Dirty Deeds

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The chicks are fifteen and sixteen, so don’t read on if you’re not perverted enough to think that’s hot. There’s also quite a bit of sausage, so those of you with an aversion to having penis of the non-plastic variety in a story would probably find their tastes better met by The Harem (just avoid the one where Love and Rose get out of jail by having Love fuck virtually the entire police force of a small town). To the three people left, please read on.

Oh, and the four male participants of the story are named after dead rock stars. Three should be rather easy to figure out who they’re patterned after, but the fourth should vex all but the biggest geeks (I’m thinking Rich might be the only one to get it, if that).

Celebs in this story are Renee Olstead and Skye Sweetnam. The codes are (Mf, ff, cons, oral, anal, first, fmast). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

Dirty Deeds (or How To Gangbang A Virgin)

By voodoojoe

Renee Olstead sat on her bunk of the tour bus reading a copy of People magazine as Skye Sweetnam lay down on the one on the other side of the aisle listening to her headphones. This was Renee’s first tour and the tedium of travel was starting to take its toll on her. At first it had been exciting to be on the road and have more freedom than she’d ever experienced before, but after a few days the excitement had worn off and now she was starting to feel a little homesick.

“I’m bored,” Renee said, tossing her magazine to the other end of her bunk.

When the tour had started, their managers had come up with idea to have them share a bus rather than each having their own, as was customary. As this was Renee’s first tour, her managers had felt it would be easier if she had someone who had been there before to help her through it. The fact that they’d save a few thousand by not renting a second bus made the idea sound that much better.

All things considered, it was working out quite well. Skye considered herself quite a bit more mature than Renee, though they were only a year apart, since she was already a virtual road veteran but the two of them got along better than Skye had with the first person she’d toured with, Britney Spears.

The tour with Britney hadn’t been a disaster or anything, and Skye had played to far more fans on that tour than she would have if she’d gone off on her own, but she’d had nothing in common with Britney. Britney was several years older and didn’t know Pantera from The Pixies while Skye loved to sit around and listen to old Zeppelin albums. Britney also liked to go out clubbing while Skye was too young to do that sort of thing.

“We don’t have another concert for a couple days, so we’ll probably stop somewhere and get a hotel room,” Skye said.

“Think they’ll let us go out and do anything tonight?” Renee asked Skye.

“Who knows,” Skye said, stopping her cd player. Opening it up, she removed her copy of Gwen Stefani’s solo album. Grabbing her cd wallet, she unzipped it and began to flip through it. Finding the spot reserved for Gwen’s cd, she slipped it in and the removed Weezer’s second self-titled album, the one known to most fans as ‘the green album.’

“I want to go find a party or something,” Renee said as Skye pressed play.

“Looking to lose that virginity of yours?” Skye absently asked her.

One of the benefits of the tour with Britney was that Skye had quickly lost her cherry. After one of the shows she’d gone looking for Britney only to find her bent over, leaning against a couch in her dressing room while a guy fucked her from behind and another watched from the corner. She had been too shocked to move and before she knew it the one who had been watching had pulled her into the corner with him. The sight of Britney getting fucked while her tits swayed with every thrust had turned her so much that she didn’t put up any resistance as she was stripped and then fucked.

Ever since then Skye had been almost voracious in her sexual appetite. Every time she could get away for a little while, she went to find some stud to get her off. She just loved the feel of a hard cock pistoning in and out of her snatch, and even if she didn’t get off she still got to experience that magical feeling for a few minutes.

Renee on the other hand had been sheltered a little. She still thought that sex was sacred and should only be done by two who people loved each other. No matter how much Skye tried to get her to come along on one of her ‘missions for love’ as Renee thought of them, she just couldn’t bring herself to give it up to some stranger.

“I just want to go out and have some fun,” Renee responded, blushing furiously at Skye’s comment.

“You don’t even know what fun is,” Skye remarked. She wanted to go have fun as well, but she was sure that her idea of fun was far different than Renee’s.

“I do too,” Renee said, crossing her arms over her chest as she pouted. “Just because I don’t let every guy I meet stick his thing in me doesn’t mean I don’t what fun is.”

Skye’s constant teasing about her still being a virgin was starting to bother her, but she took it in stride as much as she could. Unless she went out and got laid, there was no other way of getting around it, and she wasn’t going to do that.

“It’s called a cock,” Skye snapped. “And don’t pretend you don’t have the urge too. I’ve heard your midnight sessions over there.”

“What?” Renee gasped. Occasionally she’d masturbated on her bunk, but only when she’d thought Skye was asleep and she’d kept as quiet as possible. Apparently she’d been wrong if Skye knew about them.

“Come on Renee, there’s only a few feet between these bunks. You think I can’t hear you moan or the sound of your finger in your pussy?” Skye asked her. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but don’t act like you’ve never done it.”

“I… well… uh,” Renee stammered. She was so embarrassed she wanted to disappear off the face of the earth, and she wasn’t sure if even that would fix it.

“Driver says there’s a hotel not too far up the road,” Skye’s manager hollered back to them from the front of the bus.

“Guess we better start getting our stuff ready,” Skye said, sitting up.

“I guess,” Renee said, thankful the reprieve.

They hurriedly gathered their things together. They didn’t have to take everything, just what they’d want with them in their hotel rooms, but it still took some time to figure out what those items were and then put them together.

+ * + * +

“These are your rooms,” Skye’s manager told them, motioning to a pair of doors as he handed them their room keys. “I’m right just down the hall if you need me.”

Renee was still making sure she had her stuff where she wanted it in her room when she heard a knock. She opened the main door but no one was in the hall so she closed it. She was almost back to what she had been doing when there was another knock.

“Don’t open the front door, open this one,” Skye said from behind a door Renee hadn’t even noticed when she’d come in.

“Oh,” Renee said, feeling stupid as she unlocked the other door to find Skye standing there in a short skirt and a black shirt that had been cut off at the bottom so it went to just above the waist of her skirt. Looking through the open door she saw that Skye’s room was on connected to hers by the door. “Hi there.”

“I was going to go find a pop machine or something if you wanted to come,” Skye offered. “We might even meet some cute guys on the way if we’re lucky.”

“Sure,” Renee said, grabbing her purse off the back of a chair where she’d hung it. Rifling through it she came up with a couple dollar bills. “Lets go.”

They stalked up and down the hall looking for something to drink, but with little success. The only thing they could find was a water fountain, but neither of them really wanted to risk catching something off a public fountain that who knows how many people had coughed or spit on. Normally they wouldn’t have minded so much, but getting sick now would’ve forced costly cancellations.

