Dirty Movies: Olivia Wilde

Disclaimer: Any persons, places, or events described in the story are purely coincidental and in no way related to anything in real life living or dead. This goes double for the main character; I have no idea if she actually takes part in any of these sorts of things, nor do I loathe her in any way that I would forcefully subject her to any act described or implied at here. I admire Ms. Wilde for, among other things, her beauty and thus made a caricature of her subject to my fantasies.

On that note, BEWARE THE STORY CODES! I realize some of the things put here might not be kosher for some people, and I apologize to them for my warped imagination. To everyone else, keep an open mind and remember: it’s only a story.

Oh, and I won’t bother putting the “Anyone under 18 shouldn’t read this” disclaimer because, really, if you’re under 18 and you’ve made it this far, chances are you’ve already broken that rule anyway. Just feel a deep sense of shame while reading this, and we’ll call it square.

There are three kinds of secrets in Hollywood: the kind that the tabloids and the media know about, the kind that directors, producers, and agents know about, and the kind that only the celebrities themselves know about. Dirty Movies is one of the third kind. Spreading only through word of mouth from actress to actress, starlet to starlet, Dirty Movies is a production company founded solely for one reason: so that the gorgeous young ladies who graced screens and made hit singles could act out their nastiest, raunchiest sexual fantasies on film for their own private collections, to be shared only on the drunkest of nights with others also “in the know”. No one quite knows the full story of how Dirty Movies came into being, nor how their logistics works in terms of fulfilling every one of their client’s personal fantasies, but they manage to provide for everyone, and no one has ever been disappointed by their service.

At this moment, Dirty Movies is about to serve a new client with her depraved fantasies…

* * *

“Who do we have here?”

The camera pans over to a red couch on which the star of the scene was currently reclining on. Dressed in only a simple cotton bra and panties, the gorgeous Olivia Wilde is laying on her side, showing off her slender body, her head propped up on one arm as she regards the camera (and thus the viewers) a playful smile, which only grows wider as the camera did a nice long sweep of her body.

“Hey,” she says by way of greeting.

“Hey, Olivia Wilde.”

She chuckles, her blue-green eyes sparkling.

“It’s great to have you here.”

“It’s great to be here. I’m so excited,” she replies, tucking a lock of brown hair behind one ear.

“Now most people know you from being on the TV show House M.D. and a couple of big-name movies like TRON: Legacy and Cowboys and Aliens.” She nods. “And you’ve done a bunch of other projects that, while not quite as big, were still pretty diverse–you’ve done horror, comedy, drama…”

“All true,” Olivia agrees.

“So what brings you here to our little, humble studio?”

Olivia flashes a wicked grin. “I’m working on my new project: my first piss porn feature!” she says with a laugh. One slim hand slides down into her panties and begins rubbing her clit.

“Now, being a mainstream actress, you’ve never done any sort of porn before.”

“Never,” she replies.

“So why jump into it now–and why with something like a watersports theme feature? Usually that’s too extreme for most normal porn stars.”

“Well, I’ve always been a big fan of the 666 Bukkake and SexBox movies, those German piss orgy films,” Olivia says plainly, the hand in her panties moving faster as she speaks. “I’ve always wanted to do something like that, so when I heard that this “indie” company was doing these kinds of movies, I had to jump on board.”

“And you heard about us from your former co-star Jennifer Morrison, who has also shot for us.”

“Yeah, we had a girl’s night once and after about two bottles of wine she showed me the movie she shot, with the train she pulled in that bar bathroom. It was hot.”

The scene cuts to a quick clip of the aforementioned scene. The bathroom is dingy and uncleaned, with grime and obscene graffiti all over the walls and floor, and a toilet in one corner. The television star is bent over it, naked as the day she was born, her legs spread wide as she gripped the porcelain seat for balance. She is in the midst of a hard assfuck, grunting with animalistic fashion as the guy behind her sodomizes her tight butt with his cock, her sizable B-cup tits bouncing with each thrust. A second guy stands next to Jennifer’s head, urinating directly into her face. He hoses her with his piss as she opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out to lap at the stream. Her body is soaked, with cum visibly running down her legs, and her brunette hair is wet and dripping–clearly this was not the first load of cum and piss she was taking in the scene. The line of men standing behind the two engaged with Jennifer shows that it wouldn’t be the last either.

