Dirty Demon Nights: Ep 4 Part 1 Of 2: The Inevitable Is Always Unavoidable

Dirty Demon Nights: Episode 4 part 1 of 2: “The Inevitable Is Always Unavoidable”

feat. Tyson Beckford and Alyson Hannigan

Author: Sean

Codes: MF, MFF, nc/cons, reluc, oral, fant, viol,

Disclaimer: Not based on true life…yada yada yada.
Character are in disagreement at first but no
rape…blah blah…If you think this is real then you
shouldn’t be anywhere near this site you minor.

Dwayne looked at the chains that were wrapped tightly
against his wrists and legs and desperately tired to
break the hold. He threw his arms in the air with all
his might, but
to no avail.

Michelle shook her head in disbelief, “I thought you
were trying for a well thought out plan to escape…”
Dwayne tried to break all the chains at once and he
just ended up flopping up and down on the bed like a
fish. Michelle rolled her eyes, “I guess not.”

Suddenly a hand wrapped tightly against Michelle’s
soft neck. Michelle turned her head a bit to see Trish
strangling her as she tried to make her way back to
her feet.

“Looks like you’re not really part of the team, are
you bitch?!” Trish said in disgust. Dwayne could
barely lift his head to look at the scene but he
screamed for Trish to let go of Michelle. Trish tossed
Michelle by her neck through the air and into a wall,
rendering her unconscious. Trish picked herself up and
seductively smiled at Dwayne.

“It looks like you had Mrs. Barely Legal pop your top,
huh? That’s too bad, I was really looking forward to
doing it myself. …” Trish slowly walked to Dwayne who
still struggled to break free of his chains. “…I hate
getting the leftovers. I mean, you aren’t as hard now
as you were before and you don’t nearly have as much
sperm left in you. And on top of that, now you aren’t
in the mood to pleasure me…” Trish was still naked, so
she was easily able to hop on Dwayne and put his dick
in her pussy. She wrapped her hands around his throat
and hopped up and down on his dick. “…but you still
can make me happy…” Dwayne was starting to fade away
as Trish’s grip got stronger and stronger, flailing
didn’t really get rid of the pressure on his neck. “…I
always wanted to make a man choke for a change, it’s a
real turn on.”

Out of nowhere a huge right hook landed across Trish’s
face and it completely took her off Dwayne. Halle
stood over Trish and replied, “Yeah, so is kicking
your ass bitch.”

Trish quickly got back up to her feet and stood ready
to fight.

“You know, I really want to give it to you bitch.
Let’s see if my foot up your ass makes you horny.”

“Mmm, make me feel good baby,” Halle replied.

Trish ran to Halle and threw a punch aiming for her
left cheek. Halle easily ducked this and threw her own
punch into left cheek. Dwayne leaned his head up and
watched Trish’s tits sway as the fight went on. They
bounced up and down in a very erotic fashion, even if
this wasn’t the most erotic of moments. Halle kicked
Trish’s gut, and as Trish bent down to hold her
stomach, Halle quickly kicked at her head. This
immediately brought Trish to the ground and Halle
jumped on top of her with her arms around Trish’s
neck. Dwayne tried to bring his head up to look at
Halle and Trish in a very hot position. Although Trish
was actually fighting for her life, her nipples were
nice and hard. Which did show Dwayne that she really
did get off on violence and a bit of pain. Trish
punched Halle’s side, which loosened the grip on her
neck, and then flipped her over so Halle landed on her
back. Trish kicked herself back up and laughed.

“Baby, I do this shit for a living. You’re a pretty
good fighter for a girl, but I’m you’re looking at the

Halle stood up holding her back in a small bit of pain
and responded, “I use to think you were to…”

Trish looked confused and smirked, “Not much of a

“I remember you now,” Halle interrupted, “you use to
be the world’s toughest female boxer. ‘The
Untouchable’, you were never even hit once in your
career. Oh yeah, except that last fight right? I
watched that fight you had against that mean Russian
girl. Not only were you touched, but she lit your ass

“Shut up or I’ll kill you right where you stand!”

