Dirty Demon Nights: Episode 3 – Once Your In You Can’t Pull Out

Dirty Demon Nights: Episode 3 part 1 of 2: “Once Your

In, You Can’t Pull Out” feat. Charisma Carpenter


It’s about 1 o’clock in the morming when a 25-year old

man pulled up in his broken down cadiliac. He stopped

his car in the middle of the empty street near a

seemingly empty house and honked his horn a couple


He had meet a girl the other day in a night club and

was surprised she even gave him a second look. She was

a very sexy goddess with long dark hair that seemed to

blow with the wind, even when there was no wind.

was your average “thinks with his penis” guy, and that

had never worked for him before.

She had given him a seductive glance and said, “Meet

me at the spot.”

He looked confused and asked, “What? Where’s the


The woman smiled and stood up to leave the club.

Without turning back to him she said, “If you really

want me, you’ll find out.”

So here he was, a place that for all he knew, never

existed. He figured that since he had never seen her

before, she had to be at the only place he wasn’t

familiar with. It must have been his lucky day because

she popped out of the house looking more angelic than

before. She was wearing a tight blue tube top that

complemented her perfectly shaped tits and a black

skirt that cut off at her knees. He stared at her in

awe as she gestured for him to come into the house.

Without moving his car, he quickly stepped out and

jogged after her. She had already re-entered the

house, so he took it upon himself to walk in without

knocking. As he entered, he saw that a door in the

back of the house was open, due to all the lights but

the ones in that paticular room being off. He eagerly

walked in a fast pace towards the door. He entered the

room and saw the perfect setting. The light was caused

by the dozens of candles that were scattered in the

room. He saw the woman sitting on the bed staring at

him with her signature sexy smile.

“This is more than I deserve.” the man said as he

stepped in front of her.

She stood up and replied, “You should think better of

yourself. Because this is exactly what you deserve.”

She embraced him and their lips pressed against

eachother’s. After a few seconds she took her lips

from his and smiled at him.

The man looked surprised as he asked, “What’s your


She placed her hand on the buldge in his pants and

stroked it gently with one finger.

“Call me, Charisma.”

With this, she slowly unzipped his pants and pulled

them to his knees. She pushed him onto her bed and

hovered her head over his dick. Her tongue gracefully

rubbed against the man’s hard cock head. She gently

laid kisses upon his dick with her juicy red lips. Her

fingers stroked his balls to a point that the man was

moaning incredibly loud. Charisma smiled and slowly

wrapped her lips around the man’s eager cock. She

squeezed her lips tightly as she continued to bob her

head up and down. Her sexy tongue licked his shaft so

well that he could feel her warm saliva trickle along

his fully erect dick. He leaned his head back as she

jerked off his cock sucked on his balls. He was

completely powerless and he loved the feeling of being

dominated by this beauty. He didn’t know what he had

done, but he was the luckiest man in the world.

Charisma stood up and lifted the blue tube top over

her head. Her hair came down after being caught in the

shirt and it seemed to float down slowly onto her

beautiful tits. The man tried to sit up, but Charisma

stuck her hand out and pushed him back down.

“Don’t get up, I’ll cum to you…”

The man smiled at the corny, but extremely sexy coming

out of her mouth, joke and smiled. She hovered over

him and laid down on top of him. She took of his shirt

slowly, as she took time to massage his chest, and

threw it over her head. She moved up a bit and gave

the man the perfect chance to suck on her tits. He

seemed to throw his mouth at her breast and he

slobbered all over it. He gave her tits long juicy

kisses and sucked on her hard nipples. He was in

heaven as he reached over and grabbed Charisma’s ass

through her skirt. Even though he was rubbing against

the black skirt, he could feel the shape and plumpness

of her ass. As the man switched between breasts,

Charisma lifted her skirt up and the man instantly

grabbed her ass. The man’s dick was so big now that it

slid against Charisma’s inner thigh. He really wanted

to get off all over Charisma. She had sensed this and

moved down so she stared the man eye to eye. She

leaned down and kissed him on the lips as she undid

her skirt and pulled it down. She was wearing a tight

blue thong that she slowly moved off. After she

released the kiss, she smiled seductively and slid his

throbbing dick into her pussy. She took most of it in

very easily, but seemed more interested in getting the

man excited rather than herself.

