Dirty Demon Nights

Dirty Demon Nights: Episode 1

This story is set in the present times. Although there

is one huge difference, it is over-run by demons and

monsters, a concept similar to Buffy (nice start,

huh?). Another difference is that most of

the celebrities that you know, aren’t exactly the

same. Ever since a strange incident, which I will not

tell you about until the series ends (probably by the

end of this story by the looks of my intro), everybody

has a clean slate and don’t know about their rich

lives. They think they are normal, everyday citizens.

The celebrities go by their
original names, but they

obviously don’t mean much since their regular people.

With that said, let me introduce you to the main


Jessica Alba (stuck in a dead-end job with little pay

and has a bad reputation for sleeping around for

money. Her parents forced her to leave the house at 17

and she has never had any success since. Is known to

just go off at times)

Michelle Trachtenberg (knows her body very well and

uses it to her advantage. She has gone through life

easily by avoiding college and sponging off of a shady

character who agrees to give her a place to live and

plenty of spending money, as long as he gets something

in return)

Trish Stratus (female boxer who had the nickname “The

Untouchable” because she had never been hit in her

career. She instantly lost fame when she was suspected

for murder. Her belt was taken and she went through a

long, devastating trial. She was found innocent but

never decided to step back into the ring). She is

rumored to do underground work for demons and humans


Halle Berry (girl that loves adventure. She is into

dirtbiking, snowboarding, and any other sport where

one wrong move can mean serious consequences. She is

fearless, not afraid to walk up to the most powerful

man in the room and slap him. Knows that men are

always looking at her but doesn’t put out as much as

tease. Works with Dwayne Johnson.)

Dwayne Johnson (a very charismatic former football

player who had to retire early because of his parents

death. He took it so hard that he decided to leave the

field and run his father’s old business, a private

investigations business. Uses his resources to try to

fight the never ending battle agianst the demon



“Thanks baby,” Michelle cooed as she took 500 hundred

dollars from Maxwell, her sugardaddy in a sense.

Michelle was sitting on the passenger side of a lexus

with her arm resting on the almost completely lowered

window. She was sporting black sunglasses with red

shaded lenses. Her top was a tight, short sleeved

white blouse and a small leather skirt that cut off

three inches away from her ass cheeks.

“Bye Maxy”. Michelle cooed.

She opened the car door and kissed Max on the cheek

and turned to leave the car, but Max grabbed her

shoulder. He pulled her closer to himself and kissed

her fully on the lips. He unzipped his pants and

forced her hands to wrap around his dick.

“Don’t forget your place…honey.” He said with a

frown on his face.

Michelle, looking from the side of her eyes, could see

her friends in front of the mall looking in on the

situation. She nodded and stared at him patiently

waiting for him to let her go. He finally let go of

her shoulder and Michelle immediately stepped out of

the car without looking back. She stared at the ground

while she walked up to her friends.

Maxwell hated to be played with. Michelle had the

tendency to forget that, seeing as how it was easy to

control other guys, she usually “forgot her place”

with Max. Michelle walked up to her three friends

Lindsay (Lohan), Amanda (Bynes), and Hilary (Duff).

The three girls were used to seeing this by now and no

matter what they said, Michelle wouldn’t acknowledge

the situation. So Lindsay quickly perked up.

“Hey Michelle! We haven’t seen you in a while.”

Hilary pitched in, “Yeah, we hear that you had an

encounter with our old history teacher Mr. Harris.

Michelle quickly came back to life, “Oh yeah! He just

couldn’t keep his hands off me!”

The girls excitedly yelled as they walked with

Michelle into the mall.


“You ready in there bitch!” a man yelled as he sat

naked in his bedroom drinking a beer.

“Believe me, it’s worth the wa…” a voice called out

from the bathroom.

“I ain’t waitin’ bitch! Bring that big ass in here!”

At that point, Jessica Alba walked out from the

bathroom wearing a black sheer mesh babydoll outfit.

Her nipples were hard and visible through the front of

the babydoll. She was wearing a bright red thong, so

it could clearly be seen. Her body was pretty much

perfect from what he could see. Her bra-less tits were

plump as they pressed against the babydoll and her ass

was perfectly round as it hung nearly nude. He stood

up and Jessica nearly shivered when she saw him walk

to her. He looked her over, up and down, until he

seemed completely satisfied and tore the front of her


“What the hell! I paid a lot of money for…” Jessica

blurted out.