“Damn, look at him,” Skye said, nodding her head in the direction of a guy getting ice out of the ice machine with his shirt off.

“Wow,” Renee said.

“Lets go talk to him. Maybe he has some friends that can get you to give up your precious cherry,” Skye teased her.

Before Renee could protest Skye was already marching down the hall toward the shirtless guy. Renee hesitated a few moments but didn’t want Skye to think she was afraid, so she went after her. Skye would probably take the opportunity to let the guy, and anyone else she found to talk to, know that she was still a virgin but at least no one would think she was too shy to talk to a guy.

“Me and a couple friends are headed to New York for New Year’s,” the unknown guy was telling Skye when Renee got to them.

“Gonna watch the ball drop?” Skye asked him, leaning against the ice machine in a way that allowed her shirt to ride up and show off the lower portion of her stomach.

“Yeah. We had nothing better to do so we thought we’d go,” he replied.

“That sounds really cool,” Skye said, batting her eyelashes at him.

“Hey,” Renee said, letting them know she was there.

“Hey,” the guy said, nodding at her before turning his attention back to Skye in her short skirt.

“Renee, this is Cliff,” Skye said, introducing them.

“Hi,” Renee said, blushing when she felt Cliff’s eyes roam over her body in her jeans and t-shirt.

“You wouldn’t happen to know if there’s a party going around here?” Skye asked Cliff, reaching out to lightly touch his arm.

“My friend Darrell went out for some beer. He should be back any minute if you want to drop by for a drink,” Cliff offered.

“We just might do that,” Skye said before turning and leading Renee away.

“We’re at the end of the hall,” Cliff shouted after them.

“I can’t believe you led him on like that,” Renee whispered to Skye as they walked back in the direction of their rooms.

“I didn’t lead him on. I’m going back later,” Skye said. “You can play it safe and stay in your room if you want, but I need to get laid.”

“Are you stupid? Do you even know how many guys will be there?” Renee demanded.

“No, but I need to get laid,” Skye repeated. “Maybe they’ll take me two at a time.”

“Two?” Renee asked her, not quite grasping what she meant.

“I like to suck one cock while another fucks my pussy,” Skye said. “I got the idea from watching Britney.”

“Oh my God,” Renee gasped, unable to block the image of Skye pleasuring two cocks at once from burning it’s way into her brain. Her eyes opened wide in shock, but for reasons she didn’t quite understand, she found the mental image incredibly erotic as well as insanely obscene.

“I hope to be saying exactly that a lot tonight,” Skye said, grinning mischievously. When Renee’s blush deepened further, her grin grew even bigger.

“You really should get out more,” Skye said when they reached their rooms. “Have someone rent a porno for you or something. You’ll find that anything you could possibly imagine right now is out there, and a lot of stuff you didn’t even know was possible as well.”

Before Renee could respond Skye had disappeared into her room. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she opened the door to her own room and entered. When the thoughts refused to leave, she decided to take a shower in the hopes that it might help.

Yet when she emerged from the bathroom in a white cotton robe with a towel wrapped around her head to help dry her hair, Renee was still battling those pesky images. Every time she closed her eyes she found herself picturing the scene as Skye had described. Only this time it was her that was sucking on cock while another sawed in and out of her untouched pussy.

Renee’s pussy was soaked, and from more than the water from the shower. She was so turned on by the naughty thoughts bouncing around in her head that her pussy felt like it was on fire. Sitting down on the bed she closed her eyes and let the images come to her. There didn’t seem a point to fighting them, so she let them wash over her.

Her hands found the sash of her robe and let it fall open to expose her firm body. As an image of a man she couldn’t see the face of sucking on one of her nipples came into her mind, she pinched that same nipple between her fingers to add realism to the fantasy.

When a hand wandered down her stomach toward her pussy, she followed suit. Stifling a groan of pleasure, she slipped a finger into her cunt. After a few moments of slow finger fucking, the finger in her fantasy was removed and replaced by a tongue. Since she didn’t have a tongue at her disposal, she let the tips of her fingers match the movements of the tongue.

“Ohh,” Renee moaned, pushing her hips up to press her cunt against the invisible tongue.

As her fingers danced across her pussy, she used her free hand to pinch her nipples. The added stimulation sent sparks down her body.

“Shit,” Renee hissed quietly as she felt herself building toward orgasm.

Just as Renee was nearing her climax there was a knock at the door. Suddenly being pulled back to reality, she quickly covered herself. When the knock came again, she tied the sash of her robe as it had been before she’d been sidetracked and tried to compose herself as best she could in her frustrated condition.

“Just making sure you’re in your room for curfew,” Skye’s manager said when she opened the door. “You must have been in the shower the first time I knocked. Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay,” Renee said, blushing slightly when remembering the real reason she hadn’t answered the door right away.

“We should be leaving tomorrow around noon, so you can sleep in if you want,” he told her.

When she nodded to indicate that she’d heard him he moved next door to do the same thing for Skye. Closing the door, Renee thought about seeing if she could revisit the fantasy she’d been masturbating to a moment ago, but a knock on the door connecting her room to Skye’s kept her from doing so.

“I’m heading out in about ten minutes,” Skye said when she opened the door.

“You’re really going?” Renee asked.

“You can come too, if you want,” Skye offered. “I understand if you’re too scared to go though.”

“I don’t know,” Renee said, far more tempted to go than she would have ever admitted.

“Stay here then if you’re scared,” Skye shrugged.

“I’ll go,” Renee said, trying to sound like she didn’t want to go even though her stomach was doing somersaults over the thought of what might happen. “Let me grab my purse.”

“I’m sure the guys would love it if you went like that,” Skye said, grabbing the collar of Renee’s robe. “But I think you might want to wear something else.”

“Oh,” Renee said, feeling stupid that she’d completely forgotten that she wasn’t dressed.

“I’ll let you change,” Skye said. “I’ll knock when I’m ready to go. I don’t care what you’re wearing when you do. I’m dragging you along as is.”

“I’ll be ready,” Renee said before closing the door.

Racing around the room, Renee dug through her suitcase looking for something to wear. She wanted something sexy, but nothing so overt that she look like she was easy. When she found a pink blouse and a knee length skirt that she felt imparted the desired message, she set them aside.

Grabbing a pair of panties, she slipped them on. Tossing off the robe, she grabbed a bra from her suitcase. After taking a moment to admire the way her tits hung firmly from her chest, she put the bra on. Once her undergarments were taken care of, she struck a pose in front of the mirror.

Giggling to herself at how silly she was being, she reminded herself that she wasn’t going to show the guys her underwear so it didn’t really matter how they looked on her. When she’d finished her little talk with herself, she quickly got dressed.

