Disney’s Queen Bitch

As with any other story on CSSA, this is just fantasy. The celebrities in the story don’t act like this in real life. Comments, suggestions go here- buckeyemike@hotmail.com. Enjoy the story.

Disney’s Queen Bitch

By Buckeye Mike

Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez (f/f, oral, anal, toys, ws)

Miley was surfing the net at home when she saw a picture of Selena Gomez and an article about their feud. She started to get mad and thought to herself “Who does this bitch think she is? Coming in and trying to steal my thunder. I’ve got something to teach her a lesson” she
said. Miley reached down between her legs and started to rub her pussy as she thought about the fun she was gonna have with Selena. She slipped 2 fingers in and started banging her pussy hard and fast, making loud squishing sounds as she did. “Mmmm…fuckking Selena…ohhh…eat that pussy” Miley moaned out as she started cumming, her pussy juice flooding out all over her hand as she lifted it to her mouth. She licked and sucked on her fingers, savoring the taste of her sweet pussy and fell back on her bed. Miley couldn’t wait until she got her hands on her fellow teen star and showed her who the queen bitch was at Disney.

About a week later, Miley’s schedule finally worked out to where she was at the same event as Selena. She was backstage at the event, some fashion show, when she saw Selena talking to some reporters, smiling and having a good time. “Enjoy it, you aren’t gonna be smiling when I’m done with you” she thought to herself as she headed to the bathroom. Miley was washing her hands and looking in the mirror, psyching herself up “Come on Miles, you can do this, show that bitch whose boss” she said heading back out to the show. The show was loud and chaotic backstage, a perfect cover for what she had planned for Selena. Miley looked around and saw Selena heading down a hallway, so she followed her and made her move a short time later. Selena was on the phone when Miley came up behind her and grabbed her, pulling her into a, thankfully, empty dressing room backstage.

“What the hell are you doing? Miley, what’s your problem” Selena said as she turned around in the room and saw who had grabbed her. All she got in response was a sharp slap across her face, making her cheek sting as she started to tear up. “You think you’re pretty cute, don’t you?” Miley asked as Selena stared at her and rubbed her cheek. Selena tried to run for the door, but Miley grabbed her and pushed her back onto a little couch in the room. “Hey, this isn’t funny Miley, you better stop it” she said as she sat there “Stop it or what? Bitch, I’m the bigger star here, so just shut up” Miley said as she walked over to her. Miley was licking her lips as she stared up and down at Selena’s body, admiring her cute little tits. “I’m definitely gonna enjoy this” she said as Selena yelled at her with tears in her eyes “You’re sick, please stop it” she said. Miley just laughed and told her not until she had learned her lesson about who was the queen around here.

Miley grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up, eliciting a scream of pain from Selena as she slapped her face again. “You better watch it slut, now let’s get your clothes off” Miley said as Selena protested, which got her another slap. She stood there with tears in her eyes as she started taking her clothes off, Miley staring at her while she was undressing. “Mmmm….cute little slut, aren’t you? Now get on your knees” Miley said as she pushed Selena down. Selena looked up at Miley “what are you gonna do?” she asked as Miley reached underneath her skirt and unhooked something. She watched in horror as Miley pulled her skirt down and exposed an 8 inch strap on she was wearing underneath. “Now, be a good little slut and suck my dick bitch” Miley yelled as she pulled on Selena’s hair, watching her grab the strap on and stare at it.

Miley had an evil grin on her face as she looked down at Selena “Don’t pretend you don’t know how to do it slut. I know you’ve been pretty busy with that mouth lately” she said. Selena looked up at her with a mad look on her face, but she quickly went to work when Miley raised her hand and was about to smack her again. She held the strap on up and spit on the head, rubbing it on the dildo as she opened her mouth and took it in. Miley moaned as she watched her start sliding her mouth up and down on it, only getting down about halfway on the fake cock. She grabbed Selena’s head and held on as she started pushing the rest of it into her mouth. Selena tried to push away, but Miley held on and made her start to gag as the cock sank into her throat. “Ohhh yeaa…choke on that dick Selena….mmmmm….good little slut” Miley moaned as she watched Selena choke on it, then pulling it out and watching her cough and spit as she caught her breath.