The man buttfucking Jennifer suddenly forces her soaked head into the toilet and flushes. There is a cheer from the other men as the actress’ body shudders in orgasm, her ecstatic wails muffled and echoing inside the bowl.

The scene cuts back to Olivia, who now has a look of lust on her face. Her hand is busy inside her panties.

“Looks like you’re ready.”

“I am,” she purrs, biting her lower lip.

“You had a specific idea to start off your scene, if I recall.”

Olivia nodded. “One of the SexBox films had the setup where the girl was a doctor who was treating half a dozen prison inmates. One things leads to another, and they’re tearing off her clothes and fucking and pissing all over her and in all her holes.”

“And you wanted to recreate that scene?”

“Definitely. Only with more cocks and more cum and piss!” Olivia says eagerly.

“Well we have a couple of surprises for you. Through some wrangling we managed to get two dozen newly ex-cons from a minimum security prison.” Olivia’s eyes widen at this statement. “Don’t worry, we had them all checked and re-checked. None of these guys are violent or dangerous or anything like that. They might be a bit rough, but they know the rules, and we’ll have some security guys just in case. Sound good?”

Olivia hesitates for a moment, then nods.

“These guys haven’t been with a woman in quite a while, so they should have a lot of cum built up in them. Plus we’ve been giving them beer and liquor for the past couple of hours, so they should be raring to piss soon.” The excitement is back on the actress’ pretty face. “Are you ready?”

“Oh yeah. Let’s do this!” Olivia declares.

* * *

The scene changes to a large concrete room where the two dozen ex-cons are lined up in two rows. All of them are still wearing their orange prison outfits. A few of the guys are shifting from feet to feet, their urge to urinate quite apparent.

Olivia Wilde comes in, dressed in a gray blouse with black pants with a white lab coat over them–in other words, looking exactly like she did in her Thirteen role. She even has her brown hair parted in the middle.

“I’m Dr. Hadley, and I’ll be giving all of you your physicals today,” she says in a businesslike tone. There is a noticeable shift in the room as the ex-cons focus all of their attention on the pretty actress. They know she is about to be their fucktoy, but they also know that this is her scene–and that they’ll jump only when she says “go.”

“Since the private rooms are being redone, I’m going to have to do all of the exams here.” Olivia continues playing the role, secretly enjoying the looks of lust and longing being sent her way. “Who’s first?”

Seeing his cue one of the ex-cons, a tall strapping black man, speaks up. “Yo, right here, Doc. I’ll get physical wit’choo.” He grabs his crotch as he speaks. This prompts raucous laughs and catcalls from the others.

Olivia puts an annoyed look on her face. “Guys, c’mon. That’s uncalled for. I know you don’t want me to be here, but I need to do these exams, so let’s get this over with. Who’s going first.”

“I tol’ you, I’mma go first!” With that the black ex-con drops his pants. His 8.5 inch dick is rock hard and sticking out like an ebony spear. “C’mon, examine me!”

“Or me!” Another ex-con has pulled his pants down, his own 7 inch erection sticking out.

More “volunteers” come from all sides

“Or me!”

“Me first!”

“I’m goin’ first!”

“Right here!”

Acting overwhelmed by the sight of two dozen hard cocks waving in her direction, Olivia backs up–straight into the arms of another ex-con, who has taken off his jumpsuit entirely and is standing nude. He is a powerfully built black man, the light gleaming off his dark skin. He grabs the actress by the shoulders and holds her against him, and she gasps as his cock, looking to be close to 12 inches long, presses into her hip. An erotic thrill runs through her body, though she does her best to look nervous. The thrill increases as she hears the ex-con speak.

“Fellas,” he rumbles. “I think we should give the doctor a physical ‘fore she gives us one.”