Since she really didn’t have time to do anything special with her hair she decided to just put it in a pony tail. She was in the middle of putting a scrunchy on it to hold it in place when she heard a knock on the door separating her room from Skye’s.

“You ready?” Skye asked her when she opened the door.

“I guess,” Renee said, feeling butterflies coalesce in stomach at the thought of where they were going.

“You look cute,” Skye said, noting Renee’s apparel. “Were you going for the ‘I’m hot but not going to fuck you’ look?”

“Something like that,” Renee said, not bothering to let Skye know that she wasn’t as sure about the ‘not going to fuck’ part as she had been even a half hour earlier. She wasn’t sure either way and to hint that she might be willing would only make her look even more childish if she didn’t go through with it.

“Come on,” Skye said, pulling Renee into her room and then closing the door behind her.

Skye opened her door into the hall, then poked her head out to make sure the coast was clear. When she saw that her manager wasn’t in the hallway, she pulled Renee out of the room.

“Do you even know what room they’re in?” Renee asked Skye, suddenly having second thoughts about the whole thing. She couldn’t turn back now, but there was always the hope that Skye wouldn’t be able to find the guys and she’d be the one to suggest they turn back.

“Not the exact room, but I’ll find it,” Skye confidently said when they reached the ice machine where they’d met Cliff. “He said they were just down the hall from here.”

“If they were down that way then we missed them,” Renee said, pointing back the way they’d to their rooms.

“That’s why we’re going this way,” Skye said.

Skye pulled Renee down the hall in the only direction they could go. They had just about reached the corner where the hall branched off in two different directions when they saw an open door. Skye quickly poked her head in the door to look inside.

“Hello?” Skye called into the room when she didn’t see anyone.

“Hey there,” Cliff said from the doorway of the room next to the one Skye was looking in. “I was beginning to think you wouldn’t come.”

“We just wanted to make you wait a little,” Skye said as they moved past him and into the room.

The room was roughly the same size as their own rooms, but this one had two beds instead of just the one. It made the room seem a little cramped, but at least it was better lit than most hotel rooms seem to be. There were also four chairs positioned by the window, three of them occupied.

“That’s Jim in the corner,” Cliff said, pointing at a skinny guy with long, curly black hair. “Then Darrell,” moving his hand to point at the big guy next to Jim, “and Ron’s the short one.”

“I’m Skye and this is Renee,” Skye said, appraising the guys and deciding that Cliff and Jim were most to her liking, but she wouldn’t tell any of them to stop if she found their cock in her pussy. All three of the other guys nodded at them.

“Want a beer?” Cliff asked them, motioning for them to sit on one of the beds.

“We’d love one,” Skye said before Renee could object.

Opening the beer that was offered, Renee took a sip and found it bitter and foul tasting. This was her first beer but she didn’t want anyone else to know it, so she took another drink and fought to keep from wrinkling her nose in disgust.

“So, you’re all going to New York?” Skye asked the guys.

“We were bored, so Jim came up with the idea of celebrating the new year in Times Square,” Ron said with a bit of a Scottish accent. “I wanted to go to Florida to get warm, but these blokes out voted me.”

“I would’ve voted for Florida, but you wanted to go to Orlando. If you had said Miami I would’ve agreed so I could see USC in the Orange Bowl,” Cliff reminded him.

“Fucking American football. There’s no style to it for it to be called football, and it’s only a less violent version of rugby. Rugby, now there’s a game,” Ron said.

“Texas is in the Rose Bowl and these fuckers want to go to Florida,” Darrell said, rolling his eyes.

“The Big 12 bought off coaches to get Texas in over Cal,” Cliff told them.

As the three guys continued arguing and Renee continued to sip her beer. After a little while she was surprised to find that she didn’t notice the taste as much. By the end of her first beer the nasty taste was almost completely gone.

“Want another one?” Cliff asked Renee, seeing her set her beer down.

“Me too,” Skye said, looking up from her conversation with Jim.

Renee was given little choice by Skye, but she didn’t mind as much now that her palate had adjusted. Opening it up, she took a long drink and let it slide down her throat. Her taste buds had adjusted so much that it was almost starting to taste good to her.

“You look a little lonely,” Darrell said, moving to sit next to Renee on the bed.

Looking up, she noticed that Skye had moved to sit on Jim’s lap. She also started to feel a little like her head was swimming. Darrell was big, but not fat, and it frightened her a little. Lifting her beer to her mouth, she went to take a sip and found that it was already gone.

“I’m not much for groups,” Renee said, setting her empty beer can next to her other one.

“Neither am I,” Darrell confessed. “Your friend doesn’t seem to have that problem though.”

Looking over Renee noticed that Jim was kissing Skye while his hand was creeping up her thigh. As she watched, Jim’s hand disappeared under Skye’s skirt. She could see Jim’s arm move to the side a couple inches and then it started moving in about two inch increments out of and back under Skye’s skirt. When Skye moaned into his mouth, Renee finally caught on that Jim was fingering Skye right there in front of everyone.

“No she doesn’t,” Renee said, the beer and mini sex show combining to dry out her throat.

Seeing that Skye was open to just about anything, Cliff and Ron both moved to surround her. Ron grabbed her skirt and lifted it up to her waist, exposing her underwear pulled to the side and the hand working her pussy, while Cliff moved to pull off her shirt.

The scene was so absorbing that Renee barely noticed when Darrell put another beer in her hand. Absent mindedly, she opened it up and took a long drink, all without taking her eyes off her friend being mauled by three guys.

Renee sat rooted to the bed as she watched the display. She’d heard enough talk from movies and her friends to have a solid grasp of the birds and the bees, but seeing three guys mauling her friend was something she had never even thought she might witness.

Skye was in heaven as she felt Jim fuck her pussy with two fingers. When a pair of hands unhooked her bra, she put her arms down at her side so those same hands could pull it off her body.

Cliff and Ron each had their hands roaming Skye’s upper half while Jim’s fingers took care of the lower half. Skye’s mind was starting to cloud over with lust and sexual longing and her hands reached out of their own accord to grope Cliff and Ron through their jeans.

“Get her on the bed,” Cliff said, motioning for Ron to help him pick Skye up.

When Jim’s fingers had been removed from her snatch they picked her up and moved her to the bed. Renee now sat mere inches from where her friend lay panting and begging for release. Darrell moved and pulled her along with him to get her out of the way of the others.

As Skye’s back hit the bed, she looked around and saw Renee being moved to one of the empty chairs. She hoped that this would be enough of a catalyst to get her redheaded friend to act on her desires, but she didn’t dwell on it long as she felt her panties being pulled down her legs and away from her pussy.

