Dirrrty Dogsextina

by Luke Ozvik


Christina Aguilera

This is a work of fantasy, I do not believe it has ever happened in real
life and I don’t expect it to. I honestly don’t mean to cause any offense
to the participants. No one should ever feel guilty about that which their
subconscious finds exciting, this is not a matter of choice – the mind can
not be controlled, only the body. Enjoy your fantasies, enjoy mine.

Christina Aguilera needs a lot of sex. She needs a lot of cock. Can’t get
enough of it. Cock in the
morning, cock in the day, cock in the evening and
cock at night. Her husband understands, and he knows that when she goes on
tour she’ll fuck anyone who crosses her path, from roadies and groupies to
dancers with dildos. She loves it. But sometimes, on those rare occasions
that she finds herself without a man or woman to fuck, she’ll find the
ultimate in frustration just too much to bare.

On this particular occasion she was home alone. Her husband, Jordan
Bratman, was away at a music industry convention and she was home briefly
between promotional events. And she was bored. Bored and horny, a
dangerous combination for a beautiful young woman.

Aguilera broke out the dildo. Ten inches long – a mold taken directly from
Jordan’s own cock (hey, why else do you think she married him?). It was
nicely veined, realistically flesh coloured, and soft to the touch with a
hard core. It felt almost like the real thing.

The diminuative pop star unbuttoned and removed her blouse, unzipped her
skirt and let it fall to the floor. Peeled off her panties and kicked them
in the direction of the hamper and was left there standing infront of the
wall of full length mirrors, wearing nothing but high heels and her bra.
She admired herself, looking spectacular with her new Marilyn Monroe image.
She blew herself a kiss and imagined what it would be like to clone herself
then fuck the shit out of her ass. Mmmnnnn.

She lay back on the bed, positioning herself so that she could see herself
in profile in the mirrors, her angled toward the mirrors so that she could
see where the dildo was going. Then she started to lick and spit on the
dildo. She hated lube, she didn’t think it was natural – nothing compared
to genuine bodily fluids, she thought. Running her hand up and down the
shaft, making sure it was nice and slippery, hocking back and spitting loads
of greasy snot filled saliva on the shaft until she figured it was ready to
slide in… Then she pulled her legs back and started to work it along the
slot of her pussy and ass crack. She had no intention of fucking her own
pussy, she was an anal freak, and pretty soon she was pushing the well slick
tip of the dildo up against her puckered asshole. Pushing it and forcing it
inside, three inches deep, then deeper. She watched it slide in in the
mirror, watched the flesh of her ass gripping the shiny, slippy shaft of the
dildo as it slid in and dragging along it as she pulled it out again.
Harder and harder, deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

Christina didn’t fantasize, she tried not to, always did… Always be in the
moment, she thought. So she pleasured herself whilst watching herself
fucking herself in the mirror. So fucking hot. She felt like she was going
to cum and shit at the same time. She was so into it that she didn’t even
realize that she’d left the bedroom door open. She was so into it that she
didn’t even notice Rocky, her Labrador dog, coming into the room to
investigate the slurping and gasping noises of his mistress. She didn’t
notice him until he was next to her in the mirror. When she did see him,
she reacted with mild shock – pulling the dildo out of her ass with a
slurping pop sound and pulling her legs together.

The dog thought the dildo was some kind of toy for him and immediately
jumped up onto the bed and grabbed it from her.
He bounced away, full of fun with a model of her husband’s cock hanging out
of his mouth, leaving her curled up defensively on the bed, her naked flesh
covered suddenly in goosebumps.

“Gimme that back.” She said, climbing from the bed. Getting more
comfortable now that the initial shock had died away. “Gimme that back, you
bad boy!” She said, a little smile crossing her lips. She loved playing
with her dog, it was probably her second favourite thing other than sex.
At this point, I should remind you that Christina is tiny, barely over 5
feet tall and skinny too, although her breasts are firm and round. I should
also point out that the dog was big, not huge, but a big black Labrador all
the same.
Anyway, she walked across the room, half crouching, ready to jump whichever
way Rocky jumped. Rocky was waiting, dildo in mouth, crouched and ready to
run as they played their game.

Christina reached out and grabbed the tip of the cock, at the same time
Rocky jumped the other way, and Christina lost her grip because of the spit
and ass juices that coating the dildo.
“C’mon Rocky… I need that… I really really NEED it!” She pleased
playfully as she followed him across the room.
On the second grab, she managed to get one hand on the tip of the dildo, and
the other wrapped around the base, but Rocky would let go. He thought it
was a pull toy and wrestled with her for a few seconds until she finally
managed to pull it from his grip. He bounced away, waiting for her to throw
it for him. “No. Bad dog. Go to your corner. Chrissy needs this for
herself. Mommies toy!”