Charisma leaned her face next to the man’s head and

moaned softly in his ear. His balls were tingling as

he concentrated on her sexy moans and the feeling of

his dick jolting in Charisma’s expert pussy. She

slowly rolled her hips while the man held onto her ass

with a tight grip. He wouldn’t let go of her ass if

there was a suitcase with a million dollars in it

right next to him. Charisma sensed that the man was

going to cum early, as was usually the case for the

men she slept with, and sat up. She violently thrusted

her hips back and forth. The man, who was in complete

pleasure this whole time, begin to feel a bit of pain

with every thrust. Charisma reached back and grabbed

the man’s balls roughly. He grinded them in her palm

and continued to assault his dick with her wet pussy.

“Okay baby,” the man said with a half smile, “This is

starting to hurt a little.”

Charisma ignored him as she moved her hips as fast as

she could, she seemed to squeeze the life out of this

man’s balls. For some reason, the man felt like

Charisma’s pussy was getting tighter around his dick.

It felt good for a while, but his dick was really

taking punishment. Every time he tried to force her

off of him, he found himself longing for the feel of

Charisma’s ass and couldn’t bring himself to stop her.

The man felt his dick was about ready to cum and

closed his eyes amidst the pleasure and the strange

amount of pain.

“Oh yes baby! Give me that hot load!”

The man thrusted his hip once and cum shot out from

his dick. Suddenly, Charisma’s pussy seemed to

violently clutch his dick and suck the hell out of it.

Every inch of sperm shot up into her. The man lay

screaming as his whole body seemed to be weakened by

this. Charisma closed her eyes and held her tits tight

as the man’s cum and life was drained from his body.

“Oh yes!”

Charisma opened her eyes and came back to reality. She

looked down at the lifeless body and rolled her eyes.

“For a man who doesn’t get any, you’d think he’d have

more fucking sperm than that!”

She got off of his now extremely limp dick and pushed

the body off the bed.

“Now who’s next?”


Michelle awoke and discovered that she had been

sleeping in an unfamiliar room. She rubbed her eyes

and pulled the covers that had been wrapped around

her. Michelle looked at her body and realized that she

was wearing someone else’s clothes, a man’s clothes.

Someone had put on a pretty big male tanktop on her

and she was wearing sweat pants. The only thing she

recognized was her thong that she had on the night

before. Suddenly, it hit her. She remembered

everything that happened just the other day. The

vampire that had brutally raped her and came deep into

her. She shuddered after thinking about it and quickly

stood up. Her head was spinning a bit as she circled

around the bed and headed for the door. As she

approached, she could hear voices, a man and woman’s

voice talking to eachother. She pushed the door open a

little and peered out.

Dwayne had his hands on his hips and shook his head,

“We were too late, the vampire was already finished

with her when we got there!”

Halle yelled back, “That doesn’t mean anything! There

is nothing written in our books about what happens

when a human has vampire sperm in her, maybe nothing

will happen!”

Dwayne rolled his eyes, “Halle, it obviously means

something. She could wake up in the morning one day

pregnant with some demon baby. Could you imagine that?

She could be harvesting the next big demon in her

right now! She could…have aids, I don’t know! But we

have to find out!”

“I agree with you, but I’m just saying that you need

to calm down. Before we go out there looking for

answers we need to think. We still have to get the gem

back from Dedrick, and that’s the biggest thing in our


Dwayne nodded his head, “Yeah…we have a lot of work

to do…”

Michelle shut the door and leaned against it. She sank

onto the floor and burried her head into her arms. She

had no idea what to do. Her whole perfect life was

crashing down right in front of her. Michelle knew

that whatever she did, she needed to act now. She

decided that she was going to do everything she could

to pump these two for information. Michelle quickly

stood up and opened the door. She acted as if she had

barely woken up. Dwayne and Halle quickly took notice

of her and greeted her.

“Hey, did you sleep well?” Halle asked.