“Yes,” Skye moaned. She turned her head and saw Jim’s head taking it’s place between her legs. “Eat my slutty little pussy.”

Renee’s pussy was rapidly soaking through her panties. The way Skye moaned with every lick had her hormones in overdrive and for the first time in her young life she was seriously considering giving into temptation.

While Jim’s tongue worked on her pussy, Skye motioned for Ron and Cliff to move around to her head. When they were in position she quickly pulled their zippers down to unleash their cocks.

“Shit,” Renee said, seeing her first two cocks in real life, and at the same time.

“Dude, talk about easy,” Cliff muttered to Ron as Skye began jerking their cocks.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Skye said, grinning wickedly at them as she licked her lips.

Taking his chance, Cliff moved closer to Skye and presented his cock to her mouth. She traced around the crown with her tongue before letting it wander further up the shaft. When she’d reached as far as she could get without moving, she retraced her steps and took the head into her mouth.

Watching Skye act so wantonly had Renee on the edge of her chair. Every movement by the quartet on the bed was stored away in her memory to be recalled in the future. If she was being honest with herself she would’ve conceded that it would likely be used the moment she got back to her room to finish what she’d started after her shower.

Skye worked her mouth over the head of Cliff’s cock while her hand jerked on Ron’s. She was in heaven with two cocks to play with and a third ready to join in any moment. Lifting her head, she tried to get much of Cliff’s cock into her mouth as possible by stretching just her neck.

Jim flicked his tongue across Skye’s clit, drawing a contented moan. Dragging his middle finger along the length of her labia, he slowly pushed it into her pussy. She was so wet that it slid in effortlessly. After a couple strokes, he gave her a second finger and found that it was a tighter fit than he would’ve thought from a girl who obviously liked sex as much as she did.

Since he’d essentially become the odd man out, Ron decided to get more than a simple hand job out of the deal. Reaching out, he tweaked Skye’s nipple with one hand while using his other to help her stroke his cock faster. It helped a little, but he’d push Cliff out of the way to get at her mouth if he had to.

The tongue and fingers disappeared from Skye’s pussy as Jim prepared to fuck her. She bemoaned the loss of the stimulation, but was rewarded with a cock pressing against her pussy. As it pushed inside her, she moaned around the cock in her mouth and increased the speed with which she was jerking off her other cock.

Bottoming out inside Skye, Jim took a moment to revel in the tightness of the cunt surrounding his cock. Grabbing her legs, Jim hooked them over his arms and began withdrawing from Skye. When he was halfway out, he pushed back in with a speed that must have surprised the girl because she moaned and jumped slightly, impaling her mouth even further on Cliff’s cock.

“My turn,” Ron said, grabbing Skye’s hair and pulling her off Cliff’s cock. When her mouth was free, he spared no time in replacing Cliff’s cock with his own.

Cliff grunted at being so forcefully removed, but he couldn’t exactly complain seeing as how it looked like they were all going to get a piece or two of this little vixen. When Skye’s hand began sliding up and down his shaft, he shrugged and decided it was better to stay fresh for one of her tighter holes.

As Jim continued to pound his way in and out of Skye’s pussy, she felt her first orgasm beginning to build inside her. It wasn’t a big one, but she wasn’t worried. Her first climax was never very big, but they grew exponentially from one to the next.

“She’s got a sweet little mouth on her,” Ron observed as Skye moaned around his cock. She was only taking about half of his cock in her mouth, but her tongue was more than making up for the lack of depth she was achieving.

“Cum on my cock,” Jim demanded of Skye as he felt his first load start to bubble up inside his balls. As if she was just waiting for his command, she arched her back and her cunt clamped down on his cock. With one last quick thrust into her, he pulled out and let his cum shower down on her stomach.

“I’m next,” Cliff said, hurrying to take Jim’s place. He took a look at the mess Jim had left and decided to flip her over on her stomach.

“Fuck me,” Skye gasped, getting up on her elbows and knees. She motioned for Ron to get in front of her so she could keep sucking his cock while Cliff fucked her from behind.

So wrapped up was Renee in what Skye was doing that she didn’t even notice the hand that had come to rest on her knee. When it hooked under the hem of her skirt and started to make it’s way up her thigh, she finally took notice. She wanted to push it away, but her mind was too overloaded with everything that was going on to do anything but spread her legs and lean back in the chair.

As the hand approached her crotch, Renee couldn’t believe what she was doing. Her mind told her to stop, but communication between her brain and the rest of her body had been cut off. When a finger pressed against her pussy through her panties a jolt of electricity shot through her that silenced even the loudest screams of warning in her brain.

Darrell could sense apprehension in Renee, but she wasn’t fighting his advances. Taking advantage of his opportunity, he slipped his fingers inside her panties and pulled them to the side. When the tip of his middle finger grazed her bare pussy, her hands tightened their grip on the armrest of the chair and her eyes closed but she spread her legs even further.
A moan escaped Renee’s lips when she felt Darrell’s finger zero in on her clit. He was rougher on it than she, but that added the delight. It let her know that it was a different touch than her own and got her brain whirring even faster. When it slipped down to slide into her pussy, her brain almost exploded in pleasure.

“Shit, she’s a virgin,” Darrell hissed to himself when he felt his finger come in contact with Renee’s hymen. Virgins had always scared him a little. Some guys like being the one to take the innocence and purity from a woman, but Darrell wasn’t one of them. He preferred to have that purity taken long before he got to them so he didn’t have to feel guilty about corrupting them.

While waiting for his turn to come up again, Jim sat down in a chair next to Renee and Darrell. He watched with a smile as Darrell worked his finger in and out of the other member of the party. The way Renee had kept herself apart, he had figured she wasn’t into this kind of thing, but apparently he’d been wrong because she sure seemed to be enjoying it.

Renee gasped and her eyes shot open when she felt hands on her tits. She saw Jim fondling each breast with one hand in turn while using his other to unbutton her blouse. When her blouse was open, he wasted little time in pulling the cups of her bra down to expose her puffy nipples to the air. She moaned even louder when Jim sucked one of them into her mouth at the same time Jim’s finger hit a sensitive spot inside her.

With two very important erogenous zones being attacked at once, Renee could feel herself rapidly approaching climax. She had long since given up the pretense of not wanting to do it and was now writhing under Jim’s mouth and tongue and bucking against Darrell’s invading finger. The only thing left for her now was to actually feel a cock inside her pussy, but she was to the point where she’d welcome it with open arms.

“Are you going to fuck her, or just use your finger all night?” Jim asked Darrell as he lapped away one of Renee’s nipples.