“I’m sure that’s what you told Mr. Shaw, her trainer.
In court, you said he made catcalls and then attempted
to rape you. I think you couldn’t take the pressure of
being a loser, made all that shit up, and killed him
with your bare hands, didn’t you?”

Trish lunged at Halle and hit her with a series of
unbelievably fast punches, which ended with an
uppercut that sent Halle flying. As soon as she hit
the ground, Trish grabbed a lamp in the room and broke
it. Trish tried to stab Halle in the neck, but was
surprised that a pair of hands had grabbed her. She
spun around and met face to face with Jessica.

Jessica smiled, “Hi, remember me…”

It was not too long ago that Trish had humiliated
Jessica by raping her in the middle of the parking
lot. Jessica had never felt so worthless in her life,
and now she planned to put that back on Trish.

Jessica had natural enhanced abilities just like
Trish, so it wasn’t too difficult for her to toss her
across the room. Trish tried to stand back up, but
Jessica reached her in time and pulled her up by her
hair. Jessica leaned in and licked wildly all over
Trish’s face before she kissed her full on the lips.
Trish struggled the entire time, but seemed to enjoy
it a lot. Jessica withdrew from the kiss and pushed
Trish, which set up for a huge jump kick. The hit
landed right over Trish’s breast and the impact
launched her right through the bedroom door.

Jessica looked back at Dwayne. “Well, if it isn’t one
of Maxwell and Trish’s goons.”

Dwayne quickly responded, “I’m not one of their goons.
And by the way, who says goons anymore…”

Jessica hopped onto the bed and sat on Dwayne’s
crotch. “Is this your idea of a good time? Tie
yourself up and have psycho bitch ride you?”

“I don’t…it’s not like that. She tied me up…”

Jessica rolled her eyes, “It doesn’t matter who tied
who up…I want to send a message to Maxwell through

Jessica pulled out a knife from under her pant leg
and put it to Dwayne’s chest. “Payback’s a bitch, and
this bitch just got fucked with for the last time.”

Jessica raised the knife and brought it down, but a
hand caught her arm.

Jessica laughed, “I really should stop being dramatic
with my stabbing and just start stabbing.” Without
looking back she said, “I almost forgot your girl was
still awake when Trish tried to stab her.” Jessica
turned around with a smile on her face, but it was
quickly wiped off when she stared the person in the
face. “Who the hell are you?” The figure growled at
Jessica and quickly wrapped it’s mouth around her
neck. Jessica tried to fight it off, but for some
reason, it was as pleasing as it was painful. Her
blood was being drained but at the same time her pussy
juices felt like they were heating up to an extremely
high level. Jessica just took it until she fainted.

Trish had dragged herself towards Maxwell’s place,
which was well away from Dwayne’s office. She knew
that after being whipped around by Halle, and then
kicked through a door by Jessica, staying put was not
an option. Trish was still naked so she did feel the
need to hurry back before anyone spotted her. But as
luck would have it, a group of five vampires stood
right in front of her. The leader was a very muscular
and confident black vampire named Tyson (Beckford). He
watched as Trish collapsed to the floor fatigued.

“Wow, easy pickings right here boys. You know how it
goes though, I get the first taste, the rest of ya’ll
could have what’s left.”

One of the vampires stared Trish down and his eyes
instantly grew. “Wait a second Tyson, we can’t touch
this one. She’s Maxwell’s girl. He’ll turn us into
dust for even thinking such a thing.”