The man didn’t seemed to care as he wrapped his lips

as much around her titts as he could and sucked as

hard as he could. Jessica was disgusted but decided to

get as mcuh pleasure from this as she could, seeing as

how she had to do it anyway. The man violently lashed

his togued at the smooth white skin of her great

breast. He seemed to endlessly kiss and lick her

breast until his hands reached her ass. He had a

fetish for great asses, so he was in heaven when he

embraced hers. He snatched her ass cheeks and grabbed

them tightly as he moved his lips to hers and

violently kissed her. Jessica swayed her hips back and

forth, which made him horny as hell. Jessica, fearing

that he would rip the rest of the outfit, quickly took

it off and stood in front of him with only a red thong

on. The man dragged her to the bed on laid Jessica on

her stomach. He bent to the floor on his knees, at the

end of the bed, and pulled Jessica toward him until

her ass stuck up close to his face. He shoved his nose

into her thong-covered ass and inhaled deeply. He

quickly moved her thong aside so he could take huge

swipes of her pussy with his hungry tongue. His tongue

violently swung up her wet pussy, sucking up all the

sweet flavors of her pussy. He then licked his way up

to her ass, which was perfectly clean.

“Fart on my face!” The man ordered.


“I said fart on my face, bitch! Don’t make me ask


Jessica did as she was told and let out a soft, quiet

fart that was quickly inhaled. The man let out loud

moans that made Jessica cringe. She wasn’t into having

really dirty sex, and not only did this man have dirty

sex, he was dirty himself. He ate out her ass without

so much as taking a break to breath.The man stood up

only to lay back down on his bed on his back.

“Get on top of me.” He ordered while jacking of his


Jessica wanted the ordeal to be over as quick as

possible, so she climbed on top of him and took hold

of his dick. She slowly placed his dick up her pussy,

but the man grabbed her hips and forced her down

quickly. Jessica gave out a loud moan of pain and a

bit of pleasure. He viciously grabbed her ass and

pumped it up and down hard on his dick. Jessica sat up

and played with her tits as she tried to keep from

screaming to loud. She hopped up and down his dick

feeling like she herself was going to cum. She figured

at this point, she mind as well enjoy this.

“Fuck yeah! Slam my pussy harder baby!” She screamed.

The man slammed harder and harder into her warm pussy

until, without warning, he came inside of her pussy.

Jessica was shocked, but decided to deal with it later

because she felt herself began to cum. Just then, the

man withdrew his dick and laid down panting. Jessica

was really stunned now.

“What?! I’m gonna cum soon, don’t you want to help


“Fuck that! I paid for you to make me cum, not


“But you came in my pussy!”

“Take a fuckin’ pill! What do you want from me!!”

Jessica, in a mad rage, punched the guy in his


He let out a huge gasp and help his stomach in pain.

Jessica stood up and gathered her clothes, clearly

upset. She walked up to his front door until she saw

the man’s big t.v. in the corner of the room. Jessica

quickly stepped up to the obviously stolen t.v.

(judging by the condition of his house) and pushed it

as hard as she could until it tipped over and smashed

into the ground.


Halle Berry stepped out of her car and stood in front

of a small abandoned building. She smiled as she

peered through the window and spoted a bunch of people

chatting in a room. She walked into the room filled

with twelve armed men in black suits. She was wearing

the stereotypical business woman outfit. A black suit

jacket over a opened white shirt that showed plenty of

her breast, and a short matching black skirt that

barely hid her small white thong. The twelve men were

scattered around the small room. She spoted an older

man sitting behind a desk and figured him to be the

leader. Halle walked up to him as she signaled his men

to step down. She took her time approaching him,

slowly switching her hips as she walked. Her ass

pressed hard against her skirt as she was walking to

him. Finally she stopped at his desk and smiled


“Do you have what I want baby?”

The old man didn’t so much as smile as he replied

back, “Cut the crap. I’m too old to be fooled into

sleeping with you, miss.”

Halle said with a teasing tone, “Oh, I’m sure you got

some Miracle Whip still left in your…”

Halle was interupted by a suitcase slamming into the

desk in front of her. One of the men had opened the

suitcase revealing thousands or millions of dollars.

She smirked as she picked up a handful, but it was

short lived because one of the men smacked her hand.

The old man looked at her said, “Where’s the jewel?”

Halle pulled out a small orange jewel, maybe about the

size of a quarter, and showed it to him.

“You know, I had to kill a pack of ten vampires to get


“You killed ten vampires?”

Halle grinned, “With my bear hands,” she looked at the

jewel in her hand and asked, “What doesn this small

thing do anyway.”

The old man sat back in his chair and started, “It’s

called the jewel of Hamurabi. If you paid any

attention in your history class, you’d know of the

famous Code of Hamurabi. Where if you commit a certain

crime, you’d get a fitting punishment. Like if you

told a lie, the people would cut your tongue off.”

“That sounds fitting,” she said a little disturbed.