Michelle nodded and looked as if she were trying to

remember something, “You two helped me do something

yesterday, right?”

“Yeah,” Halle quickly agreed, “We don’t have to talk

about it right away, though.”

“I want to talk about it,” Michelle fired back just as


Dwayne shrugged and started, “Last night when that

vampire raped you, it could have caused…”

Halle swated him over the head and gave him a

disturbed look, “Let’s not give her reason to panic

Dwayne.” She turned back to Michelle, “Would you like


“No, she said annoyed. Michelle looked directly at

Dwayne, “What’s going to happen to me?”

Dwayne looked at Michelle and was about to speak until

he glanced back at the piercing eyes of Halle.

“Are you sure, it’s strawberry?”


Jessica Alba up to this point has shown a complete

care-free attitude up to this point. She had beat the

hell out of an older man that tried to get more than

he paid for, and beat the hell out of an officer after

seducing him. Needless to say, she was as violent as

she was sexy, if not more. She escaped the

interrogation room not too long ago and left the whole

building unnoticed. She was in the middle of a quiet

neighborhood just thinking to herself as she walked

towards her apartment. She found herself at an empty

parking lot behind the apartment building. It was very

likely in this town that people were all out of their

homes at the same time, because night belonged to the

demons. Whatever people wanted to do, had to be done

during the day.

Jessica moved to a small apartment building since she

was 17. Her parents provided her the money to stay

there, but definitely wanted her to leave. She was

incredibly violent at school. One time, her male gym

teacher was reaching his hands up her shorts and

rubbed her pussy. She went along with it until he said

‘this is the only reason why girls should be allowed

to play sports’. Jessica went crazy and punched him

across the face with a nasty right hand. She

completely closed her teacher’s left eye with merely

one hit. Jessica knew she was different from most

girls, and after that incident, she took complete

advantage of it.

Jessica had decided that she should head in, there was

a small chance that a cop had the balls to confront

her. She took a step forward and tripped to the

concrete. She heard a young man laughing and turned

around to see Maxwell and to his side was Trish. They

both stood snickering. Jessica shook her head as if to

say ‘you shouldn’t have done that’ as she stood back

up. She looked down at her shoes and realized that her

laces were tied together, that being the reason she


Jessica stared them down, “Alright, which one of you

assholes do I blame for this?”

“For what?” Maxwell replied with a grin.

“That’s okay, I don’t need shoes to kick your ass.”

Jessica slipped out of her shoes and walked towards

Maxwell only to trip back to the ground. Her shoes had

managed to find their way back on her feet.

“Okay, you have powers, get over yourself!” Jessica

yelled as she was on the floor.

“You don’t sound impressed.” Maxwell said.

“With cheap magic tricks like that, why would I be?”

Maxwell’s face got serious, “Let’s cut the shit, right


Trish kicked her in the stomach and Jessica rolled in

pain. She hadn’t been hurt like that in a long time.

Maxwell bent down to Jessica, “Where is my gem?”

“What gem?” Jessica managed to get out.

Trish once again placed a kick in Jessica’s stomach

and she let out a small howl of pain.

“Sorry, my friend here has a zero tolerance policy for

ignorance, you might want to stop acting stupid.”

Maxwell said menacingly.

“I don’t know what the fuck your talking about!”

Trish went for another kick but Jessica quickly

snatched her leg.

“Watch yourself bitch!” Jessica growled.

Maxwell flung his leg at Jessica’s softened stomach

and that sent her groaning in pain again.

Maxwell looked to Trish, “You said a woman and a man

took the gem right?”

“Yes. The stumpy vampire said so…and by the way, did

you tell him I was your bitch?”

Maxwell looked back at Jessica, avoiding answering the


“Whoops, my mistake. You don’t seem to have any guy

friends around. It’s just, I felt so much power when I

stood next to you and I figured you took it. As a

sincere apology, Miss Stratusand myself won’t kill


Maxwell got up on his feet and walked off. Trish

looked back down at Jessica and kicked her in the

stomach one last time. She bent down and pulled her

pants off as well as her thong. With no hesitation,

she tore off Jessica shirt and bra and smiled.