Tyson turned around to the vampire and stared him

“You think I’m afraid of that ass wipe. He thinks he
owns the world, owns us vamps.” Tyson slowly walked
over to Trish, who was now on her back, and placed his
foot on her stomach as he spoke. “All this ‘gem’
business if confusing to say the least. If the humans
get the gem, they’ll destroy it, and the Hamurabi
demon that kills vampires so viciously will never be
unleashed. Yet, the humans are not on all side by any
means. If Maxwell gets the gem, he’ll use his magic’s
to control the demon into working for him. He’ll make
us his slaves, because we’ll always be fearful he’ll
send it to kill us. And if that old man Dedrick
Wallace (ep.1 &2), gets it, he’ll let the bastard run
wild and kill all of us. So what…the fuck…do we have
to lose? I say, we rape and kill this bitch, and kill
everybody else that has anything to do with this gem

Tyson lowered himself on top of Trish and pinned her
arms down. He wrapped his lips around her big juicy
tits and lost himself in her breast. He chewed and
sucked on her soft skin until it turned red. He sucked
hard on her nipples and bit them a bit to here Trish’s
sharp screams. Tyson loved that she was already naked
which made his job much easier. He spread her legs
wide open and sunk his head in between her legs.
Trish, even at her weakest, could’ve snapped his neck
with her legs, but she knew she couldn’t take on all
of them at once in her state. Trish just went along
with it, being that Tyson’s tongue did hit all the
right spots and his chewing was almost making her roll
her eyes in the back of her head. She wrapped her
hands behind his head and grinded against his head.
She slammed her hips hard against his mouth and moaned
louder every time she felt his tongue penetrate deeper
and deeper. Tyson would let his tongue bang inside her
wet pussy and then take it out to put it in her tight
asshole. Trish continued to moan and squirm while a
couple of the vampires grabbed her tits tightly.
Before she knew it, she had two sucking her tits, two
licking and nearly biting her neck, and of course
Tyson sucking hard on her pussy and collecting the
sweet nectar in his mouth. Tyson sat up and smiled as
Trish screamed in mixed feelings of pain an pleasure.
Tyson smiled as he knew that he could make those
screams even louder. He pulled down his pants and
unleashed his huge, pulsing cock that was very hungry
for pussy.

Tyson, without warning, slammed his dick hard into
Trish’s pussy. Trish screamed so loud that one the of
the vampires had to cover her mouth.

“Sorry, you were enjoying it too much. This really
isn’t about pleasing you…hey, somebody shut this bitch
up with your dick!”

One of the vampires eagerly took the opportunity and
let his dick into Trish’s mouth. He watched her lips
shake as he forced his dick deep into her throat. He
could care less about choking her as he thrust his
dick in and out of her mouth with his balls slapping
against her face. Tyson was determined to make sure he
was still the main event, so he thrusted harder and
faster into Trish’s pussy, slamming into her with
tremendous force.

“Oh fuck yeah! Take it like a bitch you psycho slut!”
Tyson face showed a wide range of arousal as he felt
Trish’s wet pussy slide along every inch of his dick.
“No wonder witch-boy keeps you around.”

Three of the vampires couldn’t hold it anymore and rub
their cocks all over Trish’s face, tits, anything to
get them off. Two of those vampires came all over her
giant jugs as they furiously beat their cocks to get
it all out. The third vampire came hard onto Trish’s
face as she continued to suck off the vampire in her
mouth, who himself was close to cumming. Tyson watched
as the vampire withdrew and came onto Trish’s face and
hair. Her blonde hair was wet with the warm, sticky
cum that also ran along her cheeks and her breast.
Tyson knew he had her and met her face to face while
pounding her.

“You know what, this was so fun, I might consider
keeping you to play with for another lifetime.”

Trish screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure, but
still responded, “You can’t do this to me…”

Tyson smiled, threw his hips up high, and slammed down
with authority. As Trish screamed louder than she ever
had in her life, Tyson chuckled, “I already have you
baby. But I have to make sure to bite you as I cum
into you, just cumming into a human can have some
serious side effects.”