There is a loud chorus of agreement as a few of the others move towards Olivia, who is struggling in the ex-con’s grasp, her eyes wide. The man holding her tears her lab coat off and throws it in a corner. Gripping her waist, her arms and legs flail uselessly for a moment before they are caught by the others. Her shoes are pulled off, followed by her blouse and pants, and left discarded with her lab coat. Hands paw at her body, groping her bra-covered tits and panty-covered pussy, and Olivia arches her back as they squeeze and fondle her sex organs.

Her underwear is practically shredded as they are torn off and she is made to lie down on her back, the concrete floor feeling cold on her hot skin. Her arms are still being held over her head, and her legs are spread wide. The rest of the ex-cons strip off their jumpsuits and Olivia finds herself surrounded by naked, horny men. Fingers are being jammed into her bald cunt, which is soaking. More hands are squeezing her B-cup tits, twisting her quarter-sized pink nipples. Olivia reacts to the sensation, her body writhing and arching as she groans. The men are standing around, jerking their cocks at the sight.

One of them, who apparently has had to piss badly, pushes his way to the front. “Hey Doc, I got my urine sample all ready for ya!” He aimed his hard cock down towards her face. A jet of yellow piss erupts from his glans, shooting through the air to splatter full-force in her face. The sound of the liquid waste splashing on skin is audible over the noises of the men and Olivia, whose face is soaked instantly. Someone holds her mouth open so the pisser can shoot directly into it, and her mouth overflows, urine bubbling and running out past her lips. “Swallow it, bitch!” someone orders. She closes her mouth and does so, her throat muscles working as she downs the bitter piss.

The pisser shifts his aim, now drenching her neck and tits. Another ex-con joins him in pissing over the perverted actress, covering her flat stomach before pissing right on her clit and making Olivia shudder. The hands on her body are getting wet from the piss also as they rub it into her skin, but the men don’t mind; soon enough they’ll get their own chance to piss on the slut.

The first ex-con to speak, the strapping black man, kneels by Olivia’s head. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he guides her head towards his cock. “Open up and suck on it!” Olivia does so, opening her mouth as the ex-con pushes the first few inches of dickmeat past her lips. He begins fucking her mouth in a steady rhythm, relishing the sensation of a warm, wet tongue slathering spit all over his cock.

Another man, a white man with a slim build that makes his 6.5 incher look huge, gets between her spread legs. He wastes no time in penetrating her soaking wet twat and fucks her easily, working his whole length into her body in a matter of minutes.

Soon the guy fucking her mouth can’t hold it anymore. He grunts “I’m ’bout to fuckin’ nut!” and immediately does, shooting his thick load of cum into Olivia’s mouth, his cock throbbing and twitching. To her credit Olivia doesn’t pull away; in fact, she tries to get more of his shooting cock in her mouth. The man hasn’t cum in a long time, and it shows as some of his creamy semen escapes her mouth to leak down her chin. Nearly the same time, the guy shafting her cunt reaches his climax also, speeding up his last few thrusts before giving it one final push, arching his back as he ejaculates deep inside Olivia’s cunt. His head is spinning at the first pussy he’s gotten in a long time, and a famous celebrity one to boot.

Two other ex-cons take the place of the cummers, with the man in her mouth actively trying to get his 7 inch cock down her throat while the other rams his veiny 6 inches into her cunt with hard, fast strokes. Two more guys have started pissing over her, soaking her face and hair once more as well as creating a filthy river that runs down her body. Olivia’s arms are no longer being held above her head; she’s instead being “made” to jerk off two other cocks on either side of her.

Men are crowding around the horny Hollywood star, rubbing and slapping their cocks on any part of her body they can reach. One man with an apparent foot fetish is stroking his cock and balls all over her left foot, rubbing it over the bottom of her foot and getting it in the spaces between her toes. Olivia responds by using her toes to stroke his cock in kind, and even spreads her big and second toe so the guy can fuck it a bit. This drives the guy wild, and in no time at all he explodes his cum all over her foot and leg.

