Discovering Selena

Disclaimer: This story is purely a fantasy, and does not represent the celebrities involved. Do not try this at home, you WILL end up in jail. If you are under 18, stop reading NOW.

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The door to the office at the end of the corridor opened, and a cheerful looking woman stuck her head around. “Okay, Selena Gomez, please.”
Selena looked up. Her mother put an arm around her. “Okay, honey, here’s your big moment – this is Disney, sweetie, it’ll be great for us – I mean you – if you get this one. Just do whatever the nice lady asks you to.” Her mother had taken a morning off work to drive her to the audition. Her own career had never taken off, and now she needed her daughter’s career to take off so she didn’t have to spend the rest of her life secretly blowing strangers in gas station toilets to make ends meet. The 12-year old nodded, drew a breath and headed down the long corridor towards the office. The door had a sign stuck to it – “Disney Channel Worldwide Talent Search”.

Inside there was just the lady, a desk with a laptop on it, a couple of chairs, a sofa, a dressing screen and a video camera mounted on a tripod. The lady looked up from the laptop. She was in her mid-30s or late 40s and a little plump, giving off the same sort of vibe as a friendly schoolteacher. She wore glasses and had sensibly kept shoulder-length brown hair. Selena thought she was probably very pretty, but her hairstyle and the dull business suit she was wearing made the lady look a little more frumpy than she really was. The lady beamed at her.

“Hiya, honey. My name’s Linsey, I’ll be overseeing your audition.” She gestured to the chair on the other side of the desk. “Sit down, sweetie.” She glanced at the laptop on the desk. “Okay, I see here we’ve already got a tape of you in a couple of other things, which we’ll attach to what we’re doing today.” She smiled warmly again. Selena nodded, her stomach in knots.

“Okay, what we’re going to do with you today is a screen test – all we’re going to do is put you in a costume, take a few pictures and then our recruiting team will be looking at that and your other stuff and seeing whether you’re who we’re after. That make sense, honey?”

Selena nodded again. She tried to say something but her throat was dry. Linsey reached over the desk and patted her on the arm. “I know you’re nervous, honey, but just act natural and you’ll be fine.” She reached into a bag and pulled out a pink garment. “If you just get changed into this we can get started.” Selena blushed; she didn’t know she’d have to change clothes. The woman must have seen the look on her face. “Don’t worry, you can change behind the screen, and I’ll lock the door so no-one walks in.”

Relieved, Selena stepped behind the screen and began to take off her shoes, jeans and shirt. Linsey’s voice came from the other side. “You’ll have to take off the undies as well, honey… They, uh, mess with the camera when they show through the costume.” The costume was a pink leotard, a pretty snug fit on Selena’s small body. I hope the room’s not cold, she thought to herself as she wriggled into the outfit. Then she wished it was a bit colder – the office was stuffy and between the nerves and the heat she felt a sheen of sweat spreading over her body, causing the leotard to stick to her in places. She wasn’t sure how her underwear would affect the camera, but Linsey was a television person and obviously knew what she was talking about.

Timidly she stepped from behind the screen. Linsey just stared at her for a couple of seconds with a faraway look in her eye before seeming to snap out of it. “You look lovely, honey” She said with another radiant smile. “If you want to sit on the sofa I’m just going to turn the camera on and we’ll make a start. Now, do as I say, and just relax and act natural, okay?”
“Okay.” Selena croaked. She blushed again, and began wondering if the woman could smell her sweat. She hoped she couldn’t, she needed to do everything to nail this audition. Linsey directed her to do a couple of poses on the sofa – kneeling, stretching her arms, leaning over on one arm. Then lying back, her upper body propped up on her elbows and her legs apart. Selena guessed they wanted to see how supple she was in case the show needed her to dance. She glanced up and Lindsey had the same faraway look again.
“Oh, honey… The… the costume’s stuck to your… you.” The woman stammered. Selena glanced down, and to her horror realised the crotch of the leotard had stuck to her crotch, exposing her privates. She began to reach over to move it back into place.
“No, sweetie, I’ll get that, you hold that pose, you’re doing great.” The woman reached over to the teenager’s pussy, where a tantalising glimpse of one thin lip and a few wisps of dark hair were visible behind the gusset of the leotard. Linsey reached her fingers behind the pink material, her knuckles brushing against Selena’s cunt. The young girl gasped in surprise, but made no attempt to stop her.
“Is that nice, honey? Does it feel nice?” Linsey asked, softly, still waggling her fingers between the gusset and Selena’s crotch.
“Uh… huh…” Selena gasped.
“Have you ever touched this bit of yourself before?” The lady asked gently, still moving her fingers. Selena nodded. “A couple of times…” She managed, her breathing shallow. Linsey nodded, and she continued. “Sometimes when I pee my hands touch it…”
“You like it?” Linsey asked.
“Yes… It makes me feel a bit funny, but in a good way… But I told one of the girls in my class, and she said her mom had caught her doing the same and grounded her because it was wrong… You won’t tell my mom, will you?” A little damp patch was forming on the part of the gusset still touching Selena’s pussy.
“Oh no, honey,” Linsey cooed, “Everything that you tell me in here is confidential. Do you want me to stop?”
Selena shook her head. She didn’t know what exactly the woman was doing or why, but Linsey seemed to like doing it and Selena was enjoying herself too.

