Dirty Politics 2: The Bet

By: Tricksterson

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Codes: FF, MMFF, FFF, anal, BDSM, inc, oral

Celebs: Alexandra and Vanessa Kerry, Barbara and Jenna Bush

Disclaimer: This is fiction and fantasy with a little bit of satire thrown in. No disrepect is intended towards any of the women in this story not do I think they engage in any of the activities portrayed here (But if if you do ladies, hey give me a call)

Note, this takes place a month or two after the 2004 election.

Dirty Politics 2: The Bet

“You lost me in a *bet*!?!?” yelled Vanessa Kerry to her sister. Normally she was the calmer, less flamboyant of the two sisters but right now she was furious.

“Welll,” said Alexandra weakly, “I thought sure Dad would win, didn’t you?”

There was no answer to this. It had of course been an article of faith in their family that their pater familias would win. After all, everyone *they* knew had supported him.

“Pleassse, Vanni?” Alexandra pleaded, using her pet name for her sister. “It’ll be fun, I promise.” Both sisters were sitting on the couch in Vanessa’s Washington apartment. Alexandra was wearing a white turtleneck that clung tightly to her lean figure and a short black leather skirt that showed off her long legs to advantage. Vanessa was dressed more casually in a pink t-shirt and tight designer jeans.

“In fact,” she said in a purring voice as she slid across the couch to press her body against her sister’s, “the fun could start right now.”

“Slut,” said Vanessa fondly. Just as, until Alexandra’s affair with Jenna Bush had started, neither sister had been a lesbian but had flirted around the edges of it, neither had ever engaged in incest but had come close more than once through the years, from cuddling in bed together as teens, exploring their growin bodies to stress relieving backrubs during their father’s various campaigns that had turned into light makeout sessions. But they’d never gone beyond kissing, sometimes with, sometimes without tongue and some through-the-clothes breast rubbing.

Until now


Although they’d never had sex *with* each other the Kerry sisters had seen each other naked and sweaty on more than one occasion. It had not been long into the past campaign before they had discovered that it provided not only protetive services but discrete sexual ones as well. Both Kerry women had made enthusiastic use of these often swapping off partners casually. More than once Vanessa had avidly watched Alexandra’s arms and legs wrapping around one of the agents assigned to them while the other ate her out skillfully, and vice versa.

“And proud of it,” Alexandra answered, her tongue licking her sister’s neck as one hand cupped Vanessa’s right tit.

“Aliiii,” moaned Vanessa, using her own pet name for her sister in a tone that mingled protest and pleading in it’s tone. Whatever else she might have said was cut off as “Ali’s” lips clamped onto hers and her sister’s tongue invaded her mouth.

When they came up for air, Alexandra asked, in a husky voice, “Well?” Her sister just nodded, whether to what they were doing now or what Alexandra had planned for later the older kerry women didn’t know but decided to act as if her sister had assented to both. The truth was that Alexandra *was* the family slut and *was* damned proud of it. She would have cheerfully fucked her sister years ago but Vanessa had worried about how it would affect their father’s career. But now that career had effectively peaked. Oh, he might make another run but neither party had renominated a presidential election loser since Nixon and their father wasn’t likely to be the man to reverse that trend.

Or maybe Vanessa was just hornier than usual because after she’d let Alexandra remove her t-shirt and bra and her sister was greedily sucking on her C-Cup tits she slid a hand up Ali’s thigh and began rubbing her sister through the thin fabric of her panties.

“Mmmmm,” Alexandra moaned, “Take ’em off, Vanni, take ’em off!” Her sister didn’t just pull but positively ripped them off and soon had two fingers thrusting vigorously into Alexandra’s pussy. Ali’s own hands were busy unzipping and pulling down her sister’s jeans.

“Mmmm, yess, oh YESSSS!” screamed Alexandra as she came, arching her back and pushing herself ever harder onto Vanessa’s fingers, another of which had joined the first two in her snatch. As she lay recovering the younger Kerry licked her sister’s juices off her fingers then got up and went into her bedroom. When Alexandra made to get up she shook her head.

“You stay there, I’ll be right back.”

Sure that their fun wasn’t over yet Alexandra stripped off her clothes and waited, legs spread.

When she returned Vanessa had also shed the remainder of her clothes and was carrying a large vibrator. She looked at her sister’s spread legs and shook her head.

“Oh no,” she said firmly, “You had your fun. My turn now.”

Alexandra sighed and nodded. Fair was fair. Vanessa sat down next to her and they once more traded spit while Alex took the vibrator, turned onto low and ran it over her sister’s rosy nipples. At the same time Vanessa’s hands were all over her sibling’s body, one hand exploring her breasts the other back between her legs. Ali leaned forward to lick and suck Vanessa’s tits while inserting the vibrator into her blonde thatched slit.

“OHHH! Good Gawdd!” howled the blond Kerry as her sister put it on full speed and worked it in and out of her cunt. At the same time her fingers were moving Alexandra tward a second climax. Soon both sisters were cumming simultaneously, clutchiing at each other in a frenzy.