Darrell was torn. He wasn’t big on taking a woman’s virginity, but Jim wasn’t exactly known for being gentle. His approach might work for someone like Skye, who seemed more than able to take care of herself, but he was too fast for someone as inexperienced as Renee. The only thing he could do was to suck it up and be her first. Maybe if he took his time with her Jim or the others would realize she was just a beginner and go easy on her, or stay away from her altogether.

“You want to get fucked?” Darrell asked Renee, almost hoping she’d say no and give him an easy out.

Without even thinking about it, Renee nodded. Darrell picked her up and carried her over to the bed that wasn’t currently being used by Skye. When he set up removing her clothes her nerves hit her, but with a strong edge of excitement she’d never felt before, even on stage.

When Renee was fully naked, Darrell moved between her legs. He pressed his cock against her virginal pussy before stopping to make sure she still wanted to do it. When she nodded again, he started to gently push himself into her.

Renee was overwhelmed as she felt her pussy stretching further than she ever would have imagined. It wasn’t as painful as she would’ve thought, but there was still a slight pinch that accompanied the widening of her pussy. Then he hit her hymen and she suddenly started to feel the nervousness mount inside her once more. When he pushed and broke through, a small scream of pain escaped her lips but it was only a momentary pain that passed the moment he pulled back out. As he drove back into her the scream turned to a low moan of pleasure at the first cock to fuck her pussy.

Just before Renee’s scream, Ron had moved to take up the position Cliff had vacated in Skye’s pussy. With no one occupying her attention, Skye had been shocked to find Renee naked on the other bed with Darrell getting ready to fuck her. Her shock hadn’t had much time to register though because Ron had quickly moved to fill her cunt up again. When Renee had screamed, Skye had smiled slightly remembering how she’d screamed almost exactly like that when her cherry had been taken.

As Darrell set a nice slow pace, Renee closed her eyes and let the new sensations course over her. They were all so wonderful that she was beginning to kick herself for denying herself the pleasure for so long. Her pussy felt full and his cock rubbed against her clit on every stroke, sending her mind to heights she’d only been able to barely glimpse with her fingers. When she felt something poke against her cheek, she opened her eyes and reeled back slightly as a cock suddenly appeared in her face. Even though she had one sliding in and out of her pussy, this was by far the closest up she’d ever seen a cock.

“Suck it,” Jim told her. When she opened her mouth, he pushed the head inside. He could tell she didn’t have any real technique, but she presented a stable target for him as he began to slowly fuck her face.

Pressing his cock against Skye’s pussy, Cliff gave her ass a light slap before pushing inside her. The moan she gave made him wonder if it had been the penetration or the spanking. Before giving her another thrust, he pulled his hand back and gave her another smack just to make sure. When she moaned at it, he knew that at the very least it had been both contributing to her moan.

As Cliff spanked her ass, Skye was taking full advantage of the new position to give Ron’s cock more oral attention than he’d been getting. He had his hands burrowed in her hair as he fucked her face, and she was loving every second of it. She just wanted cock and it didn’t matter how she got it, just so long as she got every little bit of it she could.

Skye moaned around Ron’s cock as Cliff slammed into her pussy. She could tell he was close to cumming by the way he was hammering away at her, but that was fine by her. A cock cumming inside her always pushed her into an orgasm of her own as long as she was halfway close, and she was ready to cum at a moments notice. With one final thrust, she felt his cock start to pulse inside her and her body clenched up with release the moment she felt his seed splashing the inside of her pussy.

After vacating Skye’s pussy, Cliff took a moment to survey the room. Ron was already moving to fuck Skye, but he was surprised to note that the other girl had decided to end her holdout and get into the action. Jim was already hovering near her head, so Cliff figured the only place for him was go back to letting Skye work him back to hardness with her mouth.

Skye pushed herself back onto Ron’s cock as her tongue lapped away at Cliff’s. When it started to stiffen, she took it into her mouth so she could feel it get hard. With every stroke Ron made into her pussy she pushed back to meet it and then when he started to pull out she pulled forward and impaled her mouth on Cliff’s cock. The only thing that was missing for her was the anal stimulation, but no sooner had she thought that than she felt a slight pressure against her asshole. She moaned as a finger pushed it’s way into her anus to give her the triple penetration she craved.

“Fuck my ass,” Skye told Ron, removing her mouth from Cliff’s cock.

Grinning, Ron removed his cock from her pussy. He leaned down and spit on her asshole before letting his finger work it in. When he felt she was ready, he straightened back up and pressed his cock against her backdoor. With a modicum of surprise, he found Skye relaxing to accept his cock into her ass with great ease.

As he fucked Renee’s pussy, Darrell couldn’t believe the tightness. Even though he disliked fucking virgins she wasn’t the first one he’d broken in, but she was quite possibly the tightest woman he’d ever had the pleasure to fuck. Every inch of her seemed to grip him like a velvet vise. It was so exquisite a feeling that he had to strain to keep from letting his instincts take over and fuck her as hard as he could.

“Oh God,” Renee moaned around Jim’s cock in her mouth. Her legs were wrapped around Darrell’s waist and she humped at his cock from nothing more than instinct. Every nerve ending in her body was being assaulted and it was all she could do not to scream her pleasure as loud as possible.

As her first orgasm hit her, Renee’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and she felt like she was having a seizure. Her whole body convulsed and her pussy and mouth clamped down on the cocks inside her.

“Fuck. I’m cumming,” Darrell grunted, giving Renee a couple quick thrusts into her orgasming pussy. Just before he lost it completely, he withdrew and shot his load onto her lower stomach.

“Switch?” Jim asked Darrell, seeing the open pussy.

“Yeah, but go easy on her,” Darrell told him, nodding in agreement.

Renee was just beginning to come back down to Earth when she felt her legs lifted up. She opened her eyes to see Jim hooking her legs over his arms and position his cock against her opening. When he started to push she sighed in contentment. Right away she could tell that Jim wasn’t quite as thick as Darrell, but it seemed to take forever before his pelvis was pressed against hers. The moment he started fucking her she could tell the difference in styles as well. Where Darrell had been slow and careful, Jim was quicker and used his extra length to give her longer strokes of his cock. Just knowing that she was having her second cock and being able to tell the difference between them revved up Renee’s sex drive even more than it otherwise might have been.

Darrell cringed a little when he saw Jim start fucking Renee harder than he would’ve thought necessary, but she didn’t seem to be in any discomfort so he hung back a little. As he watched, she began humping back at Jim as if begging to be fucked even harder. He shook his head in disbelief, shrugged his shoulders, and decided that maybe she didn’t need him to watch out for her after all.