Trish with tears in her eyes said, “But you’re missing
something here…”


Trish grabbed Tyson by the neck and slowly lifted him
up so that his dick crept out of her pussy. “I’m not
human.” Trish waited until she lifted him high enough,
then she reached to his dick and jerked it as fast and
hard as she could. His balls slapped hard against her
hand as his eyes rolled back and he shot out a load
that hit Trish’s tits and stomach. Trish continued to
jack him off until she was satisfied, then she used
her strength to toss him a few feet in the air. The
vampires instantly went for the attack. Trish flipped
up naked, sweaty, and dripping with cum. She blocked a
kick by one of the vampires and hit him with an
uppercut that sent him sailing. She quickly continued
to evade strike after strike and answering with her
own, usually a heavy punch. Tyson watched as Trish
side kicked a vampire into a tree. Tyson slowly moved
behind Trish as she went to collect a piece of wood,
bark, anything to try to steak these vamps. As she
reached for the biggest piece of wood she could find,
Tyson snatched her from behind in a bear hug. The
other vampires gathered around and laughed as Trish’s
face turned more and more blue.

“See…I knew you’d be fun…”

Tyson slipped his dick into her tight asshole and
rammed it in as hard as he could. Trish was starting
to pass out as Tyson wrapped his mouth around her
neck. Suddenly, a vampire near Tyson exploded. Tyson
quickly sniffed the air and looked directly at Trish’s
master Maxwell holding a jar filled with about three
quarters of some kind of liquid. Another vampire
disintegrated and the liquid’s amount seemed to
lessen. Maxwell merely stared at another vampire and
he too suffered an unexpected death. The liquid was
down to about a quarter before he looked to the two
remaining vampires.

“Which one of you is next?”

Tyson bared his teeth as he looked to Maxwell,
“Magics! How dare you call yourself a dark power when
your only power lies in your magics!”

Maxwell rolled his eyes, “Magic? That’s just a grown
up word for tricks. Believe me, this is full blown

The liquid completely disappeared, as did the last of
Tyson’s followers. Tyson quickly tried to bite Trish
but felt his whole body give. He was standing up, but
his limbs went limp. Maxwell chanted in Latin as he
firmly pointed his hand towards Tyson. Maxwell’s
pupils were full and red as he stared down his

“Don’t worry vampire, you’re not worth killing yet. I
want to make sure you witness the rise of the
Hammurabi Demon. I want you to watch all your kind get
killed brutally, one by one. I can only kill so many
of you, as powerful as I am, I do have limitations.
But the Hammurabi is an olden demon. Magic, brute
strength, vicious, sick, sadistic tendencies…it’s
going to be a party. And I wouldn’t want you to miss
it for the world…”

Trish grabbed a sharp piece of wood and stabbed it
straight into Tyson’s heart.

“Oh…well…I guess it wasn’t all that important for you
to be there anyway…”

Dwayne and Halle hovered over Jessica who sat
unconscious on Dwayne’s office chair. It had been 45
minutes since she had been bitten, and by then the
place was a bit more settled.

“We can’t wait much longer for her to get up.” Dwayne
said to Halle as he looked at the clock on the wall.
“Every second we let pass is just another second given
to Maxwell, or old man Dedrick.”

Halle patted him on the back and tried to comfort him,
“Don’t worry, we gave Dedrick that fake gem the last
time we met, so that should keep him off our back for
at least another day. And Maxwell is showing a little
weakness right now.”

“How do you figure that?”

Halle walked over to him and whispered into his ear,
“He could easily have taken us out himself with all
that power he has, but he’s been using Trish for
everything. I think he’s trying to limit his use of
power so he is at full strength when the Hammurabi
demon comes about. I have to imagine to control
something that powerful takes a great deal of dark

Michelle crept behind them and tried to listen in
while their backs were turned. Every time they
whispered to each other, she figured it had something
to do with her. It had been a few days after the
vampire had attacked her and cum into her. The only
information she got about her condition from them was
that it was not a good thing for a vamp to cum into a
human unless the vampire bit her before or at the same
time. But obviously after her attack on Jessica, she
could figure it out for herself.

Dwayne finally had enough, “I have to wake her up! We
need to get information out of her!’

“That’s not a good idea.” Halle sad in a rhythm in
which made it sound like she was singing it.

