Dirty Demon Nights: Episode 2

Dirty Demon Nights: Episode 2

The vampire viciously pounded on Michelle’s pussy with

tremendous force as he was about to cum. He neared

Michelle’s neck as he felt his dick release a load of

cum into Michelle’s wet pussy. The vampire held still

for a second, taking in the great feeling of his cum

rushing out of his dick and into the pussy of a girl

who was screaming at the top of her lungs.

“You know, you’ve been such a good cunt, I think I’ll

consider turning you. But if your blood is as good as

your pussy, I’m gonna bite your whole fuckin’ neck


>From the
vampire’s right came an arrow that pierced

through his right arm. The vampire growled in pain but

instantly stood up. Dwayne and Halle walked into the

scene from behind the shadows, Halle carrying a

crossbow. The vampire stepped over Michelle and stood

a couple feet apart from Dwayne.

Dwayne looked over the vampire and said, “I don’t know

man…you’re gonna have a hard time convincing me that

this was consentual.”

Halle let out a soft laugh but continued to point the

crossbow at the vampire. It looked the two over and

took a step back, but not in fear, it was clearly

thinking something. Without hesitation, Halle shot

another arrow into the vampire’s stomach.

Dwayne looked puzzled, “I know you’re a better shot

than that.”

“I am. I just soaked the tips of the arrows in


“But that could take a while to affect it with these

small arrows!” Dwayne yelled.

Halle rolled her eyes, “Well I was going to light it’s

ass up with a dozen arrows, Einstein!”

The whole time they were arguing, they continued to

stare at the vampire. But in one smooth motion, the

vampire snatched Michelle from the ground and shielded

himself with her. Michelle was pretty worn out. Her

shirt was still above her tits, and her pussy was

exposed because her pants were still around her knees.

The vampire smirked as it played with her pussy in

front of them.

“Is this what you want?” He said to them with a

sadistic smile on his face.

Dwayne stopped Halle from shooting the crossbow. Halle

nodded knowing that her chances of hitting Michelle

were very high. Suddenly, the vampire’s right arm (the

one that was shot) went numb. He lost his grip on her

and Michelle hit the floor. Halle aimed for the vamps

heart, but it moved aside and the arrow hit it’s

chest. Dwayne ran up to the vampire and swung hard at

it with his right. The vamp took the hit, and came up

with a hit of his own. It punched Dwayne straight

across the face and that sent him to the floor. The

vampire tried to pounce on his prey, but Halle shot

another arrow into it’s chest. Dwayne scrambled to his

feet and punched the vampire hard in the gut. As the

vampire was bent over, Dwayne smashed it’s face with

his knee. Halle saw a nice opening and shot an arrow

directly into the vampire’s heart. Michelle broke out

in tears as she struggled to put her clothes back on

and fix herself up. Halle sympathatically took her in

her arms and walked with her as the three headed

towards a car around the corner.

They arrived at Dwayne’s office and walked Michelle


“Well, I have a room in the back. You can rest there

and try to get this off your mind.”

Michelle nodded and walked off. She opened a door and

walked into the room.

Dwayne tried to hold back a laugh as he yelled to her,

“I know this is all pretty intense and everything, but

you’re in the bathroom.”

Michelle walked out with the same expression on her

face and picked the right door this time. Dwayne shook

his head and looked at Halle.


“Don’t laugh, this is pretty serious shit. A vampire

just came into her and didn’t sire or kill her. A

human with vampire sperm in her. What could the side

effects be?

“I don’t know. We’ll figure it out tomorrow, I have a

ton of papers to get through. I could use your help.”

“I was going to go out today, I had my red dress laid

out…but like everyday I guess I just can’t go out.”

“Well, I guess it’s alright…you could wear your

dress while you work.”

Dwayne walked off grining.

Halle shook her head, “Jack ass.”


“Is this the woman?” A police man said as he sat alone

in a well lighted room.

Two other officers were holding Jessica’s arms as they

escorted her into the room. Jessica had her hands

cuffed behind her back and she looked pretty pissed


Jessica rolled her eyes and replied, “No, I just like

getting dragged into police stations!”

The officers dragged her into the room until they sat

her on a chair across from the previous officer. The

chairs were a good distance apart, but close enough

for them to talk.

“Do you want us to stay here, sir?” One of the

officers asked.

“No…” he pointed to his gun as he replied, “I’ll be


Jessica smirked, “Yeah, I’m sure his gun is nice and

loaded. Isn’t it?”

The officers left the room chuckling.

“So I hear that you beat up a middle-age sex addict

and vandalized his home. Somehow you hit him so hard

in the stomach that he required immediate medical

attention and you broke an extremely expensive t.v. on

your way out of his home.”

Jessica smiled, “And didn’t break a single nail.”

