Dirty Demon Nights: Episode 3 part 2 of 2: “Once Your In, You Can’t Pull Out” feat. Charisma Carpenter

Dirty Demon Nights: Episode 3 part 2 of 2: “Once Your

In, You Can’t Pull Out” feat. Charisma Carpenter

Michelle instantly got up and rushed to get her

clothes back on. Maxwell looked at her while licking

his lips.

“What’s a matter baby? Shit, you act like I’ve never

seen you naked before. But you really surprised me

here, I was beginning to think you were just a slutty

freeloader just fucking with me for the money. But now

baby…” Maxwell walked over to Michelle and held her

firmly by her shoulders. “…now, I see you as someone

to take a bit more seriously. While
me and Trish were

out searching the city for some stupid gem that I was

starting to believe didn’t even exist after a while,

you go out and find it on your first try. You really

proved yourself as part of this team, baby.”

By this time, Dwayne had found his pants on put them

on. Dwayne loved it when the bad guys would monolouge

from pretty much out of nowhere. It seemed that

everything they were thinking at that very moment had

to be explained for the world to hear. Dwayne coughed

loudly until he caught Maxwell’s attention.

“Hey, you can’t just barge in here unannounced! Where

are you manners? You haven’t even told me your name.”

Maxwell rolled his eyes obviously annoyed by Dwayne

not being the least bit frightened of his arrival.

“Alright…well, my name is…”

Dwayne quickly lost interest, “Nope, never mind.

Maxwell looked confused, “What?”

“I don’t care anymore.”

“Is that right?”

Dwayne just shrugged it off as he sat back on his

chair while putting on his shirt. “I guess it really

doesn’t matter what your name is.”

Maxwell didn’t even pretend to smile as he hated

anyone to take him lightly. He walked up tothe front

of Dwayne’s desk and placed the palms of his hands on


“Enough bullshit. Where is my gem?”

“I sold it.” Dwayne quickly answered.

“You what?!”

“Actually, I used it as currency on EBay. Yes, it

seems your sister was auctioning off her body, it was

a pretty expensive price for how she looked though.”

Dwayne leaned back in his chair laughing at his own

joke, “Yep, one thousand dollars and ninety-nine


Maxwell rolled his eyes half way playing along, “At

least you give my sister some credit.”

“Well…she was actually the ninety-nine cents part.

The rest I spent on your mom.”

Maxwell in a fit of rage threw a punch towards

Dwayne’s face, which Dwayne easily evaded. Dwayne

leaned further back on the chair so that it was

standing on only two wheels, then he thrusted his feet

forward against the desk, which slid the desk against

Maxwell’s stomach. Maxwell fell face first on the desk

and Dwayne stood up with his hand around the back of

Maxwell’s neck.

“Now let me teach…” Dwayne started.

Trish interupted with a huge sucker punch to Dwayne’s

left cheek. The hit sent him back at least a couple

feet before he hit the floor. Trish hopped over the

desk and grabbed Dwayne’s legs. She held them tightly

and swung his entire body through the air, into a

wall. The wall was strong, which didn’t help Dwayne

too much, as he collided against it.

Michelle had already found time to put her clothes on

and she was horrified at this scene that was playing

before her. When Michelle was with Maxwell for the

last couple years, she had seen many sights just like

this one. Max hadn’t had Trish then, but he had others

just as strong who willfully beat the hell out of

people who crossed Max’s path. She hadn’t left him or

anything because he was her sole provider, she had no

family. And all he had asked from her was her full

obedience and loyalty in exchange for a good life for

her. Michelle knew that she’d be giving away her body

and having to witness things like this, but she

actually felt for Dwayne.

Max got picked his face up from against the desk and

his nose was apparently bleeding. His eyes turned

their signature crimson red as he chanted a few

unrecognizable words. Dwayne struggled up to his feet

where he rested his back against the wall. Just then,

Maxwell magically lifted up the desk and launched it

across the room towards Dwayne’s head. Maxwell had

apparently held back from merely smashing Dwyane’s

head with the desk, and just did enough to knock him

out with it. Dwayne feel to the floor out cold, while

Max used his powers to set the desk aside. Michelle

ran towards Dwayne’s body and shook him calling to


“Are you okay! Please don’t be dead!”