Dwayne almost signaled for Michelle to get him a cup
of water, but he couldn’t even look her in the eyes
right now. He didn’t know what to expect from her
right now. “Mi…never mind.” Dwayne only took two steps
before he heard a loud smack. He turned around in
surprise to see Halle standing over Jessica slapping
her. “Come on! Is that really necessary?

“You said you wanted to wake her. I’m just helping you

Jessica started to stir which caused Halle to back
off. Jessica opened her eyes and blinked several times
before noticing Dwayne and Halle in the room. Jessica
hadn’t been tied so she jumped off the chair and stood
up, but suddenly, the pain from the slap caught up
with her. She screamed in pain and sunk to her knees
holding her cheek.

Dwayne looked in disapproval towards Halle, “She may
be a super-being but a girl’s slap can pierce through

Jessica raised her head up as she sat on her knees.
She had a cocky and confident kind of attitude, so she
wasn’t in a rush to get back on her feet. She felt
that she could handle anything they threw at her no
matter what.

“Well you got me,” Jessica said with a sarcastic tone.
“You could do whatever you want to me but I’ll never
break. I’ve been through worse things than you could
ever put me through. So what kind of horrible torture
technique did you have in mind?” She stood up and
seductively walked towards Dwayne. “Did you want to
tie me up and have your way with my sexy body? Spank
my tasty ass until it turns red and lick it all over
with that hungry tongue of yours. She stopped in front
of him and looked him up and down, “Mmm…actually you
could do anything you want to “torture” me.”

Halle quickly stepped in between them and stared
Jessica right in the eyes. “Actually, we just wanted
to talk.”

“Well that’s not the kind of torture I had in mind…”

“We need to know all you know about the gem, Maxwell
and Trish, and anything else you know.”

Jessica was taken a bit back, “What do you mean
Maxwell and Trish? I’m sure you know all about him,
you are his muscle aren’t you?”

Dwayne chipped in, “I’m muscle, but not his muscle.”

“Who the hell are you then?”

Michelle walked into the scene and few feet away from
them. Jessica saw her and instantly grabbed her neck.

“It was that bitch who bit me!”

Halle nodded, “Yeah, she did. But she’s not a vampire,
we’ll not all vampire. We’re trying to figure out
which traits she acquired…”

“Biting for one!” Jessica yelled at Halle.

“Yes, but she didn’t turn into a vampire. Her teeth
just extended into fangs, she could just be a human
with fangs. We need to study her a bit longer. But the
good thing is, she could have killed you but she
didn’t. She could try to attack us all know but she
isn’t. She’s one of us good guys and no matter what
happens, she’s willing to fight on our side.”

For the first time in what seemed like days Michelle
smiled. Dwayne nodded in approval to Halle.

“Alright,” he started, “let’s do this later. Jessica
we need to know all you know about the gem.”

“What gem are you talking about?”

Dwayne walked over to the corner of the room where two
walls met. He walked along pressing his hands against
the wall; appearing to count how many steps he was
taking. After he stopped moving, he knocked on the
part of the wall in front of him. He continued to
knock up and down around the area until he felt a soft
part. He used his fingers to peel of a piece of it,
and it looked like it was just tape with paint on it.
Out from the wall fell a bright red gem that almost
glowed in the room.

“This gem.”

Jessica was almost entranced by the beauty of the gem.
It was big enough to see from a distance, but small
enough to fit in Dwayne’s hand. He waited for a
response but the Jessica was still hypnotized by it.

“Umm…the gem…”

Jessica shook it off, “I’ve seen that before.”


“My old friend Alyson Hannigan had a collection of
stuff that she sold for big money. I was into it of
course. I’d help her get half the things she sold, but
then I found out she was a vampire. She had been for
the longest time, somewhere around the three hundred
year mark. She must’ve thought I was a vampire because
of my enhanced abilities. And because I could make her
spray her juices like a waterfall…”

The three looked at Jessica in disbelief as Jessica
seemed to be in her own world right now.

“…There was this one time I could’ve sworn she came
from her sexy ass…Oh, she lives in the last set of
houses on the East side. It’s kind of a long drive,
but worth it. I’m guessing it unleashes some kind of
big bad from the sound of things, so she should know
how to destroy it.”

