Dirty Politics 5: Fucking Royalty

Title: Dirty Politics 5: Fucking Royalty

Author: Tricksterson

Celebs: Barbara Bush, Princess Beatrice Windsor, Princess Eugenie Windsor, Jenna Bush, Prince William Windsor

Codes: MFFFF, anal, ATM (Happy now Cosmo?), cons, inc oral, orgy, toys

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and of satire. I do not for a minute believe that any of the people portrayed here act as I portray them and neither should you. If you don’t like what I write don’t read it, simple as that. Now go away.

“Now we can get the real party started,” said Princess Eugenie,
birthday girl of the day as she entered her bedroom, followed by her sister Beatrice and their very special guests, Jenna and Barbara Bush. All had been dressed formally for the official party but that hadn’t lasted. The English royal family had a long and hallowed tradition of kinky behavior stretching across dynasties all the way back to Aethelred the Crossdesser in the 8th Century. As part of catering to these needs Buckingham Palace had a large and sumptuously supplied costume department. It was a reputation widely known but never talked about in the circles of the rich and powerful since those circles had secrets of their own they didn’t want exposed. One of the few things neither Bush twin had ever fucked was royalty so they had petitioned their dad to “show the flag” at the event, Eugenie’s 18th birthday, making sure ahead of time that the two other sisters knew what they had planned. Their proposal had been greeted with enthusiastic acceptance.

All were dressed identically except the birthday girl, allowing for color variations. All wore garter belts, hose and zipup corsets (because noone wanted to waste time getting naked) that exposed their breasts down to the nipple, Beatrice in midnight blue, Barbara in burgundy, Jenna in white. Eugenie, was dressed almost the same, in black but with the addition of a huge plastic strapon.

“All right, you bitches,” which both Bush women thought sounded so much sexier in a cultured British accent, “I’m in charge here.”

“Channeling cousin Harry are we?,” said her sister. Both girls gave a slight shudder. Neither minded a little BDSM but Prince Harry tended to go a little *too* far. With him you needed not only a safe word but a stun gun. William on the other hand either would have married in a minute if they could have. Not only was he as sweet as it was possible to be but he had a massive penis and knew how to use it.

Looking away from her sister Eunice saw that her two American guests had gotten down on their knees and were looking at her expectantly.

“You see?,” she said to Beatrice, “Some people know how to behave.”

The two American sisters looked at each other, smiled and then Barbara said, “How may we serve you, your Majesty?”

Eugenie smiled. ‘Your Majesty’ , she liked that even if it was never likely to happen in real life. She pointed to Jenna. “Unzip me.” As Jenna obeyed she took the liberty of kissing the back of the other woman’s neck to her obvious pleasure. As the corset hit the floor the young royal cupped her small breasts and then sat down on a larger and more elaborate than usual chair. Beatrice had a matching one in her room and both sisters reffered to them semi-jokingly as “the thrones”.

When she was seated she motioned Jenna over and pressed the Presidential daughter’s eager mouth to one tit. She looked at Barbara and spread her legs. “You my dear may do your service between these. Barbara got off her knees and onto all fours, crawling over and licking up the royal thighs, alternating between right and left.

“And what about me?” Beatrice said archly.

“Well I have two tits don’t I?” Her sister rolled her eyes but complied sucking away cheerfuly at her siblings breasts while Eugenie groped both her ass and Jenna’s. At the same time Barbara reached her crotch and gave the strapon a long, slow lick up it’s length while reaching underneath to slip two of her fingers into the royal pussy.

“Mmmm, good little peasant wench you are.” Her sister rolled her eyes again at this bit of role playing but moved her mouth from her tit to her lips, as much to shut her younger sister up as anything else while her fingers took its place fondling and pinching her brown nipple. Eugenie moaned once more and arched her back as Jenna turned it into a threeway kiss while sending her fingers down to join her sister’s in the royal twat.

Much as she was enjoying the attention from her “subjects” the lady of the moment had something more proactive in mind. Gently she pushed away her sister and Jenna and, pulling Barbara’s head off her cock looked into the Brunette Bush daughter’s eyes and said, “Lets fuck.” She pulled her up by the hand and brought her over to the bed but instead of bringing her onto it bent her over the edge.