“Do you want me to do a little more?” Linsey asked. Selena nodded. The woman pulled the rest of the leotard’s crotch to one side with one hand, and extended the index finger of the other. She placed it at the entrance of Selena’s cunt, and very gently pushed it in. Selena gasped again and felt as if her eyes were rolling back in her head. The sensation of the finger slowly invading her private hole was a little bit scary, but also very exciting. The sweet, sticky feeling in her stomach rose, and then rose again as Linsey began to carefully pull the digit back out until she was nearly empty, then driving it back in. The lady repeated the process again and again, faster each time, and Selena felt something rising inside her while muscles she didn’t even know she had gripped at the finger. To her immense disappointment Linsey then withdrew the finger entirely.

“Okay, baby,” said Lynsey soothingly, “you’re doing fine. Did you enjoy that?”
“Yeh, it was cool,” replied Selena shyly, her head spinning. “Why did you stop?”
“Because, honey, some people think it’s not right to do stuff like that with someone unless they want it. I want to make sure you want me to do it.”
“I… uh, I do.” Selena stammered. “But… uh… I really need this job to. Will doing this stop me from getting the job?”
Linsey laughed. “No, honey, of course not… This is what we call a private screen-test. You see, we already know you can act from the TV you’ve done. We’re just checking you fit other aspects of the job; you’re in the last twelve as it is.”
“You mean I’ll have to do stuff like this?”
“Maybe, honey… but the main reason is to show you’re willing to try something new and different if we need you to, and to see whether you can keep a secret. Can you keep a secret, Selena?”
“Uh-huh.” Selena nodded. It all made sense to her twelve-year old mind, and she was really missing the sensation the finger had caused. Maybe if she did as Linsey asked, the woman would do it again.
“You want to try something new and different?” Selena nodded again. “Good,” Lynsey said softly, removing and folding her glasses. Selena still hadn’t moved from her splayed position on the sofa, and Lynsey descended on her exposed sex like a tiger. She began licking Selena’s cunt in long, wet strokes, moving her fingers up to spread the girl’s slim flaps. Selena almost instantly returned to the state of ecstasy Lynsey’s attentions had worked her up to before, and swiftly found her arousal rising even more. The woman was now rubbing two of her fingers along the entrance to the teenager’s cunt and focusing her oral attentions on Selena’s tiny stiff clitoris. After only a few moments the girl felt flushed and light headed as her little body was shaken by an orgasm for the first time, her elbows giving way.

It took a few moments for Selena to get her breathing back under control and get enough strength to prop herself back up again. Lynsey was looking down on her with a proud smile, her lipstick smeared by a wet ring around her mouth.
“Oh my God…” She gasped. “That was, like, so amazing.” Lynsey smiled even more, then Selena noticed the moisture on the woman’s face. “Oh no, I didn’t pee on you, did I?”
Lynsey laughed. “No, baby… That’s just your body’s way of telling you you’re happy. When you get wet in gets easier to get things inside you so you can enjoy it more.”
“Like boys’… things?” She asked.
“Well, yeh, but for now you just want to get started on the basics.”
“Does it taste funny? My wet stuff, I mean.”
“No, honey, it’s the best.” Lynsey wiped a finger around her mouth and offered it to Selena. After a moment’s hesitation, the girl licked the offered digit. The fluid tasted tangy and a little sweet. “Nice?” Lynsey asked.
“Yeh,” said Selena, licking her lips.
“Well, there’s an endless supply down there, just don’t do it when your mom’s around.”
Selena nodded. “It smells a bit like she does when she gets back from going to the gas station.”
Lynsey laughed. “Well, she’s getting pumped with more than gas, then.”
“Can I do anything for you? Sort of as a thanks?” The girl asked.
“Honey, I thought you’d never ask.” Lynsey pulled off her jacket and shirt, revealing a pair of braless tits, each the size of Selena’s head. “Come and suck on Lynsey’s titties, baby…”
Selena moved carefully over and placed her lips over one of the massive nipples.
“Suck harder, sweetie… Yeh, that’s it baby… Rub your little hand over the other one… That’s it…” she moaned as the teenager slobbered away at her boobs. Selena felt like the large jiggling tits were almost smothering her, but she didn’t care, burying her face in the woman’s cleavage and moving onto the other bouncing breast.
“Who’s a good girl…” purred Lynsey.
Selena leant back, bringing Lynsey down with her so the woman’s tits dangled over her face. She was fascinated by them, much more impressive than the budding pair she had or any she’d seen on the girls in school while changing for sport.
“You want to lick Lynsey’s special place?” the woman asked. Selena nodded. Lynsey moved up so she was straddling Selena’s head – under her black skirt she was wearing no panties. Enclosed under the material the young girl’s nose was filled with the stench of mature pussy – stronger than her own musk and mixed with sweat, and incredibly intoxicating. After a few seconds Lynsey tucked the skirt into her waistband so she could see the girl’s face, and reached down to open up the flaps of her oozing cunt.
“Okay, baby, now just do what I did to you.” Selena’s little pink tongue began darting out and dabbing at her meaty lips; the sensation was exquisite. Selena was obviously no expert, but the little flicks of the young girl’s tongue and the sheer willingness of the teen to please the older lady soon tipped her over the edge. Rocked by her orgasm, she dropped down right onto Selena’s face, grinding her wet cunt on the girl’s mouth before she regained control and lifted herself off the panting teen. Selena licked the thicker juice from her lips.
“You taste really nice, miss.” She said, smiling happily.
“Thank you, Selena.” Lynsey smiled back, as if congratulating a good pupil. “Now, I’ve got one more thing for you to do, and then we’re done for now.”