As Skye got more worked up over Ron’s cock in her ass, she reached underneath her to frig her clit. While her finger worked over her clit, she stopped moving and let Ron fuck her ass while Cliff came at her from the other end to fuck her mouth. After a few moments she felt Ron start to speed up as his cock started to swell inside her ass.

“I’m gonna cum in your fucking ass,” Ron told her through clenched teeth.

Moments after he said it, Skye moaned around Cliff’s cock as she felt Ron stiffen behind her. When his cum erupted out of his cock to coat the interior of her ass, she felt another orgasm rock her body. It was another small one, but she could feel the big one getting closer.

“Think she’s got room for two?” Cliff asked when Darrell wandered over.

“Yeah, both of you fuck me,” Skye moaned as Ron withdrew from her.

“You heard her,” Cliff said. He laid down on the bed and then motioned for Darrell to lift her up and put her on top of him.

When Skye was in place with her chest pressed against Cliff’s, her hand was already between her legs so she grabbed his cock and shifted around until it was against the entrance to her pussy. With one quick lunge, she impaled herself on Cliff’s cock and groaned at her pussy suddenly being so full. Removing her hand she put both of them on the bed and made a couple thrusts backward, letting Cliff’s cock slide in and out her cunt before she stopped. Resting her head on Cliff’s chest, she reached back and spread her ass cheeks for Darrell.

Stepping up behind Skye, Darrell fisted his cock. He pressed it against the rosebud of her anus, almost expecting her to beg out at the last second. When she didn’t, he pressed harder and the head of his cock popped past the band of muscle of her anus.

“Oh God,” Skye moaned, letting go of her ass cheeks. She was pleased to note that Darrell took a moment to let her adjust, but she pushed back at him when she felt he’d waited long enough.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” Cliff whispered from underneath her.

By the time Darrell was fully in her ass, Skye’s eyes were almost bugging out. It had been a while since she’d taken two guys at once and both of them were bigger than the only other two to fuck her this way, but she’d committed to it and wasn’t going to turn back. She could feel both cocks pulse inside her as they rubbed against each other and each small thrust they made brought loud moans from her throat.

“More,” Skye moaned, looking for Ron. She felt a little dizzy and her vision was slightly blurred from the sensations emanating from her crotch, but she still found him standing off to the side watching the action. She started motioning for him to come over and join in, but Cliff and Darrell chose that moment to give her longer strokes of their cocks and she screamed with pleasure and almost collapsed on top of Cliff.

Meanwhile, Renee was so caught up in her own pleasure that she had no idea what Skye was doing. The only thing her mind was able to focus on was the hard cock pistoning in and out of her cunt. She didn’t even take the time to think about how seemingly out of character it was for her to be so deep in lust. Her world for the time being consisted of the orgasm that was building within her and blocking all rational thought.

As Renee’s cunt cradled his cock so tightly, Jim was glad that he’d already spent a load on Skye. Otherwise, he never would’ve lasted more than a few thrusts and everything about her was just too hot to lose it so quickly. When her pussy clamped down on his cock in the throes of climax, he once again was glad he’d already cum once.

“Oh, OH,” Renee screamed as her young body was wracked with the biggest orgasm she’d ever experienced. Her muscles tightened up in a death grip and then suddenly turned to jelly.

When Renee’s climax ended, Jim decided to move her. Slipping his hands under her back, he picked her up without pulling out of her and moved her across the gap to the other bed. Still imbedded in her cunt, he laid her down on the bed next to where Skye was being impaled by a pair of cocks, Renee’s head mere inches from Skye’s nether regions and the cocks invading it.

Once the fog of her orgasm had subsided, Renee opened her eyes. She moved her hand and felt it bump against something. Her head turned to see what she’d bumped and gasped at the sight of Skye sandwiched between Darrell and Cliff. A couple hours earlier she would’ve been disgusted by the sight, but now she felt a strange longing inside her to try it. That longing, more than even watching two guys fuck Skye with ruthless abandon, startled her. She’d never even thought of putting anything in her ass, and had even been a virgin up until just a little while ago, and here she was almost hoping she could take cocks in both holes at once like Skye was.

When Skye saw motion out of the corner of her eye, she turned her head as well. When she saw Renee’s body settle onto the bed next to her, she let her eyes focus on Renee’s recently devirginized pussy as Jim’s cock began pounding in and out of it again.

Renee’s pussy looked so good and Skye was reminded of how Britney had warmed her up for her first double fuck. Up until that point Skye had never entertained the idea of fucking another girl, but she’d been straddling one of Britney’s groupies with his cock up her ass when Britney had squatted in front of her. Before Skye could protest, her tongue had swiped across her clit and she’d been a goner. After a few minutes she’d been close to cumming and Britney had chosen that moment to let the second guy take over. Within minutes Skye was being fucked for all she was worth while her tongue slid across Britney’s pussy licking up every drop of pussy juice that came out.

After that Skye had experimented with a female fan here or there. One or two had been quite receptive and proven to be highly adept at the art of pussy eating, but most had been as inexperienced as Skye herself. That didn’t bother her much though because she happened to like the idea of leading the women into situations they’d never been in and giving them orgasms previously unmatched in their life.

As she watched Renee, she felt that same thrill return. Just thinking of getting a taste of Renee and further corrupting her previously innocent friend set her body on fire. In her mind she pictured her tongue digging into Renee’s pussy. Just as the mental image was beginning to form, Cliff thrust up into her pussy and hit a sensitive spot. With a scream of pleasure, she clenched her eyes shut and came with the image of her eating Renee’s pussy emblazoned on her brain.

Renee had been watching Cliff and Darrell fuck Skye as if in a trance, but Skye’s screaming orgasm snapped her out of it. When she returned her attention to Jim, she felt another climax building inside her. Her eyes opened wide when she felt Jim grab her ass and lift her up so that only her shoulders were touching the bed. What really surprised her though was when she felt his hands pull her ass cheeks apart and something rub against her asshole.

Holding Renee’s ass in his hands, Jim gripped her cheeks to get better leverage. When he felt the knuckle of his pinky brush against her anus, he decided to see how far she’d let him go. He extended his pinky and moved his hand so the tip could collect some of the juices that were flowing from her snatch. With his pinky sufficiently lubricated, he felt blindly around until he felt the slight dip at the center of her asshole. As he continued to thrust into her, he pushed his pinky against the hole and watched her face for a reaction.

“OHHH,” Renee screamed, her orgasm hitting her the moment the tip of the finger entered her asshole. She clawed at the sheets as waves of pleasure wracked her body.