Jenna and Beatrice watched this briefly then turned towards each other then locked lips as their hands started pawing at each others tits. They sank to the ground, the Brit on top and arranged themselves into a sixty-nine.

As they started licking up each others thighs Eugenie asked Barbara, “So which would you prefer, Ass or cunny?”

“Both?” the brunette Bush asked hopefully. Eugenie smiled. That was exactly what she wanted to hear. She used her knee to move the other woman’s legs a bit further apart and then pushed slowly into her pussy bringing a satisfied groan from the subject of her lust.

“Yeeeeah! Fuuuuccck meee!” The royal slut grinned and put her hands on Barbara’s hips to brace herself as she pushed further in, then closed her eyes to savor both the sensation of the dildo plug pushing into her own cunt and the sounds of her and her fucktoy’s sisters eating each other out. As she pounded away she leaned forward to press her tits on the other woman’s back and to fondle Barb’s from behind.

“Ohhh, yesss, your a good little slut aren’t you?”

“Ahhhhhyahhhhh! Fuck me your Highness, fuuuuuck meeee!”

“That’s right, you little bitch, come for your monarch!” Eugenie snarled as she pulled the other woman’s head back by her brown hair collapsing afterwards on top of her.

But Barbera still wasn’t satisified. “My ass, fuck my asss!”

“Maybe I can help with that?” came a cultured male voice from the doorway, causing Barbara, Beatrice and Eugenie all to look up, although Jenna, on the verge of cumming quickly reached up and pulled her partner’s face back down to her cunt.

“Willie!,” Eugenie cried with a grin, pulling out of her new friend. Barbara was dissapointed momentarily be was also pleased at the idea of the handsome heir-but-one to the throne joining their fun, since she tended more to men than women. That he did intend to was evidenced by the fact that he was wearing only a pair of Speedos, which barely sufficed to hide an impressive package.

To the accompaniment of Beatrice and Jenna’s muffled cries of passionate orgasm their sisters detached themselves from the bed and crawled on hands and knees to William then pulled down his briefs and started licking and kissing William’s Willie. Soon Eugenie’s head was bobbing up and down on her cousin’s shaft while Barbara sucked his balls, his hands entwined lovingly in their hair.

By the time Jenna and Beatrice came out of their orgasmic haze the other three had changed positions again. Eugenie has discarded her strapon and was lying on the plush carpet while Barbara was on all fours eating her out as William was spreading her ass, preparing the assfucking she so desperately wanted. The other two minxes sat for a moment licking their lips and then Jenna got up and crawled over to the threesome and joined her sister over the birthday girl’s cunt while spreading her legs wide to let Eugenie’s fingers and tongue have access to her own pussy.

In the meantime Beatrice went to her own room using the connecting door. Not that the palace servants would have been shocked. They were used to seeing the royal wandering the livng quarters in various states of undress and not infrequently being pulled into a bedroom to service the Mistress or Master. It was considered one of the fringe benefits although many still had nightmares about having to “take care of” the Queen Mum who had been a horny old bitch until past her Centennial.. But the two sisters liked easy access to each others beds and, like their American counterparts rarely slept seperately.

When she returned the royal slut was carrying a vibrator which she proceeded to turn on and insert into Jenna’s ass while using her free hand to rub her own pussy, causing the Presidential daughter to momentarily lift her juice dripping face from Eugenie’s twat.

“Ohhhh! Yeahhh!” she moaned before rejoining her sister’s mouth on the vagina of the youngest member of the orgy.

On the other end of the heaving mass of tumescent flesh the five young people of privelige had become William felt Barbera shuddering in orgasm and pulled out to spew his sperm along her back. Jenna, feeling her own orgasm building left her sister to minister to Eugenie’s cunt and licked the cum off.

“Ahhhhh!,” she screamed as she came and, presented with the tip of William’s cock, fresh from her sister’s ass started to lick it clean. Soon the other two orgy participants came and all collapsed into a heap of sweaty flesh.

As they started to untagle themselves, slowly and with much caressing and kissing involved Eugenie murmured “Best birthday ever.”

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