The two men Olivia are jerking off approach climax and pull her hands off, moving quickly to either side of her head while jacking their pricks. Seeing this, Olivia pops her mouth off the cock she’s sucking and looks up at them, her mouth open and her tongue sticking out. Grunting and groaning, the two men cum, their cocks spraying white streamers of jism across the pretty actress’ forehead, nose, and cheeks, with a couple of thick strands landing in her wet hair. The men drip the last of their jizz onto her outstretched tongue before using handfuls of her hair to clean off their cocks. Before Olivia has time to close her mouth and swallow, the man she was blowing grabs her head and shoves his cock back in, thrusting roughly a few times before groaning loudly as he blows his load down her throat. Below her the guy fucking her cunt reaches his own climax and ejects sperm in her twat before pulling out and milking the last few drops on her clit.

“Turn her over!” someone calls out, and Olivia is made to turn over onto her hands and knees, her toned ass exposed to everyone. The men closest to her begin squeezing and spanking it, turning the white cheeks red, and she squeals with each swat. They pull her asscheeks apart, showing off her tiny bunghole, and a few of the men begin spitting on it while the others rub the saliva into the orifice. This is in preparation for Olivia’s first assfuck of the scene, to be delivered (though unbeknownst to the actress) by the black ex-con with the near-foot-long cock.

Now he moves forward, his ebony fuckpole jutting out like a lance in front of him. With one hand on Olivia’s hip, he uses his other hand to place his throbbing dong at the entrance to her spit-shined asshole and starts pushing forward. Feeling the bulbous glans pressing into her tight shithole, Olivia looks over her shoulder. Her pretty eyes nearly pop out of her head and her mouth drops open as she sees she is about to receive the giant cock into her bowels. “Oh, fuck me,” she says in breathless disbelief.

This elicits laughter from the men, and the large ex-con grins as he pushes forward. Olivia feels the pressure of the invading organ as the swollen head forces its way through her anal ring, followed by the first inch of black cock. The sensations are overwhelming for the Hollywood star; the discomfort from her ass as it starts stretching to accommodate the large dickmeat mixed with the feeling of wet piss on her skin and warm cum leaking out of her aroused cunt causes Olivia to have her first orgasm, and she lets out a guttural moan, her body quaking.

The large ex-con begin fucking her ass with slow, steady strokes, letting her butt get adjusted to the thick penetrating meat as he works in inch after inch. The throaty noises Olivia makes haven’t stopped; her climaxes are coming one after the other as she is being sodomized by the biggest cock she’s ever taken in her life.

Three of the men can’t hold back their cum anymore, and quickly move to kneel around Olivia’s head. Grabbing her damp locks, they hold her head up so that she is eye-level with their dicks, her face a perfect target just as they erupt. Silvery-white ball juice sprays across her face, scoring every inch, while more streaks her hair. One thick strand of man seed hits her in the eye, and she squeals in surprise. This leads to a few shots being aimed into her open mouth. Olivia nearly chokes, caught unprepared as another climax crashes through her body.

After the three men finish cumming they make Olivia suck them clean before moving aside for another man to replace them. He has to piss badly, and he wants the whorish actress to swallow every drop. Sticking his hard shaft into her mouth, he briefly enjoys the sensation as Olivia instinctively begins sucking him before relaxing and letting loose with his torrent of urine. “Drink down all my piss, and don’t lose a fuckin’ drop, clear?” he growls, and Olivia makes a gurgling sound, her throat muscles working overtime as she tries to keep her mouth from overflowing with the man’s bladder juice.

By now her large sodomizer has just over 3/4th of his man meat burrowing in and out of Olivia’s ass, and sensing that he can’t go in any further without tearing her up inside, he instead picks up the pace of his thrusts, going faster and harder as he reams the actress’ shithole. The sight is truly obscene: Olivia’s anus clasps onto the thrusting cock, puckering and stretching with every push and pull. The ex-con even pulls himself all the way out a few times, letting everyone see that the formerly tiny asshole is now wide open and gaping. Some of them men spit into it and laugh as the saliva slides into Olivia’s stretched ass.