She looked back at Maxwell, “Did you kill him!”

“No, but he’s not very alive at the moment now, is he?

Baby, did you see a big bed in this shithole?”

Michelle was distracted a bit, as she was desperately

checking on Dwayne, but she answered, “Yeah, there

should be one in, in one of the rooms in the back I


“Good, because you, me, and Trish are going to have

alot of fun gathering some much needed info.”


“Yeah baby! Just like that! Ride my shit baby!”

A man in his early tweenities was having the time of

his life with the beautiful Charisma. They hadn’t met

but an hour ago and already he had her riding his

dick. Charisma clutched her breasts and let out loud

moans that could easily be heard from outside the

room, maybe even the whole house. She hips danced back

and forth, and side to side as her pussy tightly

grasped the inexperienced, but surprisingly big dick.

Charisma slammed her hips against his waist and this

drove him crazy. From his point of view, he could see

his dick traveling into her juicy pussy and then for a

while, his dick was completely inside. He enjoyed the

sight of her great scrumptous tits moving in all

directions, she was definitely not petite. He’d grab

her tits like they were the first pair he’s ever held,

which was probably true, and he’d rub his hands all

against her smooth white skin just to get the feel of


But with inexperience comes rookie mistakes. The man

grabbed Charisma’s ass as hard as he could and pushed

them down harder on his dick. He was definitely not

ready for such a great feeling. He could feel his

whole dick tingling as he did this. He was going to

cum much earlier than he wanted to. He tried to hold

it in, but just thinking about his dick being

swallowed into a hot, wet hole, which felt like

fucking a girls mouth full of hot saliva and no

gagging reflexes.

“I’m gonna cum baby!”

Charisma had an ear to ear smile. “Don’t worry baby,

just hold my ass and let it all in. Momma will suck it

all up for you.”

The man closed his eyes as Charisma pinned him down

with her hands against his chest. He screamed as he

shot his large load into her pussy. Right then, the

pressure against his chest got alot stronger. There

was a lot of pleasure, but he felt like his dick was

being completely emptied, literally. His dick started

to feel a huge amount of pain as Charisma just smiled

and kept riding his dick filling her pussy up.

Strangely enough, as much pain as the man was

receiving, he could not bring himself to let go of

Charisma’s warm and very sexy ass. All he could do

was hold onto it and watch Charisma hold him down.

Suddenly, a loud knock on the door was heard. The man

had a perfect opportunity to shout for help, but he

couldn’t bring himself to do that either. Charisma

looked kind of annoyed but still enjoyed draining the

life out of her victim. The next knock was a lot

louder, and this time got on Charisma’s nerves.

“I’m busy, leave me alone.”

The door was kicked open and Halle stepped inside the

room. She wore a tight red tanktop and daisy duke

jeans that cut off right under her ass. She pointed a

gun towards Charisma and smiled.

Halle said, “Sorry, I was just walking by and thought

I smelt something baking…I just wanted to lick the

spoon to get a taste.”

Charisma looked back at her from on top of the man and

smiled back, “Sorry, it looks like I licked the spoon

clean. But that okay…” She looked Halle up and down

before saying, “I think desert’s ready anyway.”

Halle shot at Charisma, but Charisma was able to move

enough to the right to dodge the shot. Charisma

quickly lifted herself off the man and moved towards

Halle. The man rolled off the bed with cum still

leaking out of his dick.

The man shouted to Halle, “Shoot the hell out of her!

She tried to eat my dick! Crazy bitch!”