“The demons had something similar with eachother,

although it was much worse. Back then, you were a

traitor to your kind if you walked among the humans,

trying to look like them. so you can see why vampires

were looked down upon. Other demons basically killed

off each vampire, total extinction. Well, until the

whole Dracula myth, that’s why he’s considered to be

the first vampire…he supposedly started up the whole

race again…that’s besides the point though. What

happened was, demons would basically hang vampires by

their necks and rip out their organs from their body.

And the vampires weren’t staked, so they were alive

through the whole ordeal. Those sick bastards.

Obviously by now, those vampire left overs are gone.

One paticular demon though, very gifted creature, was

somehow able to mold a vampire into…well, what you

have in your hands now. Most likely through spell or

some kind of witch craft. We call it the Hamurabi

demon only because we only know it punished vampires.

That’s all we know about it.”

Halle stood up straight and nodded, “So you want this

jewel to…”

The old man smiled and said, “If you didn’t notice

miss, we have quite a vampire problem. If we could

find a way to revive this demon, it would prove most

helpful… Wow! I basically told you my life story

there. Sorry, in my old age I tend to go on like that.

Now if you could hand me the jewel.”

Halle pulled back and put the jewel in her jacket


“Sorry. But if your planning to bring back a very

dangerous ancient demon, it wouldn’t be smart of me to

hand this over. Thank’s for telling me what I needed

to know, gentlemen.”

The old man slowly stood up as all the men in the room

pulled out their guns and pointed it at her.

“Now, you may have killed off a pack of vamps, but I’m

sure they weren’t armed were they miss?” the old man

smiled devilishly, “So, how do expect to kill a pack

of us.”

Halle smiled back at him, “I don’t.”

Just then, a man leaped through a window and shots

were fired through the myst of glass.

Halle shook her head, “Come on Dwayne, how long does

it take to answer when I push the “help” button.

“It must be jammed or something, it’s a pretty shitty

button.” Dwayne said as he rubbed glass off of


“You told me to press it when I thought the situation

was going bad, and just now you tell me it’s shitty! ”

Dwayne tossed Halle a gun as they crotched down and

shot each one of the ten out of the twelve men. Two

had escaped with the old man through the back door.

Dwayne stood up and looked around seeing the coast was


“Alright, let’s go.”

Halle stood up and began to follow him, but then

turned around and grabbed the suitcase of money off

the desk.

“Oh yeah,” Dwayne said, “Piss them off even more!”

“Well at least now we have enough to by some less

shitty ‘help’ buttons.”


It was 6:00 p.m. and the sun had just started to sink.

Michelle had just walked her friends over to Amanda’s

house. They were having a sleepover at her house but

Michelle didn’t exactly feel in the mood for a


“Are you sure?” Amanda asked again.

Michelle nodded, “It’s my turn next week anyway.

Whether I’m in the mood or not, you’ll be there.”

“Alright, just make sure you get home fast.”

Amanda smiled and waved as she shut the door.

Michelle had walked for about 15 minutes until she

came to a dark alley.

“Oh shit!” she yelled as she realized what time it


She usually crossed the alley as a shortcut, but that

was usually earlier in the day. She had been caught in

the night and knew she was in trouble. Everybody in

the small town knew that after daylight, the creatures

would come about. They did come out during the day,

but demons would be in human form during the day.

Except vampires of course. Michelle ran through the

alley knowing her house was four minutes away from the

end of the alley. She ran as fast as she could until a

dark figure dove into her, forcing her hard into the

ground. The figure was a male vampire. He pinned

Michelle to the ground by holding her arms against the

ground. He was so strong, that he was able to hold her

arms down with one hand. Michelle screamed aloud but

to no avail, nobody was stupid enough to go out during

the night to save someone. Michelle laid helpless as

the vampire beared it’s teeth at her.

“You know, it’s been a long time since I…” he pulled

her shirt up until he revealed her bra covered tits,

“…last fucked.”

Michelle continued to scream as the vampire slowly

pulled down her pants and stuck his finger in her

tight pussy. He viciously fingered her pussy until he

pulled out his dick and jacked it off. He smiled

wickedly and brutally shoved it in.. Her pussy grasped

the vampires dick and almost ripped apart as he rammed

it in and out as fast as he could.

This was not at all unusual for a vampire to do. Most

of them, even before they had been turned, were either

rapist or murderers.

“Fuck!!!!!!!!Help!!!!!!!!!!Pease stop!!!!!!!”

The vampire ignored Michelle’s pleads as it continued

to slam her pussy and rip off her bra. It cupped

Michelle’s breast and squeezed hard on them. Her

nipples hardened as she felt the demons hands grope

her perky tits.

“Please!!!! Stop it!!!!!Ahhhh!!!!”

Michelle felt like her tits were about to explode as

the vampire lowered it’s mouth closer to her neck. The

vampire leaned to Michelle’s ear as it continued to

rape Michelle.

“I think I gonna bite your neck off as I cum, that

way, I feel completely pleasured.”


