Dirty Rouge

Dirty Rogue


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Now, I know
I may not go
as far as some want but my affairs tend to be a tad more…..intimate. So, try
to imagine most
of the details of the night in question I don’t get into. Hopefully, you’ll
still like this. Enjoy.

Jerry licked his lips as he checked his console readings for the twentieth
time in the last ten
minutes. He knew everything was set but just wanted to make absolutely sure. He
had seen a lot
of stars go through the booth before him, so many he had lost count. And every
now and then, a
star or
two would get a listen to the special tapes Jerry had, the ones with the
hidden messages in
the music that led to fun. But at no time had Jerry seen anything quite like

The four women were an eclectic group to say the least: One was black, with
dyed blond
curly hair flowing nearly to her back. Another black woman had shorter, more
naturally brown
hair. The tallest of the group had dyed pink curly hair while the other had
blond hair in locks past
her shoulders. They were all dressed rather casually but it couldn’t hide the
amazing beauty of
their faces or bodies or the fact they all exuded sexiness. They represented
rock, pop, R&B and
even teeny-bop music but they had been brought together for one hot song and one
hot look.

Mya, Lil’ Kim, Pink and Christina Aguerlia had never worked together before
but were
chosen for their strong singing powers to do a song for “Moulin Rogue,” the
offbeat musical set
in 1890 Paris but with modern day rock songs. But when the time came to shoot
the video for
“Lady Marmalade,” the producers soon found they had a quartet of gorgeous
beauties who
became all the more gorgeous when put in the wild outfits for the film.

They had gotten together for the initial recording, the video and a
performance at the
MTV Movie Awards but aside from that, there hadn’t been much contact between
However, with the success of the film and the album, the producers wanted a new
version of
“Lady Marmalade” and brought them back together, giving Jerry a major
opportunity, one that
had become even bigger over the last week.

“Okay, girls, we’re almost done,” Jerry spoke into the speaker connecting
to the booth. “I
just need to lay out this one last track here and we’ll be ready.”

“Bout time,” Pink sighed. “I’ve got a little shit to handle after this.”

“Hey, at least you’re solo,” Lil Kim said. “You try having to deal with a
band tour all the

“Come on, let’s just get going here,” Christina said, shaking her head a
bit and letting her
blonde hair flow around her. “Jerry, lay down that tape and we can wrap it up.”

“Not a problem,” Jerry grinned. “Just have a seat, ladies and we can get it
done. Just keep
your eyes on the counter and it’ll be done before you know it.” He flicked a
switch and let the
tape play, watching as the four women sat on the bench, all of them staring at
the beat counter
under the window to the control room. The music played in their headphones,
flowing into their
ears as they listened to their voices. Each of them watched the counter flash up
and down to mark
the beats of the song, up and down, up and down, shifting into a nice, smooth
pattern. A very
smooth pattern, the lights flashing up and down, up and down, their own voices
sliding into their
minds, covering the messages that still filled their subconscious. Messages to
relax and just watch
the counter and listen to the music. They watched the counter move, the lights
bouncing up and
down, up and down as the music flowed into their ears. Each woman found
themselves feeling
very relaxed, very relaxed as they listened to the music play and the lights
bounce up and down,
up and down, up and down…..

As he watched the four singers slump in their chairs, eyes starting to
glaze as the tape took
control, Jerry felt himself grow excited. He just loved how the singers were
mesmerized by their
own voices. Okay, so the newly enhanced messages and hypnotic counter design
helped but the
fact was, the women were listening to their own voices telling them to relax and
listen to Jerry,
relax and listen, relax and listen.

“All right, girls,” Jerry began. “Listen to me very, very carefully…….”

The party was in full swing when Jerry got there, about a half dozen people
in all, evenly
divided among men and women, plus him. They were long-time friends in L.A.,
friends who had
a wild lifestyle Jerry enjoyed. That was on display as one woman pulled him into
a long and hot
kiss as he entered the house. “Hey, folks, Jerry’s here!” she called out.

A roar of approval came as Jerry entered, waving, shaking hands and putting
up with a
few more kisses. “Hey, Jerry,” one well-built young man, Harry, said, clapping
him on the
shoulders. “What’s up? You bring the beer.”

“Nope, but I handled the entertainment,” Jerry grinned. He turned to the
door and spoke
up. “Hey, girls, come on in!” The partygoers all turned and stared in amazement
at the foursome
entering the house.

The four women were all dressed in the outfits that had helped make the
Marmalade” video one of the hottest around. Kim had on a gold top halter, cut to
show off plenty
of cleavage, a gold style wrapping covering her bottom with a trail behind her,
her stomach
exposed. White gloves offset her dark skin, leading to her elbows. She wore
white stockings that
led to knee-high boots and a large diamond assortment around her neck.