Dwayne nodded, “Alright, anything we should know about
her going in?”

“Yeah, don’t kill her.”

“What?” Dwayne asked halfway laughing, “Just because
you had a good time with her doesn’t make her any less
of a vamp…”

“…Not that she couldn’t kill you herself,” Jessica
interrupted, “but her father is an olden Vampire. Well
not father, but for some reason her life is directly
connected to his. If she dies, he arises, and
vice-versa. The only reason I didn’t kill her, is
because she told me it would ‘awaken the lost soul of
one of the first vampires to walk the Earth’. She’s
got a free pass to live forever.”

Halle agreed, “Yeah, the older a vampire gets, the
more powerful it becomes. I wouldn’t want to fight a
vampire that was one of the firsts.”

Dwayne looked at the clock again. “Alright, I’ll go
with Jessica to meet with Alyson.

Jessica shook her head, “No can do. If I ever see that
bitch again I’ll rip her throat out.”

“Oh…alright Halle you come with me and Jessica will
stay with Michelle.”

Michelle nodded, “Alright, if she tries anything
I’ll…bite her.”

“Good girl. Don’t worry, when we come back, we’ll
figure out how to make you better.”

“…Yes…I had that for the longest time until that bitch
Jessica stole it!” Alyson said as she looked over the

Alyson recognized it right off the back, one of her
more popular items. Only one of it’s kind and nobody
could afford it. Alyson ran her finger through her
perfectly styled red hair as she examined it. She was
pretty easy to spot as a vampire now a days with her
dark leather clothing. She wore a tight black leather
top the cut off way over her belly button. It hugged
her breast tightly and really made them show off more.
She had black leather wristbands that played off her
pale, but sexy skin tone. And of course tight leather
pants that wrapped around her smooth sexy legs and her
nice ass that was a bit big for a girl her size.

“Are you sure Jessica took it from you?” Dwayne asked.

“Yep. Took it from me and sold it as I recall. That’s
why I had her leave.”

“She said she left because she found out you were a

“Yeah right. She knew I was a vampire two days after I
met her. It was the money and the thrill of obtaining
the merchandise she was into. Well, and the occasional
snuggling. I can’t complain about that part either.”

Halle looked to Dwayne, “If she’s into switch hitting
we shouldn’t have left her with Michelle.”

Dwayne laughed, “Michelle did say she would bite her
two, I guess I should’ve asked where she meant.”

Alyson smiled as she watched the two talk to each
other. “You know, I can’t help but to smile when two
people get all flirty.”

“You’re not like other vampires are you.” Halle said
looking her over.

“Of course I am, I’m just not hungry.” She looked over
Dwayne and added, “Well, not for blood.”

She had Halle and Dwayne’s attention as she stood up
from her chair and moved to the couch.

“I have a deal for you. I will destroy that
troublesome gem for you if I get to have a threesome.
I’ve had sex a lot over the years, but not one
threesome in my life. Well, not a girl, girl, guy
threesome. I’ve had plenty of guy, guy, and girl
threesomes. Actually there were more than three guys
that one time, so I wouldn’t call that a threes…”

“Alright, well do it.” Dwayne interrupted. He leaned
in to Halle’s ear and whispered, “We don’t have time
to hear the two hundred year old slut’s story. Let’s
do her fast because we’re running out of time.”

Halle rolled her eyes and agreed. She knew it was just
business but she really did like Dwayne. And the last
thing she wanted to do was watch him have sex with
another hot girl. Dwayne took his shirt off with ease
and walked up to the couch where Alyson had her legs
spread open. Dwayne rubbed her leather covered legs
and ass and loved the smell that her pussy had leaked
through the pants. They were so tight that it felt
incredible to just rub his face all over her legs.
Halle reluctantly pulled of her top and bra and
revealed her sexy creamy milk chocolate colored
breast. Her nipples were hard from watching Dwayne,
but she still was a bit worried. She pulled off her
jeans, which showed she was wearing a pair of sexy red
panties that she filled in incredibly.