Halle took a couple shots at Charisma but she easily

moved out of the way of each bullet and smacked the

gun out of her hand. Halle responded with a quick

punch to the face, which hit it’s mark, and a knee to

the stomach. Charisma, being the demon that she is,

used her extra strength to push Halle hard against the

wall. Halle struggled to escape, but Charisma easily

held Halle’s hands against the wall with one hand. She

lifted Halle’s hands against the wall, over her head,

and used the other hand to dig into her jean shorts.

Charisma found Halle’s pussy and immediately stuck her

middle finger into it. Halle struggled at first, but

the power to almost completely control someone

sexually was one of demon Charisma’s gifts. Halle

leaned her head against the wall and tried to hold

back moans of pleasure.

Charisma smiled as she worked her middle finger in her

pussy, “Gees, I would’ve never guessed how much you

liked to be flipped off.”

Charisma leaned in and kissed Halle, who was not even

hesitant. Charisma smiled again as they released the

kiss, “Now…about that desert…”


“Help me!” A woman in her early twenties screamed as

she ran through the dark of the night.

She couldn’t exactly tell what was chasing her, but

she could see a pair of hungry eyes glowing right

behind her, catching up with every second that they

ran. The woman ran as fast as she could, but she

tripped over what seemed like a rock and hit the

floor. She looked up and saw she was in a very dark

block in which each house had it’s lights off, but

cars were all parked in their driveways so knew people

were home.

“Please, somebody help me!” She yelled from the


Nothing changed about the block and the woman hurried

to her feet. She turned around and saw the pair of

eyes belonged to a vampire. Unlucky for her, this was

not the type interested in rape or that was

long-winded, it was a true beast. The vampire bared

it’s teeth as the woman tried one more time to call

for help. She cried loudly as she tried to run again,

but the vampire backhanded her to the ground.The woman

closed her eyes in hope that her death would be quick

and painless. She stayed completely still for about

five seconds before she opened them again to see the

vampire was struggling with another girl. The other

girl back-kicked the vampire, smashed him with a hard

right hand to the face, and as the vampire was bent

over she hit him with an uppercut that sent him flying

a short distance through the air.

She walked over the woman on the ground and asked,

“Are you alright?”

“Who are you?”

“Alba…Jessica Alba.” She said confidently, obviously

loving the whole super girl routine.

Jessica apparently had some serious anger to vent

after the number Maxwell and Trish did to her. And one

way to vent it, was to feel like she was the

all-mighty. The vampire flipped back up and launched

itself towards Jessica. Right before they made

contact, Jessica moved to the right and socked the

vampire in the side of the stomach. She connected with

three large punches to it’s face before pulling out a

stake and dusting the it. This wasn’t the toughest

fight she had ever had, but it did make her feel a bit

better after her rape.

Jessica looked to the girl and said, “I’ll walk you

home, but let’s make it quick, alright?”

Jessica helped the woman up and she ran towards her

house. Jessica followed her, actually eager to fight

something else.


Charisma continued to kiss Halle’s more than willing

lips as she began to pull her shorts off. Halle’s

hands remained on Charisma’s ass as Charisma was able

to pull the shorts down to her ankles. Halle kicked

them off the rest of the way. Charisma withdrew from

the kiss and bent down to Halle’s nice tits. They

weren’t as big as her own, but they looked just as

delicious. Charisma grasped them with one hand, as her

other hand was still in Halle’s pussy, and sucked on

one through the top.

Charisma looked up at Halle, “Do you want me to suck

on your tits slave?”

Halle wildly took off her top and yelled, “Yes master!

Please suck my tits!”

Halle’s tits bounced a bit after being released from

the top and Charisma couldn’t help but to get turned

on by this. She pucked her lips and gently kissed the

soft skin of Halle’s breast. She then slowly sucked on

the sides of her breast before licking them all over.

Her tongue ran along her entire breast, up to Halle’s

excellent nipples. Charisma was very found of Halle’s

nipples as she wrapped her lips around them and suck

hard on it. As the nipple was in her mouth, she ran

her tongue along it several times, really getting the

taste from it. She did the same for Halle’s other

breast and switched back and forth for the longest

amount of time. Halle continued to clothes her eyes in

infinite pleasure as her pussy was still being

fingered. Charisma finally took her mouth off of

Halle’s breast and got on her knees.