Pink’s height was helped by black platform shoes that boosted her a little
and a black top
hat on her long pink hair. She had sheer nylon sleeves covering her arms,
fingers sticking out of
the gloves. A studded halter covered her breasts, her stomach also exposed
before a pair of tight
leather-like shorts with garters and dark black hose on her long legs that led
to the boots.

Mya had her hair done like a 1930’s nightclub singer, short with a large
feather stuck in the
back, a diamond-like band around her head. Her strapless outfit started off with
a black top along
her chest, her mid-section covered by a reddish corset and then pink shorts
offset by black hose, a
garter along one thigh and high heels. Elbow-length nylon gloves completed her

Christina was the most eye-catching. Her incredibly blown out curly hair
hung around her,
offsetting her heavily made up face. She wore a dark red corset with black
thong, a patch of skin
showing on her thighs before leading to her nylon and garter covered legs and
large boots.

All the women had jewelry around their necks and ears and each had a
lustful expression as
they took in the partygoers. “Damn, Jerry,” one guy muttered. “You really know
how to find
these guys. They look so much like the real thing.”

“Yeah, and they like to play at them too,” Jerry grinned. “So, call them by
who they look
like.” Jerry wondered how his friends would feel if they knew that they weren’t
making out with
look-alikes, they actually were doing it with famous stars who Jerry “convinced”
to drop by for
these parties. The thrill that he was pimping celebrities without either them or
the people fucking
them knowing it just gave him an incredible thrill. “Well, let’s get started,”
Jerry grinned. “I’ve
got dibs first.”

He glanced towards Christina, long the object of his lust and spoke. “Come
on over here,
genie girl.”

“You got it, stud,” Christina grinned. Thanks to his programming, she,
Pink, Mya and Kim
thought themselves total sluts who just wanted sex in any way possible, no
matter with who. He
definitely believed it as Christina wrapped her arms around him and pressed her
lithe body against
his, her pressed-up tits moving into his chest. Jerry returned the kiss as he
moved her over to a
chair, sitting down on it and letting Christina stand before him. He dragged his
hands up her tight
body and rubbed at her ass. “Some help?” he called out.

“Allow me,” a smiling Harry said as he moved up behind Christina, his hands
undoing the back of her corset, untying it enough for Christina to shuffle free,
exposing her firm
breasts. Harry let his hands drag along them before moving down to her thong,
sliding it off to
expose her blond patch and firm ass. He moved down and actually kissed her
cheeks before
Christina backed away. “Sorry,” she said with a smirk. “He’s got first rights.
You’ll just wait your

Jerry threw an apologetic grin at Harry as he brought Christina onto him,
his cock already
out. Christina slid herself onto his rod, her legs hooking near the arms as she
started to move
against him, welcoming Jerry’s cock into her. She moaned as she pushed herself
up, her breasts
into Jerry’s face, allowing his tongue to slide all over them with energy as he
started to lick long
and hard on her breasts, flicking over the nipples.

Nearby, Pink was seated in a chair, her boots, hat, glove and garter pretty
much all that
was left. A red-haired woman was on her knees in front of the singer, whose legs
were parted to
confirm what many had suspected: That she did indeed dye her pubic hair pink as
well. The
redhead was having a gand old time licking out Pink’s pussy, the singer dragging
her long nails
through the woman’s head, her hosed thighs clamped around the head and holding
her in tight to
get at her.

As she took the woman in, Pink was being pleasured in more ways than one.
One woman
and one man both knelt on either side of her and peeling away her bra to expose
her round
breasts. Each took a nipple in their mouths and started to suckle on it, tongues
tickling the
nipples, sending Pink to orgasmic joy. She opened her mouth to moan as she was
licked and
suckled and pleasured.

Harry had decided to bide his time waiting for Christina to go over to Kim,
the black
singer giving him a sultry look as she reached behind her. “So, what will it
be?” she asked as she
undid the clasp of her top and shrugged it off to let her large breasts bounce

“Ah, let’s see how hot that black pussy is,” Harry grinned, pushing her
down and sliding
off her bottom to expose her moist lips. He moved onto her, his cock pushing
into her passage
and starting to go at her, immediately pumping in and out of her with fury, Kim
taken by the
intensity he used. She hooked her legs around his waist and held in tight as he
went at her, loving
the feeling as his cock rammed in and out of her pussy.