Alyson wrapped her legs around Dwayne’s neck and bent
down, kissing him furiously. She wildly ran her hands
along his short hair, which really turned him on. She
did everything with such wild passion and so
aggressively that his member was pressing hard against
his pants almost immediately. Alyson pushed his head
back in between her legs and ran her fingers along his
back, softly running her fingernails along it. She
looked directly at Halle and gave an evil grin. She
seemed to quietly laugh at her as she had full control
of Dwayne. She pulled his face out and once again
kissed him passionately, adding in her tongue whenever
she could. After she withdrew from the kiss, she let
her tongue run slowly all along his face. She did this
looking directly at Halle.

“Take my top off,” Alyson said looking at Halle but
talking to Dwayne.

Halle scowled out Alyson, completely pissed off.
Dwayne quickly worked to take her top off while Alyson
ran her hands all over Dwayne, trying to make Halle
even more jealous. As soon as Dwayne found a way to
get it off, Alyson pulled his head against her chest
and rubbed her breast all over his face. Dwayne let
his tongue roll all over her breast and sucked on her
hard nipples. Dwayne was in heaven as he chewed and
sucked on the silky skin of her breast. Alyson started
making sex faces, all of them directed towards Halle.
She never took her eyes off of her as Dwayne licked up
every inch of her breast.

“Mmm…how about a little pussy now?” Alyson said once
again looking at Halle but talking to Dwayne.

Dwayne kissed down Alyson’s stomach and made his way
in between her legs. She slowly took off her leather
pants, which rubbed hard against her skin as it slid
down. She pulled it all the way off with her panties
before she grabbed his head again. Halle quickly
walked over and grabbed the back of Dwayne’s head. She
bent if back so he was looking up at the wall. Halle
moved over his head and let her ass press against his
face. She seductively rubbed it all over his face
while staring at Alyson. She played with her breast
and made a lot of the same faces Alyson made when she
had Dwayne. Alyson smiled at Halle and started
fingering herself as she watched her. Dwayne pulled
down Halle’s panties and pressed his face against her
great ass and inhaled it deeply while his tongue
rubbed against her pussy. He hungrily let it in
between her pussy lips and Halle moaned. Alyson smiled
from ear to ear and motioned for Halle to come to her
with her finger. Halle bent over to Alyson, who sat up
so they could meet lips. Alyson and Halle wildly let
their lips rub and slide against each other. Their
tongues continuously met, both just as eager to taste
the sweet flavor of the other. Alyson withdrew from
the kiss and licked Halle’s face as she had done with
Dwayne. Halle grinded her ass against Dwayne’s face as
she felt his tongue move more and more into her.
Dwayne apparently loved the taste of her pussy as her
juices flowed into his mouth. He lapped them up while
Alyson lowered Halle into her pussy. Alyson wrapped
her legs around Halle’s head and grinded her pussy
against her face. Halle hadn’t had too much lesbian
experience, but she loved it. She sucked hard on her
pussy lips before running her tongue along her clit.
Dwayne stood up and pulled his pants and boxers down
and almost instantly put his dick into Halle’s pussy.
It was already wet, so it slid in nice and easy.
Dwayne’s dick almost melted in her hot, juicy pussy as
he pounded it hard.

“Oh yeah, get her ass!” Alyson said in between her own
moans from Halle eating her out.

Alyson smacked her pussy against Halle’s face and
showed signs that she was about to cum. She clutched
her tightly and let her juices flow into Halle’s
mouth. Halle took it all in with pleasure and
continued to suck out her cum. Dwayne couldn’t take
much more as he stuck his full dick in as far as he
could and came into Halle. Dwayne could feel his dick
draining inside of her as he watched Alyson squirm
from her orgasm.

Alyson looked to Dwayne and smiled, ‘Now after you do
that to me, I’ll tell you what you need to know…”

Continued in Episode 4 part 2 or 2

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