s see how good she is.”  As the boy unbuckled his shorts, the robber put his pistol against Sofia’s temple and said, “Suck it and do a good job or you’ll never suck another cock again.”


The kid came right up to Sofia’s face and pointed his rock hard five inch dick at her.  The robber got behind her and pushed her head and said, “Open up or I’ll blow your head off.”  Sofia opened her mouth and started to suck the teen’s cock.  She bobbed her head up and down, sucking fast and deep.  It didn’t take but a minute before the kid blew his load in her mouth.  When he was finished, the robber pulled Sofia’s head back by her hair and said, “Swallow bitch.”  Sofia closed her mouth and gulped down the salty cum.  When she finished, she wiped her mouth off with her hand and started to cry.  The robber just laughed and told the kid to go back over to his Mother.  The robber standing guard looked at the vault and said, “What the hell is taking him so long?”  The other guy pushed Sofia back down on her stomach and said, “I’ll check it out.  Make sure no one moves.


As soon as he entered the vault, he found the third robber on top of Dove.  He had her lying on her stomach on the floor naked from the waist down.  He was slamming her ass with his cock, power fucking the platinum blonde actress hard and deep.  Dove was grunting like a pig from the massive cock in her ass, clearly hating what was happening to her.  The robber stood there and then said, “Let’s go buddy, we gotta get out of here.”  As he started to fill the large garbage bag with cash, the guy fucking Dove said, “I’m almost there.”  Just then, he slammed his cock balls deep into the gorgeous starlet’s ass and came.  When he pulled out, his cum oozed from her gaping hole.  He stood and pulled his pants back up and said, “I’m taking her with us.”  The other guy pushed the last of the cash into the bag and said, “OK but let’s go.”


The two robbers came out of the vault carrying two large garbage bags full of cash.  One of them had Dove, dressed in only her t-shirt, by the arm, dragging her along with them.  Just then, the doors swung open and SWAT came in with assault rifles and took down the three robbers with three shots.  Dove stood there shrieking as the two robbers next to her fell to the floor, mortally wounded by gun shots to the head.  Sofia quickly got up and ran over to her friend and put her arms around her and said, “Shhhhh now, it’s all over.  We’re all safe.”  Dove was shaking and crying, looking down at the man that sodomized her minutes earlier in the vault, his cum still dripping out of her freshly fucked asshole.  She held Sofia close and said, “He….he.  Oh my God, he raped my ass!!”  Sofia held her while one of the cops came over at put a blanket around her.  The two Disney stars were led out to an ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital.  As Dove laid on the gurney, she looked up at Sofia and tried to speak.  Sofia leaned down and said, “Don’t try to talk.  Just relax, it’ll be ok.”  Dove looked her in the eyes and said, “Direct Deposit.  From now on, Direct Deposit.”


The End

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