When Renee’s pussy clamped down on his cock, Jim knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Seeing Skye’s angelic face with her mouth open, moaning her own pleasure, he decided to make a little change. He slipped his finger from Renee’s ass before pushing her hips toward the bed, letting his cock unsheathe itself from her pussy.

Skye’s eyes had been closed so she could concentrate on the feel of the two cocks stretching her pussy and ass when she felt a hand grab the back of her head. She opened her eyes just in time to see a cock being directed at her open mouth. As the cock was being fed to her she tilted her eyes upward to see exactly which cock was about to complete the triple team.

“That’s it, you cock loving whore,” Jim grunted. He gripped the back of her head and began fucking Skye’s face in time with Darrell and Cliff. The cum was beginning to boil in his balls and as it rose up his cock, he pulled out of Skye’s mouth. With a primal grunt, he pointed his cock at her face and the first spurt hit her right between the eyes.

“Agghhh,” Darrell screamed as he saw ribbons of cum showering Skye’s face right above him. None seemed to hit him, but by the time Jim pulled back it was already starting to drip down her face. He stopped thrusting into Skye in hopes that it would keep the cum on her instead of falling off onto him. “Stop for a second, Cliff.”

“What’s that? Can’t hear you,” Cliff said, smirking as he continued to thrust into Skye’s ass. He too was approaching his orgasm and he wasn’t going to stop just because Darrell might get a little jizz on him.

“Fuck me,” Skye mewled. Her orgasm had been close but she could feel it starting to slip away. Darrell had stopped fucking her pussy and there just wasn’t enough stimulation to get her over the hump. Cliff’s thrusts into her ass were pushing her forward and causing her pussy to slide up and down on Darrell’s cock a little, but it was really only enough to make her pleasure plateau rather than to climb.

Finally giving up on Jim getting a towel for him, Darrell grabbed one of the pillows. He wiped it across Skye’s face to get as much of the cum as he could. When he pulled the pillow back there was still a little here or there, but none of it seemed on the verge of dripping onto him.

“Oh yeah,” Skye moaned when she felt Darrell start to thrust into her pussy again. She could feel Cliff’s cock starting to pulse in her ass and some nice friction on her clit was exactly what she needed to finish herself off.

Renee had been watching since her orgasm had faded enough for her mind to clear. Jim had withdrawn from her pussy so she’d watched him fuck Skye’s mouth. When he’d cum all over her face like that, it had shocked her, but not nearly as much as it would’ve a couple hours earlier. Her ability to be shocked had been impaired quite a bit by everything she’d seen, and done, since they’d left their rooms.

Now she was just laying there on the bed, still turned on more than she’d ever been in her life. She watched as Darrell and Cliff continued to give Skye everything they had. Without even realizing it, her hand had started to idly stroke her pussy. Her eyes stayed riveted on the cocks plunging in and out of Skye and her fingers began sliding into her pussy in rhythm with Cliff and Darrell’s thrusts into her friend.

“Need some help with that?” Ron asked Renee as he stopped her hand. Before she could answer, he pulled her hand off her pussy and replaced it with his own.

“Fuck me, fuck ME,” Skye demanded as she felt the first spurt of cum explode from Cliff’s cock into her ass. When her own orgasm hit moments later, she lightly bit into Darrell’s chest to keep from screaming loud enough to wake the whole hotel.

“You want to try that, lassie?” Ron asked Renee as she intently watched Skye cum on the two cocks.

Hearing Ron’s question, Renee pried her eyes off Skye and turned her head toward Ron. She didn’t know how to answer him because part of her really did want to try it, but the rest of her brain, the cautious part that had been virtually silenced all night, was suddenly screaming about how much it would hurt. When Ron dipped a long finger into her pussy and hit a sensitive spot, that part of her brain once again disappeared behind a delicious fog of pleasure. To quiet her moan, she bit her lip and nodded slightly.

When Cliff pulled out of her ass, Skye rolled off of Darrell to lay next to Skye. That last climax had wiped her out and she needed a minute or two to recover. She rolled over onto her side to watch as Ron flipped Renee over onto her hands and knees. When she saw Ron preparing Renee’s asshole, she instantly caught her second wind. Scrambling off the bed, she insinuated between Ron and Renee.

“Ohh,” Renee moaned as she felt a tongue brush across her pussy from her clit all the way to her anus.

With Renee on her hands and knees, Skye had seized her chance to get a taste of her pussy. She knew that Renee was inexperienced enough to just assume that it was Ron behind her eating her out. Skye just hoped that by the Renee looked back and saw that she was the one doing it she’d be too far gone to care.

With her fingers Skye began frigging Renee’s clit. Her tongue started dragging along Renee’s pussy collecting pussy juice before moving along to her asshole and depositing the juices where it was going to be needed. When she felt that enough of Renee’s juices had been transferred, she motioned for Ron to start working them into with his finger and then set her attention to making sure his cock was slick enough with saliva to make it even easier on Renee.

If the point was to get Renee so horny she wouldn’t care what got stuck up her ass, then Skye was doing a bang up job of it. She had glanced back when she had felt a pair of hands grip her ass cheeks while one was still rubbing her clit. When she’d seen Skye’s head moving around behind her, she’d actually moaned louder and pushed back on the invading tongue.

“Lay down on the bed,” Skye told Ron. When he followed her orders, she motioned for the others to lift Renee up and put her on top of Ron.

As Renee was being lowered her stomach filled with butterflies. Darrell put her feet on th bed astride Ron’s hips while Jim and Cliff steadied her. When she had her feet under her, they let go and she felt the head of Ron’s cock press against her virgin asshole. With a grimace of concentration, she pushed down and when it popped past her sphincter her eyes almost bugged out of her head. The sudden stretching was painful, but she knew that if she stopped she’d never hear the end of it from Skye. So with grim determination she started working herself up and down, getting a little more of the cock into her asshole with every bounce. The position was awkward since she didn’t have the experience or coordination, but before long she found herself sitting directly on Ron’s lap.

Renee felt a little self-conscious with four people standing around staring at her as she sat there with a cock up her ass, but the pain had started to dissipate soon after the initial penetration. She still wasn’t sure whether she was going to like it, but it did feel rather naughty the way she could feel Ron’s cock pulse inside her ass. With a grunt, she tried to lift herself up from her crouching position but it was too uncomfortable so she slid her feet out from under her and dropped to her knees.

“Lean back,” Skye told Renee when she saw the problem. When Renee didn’t quite grasp what she was supposed to do, Skye put on hand on her back to steady her and used her other hand to push Renee’s shoulders until her shoulders were against Ron’s chest.

