Dirty Politics 1: The Love That *Truly* Dare Not Speak it’s Name

This is not meant to portray any real life behavior of either the Bush or Kerry daughters. Nor do I believe Secret Service agents act as portrayed in the story. This is a fantasy and satire. If you can’t deal with this fact then don’t read the following story.

Although this occurs in the same universe as the Church of Fucking, the CoF’s involvement is peripheral and this is intended to be the beginning of a new series so I put it under it’s own heading.

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It had started
with the fanmail. Alexandra Kerry hadn’t been too surprised to receive bundles of mash notes, both in e-mail and snail mail form after appearing ion a see-through dress at the Cannes Film Festival. Most of them were dealt with by her personal assistant, Charlene.

However two days after returning home she caught Charlene in a compromising position involving one of the e-mails. This was to change her life forever.

She walked into her office, located at home to see her aide, a petite, redhead bearing a striking resemblance to a twenty-something Cynthia Nixon with her skirt pulled down and her hand inside her panties, rubbing furiously.


Charlene’s face turned redder than her hair and generally assumed the expression of someone who wanted to die.

“I’m…sorry Miss Kerry, I…I…”

“*What* were you reading?”

“Umm, a piece of your fanmail.” SHe hesitated then said in a whisper, “You have got to read this Miss Kerry…it’s sooo…”

Curious, she looked over Charlene’s shoulder. It read:

‘My dear, hot, sweet Alexandra’ began the letter,

‘When I saw those beautiful nipples of yours, popping through that sexy dress,

I knew I wanted my mouth and hands on them, sucking, carressing and pinching

them. I wanted to tear that dress off with my teeth and bury my face in your cunt

I wanted your fingers, no your whole fist in my pussy. I want to feel my fingers

digging into your tight ass and yours digging into mine as we eat each other. I

want to fuck and fuck and fuck until we’re both exhausted and have had so many

screaming orgasms that neither of us can talk.’

It was signed ‘The First Fangirl’

By the time she finished reading it Alexandra was trembling with suppressed emotion. Unconciously her hands had moved to Charlene’s shoulders and were kneading them. When she noticed, she pulled back.

“Sorry…I didn’t…I mean…”

Charlene smiled. She had rather enjoyed the impromptu massage. “It’s okay.”

“It’s just that…” without realizing it she leaned in towards her assistant until her mouth was just inches from hers. “It was so…”

“Hot…I know,” whispered Charlene. Before either of them was aware of what they were doing their mouth met and their tongues were sliding and wrestling against each other. Charlene’s skirt finished it’s path off her hips and onto the ground, taking her panties with it.

Like many children raised in a boarding school environment Alexandra had experimented with other girls and repeated the experimentation in college but didn’t really consider herself bisexual, much less a lesbian. Still she hadn’t been able to help noticing the slender curves and sexy legs of her assistant and now that Charlene had come out of her seat, skirt falling to the floor, and pressed herself against the length of her body she noticed them more than ever before.


“Please, call me Alexandra. Alex would be even better.”

“As long as it’s not Al,” Charlene joked. “And don’t call me Charlie.”

They kissed again. Charlene, with Alexandra’s help pulled her boss’ tight sweater off revealing firm, medium sized breasts in a black lacy bra. Her mouth sucked on Alexandra’s already hard nipples even while unlatching the breasts from their confinement. Alexandra’s own hands were fumbling with the button’s of her aide’s blouse.

“Rip it off,” said Charlene in a voice half growl, half purr. After a second’s hesitation Alexandra complied. Soon her hands were exploring her assistant’s smaller, rose tipped titties. “Miss Kerry” ran her fingers through her new partner’s thick red triangle of fur ten slipped a finger inside her moist, willing slit.

“Ohhh, fuck Alex!”

“Don’t worry, we will soon enough,” she replied with a smile. She took her finger and and slowly licked it clean while the younger woman watched raptly. Then she took her employee by the hand and led her out of the office and into her bedroom. When they got there, she sprawled onto the bed, leaving her long, jeans covered legs dangling over the adge like an invitation.