“I usually don’t get on my knees for anyone, but I

just have to try this pussy out…” Charisma said as

she stroked Halle’s legs. She took her finger out and

replaced it with her sexy tongue. She lashed at the

outside of Halle’s pussy, which was still dripping

wet. Halle wasn’t completely shaved, but she had only

a light amount of hair, which was great against

Charima’s tongue. She reached back and finger Halle’s

ass as she began to bury her tongue in her pussy.

Halle swung her hips foward, lightly thrusting against

Charisma’s face. Charisma moved her finger around

faster in Halle’s ass as Halle moaned louder and

louder to the feeling.

“Master, I think I’m gonna cum!!” Halle yelled.

“Hold your cum, I want to eat you out while your


“But you are eating me out, master…”

Charisma smiled as she began to finger her own pussy,

“No, I mean REALLY eat you.”

With that, she stood up and used her strength to toss

Halle on the bed. She seductively walked towards the

edge of the bed and looked to her slave.

“Lean on your side and spread your legs wide open.”

Halle did as she was told and she couldn’t help but to

finger herself while she watched Charisma walk up to

her. Just how her hips switched when she walked and

how her tits gracefully swayed. Charisma got on the

bed, on her knees and crawled up to Halle. She grabbed

Halle’s legs and pulled her closer until their pussies

met eachother. Halle nearly screamed as Charisma

started thrusting her pussy against Halle’s pussy.

Charisma held Halle’s legs so that she could easily

pound Halle’s pussy without her moving much. After

every thrust, Charisma would grind her pussy against

Halle’s, which drove Halle insane. After a couple

thrusts and grind Halle couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m cumming master!”

Charisma smiled as she felt Halle’s pussy jucie rush

into her pussy. She hadn’t had a chance to suck any

girl’s juices, but she felt confident that she could

drain a girl just as well as any guy. Charisma

continued to grind as Halle felt a strange mix of pain

and pleasure. Her pussy was being sucked on hard by

Charisma’s hot pussy. Halle leaned back and closed her

eyes as she was definitely under Charisma’s chance and

didn’t want the feeling to stop.

During this time, Charisma had forgotten the door was

wide open. Halle has kicked the door open before and

nobody had closed it. Sure enough, a man who had been

masturbating for nearly the entire time rushed in the

room and stuck his horny cock into Charisma’s mouth.

“Suck my dick, please! I’ll do anything baby!”

Charisma gagged as she was not ready for this at all,

which also caused her to drop Halle’s legs. Halle was

able to snap out of her trance and she flopped around

until Charisma’s pussy released her own. Charisma took

the man’s dick out of her mouth after actually sucking

on it for a couple seconds.

“In a minute, let me just finish with her.”

Charisma turned around and met face to face with

Halle’s gun.

“Aw sh…”

Halle blasted it into Charisma’s head and the man

rushed out of the room screaming.

“Yep, I had this one completely under control.” She

said reassuring herself.


Dwayne laid down naked upon his king size bed, which

even for a king size bed was pretty crappy, with his

arms and legs tied to the bed posts. His body was

streatched out as he began to wake up and look around.

He saw Michelle and Trish standing at the side of the

bed completely naked. He had already seen Michelle

nude, but it still got to him how sexy she looked

everytime he looked at her. Trish was a surprise for

him though, how could a woman so strong have such big,

perfect breast and a great round ass. Trish smiled at

him as he looked at her, but Michelle tried her best

to keep her eyes on the floor.

“I see you have yourself a hard on, Mr. Johnson.”

Maxwell said from on the other side of the bed. “I

don’t usually look into this stuff, but I do good guys

usually get that hard when they have a concussion?”

Dwayne smiled, “Nope, it’s this rope you used to tie

my arms and legs. It’s rough, yet gentle. Reminds me

of how your mom use to handle my dick.”