The man pissing down her throat has finished, and is now fucking her mouth eagerly, trying to get her to deep throat him. Though his cock is quite thick, Olivia tries gamely, and gags loudly as he pushes his way into her throat. The two men spit-roasting her continue pummeling her at either end while the others cheer them on.

The man fucking her ass starts getting a familiar feeling; a tightening in his balls and in the muscles around his groin. His orgasm is coming in fast like a freight train, and he urges it on, slamming in and out of Olivia’s ravaged ass. He lets out a rumbling growl that starts somewhere in his diaphragm and increases in volume until he is practically roaring like a savage, his large body covered in sweat as he nears the finish line. Olivia is squealing and moaning around the cock in her mouth, her body rocking back and forth like a tree in a hurricane.

Just as her sodomizer reaches his long-awaited release, he grips her hips and pushes himself forward once more while at the same time pulling her back towards him. Incredibly, this drives another inch and a half of dickmeat into Olivia’s ass, spearing her fully on 10 thick inches. Having been pulled off the cock she was throating, the Hollywood star lets out a long shriek at the new depths her shithole has been plundered to. Another climax, this one much bigger than the others, overtakes her senses completely, and her body thrashes on the cock impaling her, her screams matched only by the howl of the man now cumming hard inside her ass, filling her bowels deep with hot cum as both of them climax together. Olivia loses control and began pissing herself, urine spraying out of her cunt and getting all her legs and the floor beneath her.

The man reaches the end of his cum and pulls himself out, leaving Olivia to collapse limply from her hands and knees onto the floor, still reeling from her own climax. Her asshole is still wide and gaping, and a few of the men starting pissing on it, trying to get their streams inside her butt. The hot liquid feels strangely soothing on her ruined shit chute, and she quakes at the feeling.

A couple of the men get her to turn over onto her back, and more piss is rained down onto her body. The hot golden showers reinvigorate Olivia, and she opens her mouth to drink down some of the liquid waste. More of it falls on her cum-covered face, and she mixes them both into her skin with her hands before scooping up the wet globules of cum into her mouth and swallowing them.

Licking her lips, she regards the men standing over her with renewed lust. “Who’s next?” she asks, arousal heavy in her voice.

The man she’d been blowing before her tremendous assgasm gets back into play by squatting over her face, his ass directly over her mouth. “Lick my ass clean, slut,” he commands, and she does so, spreading his cheeks with her hands before craning her head up to lick at the ex-con’s dirty ass. He grunts in satisfaction at the feeling of her tongue licking up and down his crack before digging into his rear. Grabbing one of her hands, he makes her grab his still-throbbing erection, and she begin jerking him off, still giving him the best rimjob he’s ever had. It doesn’t take him long to shoot, his cum spurting out like a geyser over her tits and stomach. He raises himself from her lapping tongue and gets off Olivia, another man taking his place and squatting for her to rim his ass.

While this is going on, men line up between her legs to resume pounding her famous fuckholes. Pushing her thighs up so both her spermy cunt and opened ass are on full display and accessible, the first man sinks his cock into her shithole easily, relishing the sensation as he spears her anus, fucking her at a leisurely pace. After a few minutes of this, he pulls out of Olivia’s ass and shoves his cock into her cunt in one motion, not even bothering to clean her ass filth from his cock. Fucking her twat steadily, his balls slapping against her ass, he senses his orgasm building and pulls out before it comes, moving from between Olivia’s legs for the next man to take over. He does the same thing, shafting the celebrity whore’s pussy and ass before pulling out without cumming and letting the next man have his turn.

This routine continues with the next several men. A few of them can’t hold back from cumming and drain their balls inside Olivia, making sure to fill her holes with their hot cum. Meanwhile three more men have gotten her to rim their assholes while she works over their cocks and balls with her skilled hands, though they manage to resist cumming. Olivia has the taste of sweaty, dirty man ass in her mouth and she savored it, rolling her tongue (which had a few streaks of shit on it–some of the ex-cons apparently had forgotten how to wipe themselves while locked up) across her white teeth and lips.