She climbed off the sofa and walked over to the desk. Reaching into her purse she pulled out a cylindrical device about one inch wide and five inches long. She twisted one end of it around and it began buzzing.
“Okay, sweetie, get on all fours on the sofa, and keep that leotard out of the way.”
Her excitement building, Selena did as she was told, pulling the sopping gusset of the leotard aside as she did so. She heard Lynsey settle on the sofa behind her, and then felt the cold tip of something at her opening. She felt a little pressure as the cylinder was steadily pushed into her by Lynsey; it was colder and harder than the woman’s finger, but it was stretching her little cunt more and going deeper inside her. There was a little pain – it felt like the thing was splitting her at first – but as her body provided more lubrication and her muscles adapted to the invader, it began to feel right at home. Once again Lynsey began moving the thing in and out of her. Once she got a rhythm up, the woman moved around so her other arm could reach down inside the leotard and rub the small mounds of Selena’s pubescent tits.
“What is that thing?” Selena asked between gasps.
“It’s a dildo, sweetie… If you get the part I’ll send you one of your own, but I expect if you go through your mom’s drawer she’s got one too…”
“It feels great…” Selena sighed happily.
“Well, how’s this?” Lynsey asked. She removed her hand from the girl’s breasts and reached towards her bum, stopping to rub the girl’s dripping pussy for a second. Her tiny rosebud was winking as her muscles contracted, and Lynsey slipped one of her wet fingers into the tiny dark opening. Selena’s hips began to rock uncontrollably, her cunt squelching around the dildo as she came for the second time in her young life. Her arms collapsed and she slumped forwards, her anus clamping on Lynsey’s finger and the dildo sliding out of her slick vagina. Lynsey gave the finger one last twist, eliciting a deep moan from Selena, before withdrawing from her bum with a popping noise.
“There we go, honey. I am so proud of you.”
“Wow….” said Selena. “Can we do it again?”
“Sorry, baby, I’ve got to get in touch with the board about you. But now I’ve showed you how I’m sure you can do it yourself, and show some of your friends too. Now, let’s get you cleaned up before your mom comes looking for you. There are some tissues in my bag…”

A few minutes later, with a spaced out but cleaned up Selena heading back to her unsuspecting mother, Lynsey sat back at the desk and fired up the laptop. She opened up a webcam window connecting her to a Disney executive. The man was sitting at a desk, his large cock sticking through his flies as his hands pushed the head of a young blonde girl along the length of his shaft. The girl looked about 13, and her hair was streaked with drying cum. She was crying.
“You get the picture okay?” Lynsey asked, her fingers moving down to her steaming cunt as she watched the teenager gag on the man’s prick.
“Crystal clear, Lynsey, good work as ever. She looks like just the short of girl we want. The tape will serve as excellent blackmail material if she ever gets any ideas about leaving Disney.”
Lynsey brought the soaking gusset of the pink leotard to her nose and inhaled Selena’s sweet scent as the man grunted and filled the unfortunate girl’s mouth with spunk. He pulled out of her mouth and wiped the remaining traces of jizz on her cheek, and held his cock in front of her for a few seconds before beginning to urinate. Obediently, the girl took his softening dick in her mouth and allowed the executive to piss straight down her throat. Lynsey came hard with the leotard in her mouth, sucking Selena’s juices from the garment.
“And if the showbiz career doesn’t take off, we’re always after fresh talent in the office… This cunt’s pussy is getting like a bucket.”

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