As they slowly unwound from each other Alexandra leaned back and groped for her hand bag and took out a cell phone to call her lover, Jenna. After she made the appointment she saw her sister staring at her.


Are you crazy, using a cell phone? Don’t you know how easy they are to listen in on and trace?”

“One use, throwaway phone. I buy them in bulk.” Alexandra replied. She reached for a silver plated hammer that her sister, a Beatles fan, used for cracking nuts and used it to smash the phone she’d just used.


“Well?” asked asked Barbara Bush, looking up from between her sister’s creamy white thighs, face dripping with Jenna’s juices.

“They’re coming. And if you get back down to where you belong so can I.” Unlike the Kerrys, the Bush sisters had been lovers since they were twelve. Jenna in fact had popped her sister’s cherry with a strapon for their fifteenth brithday, a favor Barbara couldn’t return since Jenna had lost her physical virginity at thirteen to the entire Bush mansion grounds crew.

Dutifully Barbara returned to eating her sister’s twat with more than satisfying results.

“Ohhh yeahhhh! Oh Gawdd! CUMMMING!!!” screamed Jenna, her fingers clutching at her sister’s hair.

As they lay in each others arms afterward Barbara said, “you know we’re going to need Bob and Rolf’s help in this don’t you?” Bob and Rolf, a pair of cousins who bore a strong resemblance to Norse gods were the agents in charge of both protecting them and “taking care” of them in other ways.

“Of course. What do you have in mind?”

“Anal,” Barbara replied causing her sister to make a face. Barbara was one of those relatively few women who actually enjoyed anal sex. Jenna didn’t mind it occasionally but her sister almost seemed to prefer it to vaginal. In fact, while she still didn’t mind the occasional meat missile inside her, Jenna had been turning more and more into a “woman’s woman” since she’d met Alexandra. But she assented anyway.

Barbara reached out and thumbed the intercom that connected to the hall outside their room where Bob and Rolf waited. “Ohhh boyyys, we neeeed you,” she said in a faked preorgasmic moan.

When the two agents entered the twins’ suite the first thing they saw were the shapely bums of the Bush sisters. Both women were on all fours and facing away from the doors. It didn’t take long for the two agents to shed their pants, shorts and jackets, leaving on their shirts because to do otherwise would have meant taking off their shoulder holsters and the one thing a Treasury agent *never* did was disarm while on duty, no matter *what* the circumstances.

Rolf went over to the end table where a jar of Vaseline had been conveniently placed while Bob, wanting oral satisfaction first went to the front. He stood between the two lovelies and let them lick up and down his eight inch cock. Jenna reached out and pulled him gently towards her, expertly sucking Bob’s tool while her sister closed her eyes in pleasure as Rolf stuck first one, then two fingers up her asshole. Bob, waited until he was almost ready to cum then pulled out and moved to Jenna’s rear.

“So, Miss Bush,” he asked, rubbing his long, hard rod against her plump, round buttocks, “where would you prefer it?” He and his cousin were well aware of the two sisters sexual prferences and he wanted to give her the choice.

“Where ever you want to put it, Bob. Just put it in sooon!”

At the same time Barbara made no bones about where she wanted Rolf’s own eight inches, reaching one hand behind her to spread her ass cheeks to welcome his dick.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed as he entered her butthole. “Yess! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!”

Meanwhile Bob had decided to be merciful to his charge and was doing her doggy style but in her vagina, not her ass.

“Mmmm,” Jenna moaned appreciatively as he thrust hard and deep into her, “niiice!” As the cousins pounded into the sisters, Jenna and Barbara leaned towards each other, locking lips and tangling tongues as each moved closer and closer to cumming. Barbara lowered her head and was gobbling on her sister’s full round tits when Jenna raised her head and gave a wordless howl as she and Bob came together. Fortunately, like all male agents assigned to female charges Bob and Rolf had both been given vasectomies. Shortly Rolf also came, squirting cum both into and out of her anal canal.

“So, Miss Bush,” Rolf asked as he cleaned his member, “what do you and your sister want us to cover you for. He knew the offer of anal sex, especially from Janna meant that the twins wanted a hefty favor.

“Well boys,” replied Janna, “here’s the story…”


Hello Alex and Vanessa,” came the pleasant alto voice of Eros, the artificial intelligence that ran the logistical side of CoF Inc., the company that owned the underground chain of nightclubs and hostels catering to the carnal tendenciesof the world’s elite, as the Kerry sisters stepped into the sleek, ultramodern interior of what, from the outside, looked like a delapitated elevator serving an equally seedy building.

“Are they here, yet?” asked Alexandra as Vanessa, who’d never been to a CoF facility before, looked disturbed as the elevator car shifted from vertical movement to lateral.

“Jenna and Barbara are both waiting for you in the suite.”

After they got of the elevator but before they went to the room the Bush twins were waiting in the Kerry girls stopped in at one of the changing rooms that the hotel kept for those guests who wanted to dress up. Alexandra decided to stick with the blue velvet minidress, no bra beneath, black silk stockings and garter belt she’d come in but Vanessa decided to opt for a white, furr-trimmed leotard and matching hip length leather boots.