Nearby, Mya had yanked off the rest of her outfit before sitting down on
the face of a
blonde woman, her hands immediately going to the singers’ tits and squeezing
them as her tongue
went into Mya’s pussy, licking the lips with long and slow strokes. Mya barely
noticed, she was
too busy opening her mouth to let a large black cock inside, the man holding her
in tight so she
could take her fully into her mouth, lips running up and down the shaft, tongue
tickling the end,
sucking him off as she was licked out.

On the other end of the room, Christina kept bouncing up and down Jerry’s
hard cock,
breasts jumping a bit with each move forward, her back arching as she took him
in, his hands and
mouth running all over her chest. Out of the corner of his eye, Jerry could see
Pink in ecstasy, her
chair shaking as she began to come onto the woman licking her out, juices
spraying onto her face
as the other man and woman kept right on sucking on her tits. Jerry closed his
eyes and got ready
as he shot his wad out and into Christina’s waiting pussy, the singer screaming
in joy as she felt
him come into her.

Christina pulled herself off of him, that sultry look still on her face as
she moved down,
her tongue licking the very tip of Jerry’s cum-soaked cock. “Looks like you’re
still at attention,”
she grinned. “Let me reward such discipline.” She took him full into her mouth,
running up and
down his shaft, her wild hair flowing down onto his lap as she did. She gasped
as she felt someone
behind her, the man who had been sucking on Pink’s right tit and now had his
pants down as he
moved to her, cupping her buttocks and spreading them to move his cock inside.
Jerry spared a
look to see that Pink now had her mouth pushed into the redheaded woman’s clit,
licking her out
while the other woman licked at her ass. Then the man started to pump himself in
and out of
Christina’s ass, driving her mouth to take in all of Jerry’s manhood.

Jerry lay back and enjoyed the cock sucking, watching as Harry brought his
cock out of
Kim’s pussy and shot his wad over her chest, staining the chocolate skin with
yellow semen.
Nearby, Mya came under the pussy-licking she was being given but her cry was
drowned by the
black cock in her mouth.

The rest of the night was a blur for Jerry, who managed to get his cock
into each woman
while they all shifted into new pairings for a night that soon became a flash of
erotic images….

*Pink on her back, her hosed and garted legs on Jerry’s shoulders as he drove
himself into her,
loving how her nails raked his back as he kept on going, coming so hard that she
knocked her top
hat to the ground.

*Harry sitting on a chair, Mya sitting on his cock, back to him, his hands
massaging her tits as she
rode him while pressing her face into the pussy of the blonde woman standing
before her.
*Christina lying on the floor, hair splayed out behind her, legs wide and open
to let both Pink and
the red head lick her out.

*Each woman getting the opportunity to feel the large black man’s cock inside
them, both in
pussy and mouth, so big that it could barely fit Christina.

*Harry lying on his back, Pink riding his cock while Christina sat on his face.
As he fucked and
licked the two, the singers moved forward, kissing each other and massaging each
other’s breasts.

*Everyone watching as Kim and Mya went at it together, the two black women in a
69 for most
of the time.

*Kim on her hands and knees, one man fucking her up the ass while licking at
Pink’s pink pussy.

*Christina being licked away by Mya and a blonde while one man let her suck him

*Pink and Mya going at it on the couch, pussies grinding away at one another as
they kissed long
and hard, Christina moved so she could lick out both their asses as they went at

*Jerry pounding his cock into Mya, who was busy licking out Christina’s pussy,
with Jerry
managing to lean in to join her.
*Kim letting both Christina and Pink suck on her tits while Mya fingered and
licked at her.
*Christina and Pink enjoying a 69 with a woman and a man on either end helping
them lick out
the other pussy.
*All four singers in a wild combination, their limbs moving and withering over
each other as they
licked, suckled and kneaded themselves to pleasure.

And more than Jerry could truly comprehend as he took in not just each
woman but the
other lady friends there, a wild affair he doubt he could top. It was hours
before silence reigned
over the house, everyone falling asleep from exhaustion. Jerry swiftly woke,
dressed and then got
Mya, Kim, Christina and Pink together. He had them all wiped down of cum, a
lengthy process,
and dress in the alternate outfits they’d brought with. He took them to his car
and swiftly drove
them all to the corner near a popular club. He turned to them all, each of them
staring blankly
forward, once again in a trance. “Listen carefully,” he said. “When you step
out, you’ll each count
to ten and then wake up. You won’t remember anything that has happened here
tonight. Nothing
at all except a nice night clubbing together. Good-night ladies.”

He let them out and started to drive home. As far as the guys knew, he had
driven the
look-alikes back to their homes and that was that. It was a great night and
Jerry wondered if he
would ever find a way to top it. Maybe he should check and see who’d be
recording soon in the
studio. Who knows? He may be able to put on a show that put anything at the
Moulin Rogue to

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