“Ugghmm…mmhhhh…please…fffhfhf…no more” Selena pleaded as Miley shoved it back in her mouth and started face fucking her, slamming the fake cock in and out. “This is only the start bitch, better get use to it” Miley said as bucked her hips and slammed the dildo into Selena’s mouth. She kept it up for a couple of minutes before she pulled out and watched Selena coughing, trying to catch her breath. Selena looked up at Miley with tears in her eyes “Why are you doing this?” she asked as she wiped her eyes. “You have to learn I’m the head bitch around here” Miley said as she grabbed Selena by her hair and jerked her up on her feet. Selena yelled out in pain as Miley pushed her onto the couch “Now stick that ass up in the air slut” Miley said as she smacked her ass again. Selena got on her knees on the couch and stuck her ass up in the air, not wanting to make Miley madder than she already was.

“Ohhh….nice ass bitch, I’m gonna enjoy fucking it” Miley said as she rubbed and pinched Selena’s ass hard, giving it another smack as she moved up behind her. She grabbed her strap on and rubbed it on Selena’s pussy before she just shoved it in, making Selena yell out in pain. “Oucchhh…ugghhh” Selena yelled as Miley shoved the 8 inch dildo all the way in “You naughty slut, you aren’t a virgin” Miley said as she started fucking Selena. Selena just buried her head in the couch and hoped the assault would be over soon, not wanting to endure anymore humiliation. Miley grabbed her hips and started slamming it in and out harder, watching her ass jiggle as she fucked her. “Ugghhmmmm…tight little pussy you got bitch….mmmm yeaaa….take that cock…” Miley moaned as she fucked Selena hard and fast, feeling the strap on rubbing against her own pussy.

Selena was hopeful it was over when she felt Miley pull out of her pussy, but that was short lived as she felt the tip of the strap on poking against her asshole. “Noo…pleassee…stopp” she stammered as Miley grabbed her head and jerked it back “Fat chance whore” Miley said as she slammed the dildo into her virgin ass. The pain was immediate as the 8 inch strap on was forcefully shoved into her ass, stretching it open as Miley sank into her. Miley held onto her head as she started moving it in and out of Selena’s tight ass, smiling as she watched her fellow Disney star in pain. “Fucking little bitch…ohhhmmmm…like that cock in your ass don’t ya?” she yelled out as she fucked hard and fast as Selena cried out in pain. Miley was smacking her ass cheeks as she fucked her, turning her cute little ass beet red in the process. “Take it slut…yesss…take that big dick” she moaned as Selena cried “please…ugghh…nooo…stoppp.”

Miley kept up her anal assault for a few minutes as Selena cried and yelled out in pain as she felt her orgasm building. The rubbing from the strap on was working its magic on Miley as she tensed up and her orgasm hit a few minutes later. “Ohhh fucckk…cummmingg….you little cuntt…OHHH YESSSSS” she yelled out as her pussy exploded, her juice flowing all down her legs. She pulled out of Selena’s asshole and watched as it gaped open, the girl just laying there on the couch exhausted and practically destroyed. “Hope it was as good for you as it was for me” Miley said as she laughed, standing over Selena on the couch. Selena was just crying and laying in a fetal position as Miley moved the strap on out of the way and spread her legs, looking down at her. “I’ve got one more surprise for you slut” Miley said as she started to piss on Selena, watching as the hot yellow stream hit the girl in the face. Selena was crying and trying to shield herself as Miley unleashed a torrent of piss all over her body.

Miley finished up and fixed herself as she started to walk out, looking back at her defeated foe. “Hope you don’t forget who’s the queen bitch around here” she said as she opened the door to leave “I’d say I’d hate to do this again, but I’d really love it.” She closed the door as the last image she saw was Selena crying as she layed on the couch. Miley just laughed as she walked away, happy that she taught Selena who the queen bitch of Disney really was.

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