Now the black man with the nigh-foot-long cock towers over her head and Olivia can see that his cock, which looks huge from her angle despite only being half-erect, is still covered with the shit from her ass. There’s even a large brown dollop on the very tip of it–his cock went really deep when he was buttfucking her. He stands over her so that her head is between his legs and squats down slowly, letting his heavy nutsack drop onto her face. He drags his balls back and forth, smearing the wet cum and piss around her face before he lets them be sucked into her waiting mouth. His half-hard shit-stained dick is now resting on her face, and she can smell the earthy scent of her ass mixed with the ex-con’s musky cock and balls. It drives her wild and this, along with the continuous pounding she is receiving, gets her to cum again, moaning around the heavy balls she’s giving a spit bath to.

In no time at all he’s hard again and, raising himself up slightly, directs his filthy cock towards her mouth. “Clean your shit off my dick!” he commands. Olivia responds by grabbing a hold of it and craning her head upwards, her tongue coming out to lick up the dollop of shit on the tip. Holding her mouth open, she lets everyone get a good look at the fecal matter on her outstretched tongue before pulling it in, closing her mouth, and swallowing. Olivia doesn’t flinch when she does this, nor does a look of disgust cross her face. On the contrary: she smiles sweetly, almost innocently, at everyone before engulfing the filth-riddled cock in her mouth to clean it off, her cheeks bulging obscenely.

This is enough to set more than a few of the men off, and they cum wildly, spraying their cum on any part of her body they can reach: tits, neck, stomach, legs, and of course her hair and face. One man is even lucky enough to be next in line to fuck her when this happens, and he empties his balls inside her ass only after a few thrusts.

There are only five ex-cons who haven’t yet had a chance to bang the slutty actress, and they have been waiting patiently to do so. They pull her body out from underneath the horse-cocked ex-con, whose dick (now clean and shiny with spit) comes free of Olivia’s sucking lips with a wet slurping sound, thin streams of saliva still connecting them for a moment before breaking. One man lies down the ground, his 8-inch cock pointing straight up. The others grab her wrists and turn her over onto her front before he pulls Olivia on top of him. She straddles his thighs, her hips grinding in anticipation as he positions his cock at the entrance to her well-used twat. They connect and Olivia impales herself on his fleshy fuckpole, half-moaning, half-sighing as she takes in most of it with one stroke. They fuck together for a minute, with the TV star bouncing up and down on the ex-con’s womb splitter, her jiggling tits and flat stomach looking hot covered in cum and piss. The ex-con grabs her ass, getting her to slow down. Olivia leans her body down so she lays on top of him, her ass open and ready for another cock. Another man takes his place, shoving his 7-inch tube steak into her ass hard. Olivia now has two cocks in her body at once, the extraordinary feeling of fullness making her head spin, and she cums again as they starting pounding her holes relentlessly. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open, a perfect shot for a third man to take his place. Grasping her wet, sticky hair he pulls her head over so she can suck on his sizable cock, fucking her mouth deep until his balls slap her chin. Olivia stretches out her arms, her hands apparently searching for something to hold onto. She finds it almost immediately, as the last two men get their dicks within grasping range and she wraps each hand around one, jerking them.

This is a sight to behold: the gorgeous Olivia Wilde, spectacularly naked and covered in fuck fluids, using every part of her body she can to pleasure five horny men. Several times they switch positions with each other so that each of them can get a chance with at least two of her holes. Olivia is in heaven at this point, being at the center of a perverse carousel with cocks from all sides, her body shaking from the continuous orgasms she’s experiencing as she is made airtight again and again.

Finally the five men, sensing their boiling points coming on, withdraw their cocks somewhat reluctantly, leaving Olivia crumpled on the floor, breathing heavy with a glazed look in her blue-green eyes. She lies there for a minute, catching her breath before pulling herself up into a kneeling position. her ass on her heels. Taking a proffered large glass pitcher, she holds it against her chest and looks at the men surrounding her as they jerk their pricks, two dozen hard cocks all pointing her way and ready to blow their loads (many of them for the second time). They’ve all had a chance to have their way with her, pounding her holes and watching Olivia sexually debase herself in front of everyone. And now it was time for the finale.