“Well…” the officer said after almost a minute of

looking Jessica over, “Your quite a character aren’t

you Miss Alba?”

Jessica pretended to look confused before she

responded, “Oh, I’m sorry. When you start with “Miss”

I’m thinking you’re talking to my mom. You can call me

Jessica, Mr. Police Man.”

The officer laughed as Jessica seductively smiled at


“Don’t you think I get women like you everyday? Trying

to seduce a cop like we’re all just tools? I had a

woman like you just yesterday. I could’ve gotten her

to be my sex slave if I had reduced the bitch’s jail


Jessica smiled, “Yeah, but could that bitch do


Jessica with little efort had snapped the strong chain

from the handcuffs. The cuffs still remained on her

wrist, but she could move her arms freely. Just as the

officer reached for his radio, she dove at him and

tackled him off his chair. She laid on top of him and

grinned. The officer very slowly reached for his gun,

but Jessica calmly placed her hand on it first. She

lifted it up and pressed it against his midsection.

“You know, most people with guns are just confiscating

for something…”

She rubbed the gun against his dick through his pants,

as she slowly swayed back and forth. The officer

watched as she slid her left hand into her shirt and

played with her breasts. His dick didn’t take too long

to start pressing hard against the gun.

“…I guess you’re not, are you?”

Jessica undid his pants and lowered them and his

boxers to his knees. She took his handcuff from his

pants cuffed the officers hands behind his back. She

ripped open his shirt with little trouble and exposed

his chest. She ran her hands along his stomach as she

slid the gun to the far corner of the room. Jessica

turned over and got in 69 position. She was wearing

tight blue jeans that were obviously a couple sizes to

small. She wrapped her legs around the back of his

head and pressed her jean covered ass against his

face. The officer took long deep breaths while Jessica

continued to grind her ass in his face. His dick was

fully erect by now and Jessica wrapped her hand around

it and jerked it up and down. She lowered her head to

his dick and took a long lick. Her tongue seemed to

endlessly bathe the officer’s dick as he licked at her


“Do you want to taste my pussy?”

The officer moaned from under her ass. She bent back

down and quickly jacked off his dick with her lips

before she asked again.

“I said, does the big man want to lick my pussy.”

Jessica rolled her ass all over the officer’s face

teasing him. She lifted her ass up for a second so she

could hear his answer.

“Does he?”

“Hell yeah!”

Jessica turned around and hovered her pussy over his


“Do you think you deserve my pussy, after the way you

treated me?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll do anything!”

She lowered herself again and smothered him in between

her legs. Her jeans rubbed against his face but he

could still smell her fresh pussy. She reached her

left arm back and rubbed his balls with her hand. She

slowly moved it to his hard dick and tickled it with

her soft hands. She once again raised her hips up.

“I want you to tell those officers to let me go,



Jessica took of her pants right over his head and

threw them aside. She wasn’t wearing a thong which

would explain why he could so easily smell her pussy.

Jessica sat her nice ass on his chest and grinded on


“How does it feel to be in cuffs? Not being able to

touch or feel. Are you ever gonna let anyone do this

to me again?”

“No!” the officer screamed while trying to lift his

head to her pussy.

“Good. Then I’ll let you have a little pussy.”

Jessica lifted the officer’s head up and wrapped her

legs around his head. She pressed him deep between her

legs as his tongue wildly lashed at her pussy.

“Hungry, aren’t you?”

Jessica moved her hips from side to side making him

horny as hell. Her pussy tasted as good as it looked,

maybe even better. His tongue seemed to be stuck in

her pussy as it rubbed against her wet walls. Jessica

turned over on his face as she got back in 69

position. She continued to rub her pussy on his face

as she took his dick in her mouth again. She wrapped

her lips around the dick’s head and used her right

hand to jack it off. Jessica very easily got the

officer to cum in her mouth and she sucked all the cum

she could fit. She jacked off his dick until every

inch of cum came dripping out. Jessica started to pump

her hips up and down on the officer’s face, acting

like his tongue was a dick. She slammed his head over

and over again with her pussy until her body started

to shake and her pussy juice flowed onto the officer’s

face. Her took all he could into his mouth while the

rest ran along his cheeks. Jessica grinded his face

until she was satisfied, and she stood up.

“Thanks baby.”

“Don’t thank me, I’m just going to leave you here like


“But the other guys will obviously suspect you and…”

“And what? Stand in line to get pussy? You said it

yourself, I’m not going to be in cuffs for a long



Trish found herself in the middle of the woods. It had

become very dark and most demons were out about this

time. She had been looking for a vampire’s nest for

the last hour, Max had told her that a vampire had

something of great value to sell him. Of course,

vampires were not the best things in the world to

trust with such a deal, so Max had sent his best

fighter to make sure the offer was legit. Trish saw a

small cave in the corner of her eye and started

towards it.