Maxwell cracked up laughing, “No matter what kind of

trouble you’re in, you always seems to take shots at

my mom, don’t you?”

Dwayne smiled for a second and then got serious again,

“Wait a second, what was your name again?”‘

Maxwell frowned at this and nodded her head at Trish.

Trish wrapped her hand around Dwayne’s fully erect

dick and stroked up and down the entire length. Her

fingers every once and a while slid against the head

of his cock, which he hated to say he really liked.

Maxwell rolled his eyes and started towards the door.

“I’ll leave you girls to your job, remember, I want to

know where the gem is.”

Dwayne laughed as he moaned, “You think if you sex me

to death I’m going to tell you where the gem is?”

Maxwell, without turning around said, “No, but I’m

sure your partner will. What’s her name…”

Michelle continued looking at the floor as she

answered, “Halle… her name’s Halle.”

Dwayne gave Michelle a betrayed look as Maxwell

chuckled. You know, maybe I don’t have to go through

the trouble of brutally raping and killing your

partner. I could just tell her you slept with Michelle

here. She’ll give me the gem and kill you for me.”

“Don’t even think about touching her!” Dwayne said

completely serious.

“Well, if I knew where the gem was…”

Dwayne bowed his head down looking defeated,

“Fine…an old man named Dedrick Wallace has it right

now. He stole it from us.”

“Wait a minute, isn’t Dedrick that crazy guy who

wanted to wipe all vampires off the Earth? Why would

he want the gem?”

“He said something about using the Hamurabi demon to

kill of all the vampires or something like that.”

Trish rolled her eyes as she realized her handjob

wasn’t getting any attention.

“Look Maxwell, can you make your monolouge fast so me

and the girl can torture him already?”

“Sure baby. Now…if I can recall, the Hammuabi demon

was named after the Code of Hamurabi, which were a set

of laws to punish those who did wrong in society. The

Hamurabi demon punished traitors to the demon society,

mostly vampires who decided to take the shape of

humans rather than staying in their demon form full

time. This piece your talking about is called the

Jewel of Hamurabi…I didn’t even realize what I was

after until now.”

“What do you mean you didn’t realize it until now? You

were willingly to kill me and Halle for something you

didn’t even know about?”

“I’m striving to be the most powerful being in the

universe. It doesn’t matter what the gem does, I want

it! Besides, if I can scare the whole race of vamps

into working for me, that could prove most helpful.”

Maxwell smiled and walked back towards the door.

“Trish, you and Michelle fuck him until it literally

kills him, I’m gonna stock on weapons to take out

Dedrick…and kill Halle of course.”

Maxwell left while Dwayne desperately tried to free

himself. Trish smiled again and wrapped her lips

around Dwayne’s dick. She bobbed her head up and down

getting it all nice and wet with her warm saliva.

“Michelle,” Dwayne looked to her as Trish was sucking

his dick, “You have to help.”

Michelle looked at Dwayne and nodded, “Yes…and I


Michelle bent down to her knees on the left side of

Dwayne, and leaned forward to kiss him roughly on the

lips. She slid her tongue in and out of Dwayne’s mouth

as her hand slid up and down his chest.

“My girl,” Trish said as she saw Michelle kiss Dwayne.

Trish got up and climbed onto the bed. She hovered her

pussy over Dwayne’s dick and seductively bit her lips

as she lowered herself onto it. His dick slid in

slowly as Dwayne moaned everytime his dick went a

little deeper. Michelle stared directly at the sight

of Dwayne’s dick being engulfed by a very nice pussy.

Michelle wasn’t much of a masturbater, at least she

didn’t think she was, but watching Dwayne’s huge dick

enter inside Trish and imagining how hard it must

stretch inside her nice pussy was really getting her

fingering herself. She rubbed her pussy with her index

and middle finger and watched Trish ride Dwayne’s dick

back and forth. Her massive tits flew up and down

everytime she’d grind against him. Michelle wasn’t

much for just sitting back and watching, so she stood

up and climbed onto the bed. Michelle turned around so

that her ass was hovering over Dwayne’s face, and she

placed him right between her legs.

