Disney After Dark

Title: Disney After Dark

Author: Tori

Celebs: Peyton Roi List

Codes: MF, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.



“Three….two….one…..”  The band started to play and a few seconds later, a man dressed in a suit came bursting out from behind the curtains and said, “Good evening everyone.  My name is Bob Parsons and welcome to the first episode of Disney After Dark.”  Off camera, one of the stage hands turned a knob and canned applause and cheers suddenly erupted in the studio.  Bob looked out at the imaginary audience and bowed.  As the applause died down, Bob walked over and sat down behind the desk next to a large couch and smiled.  The band finished playing and Bob looked at the camera.  “Wow!  Thank you everyone.  It’s great to be here.  Let me introduce myself.  I’m Bob Parsons, executive vice president in charge of programming here at Disney and I am very happy to be your host tonight for our very first Disney After Dark.  Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be speaking with some of our very beautiful actresses here at Disney.  We’re going to dig deep into some of their deepest, darkest secrets and let me tell you, no question will be too personal…”  Bob winked and said, “….if you know what I mean.”  The stage hand turned up the applause again and then Bob said, “So, without further delay, let’s welcome our first guest.  You all know her as Emma from Jessie and Bunk’d.  Please welcome Peyton Roi List!”

The band started playing the theme from Jessie as the gorgeous blonde walked out and over to Bob.  She turned to the camera, waved and smiled and then back to Bob.  She held out her hand and Bob leaned down and kissed it and then offered her a seat on the couch next to him.   The long legged beauty had on a see-through white lace dress that barely covered her round ass, white thigh high stockings and white stripper “fuck me” pumps.  Her long red fingernails matched her lipstick and it was obvious to Bob and anyone watching that Peyton didn’t have anything on underneath the dress.  As she sat down, she playfully spread her legs and showed her smoothly shaved pussy to the audience before crossing them.  “So, Peyton, so nice to see you again.  What have you been up too?”  Peyton licked her lips and said, “Do you mean before I sucked your cock backstage?”  Bob sat back and smiled and looked at the camera, “Peyton!  That was supposed to be our little secret.”  Peyton put her perfectly manicured hands to her mouth and said, “Ooops, sorry Bob.”  She looked at the camera and said, “I guess I shouldn’t tell everyone that I swallowed your hot load then should I?”  Bob shook his head and said, “Guess that cat’s out of the bag, right folks.”  Just then the drummer hit a rim shot and cymbal.  Peyton giggled and said, “Hey, that drummer’s cute.”  Bob laughed and said to the drummer, “If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll swallow your load too.”  The drummer did the rim shot/cymbal thing again and the stage hand turned up the applause and laughter.

Bob looked at Peyton and licked his lips.  “I’ve got to say, that is one sexy dress you’re wearing.”  Peyton looked down and said, “This little thing?  Well, it certainly doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, does it Bob?”  Just then, she spread her legs wide open and pulled the dress up revealing her pussy to the camera.  As she ran her long red fingernail along her slit, she looked over at Bob and said, “I wanted to show all my fans that I’m not a little girl anymore.”  Bob stood up and leaned over the desk to get a better look and said, “Take it from someone who knows this young lady very well that she most definitely is not a little girl.”  Bob sat back down and Peyton slowly pushed her finger into her pussy.  Bob cleared his throat and said, “So Peyton, when was the first time you had sex?”  Peyton pulled her finger out and up to her mouth and sucked on it.  She crossed her legs again and said, “I guess I was 14 when I lost my cherry but I started sucking cock when I was 12.”  Bob replied, “12?  That young?”  She said, “Sure, all my friends did it.  I was doing a photoshoot for some teen fashion magazine and the photographer, who was soooooo hot, took me into the bathroom during a break and had me suck him off.  I guess I did a pretty good job too because he came in like a minute but he ruined my outfit so I had to change before going back.”