“I know how you tough girls just hate to be


Trish bent down on her knees and stuck three fingers

in Jessica’s pussy. Trish was also a special case in

that she also had great strength. She was able to

finger Jessica’s pussy with ease. She’d ripped through

her pussy with her fingers and shook them up and down

strong and fast. Trish planted a couple of soft kisses

on Jessica’s stomach.

“There, now your tummy-wummy won’t hurt so much.”

Trish cooed as if to a baby.

Jessica was helpless and just closed her eyes as her

pussy poured out her juices into Trish’s strong

fingers. Her whole body trembled as she felt a huge

load of pleasure and of course embarressment and pain.

Trish took her fingers out and put them in Jessica’s

mouth. She held her mouth open with one hand and stuck

her fingers down her throat. Trish laughed as Jessica

choked. Trish took her fingers out and walked towards

Maxwell. Who obviously watched the whole ordeal.

Jessica was completely embarressed. Not only was she

beaten down and had her own pussy juices in her mouth,

she had been basically raped in the middle of the

parking lot. She was lucky that nobody had been there

to watch this. She was not one to cry though, so she

gathered whatever strength she had left in her, to

crawl her naked body into her room.


It had been a couple hours since Michelle tried to get

answers, and she was still left with no information.

Trying to get answers from Halle was hopeless in

Michelle’s mind. Michelle knew that Halle just didn’t

want to be the bearer of bad news, or stir up any

panic or worry, but Michelle felt that she deserved to

know. Dwayne on the other hand, seemed to be a much

easier target. He agreed that Michelle should know

everything that could happen to her, if anything.

Michelle figured that something was going to happen to

her, she didn’t feel she was lucky enough to get out

of this without a glitch.

Dwayne was in his office going through a stack of old

newpapers when Halle came barging in.

“Dwayne, we have a new demon in town.”

“What makes it so special?”

“It seems that it feeds on male sperm.”

“You mean like it swallows it?”

“The demon is in the form of a woman, obviously

attractive, I’d guess about late 20’s maybe 32 years

old or younger. The demon has a ‘retalya’, a vagina

look alike. It basically sucks the male’s penis clean

of sperm which feeds the demon.”

“What’s the problem with that? I know plenty of guys

who would gladly feed a ‘re-tal-ia’.”

“It’s ‘retalya’, and those guys probably wouldn’t know

that the side effect is that their life force is

sucked out of them.”

“I was all up for the mission until that last part. So

I’m guessing you want to handle this one, huh?”

“Yeah, I got this one. You handle Michelle…but don’t

get soft on me alright?”

“Halle, you should know that I’d never get soft on


Halle smiled at him, “Was that a sexual comment, Mr.


Dwayne smiled back, “Yeah it kinda was.”

“Your loosening up around me now-a-days. But don’t

loosen up to much…” Halle started towards the door

and turned back around, “I kinda like it when your


Halle playfully licked her lips and walked out. Dwayne

had a ear to ear smile as he heard that and sat still

for the longest time. Michelle walked up to the office

and stopped in the middle of the doorway. She was

wearing black lace up hipster panties that hugged

tightly against her great ass, and a tight black bra

that showed off her sexy petite tits. Dwayne was

instantly out of his Halle trance and in a new trance

in a matter of seconds. Michelle slowly walked towards

Dwayne and with every step seductively switched her

hips. Before Dwayne could say anything, Michelle put

her finger over his lips. Michelle had already decided

that she was going to do anything in her ability to

get Dwayne to tell her what she needed to know. She

figured that Dwayne and Halle had a great bond with

one another, and the only way to break a bond is to

start a new one.

“Hey daddy,” she said sedctively as she looked down to

Dwayne, who was sitting uncomfortably in his chair.

Dwayne tried to stand up, but Michelle gently pushed

him back down and sat on his lap face foward.

“What’s the hurry daddy? Don’t you want to kiss me


“I’m not into that kid stuff , Michelle.” Dwayne

managed to get out.

“You’re not?” Michelle said still in a sexy tone, “I

bet you’re into this, though?”