She retreated to the bed. The dildo was even slicker than before, covered
with the dog’s slobber. She resisted the initial urge to wipe it clean –
figuring that it was only saliva, and it was only going to go up her asshole
anyway, it’s not like it needed to be sterile!
So she lay down again, lifted one leg so she could see her asshole in the
mirror, and started to push the dildo back into herself. The first four
inches felt wonderful, extra slippery and there was something else – a
mental thing… Something about having her dog’s saliva in her asshole. Four
inches of wonder… But when she tried to go deeper she felt a pain,
something sharp against her ass-ring. She pulled the dildo out and felt the
shaft up and down until she found the problem. Rocky’s teeth had penetrated
the latex and caused some tearing in the middle of the shaft, two little
rows on teethmarks three inches apart half way down. There was no way she
was going to get this toy all the way up her ass without cutting herself.
She was horny, but she wasn’t willing to injure herself. She sat there
frustrated for a few seconds, pissed off but unable to get angry at the dog…
Then the idea dawned on her…

The dog. She loved playing with him almost as much as she loved having sex.
The feeling of his saliva in her asshole had definitely been a turn on.
He had a cock. She suddenly couldn’t think why she had never thought of it
“Come her, boy.” She called. Rocky responded immediately and in seconds she
was sitting on the edge of the bed with him standing side on to her. She
was watching in the mirrors again as she fondled his cock to an erection.
Six inches – not huge, but big enough, she thought… Especially as he was a
dog – something really dirrrty, she thought.

The little slut positioned the dog between her legs as she sat back on the
edge of the bed. She figured that she could get him half up on the bed and
have him fuck her missionary style – but he still didn’t seem so interested.
He was only a dog and didn’t know how lucky he was to have a naked
superstar at his mercy… He started to turn away from her and looked at the
mirror, but he wasn’t going anywhere because she still had a firm grip on
his dick. As he turned away, he raised his hindleg and stepped over his own
cock… All of a sudden he was facing the opposite way and Christina was
still holding his cock – now out behind him. Oh so inviting. She didn’t
need to be offered the same gift twice…

Christina pulled Rocky backwards toward her by his cock, he shuffled
backwards until sh could rub his cock up against her pussy. It was warm,
and nicely hard. She rubbed it up and down her pussy lips, gradually
pushing it in until she was suddenly penetrating herself with his cock. It
felt wonderful. Her heart pounded and she giggled with pleasure. She was
fucking herself with a dog’s cock. Her own personal dildog!
She pushed more and more of his meat into her until she was holding him by
the knot of his cock, tennis ball sized and yukky looking, whilst sliding
six inches of dog cock in and out of her pussy… It was good, but not good
enough – she knew what she had to do.

The cock slipped out of her cunt, dribbling pre-cum on the sheets, then
immediately started rubbing in the cleft of her asscheeks. Christina was
working it good and slow, with her spare hand she reached down and grabbed
an asscheek, squeezed it tight, spreading her butt, then steered the
animal’s cock into her asshole. She lay back on the bed and arched her
back. The pleasure was immeasurable. A dog’s cock all the way up her world
class, world famous, ass. “Ohhhhh mmmmmnnnnn” she moaned as she continued
to pump the cock in her ass. She pulled his cock harder toward herself,
pushing the fat knot of muscle up against her asshole, harder, harder and
harder until it finally pushed into her ass. Her sphincter muscle wrapped
closed behinfd the knot – she was tied to the dog good and tight now.

Rocky stood semi-interested, enjoying the feeling, but not really knowing
what the fuck was going on. Still, she was tight, and warm, and soft.

After a few minutes of being tied to the dog in her ass, Christina realized
that – disgusting and horny as this was – she wasn’t going to cum… She
needed to take it up ANOTHER level. She needed to make him cum. But how do
you make a dog cum when he’s already inside you? She could always get
Jordan to come by sticking a finger up his ass whilst they were fucking…
Hmmmm? She thought.

Sitting up and looking at the dog with his meat jammed into her ass, just
standing there like a dumb fuck, she noticed the dildo still sitting on her
bed. She reached out and picked it up, put the end in her mouth and
savoured the taste of her own ass – not looking away from the dog’s puckered
brown asshole.

With the cock tied into her ass, she had two hands free – one for the dildo,
one to hold the dog… So she grabbed his tail and pulled it up, pulled him
backward toward her a little more. Moaning a little as his cock moved an
inch deeper into her ass… Then she started to stick the dildo up his ass,
pushing it in inch by inch on each successive stroke going a little deeper.
After a few strokes she was four inches up his ass – he yelped a little as
the teeth-tears touched his ass, and Christina stopped going any deeper.
She fucked his ass four inches deep whilst he fucked her ass six inches
deep. They both writhed a little – and pretty soon he came – blowing his
cum deep into her ass, making her feel hot and sexy all over… And then she
came too, throwing herself backwards on the bed. The dildo came out of the
dog’s ass her hand and she flopped on the bed for a few seconds without
realizing that she was holding a dildo covered in dog’s shit juice…

When she became aware of what she was doing again, and where she was, she
remembered what she had in her hand – and instinctlvely, almost without
thinking, brought it to her mouth. She took the full four inches of stained
shaft into her mouth and sucked it slowly clean… Mmmmmm. Dirrrty cunt.

Once she had caught her breath, she sat up again and started fucking Rocky’s
ass with the dildo again, fucking him good and fast until – just as she’d
hoped – he shot another load up her ass, at which point she pulled the dildo
out again and sucked on it, cleaning the dog’s ass juice off it again –
loving the rank smell and foul taste.

“Does that feel good, Rocky?” She whispered. “You like Mommy’s asshole?”
She smiled and looked over to the mirror. Watched as the dog stood
ass-to-ass with her for another ten minutes before she was able to pull
clear. She lay still with the dildo still in her mouth, watching in the
mirror as the dog’s cum dribbled from her asshole, down the sheets and
dripped onto the carpet.

She fell asleep and had the best sleep for a long time as she waited for
Jordon to come home so she could show him her new trick.


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