It was and invitation that was soon picked up and acted on. Charlene knelt before the woman who was now her mistress in every sense of the term and pulled off her boots. She then lifted one foot to her mouth and licked the sole producing an uncharactristic giggle. She then proceeded to lavish the toes, arch and instep with kisses.

While watching these devotions Alexandra pushed her jeans and the silver thong beneath them down below her hips and started thrusting her fingers eagerly in and out. Charlene pulled the clothes the reat of the way off then applied her lips and tongue to her new lover’s inner thighs.

“Mmmm…oooo…Ohhh!” Alexandra moaned as the redhead reached the narrow dark belt of hair framing her lower lips The first teasing licks turned to powerful tonguethrusts. Her legs came up to lock around slender shoulder, hands knotted into fists and arms braced themselves on the bed as her eye rolled in her head with wild delight. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she came. She fell back onto the bed, barely aware of her surroundings as Charlene climbed up next to her, holding her and covering her face, neck, shoulders and tits with kisses.

“Middle right dresser drawer,” she gasped. By the time her lover had gone there, taken out the vibrator buried beneath the panties and returned, Alexandra had recovered from her climax. She took the vbrator and pulled her aide down on top of her. Their tongues and limbs intertwined as they wrestled playfully, the older, larger woman winding up on top. As her mouth roamed over the lean redhead’s body the vibrator entered between her legs. This response was immediate and enthusiastic.

“Ohhhhhh! FUCK! Alex, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK MEEEEE!”

Alexandra positioned herself between her fuck buddy’s legs and worked the vibrator in and out, varying speed and and intensity to the music of Charlenes moans and whimpers of pleasure while masturbating herself to another climax. Finally the two women collapsed into an exhausted and satisfied tangle.

* * * * * *

That night Alexandra created a second computer identity for herself and replied to the e-mail that had started it all. She had not asked Chalene to stay. As her assistant, Charlene understood, no matter what her heart might be saying. It was all very well for Dick CHeney to have a lesbian daughter because it showed his supposed compassion. For her to be outed would be a revalation of “liberal decadence”. She had kissed Charlene slowly and passionatly and told her that this could never happen again. Charlene knew that a substantial raise would also be coming her way soon as a result and consoled herself with that.

‘To First Fangirl,

Or should I say To the sweetest hottest sexiest little fuck, I’ve never met? Your letter has inspired me to heights of horniness I never knew existed. I’m fingerfucking myself just thinking about you. Please, please, please keep writing.

Alexandra Kerry

Thus began a rather bizaare correspondence. Alexandra and First Fangirl exchanged both letters and pictures, even though she knew the political dangers of it, confiding only in her sister Vanessa who quikly told her she was insane but kept her silence. First Fangirl’s pictures only showed her from the neck down revealing a slightly zaftig body and a lush blond pussy but never her face. Untill the night of the MTV Video Music Awards.

* * * * * *

Two nights before the Awards Jeremy, the Secret Service agent assigned to her brought her a package. It had of course already been opened, examined and reclosed because it was an anonymous package with no return address. She knew however that she could trust to his discretion. The Secret Service was legendary for it even more than most people realized. In fact the SS’s nickname, used only by themselves and their “packages” was the SSS, Secret Sex service. No one outside the service would ever know that beneath their Stepford Wife exteriors that Pat and Julie Nixon had been tigers in the sack. Nor would outsider’s ever learn the identity of the legendary agent who had taken Amy Carter’s cherry in 1978 and then Chelsea Clinton’s 15 years later. To this day female agents cursed Bill Clinton for a fool. If he’d simply come to one of them he probably would have wound up serving a third term. Jeremy and Vanessa’s agent, Ron, both knew of the existence of First Fangirl and indeed of her identity but had, once deciding that no security risk was involved decided to let Alexadra learn it in her own good time.

When Alexandra opened the huge package she found four things: An envelope, a heart shape box of chocolates, a multi-colored bouquet of roses and a small box containing a lock of blond hair. The card in the box said “From my pussy”, the one one attached to the roses said “from my heart”. The envelope contained a perfumed note saying “See you after the awards. Wear THE DRESS!” a street map of Miami, directions to a building and what to do when she got there.