Bob fiddled with his pencil and then asked, “Would you mind letting us all know who had the pleasure of popping your cherry?”  Peyton smiled and said, “Oh, I don’t think I should.”  The applause got louder and louder and then Peyton said, “OK, OK.”  She looked right at the camera and said, “Don’t be mad sweetie, ok?”  She looked at Bob and said, “The man that made me a woman was my Jessie costar, Kevin Chamberlain.”  Bob sat back and said, “NO FUCKING WAY!  KEVIN?”  Peyton nodded and said, “He was the perfect gentleman and was each and every time we hooked up.”  She held her hands apart and said, “His cock is huge and he never came inside of me but I always swallowed when he asked me too.”  Then she said, “Hey Kev?  Call me, please?”  Bob clapped his hands together and said, “Seriously Kevin, call her.”

Bob then looked at the camera and said, “I guess we should turn over that last rock and ask, when was the first time you did anal?”  Peyton squirmed in her seat and said, “Actually, I did anal before I had vaginal sex.”  Bob pondered that for a second and said, “Mind if I ask why?”  Peyton said, “Well, you see, I really wanted the part in Jessie so I gave head to everyone that auditioned me but by the time I got the see the big guy upstairs, it took my ass to seal the deal.”  Bob smiled and said, “Of course, the big buy is none other than our CEO.”  Peyton nodded and then said, “It hurt like hell but when he told me I got the part of Emma, I let him do my ass again.  I guess I was walking kind of funny because when I met my Mom, I know she noticed it but before she could say anything, I told her I got the part.  I’m sure she figured it out but has never said anything about it to this day.”  Then she put her hand on Bob’s arm and said, “Besides, you’ve fucked my ass so many times I lost count.”  She looked right at the camera and said, “Let me tell you all, this guy fucks my shit hole at least twice a week.  I’ve probably taken more cum from Bob in my dirt pipe than everyone else put together.”

Bob looked over at the band and then back to Peyton and said, “I never heard you complaining.”  The drummer did the rimshot/cymbal bang again and then Peyton said, “You know Bob, I’d really like to suck that guy’s cock.”  Bob pointed and said, “You mean our drummer, Chad?”  Peyton stood up and walked over next to Bob’s desk and pulled her dress up over her head revealing her perfect naked body.  She dropped to her knees and said, “Come on Chad.  I know you want it.”  The rest of the band started clapping and chanting, “CHAD…..CHAD…..CHAD……”  Chad didn’t think twice and quickly got out from behind his kit and stood in front of the gorgeous blonde.  Peyton reached up and undid his belt and pulled down his zipper.  She looked up at Chad and said, “I’m going to make you cum so hard.”  As soon as his cock was free, Peyton took him deep down her throat.  She pressed her nose against his pubes and then slowly pulled out, leaving a thick, wet coating of saliva.  She took him back down her throat and then started to suck him off.  She was going at it pretty hard when she pulled off and started licking his shaft.  She made her way down to his balls and sucked each one and then both as she stroked his hard cock with her tiny hand.  When she started licking her way back up the shaft, she looked up at him and said, “Come on baby, don’t just get a blowjob, fuck my face.”

Chad didn’t hesitate.  He grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair and shoved his cock down her throat.  The drummer started fucking Peyton’s mouth like a man possessed.  Massive amounts of saliva poured down her chin and all over her perfect tits.  Peyton put her hands behind her back and let the musician have his way with her.  She looked up at him and didn’t take her eyes off him until he said, “SHIT!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!”  Peyton pulled off and said, “Cover my face mother fucker.  Cover me with that load.”  Cover her he did.  He shot rope after rope of hot cum all over her face and hair.  The huge globs ran down her cheeks and dripped all over her hard nipples.  When he finished, he pushed his cock back into her mouth and she sucked his balls dry.  The drummer wiped his cock off on her hair and walked back over to his drums.  As soon as he was seated, the band started playing and Bob came over to Peyton with a towel.  “How about that folks?”  The applause went off and the stage hand added yelling and cat calls as Peyton wiped off her face.  Bob helped her to her feet and put his arm around her.  He gave her a squeeze and said, “That’s our show for this week.  I want to thank Peyton Roi List for joining us and I hope you all tune in next week when our special guest will be Dove Cameron.  So for Peyton and everyone here at Disney After Dark, GOOD NIGHT AND SWEET DREAMS!!!!”


The End

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