Michelle’s pussy shot off her sweet pussy juices all

over the vampire’s dick. Her whole body violently

shook as she closed her eyes and felt her orgasm. The

vampire was close to cuming and spread Michelle’s legs

apart. He was going extremely fast until he felt a bit

of precum pour into her.

“Yes!! Here it comes!!!!!”


It was 4:30 on the same day, before Michelle’s

problem, that Trish Stratus had been just around the

area. She seemed confident as she held a package full

of some substance. It was in a clear ziploc bag, so it

was very visible. She wore a tight white tanktop that

struggled to contain her enormous tits and small a

black daisy duke that cut off right under her ass. She

let her hair down as she walked up to a door of a very

expensive-looking two story house. She was apparantly

in the rich part of town. Trish knocked gently knocked

on the door. She didn’t feel the need to knock hard

because she knew someone was watching her from the

inside anyway. The door quickly opened and Trish gave

a smile. The man was standing in the dark as he

signaled for Trish to step inside. Trish took a quick

look to her left and right, then entered.

“It’s about time you came back!” The man said sharply

as he headed for the lights.

Trish was a bit shocked, “Well, I didn’t have to come

back at all.”

The man stopped in his tracks and turned to her.

“Excuse me?”

Trish sat down on a nearby couch and stared at the


“You may powerful, Max…but obviously not powerful

enough to do your own dirty work. I’m the one running

these little errands for you.”

Max flipped on the lights and hovered over Trish.

“You forget your place. If I recall, you, not me, are

responsible for the murder of Gregory J. Shaw.”

Trish quickly jumped on the defensive, “That’s


“Born January 11th, 1980 died April 17th, 2002.”


“I believe he was beaten to death for ‘attempted

rape’, when in fact, he was probably just making cat

calls. Hardly an excuse to kill him.”

Trish hung her head as Maxwell continued to break her


“You’re a big breasted, foxy-boxing slut, who got away

with murder! I’m the only one who would take you in.

You owe me more than I owe you! As a matter of


Max furiously unzipped his pants and pulled out his

erect dick. He stuck it right in front of her face and


“Blow me bitch! Suddenly I feel the need to test your


Trish cried as she was yelled at.

“I don’t…”

“Blow me!”

Trish was an emotional wreck as she dropped the bag

that she had brought in bent to her knees on the

floor. Max stood motionless as Trish grabbed a hold of

Max’s dick and slowly jacked it off. Her fingers

rubbed against his hard shaft while her lips prepared

to take his dick in. She wrapped her lips around the

head of his dick and licked it repeatedly with her

soft tongue. She forced herself to get more of his

dick in as she continued to rub her tongue on his

dick. Max reached down and pulled her shirt up over

her tits. His greedy hands rubbed and smacked her huge

tits as she continued to devour his fully erect cock.

Trish bobed her head back and forth sucking and

slurping on Max.

“Get on all fours, Trish!” Max yelled at her.

Normally, Trish wouldn’t take all this verbal and

physical abuse, but Max knew how to run the show. He

was the mastermind in sll things demon-related. Trish

had come to him about a year after the charges against

her were dropped. She felt the need to fight again,

but just not in the ring. She figured that it was of

great importance to rid the world of demons, and Max’s

way of thinking seemed to be the best way to do it.

Although his ways were always dangerous and never

completely thought out, Trish couldn’t help but to

follow him to fulfill her dream, to start over.

Trish got on her hands and knees and thrusted her ass

in the air. Max pulled down his pants and bent down.

Trish’s tight shorts were being stretched out as they

tried to contain her big, round ass. Max grabbed each

cheek through the cloth and squeezed hard at them. He

slapped her ass hard with one hand as he slowly took

her shorts off. Her ass seemed to burst out as her

shorts were lowered to her knees and her ass was

exposed. She didn’t wear a thong, so it was all the

easier for Max to slide his dick into the back of her

pussy. Trish’s head shot up as Max took a deep breath

and thrusted his dick in and out of her wet pussy. His

hands slapped the hell out of her perfect white ass as

his dick was being jacked off by a very juicy pussy.

All Trish could do was moan as he slammed his hips

until they slapped her ass over and over.

As soon as he felt himself about to cum, he withdrew

his dick and slapped Trish ass hard.

“On your knees bitch!”

Trish did as she was told and opened her mouth. Max

thrusted his dick back in her mouth and held the back

of her head. He never let her go as he shot his load

into the back of her throat. Trish helplessly

swallowed every bit of cum that had shot out. Max

continued to shove his dick further into her mouth

until he had completely released. Finally, Max took

his dick out and left Trish choking. He turned back

around and picked up the Trish’s bag.

“Thanks for the stuff.” He said as he walked further

into the house. “You know the way out.”


Continued in Episode 2

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