* * * * * *

“Are you sure this is wise, Miss Kerry?”

“You checked out the neighborhood this is in right?”

“Yes, and the building and the owners of the building, a CoF Inc.”

“And I’ll be followed to the building right?”

“Of course”

“Well then, be a good, boy, let me go on my date and go collect your reward.”

The reward in question was waiting in the room next to Alexandra’s and consisted of her sister Vanessa. When Jeremy went through the connecting door she was still wearing the low-cut black dress she’d worn to the awards but her panties had been pulled off and her mouth was on the eight-inch cock of his partner Ron. Ron was a wiry Italian who’s overall build belied the size of his schlong. Jeremy on the other hand was a muscularr black man. As he started to strip Vanessa looked up and smiled.

“Ooh! Some chocolate to go with my vanilla.”

“I think I’m more like pistachio,” interjected Ron.

“Maybe you shouldn’t use words,” replied his partner.

“As long as he uses *this*” said Vanessa, giving his cock a stroke, “I don’t really care. Now get on over here”. Now naked, Jeremy happily complied. The blond Kerry sister took one cock in each hand and demonstrated her ambidexterity, stroking both agents off at the same time. To their dissapointment she didn’t have two tongues and had to alternate licking each of them. Before either of them could cum she pulled back and reclined on the bed with a smile.

“You know guys, maybe the one who’s daddy might be the next President should be the one getting the attention.”

The two agents shared a look. Neither of them expected that to happen, Kerry just wasn’t agressive enough, but she had a point. Besides, whether she was on them, or they were on her, it was all win/win right? Soon Ron’s hands and mouth were on Vanessa’s prominent breasts while Jeremy’s head was between her legs, tongue lashing up and down, then in and out.

“Ooh, yes, oh yes, keep that tongue going. Fuck yes!” She slowly retreated until she was sitting up against the headboard. Ron and Jeremy then switched positions, the black agent standing up on the bed, his own massive cock poised in front of the liberal temptress’ pouting lips while his Caucasian cohorts cock pushed into her moist cunt. Both agents pumped her in an alternating rythm that had her spasming in ecstacy even as they both came in her.

“Hmmm, now I *really* hope daddy wins,” Vanessa cooed as she relaxed, sandwiched between the two government issue hardbodies, their hands running up and down both her back and front, “That way I get to keep you two around me for four whole years.”

* * * * * *

Meanwhile Alexandra had been dropped off at what looked like a nondescript, slightly seedy apartment building. Odd, she’d been expecting a hotel of some kind. she went in the door and again the corridor while clean looked slightly rundown. She began to get nervous and wondered if this was a setup of some kind. She did not notice the well concealed security cameras observing her every move.

When she reached the elevator she saw a state of the art touchpad inconguous with the reast of the surroundings. She took a deep breath and let it out, giving her unknown watchers an appreciated look at her bosom, clad as requested in the Cannes Awards dress,and nothing else. Coming to a decision she entered the code she’d been given and the elevator opened.

Inside, the elevator was completly at odds with what she’d seen of the building so far. The inside was a gilded mirror finish. There was no keypad for the floors, just a speaker grill. The was a door both on the front and back.

“State purpose of visit please.” The voice was a pleasant alto.

“What? Umm, I’m here to meet someone I guess. Who are you? What *is* this place?”

“Who are you here to visit? Who I am isn’t important Alexandra. This place exists so that people who want to avoid the prejudices of the mass media can meet in privacy and safety.”

“Uh huh,” she said, still dubious. “Okay, I’m supposed to see someone called “The First Fan”

“Ah yes, it’s listed here. Hold on and I’ll bring you to your room.”

“Um, don’t you mean floor. not room?”

“‘I meant what I said and I said what I meant.’ I’ve always been a fan of Dr. Seuss.”

The elevator started moving. Interestingly, it went down not up and for a considerable distance. Then after it stopped it started moving horizontally.

“What kind of elevator *is* this?”