“Come on, you nasty motherfuckers,” she says in her throaty voice that drives men wild. “You all fucked me stupid and treated me like a goddamn gutter whore. Now finish it off–shoot your cum and your piss all over me. Make me fucking drink it and shower in it! I want down my throat and in my cunt and my ass! I want it so fucking bad–you dirty, sick fucks, just FUCKING DO IT!”

Her voice is almost a feral scream at this point and though she is physically exhausted, her eyes still have a animalistic glint in them as she goads them into emptying their balls and bladders onto and into her. The men closest to Olivia start cumming, a white torrent of semen flying at her from all sides. She lifts her chin, her mouth open, and sticks out her tongue to provide a target. Streamers and jets of cum splatter her face, streak her hair, cover her neck and tits, and roll down her stomach. Quite a bit manages to get into the pitcher she’s holding, and she spits whatever lands in her mouth into the pitcher as well, the mixture of semen and spit foaming past her lips and chin into the container.

A few more men crowd in to start cumming onto the sperm-covered TV star as the men who’ve finished squeezing out the last few drops of cum into Olivia’s pitcher start pissing, their hot yellow jets spraying her like fire hoses. The piss shower mixes with the thick man goo on her skin, and globules run down her body, dripping onto the floor and into the pitcher, which is also collecting a fair amount of urine. Some men finish urinating early, and they move aside so the men behind them can start cumming on the slimy slut.

Olivia is getting a continuous shower of cum and piss now, and while she’s enjoying her bath, using one hand to rub it into her skin, she still wants more. “I said I wanted cum and piss inside me, you assholes!” she yells. Two guys hurry forward, one of them sticking his pissing cock in her mouth so she can swallow it down while the other lifts her ass up off her heels, shoves half of his cock inside her butt, and jerks it off so that his cum shoots up into her bowels. He then starts pissing up there as well, the hot urine feeling exhilarating in her ass as another man empties his ball juice down her throat.

Olivia takes two more bladderfuls of urine inside her bowels before it starts overflowing, and she uses both hands to try and hold her ass shut. The pitcher is on the ground in front of her, which is close to half-full with the yellow-white mixture. She gets to her feet, still clenching her butthole and holding her asscheeks together with her hands. Squatting slightly over the pitcher, she relaxes her muscle control and lets the piss pour out of her ass into the pitcher, filling it the rest of the way. She has to strain and push a few times for the rest of it to squirt out, and the urine buried deep in her butt gives the cum-piss mixture a dark texture. Most of the men are completely spent at this point, having had the greatest fuck of their lives, and as there are only a few men left who still have to release and relieve themselves, she gets them to jerk their cum into the pitcher, giving the foul mixture within a foamy look on top, and chugs their piss down direct from their cocks.

Seeing that all the men are fully satisfied, she picks up the pitcher in both hands, careful not to spill a drop. For the first time since before the scene began, she looks directly into the camera and addresses the audience.

“Hi, I’m Olivia Wilde, voted #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2009, and this has been my first ever Dirty Movie.” Flashing a brilliant smile, she raises the pitcher above her head and leans her head back. Opening her mouth as wide as she can, she tilts the pitcher over slowly, and the foul concoction of urine and sperm starts pouring out. It quickly fills her mouth and overflows in a wide river down her body, and she greedily swallows a few mouthfuls of it. Tilting the pitcher even further, more piss and cum drenches her face and hair, matting it to her head. She drops her head down and lets the rest of it shower her form like she’s under a waterfall. The pitchers empties out and she reaches her hand in to scrub the inside of it before pulling her hand out and rubbing it all over her wet face.

As a closer, she sets the pitcher aside, leans down to the floor, and begin licking up the globules of piss-soaked cum off the concrete, her beautiful eyes still fixed on the camera while she does this. She shows off how much she has collected on her tongue before swallowing it. Giving one last smile, she blows a kiss as the scene fades out.

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