She was pretending to be a helpless jogger that was

idiotically jogging through the woods at night to

attract vampires. She figured that vampires would

think that she was easy for the eating. She wore a

tight white strapless shirt and black biker shorts.

Her hair was tied into a ponytail as she sported a

black hat that she wore backwards on her head.

Trish walked into the dark opening, pretty much

fearless. Then she remembered.

“Oh, yeah. Umm…gee…I wonder what this cave is

doing here in the middle of nowhere. I’m just such a

dumb blonde that I walked into a dark cave. I hope

nothing eats me!”

She was definitely not the best at pretending to be

helpless, but it was enough to attract a vampire from

the back of the cave.

“Are you Max’s bitch?” It said from the darkness.

“No!” Trish yelled.

“Who said I was his bitch?!”

“He did. He said he was going to send his bitch in for

the deal. I can’t give you it unless you’re the bitch

he sent.”

Trish was a bit careful because she knew that a

vampire’s nest was filled with more than one vampire,

thus the name. But this vampire was getting on her

nerves so she stormed deeper into the cave and

snatched him. The vampire seemed to be completely

alone, not to mention a good deal shorter than

herself. Trish held back her laugh and started to play


“Alright shorty, where’s the damn gem!”

The vampire hesitated but answered, “Gone.”


“Some very powerful humans rolled through here and

stole it from us.”


“Yeah, this place was filled with a bunch of us. But

they killed all of them. I hid until they left.”

“Who were they?”

“A man and a woman. They were talking about finding

out what it was. The man asked the woman to trick the

old man into telling them what it was.”

Trish was lost, “So there were three people right?

“No, a man and a woman. They were talking about an old


“Did any names come up?”

“Only one, the old man’s. Dedrick Wallace, sworn enemy

to all demons alike. In his prime, he would

purposefully sleep through the day, just so he could

be up all night killing us demons. He thought that he

could single-handedly slaughter us all.”

“What happened to him?”

He…got old. He just couldn’t do it anymore. But

believe me, that bastard is still trying to find a way

to destroy us permanently.”

Trish raised her eyebrows, “Does that gem have

anything to do with this?”

“Don’t know, don’t care. Ask those damn humans that

stole it from us!”

Trish nodded and turned to leave.

“Oh and lady…if you ever call me shorty again, I’ll

rip your neck off! I don’t care who the fuck you work



Halle sat in Dwayne’s office behind his desk. They

were close enough that it didn’t really bother Dwayne

to have Halle near anything of his. He trusted her

more than anyone. She knew this too. Halle was happy

with their relationship but was always looking for a

bit more. She loved adventure, he always had one for

her; she loved action, he never let her down; she

wanted a man that could handle her, Dwayne seemed like

the right man for the job. She never exactly told

Dwayne, but dropped enough hints that at least one of

them should’ve beat him over the head.

Halle was wearing a tight red dress that hugged her

sexy body. It cut off right under her ass, enough to

show off her small black thong. Her rich chocolate

skin seemed to glow as she sat behind the desk looking

over the gem’s box. As she was about to open it,

Dwayne walked in the room carrying a huge stack of

papers. He dropped them on the desk and sighed.

“We’re gonna need some more workers.”

“You mean ‘workers in general’. We’re the only two

here, Dwayne.”

Dwayne smiled, “I guess I didn’t notice. Seeing as how

you can do the work of about five employees.”

“Seven and a half, but who’s counting.”

Dwayne shook his head, “Your just gonna keep

correcting me aren’t you?”

Halle smiled at him, “Maybe if you weren’t wrong so

often I wouldn’t have to correct you.”

“Halle, don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing.


Halle had a hopeful expression on her face, “Yeah, I’m


“…tryin’ to get out of doing all this paperwork by

distracting me.”

Halle rolled her eyes as if to say ‘how clueless can

this guy be’. She stood up and approached Dwayne. She

grabbed him by his sides and pressed up against him.

“Do you know what I’m doing now?” She said in a soft


Dwayne looked suprised at her, “I don’t know if you’re

tryin’ to, but you’re getting me hard as hell.”

He never usually talked this way to her, but it was

finally easy for him to see what was going on.

Halle and Dwayne embrassed and kissed fully on the

lips. Halle’s lips were soft and moist making her one

hell of a good kisser. She put her fingers in the

inside of Dwayne’s pants and gently rubbed his upper

thigh. Dwayne wrapped his hands around Halle’s back

and lowered them until he reached her ass. It stuck

out nicely as Dwayne placed his hands over her plump

ass and rubbed it through the dress. Halle took her

hands out of his pants and lifted her dress up until

Dwayne got the hint to grab her bare ass. He gladly

paced his hands on her smooth skin and slid his

fingers all around the new territory. Halle finally

released her lips from his as they stared at

eachother. Dwayne slid one of his fingers under her

thong and into her pussy. Halle threw her head back

and moaned softly. Dwayne took the opportunity to

press his lips against her neck as he fingered her wet


“This is one adventure we’ve never been through with

eachother…” Halle said in a low tone.