“I call it my Wonkavator. Some people call it ‘the Fuckavator’ but I like Wonkavator better”

“Roald Dahl fan too?” Bemusedly, Alexandra began to wonder if this clandestine meeting place for the rich, famous and horny was being run by a pre-teen.

“Well, more of the movie than the book.”

Finally the “Wonkavator” came to a stop and the doors opened. The corridor she exited into was totally at odds with the slightly rundown exterior of the building. It was lavishly carpeted and ecorated and had all the marks of a luxury hotel. She was directly infront of a door.

“Exit and knock please.”

When she did she her avoice that was distantly familiar say “Come in hon!”

She entered. Her gaze panned up the body, clad in a silver silk thong and matching spaghetti string top. Up voluptuous thighs and plaesantly curved torso, past full ripe breasts and onto a slightly plump and all too familiar face.

“YOU!?! What is this, some kind of wierd joke?” For the person in front of her, her First Fan, the woman with whom she’d shred masturbatory fantasies was none other then Jenna Bush, daughter of her father’s arch-rival. Jenna, who had been posed artfully on the rooms bed got up and crawled off the bed and onto the floor.

“Only a joke of fate, baby.” As she advanced, Alexandra backed against the door. She knew she should run from the scene but the Bush girl’s slow stalking held her mesmerized.

“I couldn’t believe it either.” By now she had reached the object of her affection andgot up on her knees. She ran her hands up under the filmy black skirt and rubbed them carressingly up and down her reluctant loves thighs and calves. “But as soon as I saw that bod, those tits, I was hooked.”

“Who else knows?”

The hands had pushed up her dress and now the young blond wench’s lips were softly, slowly driving Alexandra wild as they flirted near but never quite made it to her sexual core, barely covered by her now soaked panties.

“Just Barb. I needed her help to cover for me.”

“Mmmmm, let me guess, she’s…”

“Fucking my Secret Service agent as we speak. Your sister too?” She now pulled down the panties down past the garter belt and down to the ankles.

“Unh…uhhuh.” Jenna’s tongue started licking flirtatiously around the edges of her pussylips and all resistance collapsed. “Okay, you win! I don’t care if you’re a Republican, I don’t care if you’re a fucking Libertarian! Just shove that tongue in me!!” As Jenna happily complied Alexandra saw a motto engraved over the bed and realized it’s truth, “Only Fucking Matters”. As her orgasm started to build she would have *voted* Republican just to keep that tongue in her, though she wasn’t quite far gone enough to say so. She slid to the ground. legs apart, Jenna continueing gamely to lick and suck away as shivers of pleasure washed through her. Finally the wave peaked as her eyes rolled up in her head and a thread of drool escaped her lips. When she was finally able to talk she gasped, “How did a conservative…”

“Get so good at eating pussy?” Alexandra nodded weakly, still recovering. “Who said I was a conservative?” She jerked her head toward the saying over the bed. “Learn that. Learn it and learn to love it, because it’s true. The Left is so proud of it’s sexual openess,” she said with a smirk, “Let’s see if you can back that up.” With that she pulled off her top and offered her ample bosom to her liberal lover’s lips. The older woman responded eagerly, fingers and lips sucking, tweaking and caressing. Soon, small moans of passion were escaping the blond girl as Alexandra covered her body with her own. She came off Jenna’s body just long enough to remove what was left of the dress and to take a vibrator from her purse. She then slowly pulled off her partner’s thong panties and pushed it in. Jenna arched her back as the buzzing dildo entered, only her shoulders and butt remaining on the floor. At the same time she was working the vibrator in and out of the nation’s second highest ranked cunt Alexandra mouth roamed up and down her fair lush body.

“OH! Oh fuck! Yesss, YESSSSSS! Work it, WORK IT!!!” Jenna shuddered and writhed as she came. Finally the two women cuddled together licking the sweat off each other.

Alexandra chuckled. “We never even made it to the bed.”

“Oh, we will, trust me, the night’s just started. That’s if, you have the energy.”

Alexandra smiled. “Oh I think I do. Course you reralize, this doesn’t change anything politically. My dad is still going to kick your dad’s butt.”

“Would you like to make a little wager on that?”

To Be Continued

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