Trish again smiled, “Good job baby, and I was

beginning to think you had gone soft on us.”

“Never, I put us on the map.” Michelle replied as she

started grinded Dwayne’s face.

Not only was this alot to handle anyway, but without

being able to move his hands and arms it was an over

the top feeling. He could only thrust his hips to

drive further into Trish’s hot pussy, and lick up the

inside of Michelle’s tasty young pussy. Trish began to

bounce up and down on Dwayne’s dick, which sent her

tits flying up and down. Michelle was incredibly

turned on by this, Dwyane obviously couldn’t see it,

but he was just as happy staring at Michelle’s ass.

Michelle reached forward and grabbed Trish’s. Trish

reached over to Michelle and pulled her into her

chest, where Michelle eagerly sucked and licked

Trish’s huge tits. Michelle never knew she enjoyed

girls this much, but she was happily slurping away at

the beautiful tits that swung before her. Both girls

placed their hands on Dwayne’s chest and stomach and

rubbed him up and down. He was licking up hot pussy,

getting his dick completely massaged by a woman with a

bigger sexual urge than himself, and having his body

rubbed down by four hot and soft hands.

Michelle sat up straight on Dwayne’s face and held her

tits. She grabbed them tightly and played with them as

she moaned like crazye.

“I’m gonna cum Trish.”

“Well don’t tell me, tell him. Make sure you tease

him, get into his head.”

Michelle nodded, “Oh fuck yeah Dwayne! Roll your

tongue in me just like that! Just like that!”

She grinded his face harder this time by planting her

hands on the bed and moving her hips at a quick place.

“Oh baby! You know just how to do it! Swallow my sweet

pussy juices baby!”

Trish laughed as Michelle’s whole body violently shook

and she poured her juices all over Dwayne’s face.

Dwayne lapped it all up and his tongue lashed out at

her pussy looking for more. Trish leaned forward,

still moving her hips at a fast pace on Dwayne’s dick,

and held Michelle’s legs so that she smothered Dwayne

with Michelle’s ass. After a few more grinds on his

face, Michelle got off and went behind Trish. She

stuck her face where Dwayne’s balls and Trish’s ass

were. She kissed and licked Trish’s sexy ass while

playing with Dwayne’s balls with her fingers.

Trish looked to Michelle, “Now watch how a pro does


Trish leaned forward so she was on top of Dwayne and

licked all over his face where alot of Michelle’s

pussy juice still remain. Trish begin to slam her

pussy up and down onto Dwayne’s dick as she kissed him

with the taste of Michelle’s pussy still in her.

Dwayne was worn out, but he couldn’t help but to go

along with whatever the girls did. Michelle placed her

hands on Trish’s ass and helped it slam onto Dwayne’s

dick, always remember to suck on his balls. Dwayne had

tried for the longest time to hold his cum but he knew

he couldn’t hold it for much longer.

“Yes, cum on baby.” Trish cooed, “Cum baby, cum baby,

cum baby…”

Suddenly, a lamp came crashing over Trish’s head and

she was out cold on top of Dwayne.

Michelle looked worridly at Dwayne, “Sorry it took me

so long but…”

“Never mind that,” Dwayne said quickly, “Please, I

really need to cum right now!!”

Michelle smiled, knowing she was at least 50%

responsible, and she took his dick out from Trish’s

pussy. She wrapped her lips around it and quickly

bobbed her head up and down most of his length while

rubbing his balls. It wasn’t too long before Dwayne

shot his load into Michelle’s mouth and she furiously

stroked his dick getting all the cum out. He had a

huge load coming out, which also made her happy

knowing she was responsible.

Dwayne moaned at the top his longs for a good while

before he stopped and breathed heavily.

“Alright…now I can think clearly…”


Continued in Episode 5

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