When they followed the glowing arrows down several corridors and entered the appropriate suite they saw that the Bush sisters must also have stopped for a costume change. Jenna wore a white corset and iridescent knee socks. Barbara on the other hand….

“Uh oh,” went both Kerry sisters when they saw how the brunette Bush girl was dressed. She was wearing knee length, knee high boots, matching, elbow length gloves and corset with push-up bra, all in black. A line of steel studs went up each side of the corset and another spike formed the “nipple” of each breast of the bra. To top it off she was carrying a nasty looking riding crop and was tapping it impatiently in the palm of one hand.

“On your knees!” she barked, intending to establish right away who was in charge. Alex looked at Vanessa who just smiled weakly and mouthed “Do as she says.” First Alexandra and then Vanessa obeyed. They noticed that both corsets were crotchless and that neither of the Bushes wore panties. As the Republican vixens walked towards them Alexandra happily applied lips and tongue to her lady love’s moist and eagerly offered pussy.

Not so her sister. Vanessa had no problem eating bush, or even Bush but she had no intention of playing bottom. Barbara realized this when she pulled back from her proffered pussy and decided to show that she wasn’t kidding around. Moving surprisingly fast she went behind Vanessa, grabbed her medium length blond hair and pulled it painfully, bringing a cry of pain from her victim. Another, louder, shriek came as she slapped the riding crop hard against the other woman’s buttocks.

At her sister’s screams Alexandra raised her head from between her lover’s thigh, much to Jenna’s chagrin.

“Pleeease! I neeed you! She won’t *really* hurt her.”

Her father’s daughter Alexandra put off doing anything, telling herself that she’d keep an ear open. This became nigh impossible however when Jenna started coming and clamped her thighs down around her head.

“Good horsey,” said Barbara mockingly as she forced Vanessa down to her hands and knees and straddled her back then leaned forward to stroke and kiss the back of her neck. See, it doesn’t have to hurt.” Indeed the feel of the Bush woman’s belly and breasts pressed against her back was making her nipples harden and sending a tingle through her body. This only increased when Barbara’s hands went down to pinch and tease her tits, bringing a soft moan from her lips.

“Roll over,” the brunette dominatrix commanded. Vanessa obeyed but couldn’t stop herself from asking, “Am I a horse or a dog? Ow!” This last came as the riding crop was smacked down hard on her belly.

“You’re whatever I say you are! And call me Mistress!” Whatever reply, smartass or servile that Vanessa might have made to this was stifled as Barbara ground her pussy down onto her face.

By this time Alexandra was in a state where she would have barely noticed if Barbara had killed and eaten her sister. She and Jenna had moved to one of the two massive beds which had turned out to be a water bed and they were busy making waves. Jenna had pulled off her lover’s skirt and was pushing a vibrator in and out of her throbbing cunt while she and Alex eagerly explored each other’s bodies with hands, lips and tongues.

“Ohhhh! Fuccck!” screamed Alexandra. “Work that pussy! *Work* it!”

These orgasmic howls were echoed from the floor where Barb was still riding Vanessa’s face. “Ohhh, oh GODDD! That’s it! Good little bitch! Goooodd!” After cumming she dismounted and smiled as she wiped her cream off of Vanessa’s lips and then licked it off her fingers.

“Do you want to cum now, sweet little bitch?” she asked. Vanessa, adjusting to her role nodded eagerly.

“Say it!”

“Make me cum Mistress! make me cum hard! Pleeease!”

“Good little bitch, you stay right there.” Barbara staggered up off the floor and went to a wardrobe where she extracted and put on a huge strapon. From their bed Alexandra and Jenna watched, fascinated, while they fondled and masturbated each other. Barbara returned and watched as her slave peeled off her leotard, exposing her sopping wet vagina then, at barbara’s command took the dildo and pushed it against her labia.

“Yes, that’s it, guide it in. little slut. You like my cock in you, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress! I want it sooo much!” moaned Vanessa as the big artificial cock entered her. “Thank you. Thank you for making me your little bitch!’

‘Just like my daddy did to yours,’ thought Barbara to herself but didn’t say. there was after all a limit to what the other woman would put up with and she was having way too good a time to end it here. Not to mention that if Alexandra left too She’d *never* hear the end of it from Jenna.

‘Yes,’ she thought and smiled as she rocked back and forth inside Vanessa’s cunt and felt her bottom’s legs wrap aropund her hips and her fingers digging into her back. ‘Waaay too much fun to stop now.’ After Vanessa came she pulled slowly out then brought the false penis to the other woman’s lips to be licked clean, then pressed the riding crop first to her own lips then to Vanessa’s as token of her supremacy.


Weeks later Alex called Vanessa and told her that “Barb” had been asking for her.

“So, want another date?”

“Once was fun but once was also enough. Democrats are Democrats and Republicans are Republicans and never the twain should meet”

“Speak for yourself.”

“I do. Believe me, I do.”

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