Michelle leaned foward and planted a great seductive

kiss on the unexpecting lips of Dwayne. As much as he

wanted this to stop, he couldn’t help but to go along

with it. He was caught in the moment as he kissed her

back and their tongues lashed slowly at eachother.

Dwayne reached foward and grabben Michelle’s smooth

ass cheeks. He rubbed against them as Michelle slowly

moved up and down on Dwayne as if she already had his

dick in her pussy.

Dwayne pulled back, “What the fuck am I doing! We

can’t do this!”

Michelle took off her bra and let her perfect petite

breast hang in front of his face.

Michelle looked in his eyes and said, “Good men don’t

start what they can’t finish…”

Dwayne was overwhelmed with the heat of the moment and

found himself sucking on Michelle’s breast. He wrapped

his lips around as much as the tit he could fit in and

wildly slid his tongue up and down it. He did this

with each breast and of course paid close attention to

the hard nipples. He gently pinched them and ran his

tongue along the erect godess’ nipples. Dwayne took

off his shirt and Michelle was in awe as she saw this

man’s perfect body. She’s had sex before, but not with

anyone this fit. She rubbed her soft, silky hands

along his rock hard chest and moaned as she felt her

tits being sucked on. Dwayne asked her to stand up and

he undid his pants and threw them and his boxers to

the side. Michelle also had never seen a dick that

big, even compared to the vampire that had raped her.

She gently stroked it, as if she was trying to get a

real feel for it. She stared right into his eyes as

she stroked his cock, knowing that the key to

seductiveness is all in the eyes. She took of her

panties with one hand while continuing to stare

directly in Dwayne’s eyes. Her hand started to move

faster along his fully erect dick. When she finally

got the panties off, her hand was already quickly

going up and down his entire length at a very fast

pace. Dwayne could have sworn he held back cumming a

few times to her expert handjob.

Michelle turned around and bent down in front of

Dwayne. He qucikly grabbed each cheek and shoved his

face between her legs. He took turnss licking at her

tasty young pussy and then to her ass which was just

as delicious. He found himself almost slobbering when

she moved her hips from side to side. Finally,

Michelle moved foward so that her ass was away from

his face, and moved down so that she was sitting on

his lap. Dwayne’s dick was between her legs and her

inner thight kept rubbing against it. She moved her

hips back and forth while leaning her back on Dwayne’s

chest. His dick was in complete heaven as Michelle

started to stroke the top of his dick while her thighs

rubbed the bottom half of his dick. Michelle turned

her head back and kissed him deeply as Dwayne lifted

her up a bit. He lifted her up, and brought her back

down so that his dick was being completely rubbed. He

did this several times until Michelle slipped his dick

into her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” Michelle shouted as she felt his dick in

her pussy.

She didn’t anticipate just how much of his dick would

slip in and her pussy was being filled up. Dwayne

grabbed Michelle’s tits and continued to kiss her with

more passion than before. Michelle was moaning a lot

more than she thought she would and flung up and down

wildly. Dwayne held her hips and thrusted his dick in

her pussy harder and harder. Michelle let out a huge

cry as her sweet pussy juice flowed onto Dwayne’s

already near cumming dick. Dwayne couldn’t hold it any

longer and he shot up a load into her pussy. He didn’t

stop pounding her until he was so tired that he

collasped back against the chair. Michelle’s hair was

all in her face as she laid her back against Dwayne.

Dwayne was in shock, “I can’t believe I just did


Michelle was just as shocked, “Me either. I was just

planning to make you talk, I didn’t expect it to go

this far.”

“Well, you are one hell of a seductress!”

Suddenly, the office door flung open and the two

looked towards it with terrified faces.

Look Halle, it isn’t what you think…” Dwayne


Maxwell and Trish walked into the room.

“Really? Because it looks like you two were fucking

the hell out of eachother.”

Maxwell looked at Michelle, “Long time no see, baby.

But you did good…” Maxwell’s eyes turned a crimson

red as he looked to Dwayne, “You led me right to the

fucker who’s got my gem…”


Continued in Episode 4

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