The moment her back hit Ron’s chest, he grabbed her hips and started to thrust his cock into her ass. After a couple quick jabs he lengthened his strokes as he stretched one of his hands down and searched for her clit. At the first contact of his fingers on her clit, Renee moaned and began hunching her hips up against the fingers.

Sensing that Renee was beginning to get into it, Skye dropped to her knees in front of her. She grabbed Ron’s hand and moved it back to Renee’s hips so he could get better leverage. Now with Renee’s pussy clear, Skye took over.

“Oh God,” Renee groaned as she lifted her head to watch Skye’s tongue snake its way along the length of her pussy before finishing with a quick flick of her clit. The cock in her ass was really starting to turn Renee on, and Skye’s tongue work on her pussy only ratcheted up her desire. Her nipples were screaming for attention so she brought her hands up to give them that attention.

“I think she’s just about ready,” Skye announced as she slipped a finger into Renee’s pussy. When Darrell stepped forward, Skye put a hand on his chest and shook her head. “She’s not ready for you. You’ll break her open. She needs someone like Jim and his slimmer cock or she’ll never be able to handle two.”

Renee heard the conversation, but the cock in her ass and the finger in her pussy kept her from truly grasping the words. Her mind was too preoccupied with its own pleasure to bother worrying about anything else. When the finger was removed, she lifted her head again and saw Jim positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

Skye moved up Renee’s body as Jim dragged the head of his cock along her friend’s snatch. She grabbed Renee’s hand from the breast closest to her and pinched the nipple between her own fingers. As she tweaked the nipple, she watched as Jim finally started pushing against Renee’s opening.

“OHHH,” Renee screamed when the head of Jim’s cock entered her pussy. Her mind seemed to short circuit and her vision swam from the pressure being exerted on her.

As Jim pushed more of his cock into her, she thought she could almost feel every bump on his cock. Even more, she could feel the two cocks rub against each other through the thin membrane separating her holes. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to stay conscious through it all, but by the time Jim was fully inside her she was surprised to find herself still hanging onto her sanity by a thread.

“Give her a second,” Skye told Ron and Jim when she sensed that Renee was being overwhelmed by the experience.

Renee gave silent thanks for the slight respite as she tried to get used to being stretched so wide open. Just when she thought she never going to get comfortable, she felt something brush against her clit. She lifted her head to look and saw that Skye had reached down to help her along by rubbing her clit.

When she moaned at Skye’s ministrations, the two guys took that as a signal that she was ready. Jim started to pull out a little before slowly pushing back in. Renee’s head exploded in a shower of lights and she had to fight once more to maintain consciousness when Ron started stroking in and out of her ass in alternating strokes with Jim.

“Feel the cocks, Renee,” Skye told her as she licked around Renee’s nipple. “Fuck the cocks rather than just letting them fuck you.”

Trying to do what Skye wanted, Renee started to make a little more effort. Rather than let Jim and Ron do all the work, she began pushing against Jim’s cock every time it surged forward into her pussy and then back down against Ron on his in stroke. The effort, as little as it was, made her feel empowered. As if she wasn’t being used by them, but rather using them for her own pleasure.

“That’s the way,” Skye said, beaming at the way Renee was cutting loose. It gave her hope that they might be able to do it again some time, or that Renee might be up for a little one on one action with her.

As she began pushing against the cocks with more intensity, Renee felt a climax building inside her. Instead of hitting her when she expected it to though, it continued to build. She knew then that it was going to be far beyond anything she had ever experienced.

“Want to try something else?” Skye asked as she leaned close to her face.

“What?” Renee panted.

“Darrell, come here,” Skye barked. When Darrell came near, she grabbed his cock and guided it so that it between their faces.

Renee still wasn’t quite able to wrap her brain around what Skye was talking about, but she decided to follow her lead. When Skye began licking up and down the shaft of Darrell’s cock, Renee followed suit. It wasn’t long before their tongues were brushing against each other and each time they did it added a little more to the massive orgasm gathering steam within her.

“Lick his balls,” Skye told her before taking the head into her mouth.

Darrell had been close to cumming when Skye had rolled off him and the gap between then and now had brought back a little, but watching the two of them give him a double blow job was bringing him back to the edge quickly. When Renee sucked one of his testicles into her mouth while Skye was bobbing her head up and down on the shaft, he knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

“I’m gonna cum,” Darrell warned Skye.

“On her tits,” Skye said, pulling off. She began jerking him off until her finally let loose. She aimed his cock at Renee’s chest as his cum jetted out. When he was empty, she let go and began cleaning Renee up with her tongue.

The sight of Darrell’s cum hitting her skin and Skye’s ensuing clean up finally set Renee off. She screeched loud enough that Skye shoved a pillow over her mouth to muffle it and quiet her down. Her whole body tensed up so tightly it felt like it was going to fold in on itself, starting with her crotch. After a few seconds, the pleasure was so intense that her voice gave out on her and her scream became a silent one before her mind shut down completely.

+ * + * +

“What happened?” Renee asked when she came to.

“You just had the monster of all orgasms and then passed out. God, it was a sight to behold,” Skye responded. “For a moment there, I thought you were going to come apart at the seams.”

“It felt like it from here, too,” Renee said, her memory starting to come back to her.

“Come on, we have to get back to our room before we’re missed,” Skye said, helping Renee to her feet.

“What happened after I passed out?” Renee asked as she shakily put her clothes back on.

“I made the guys pull out and then they stood over you jerking off. Ron came on your tits, and then Jim finished up on your stomach. We so have to do this again,” Skye said as she led a fully clothed Renee out of the room.

“I’m tired, but I don’t care,” Renee said, leaning on Skye as they made their way back to their rooms. Her whole body was sore, but it was the good kind of sore. She knew it was going to be rough tomorrow, but it had been worth it as far as she was concerned.

“I always knew you were a slut at heart,” Skye teased her.

“Is it always that good?” Renee asked when they got to their doors.

“We can talk tomorrow, but right now I need a shower,” Skye said, pushing her key card into her door.

“A shower does sound good,” Renee said, suddenly feeling sticky with sweat and cum.

“Then go take a shower and get some sleep. If you can’t sleep, I’ll leave the connecting door unlocked in case you want to come over and talk or whatever,” Skye said, and despite how tired and sore she felt she almost hoped that Renee dropped in to do some more experimenting.

“I feel like I could sleep for a week, but thanks anyway,” Renee said, completely missing the fact that Skye was trying to get her back into bed.

“Then I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” Skye said, pushing her way into her room.

With a yawn, Renee entered her room. If she hadn’t felt so sticky she would’ve gone straight to bed, but she grabbed her robe and headed for the bathroom to take her shower. She just felt the need to clean herself up before sleeping.

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