She started moaning like crazy when Dwayne started to

lick and suck on her sensative neck. Halle grabbed

hold of Dwayne’s head and barried it in her chest.

Dwayne used one hand to lower the top of Halle’s dress

to expose her great plump tits. Dwayne wrapped his

lips around her stiff nipple and gave it a quick suck

before he continously swept his tongue at it. He

didn’t bother using his hands, he would just switch

tits every once and a while. This really got Halle

moaning and groaning. They slowly back up together

until they reached a wall. She leaned on it while

Dwayne continued to finger her and suck on her breast.

Dwayne, very anxiously, took off his shirt and pulled

his pants to his knees. His boxers were still on, but

his dick was poking through the front hole. Dwayne was

about to put his dick into Halle’s pussy, but she

grabbed it in her hand.

“Wait a second.” Halle said with a devilish smile.

She bent down to her knees and slowly jacked Dwayne

off. She stared right into Dwayne’s eyes as she

wrapped her lips around his dick and sucked on it. She

bobbed her head back and forth, moistening up his dick

with her warm saliva. She had just put on lipstick, so

her lips were bright red as the traveled the length of

his dick. Dwayne couldn’t help but to moan loudly

himself as Halle took her sweet time moving her lips

back and forth on his dick. She took his dick and so

fast that a loud ‘smack’ sound was heard and stood

back up. She leaned against the wall and lifted her

dress over her pussy.

“Now put it in.”

Dwayne didn’t hesitate to ram his dick into her pussy.

It was tight, but not too tight (you can’t expect a

sexy woman like Halle Berry to be a virgin). Dwayne

and Halle both gasped as soon as they felt his dick in

her pussy. Halle put the back of her hands on the wall

apart from eachother. Dwayne placed both of his hands

on hers as she slowly went in and out of her pussy.

Halle would move her hips toward Dwayne’s everytime he

would thrust into her. Dwayne leaned his head forward

as they violently kissed. Halle moaned as her ass

would slam against the wall whenever Dwayne started to

ram her hard. They withdrew from the kiss but kept

their hands in the same position. Dwayne took a deep

breath as he picked up his pace at slamming Halle’s

pussy. Her moans turned into soft cries as Dwayne

rammed her harder and harder.

“God damn that’s a big dick!!”

They clutched eachother’s hands with a tight grip as

Dwayne’s cock began to stretch Halle’s pussy to the


“Oh shit!! Harder, fuck me harder!!”

Halle screamed at the top of her lungs when she felt

her pussy about to explode. Dwayne was trying his

hardest to hold his cum, but hearing his long time

partner talking dirty and screaming in a mixture of

pain and pleasure was too much for him. He came just a

few seconds after Halle’s pussy unloaded her sweet

pussy juice. Halle rested her head on Dwayne’s chest

as his load mixed with hers deep into her. They

breathed heavily as they continued to embrace


“I don’t know why we’ve never done this before.”

Dwayne said out of breath.

“Probably because…” Halle started.

Six men in suits laughed and made cat calls as they

saw the two. Halle and Dwayne quickly turned around

and covered themselves.

Dwayne used both his hands to cover his still erect

dick. “Sorry, we don’t do orgies unless there’s more

women than men.”

Halle smacked his shoulder and laughed.

The old man walked into the room with a big smile

across his face.

“Wow, so this is what’s in now-a-days…live porn.

Want to know how I know it’s porn? Because it was

obvious to see that she faked her orgasm!”

The old man chuckled while Dwayne and Halle stood

awkwardly covering themselves.

“If you don’t mind getting off of eachother for one

second, I’d like my gem now.”

Dwayne finally spoke up, “Don’t think that you could

intimidate us because we’re naked. I could still kick

your ass without clothes on!”

The men drew their guns and pointed them at the two.

“You probably can. But being nude and all makes it

obvious that you are unarmed. So if you don’t mind

sliding me the gem…”

Halle leaned over to Dwayne and whispered something

into his ear. Dwayne grabbed the case the gem was in

and tossed it high in the air. The old man hopped in

the air and caught it with one hand before it went

over his head.

“Pretty good jump for an old guy.” Dwayne smirked as

if he had just discovered something.

The other men in the room were suprised to see him do

that very uncharacteristic action. He stood

expressionless until he just decided to turn and


Halle shouted, “We’ll be back for that gem!”

“Yes, and hopefully you’ll be wearing clothes the next

time!” He shot back.


Continued in Episode 3

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