Disney Girls

Note: This is fantasy. Nothing here is meant to reflect reality so anyone who doesn’t like it, well don’t read it.

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Raven Simone, dressed in a black and gold striped top, skin tight faded jeans and a sporty little denim cap walked into the apartment she shared with Lindsay Lohan to see the aftermath of one of her now famous temper tantrums. The elfin faced Disney star gave her roommate a Look. “I hope you don’t think *I’m* cleaning that up?”

Her roommate, in a flowery dress that showed off her stunning
legs and massive breasts, was standing in the center of a mess of torn up newspaper. The look of anger on her face quickly changed to one of embarrassment.

“I’m sorry…it’s just…these damn tabloids!”

“What now?”

Lindsay collapsed onto their couch. Raven noticed with a start that she seemed to have been drinking and realized why.

“Oh my…I forgot. Happy Birthday! Um, I know your legal now, but where’d you get the hooch? You’re not that legal for another three years!”

The buxom, newly dark haired, teen picked up a half empty wine bottle from the couch. “Snitched it from the ‘grownups table’. Want some?”

Raven sighed. That was the problem with having the originally redhaired, then blond, now dark tressed girl for a roommate. She could go from sweetheart to bitch and back again in 0.5 seconds. She also had a slight problem with impulse control, namely she had none “Maybe later. Anyway, what got you so riled?”

“‘Lindsay Logan, Real or Fake'” her roommate quoted angrily. “Well, they’re real and they’re spectacular. Haven’t they ever heard of growth spurts?” She looked at Raven, focusing on the black girl’s own impressive pair. How cum you never get any press flack? You’re bigger than I am.”

“First off, I’m not a contender for the title of current ‘It Girl’. Second, I’m black. Everyone expects big titties from us.”

“Oh, and as if that weren’t enough, they’re harping on this supposed feud between me and poor Hillary over Aaron.”

“Poor Hillary?” Usually Lindsay would walk right out of the room if Hilary Duff’s name was even mentioned and here she was saying “Poor Hilary”?

“The silly twit actually thought AC cared about her. I know better.”

“You mean the rumors are true?”

“Yeah, gayer than Micheal Jackson.”

“That’s possible?”

“In theory.”

Raven’s face crinkled in thought. “Whoa now. If you know he’s gay, then why did you go out with him?”

Lindsay realized she was caught and blushed as she confessed, “Let’s just say that Aaron’s not the only one who needs a cover.” There were other reasons, but none that, even half drunk, she was about to blurt out.

Raven sat down with a thud, not noticing how close she was sitting to her mercurial roomie. “I’ll have that bottle now.” She took it, then took a couple of large swallows.

“So your…you mean you don’t like guys at all?”

“I like them fine. Just not in bed.”

Raven took another drink and tried to change the subject. “So you think mine are bigger?”

“Yeah, but mine are better.”

“Like Hell they are!”

“Ha! I’ll show you,” and with that she pulled down what little there was of the top of her dress, revealing a pair of perfectly shaped, milky globes topped by delicately rosy nipples. “Now you.”

Raven had no choice but to respond to the dare. She removed her top, revealing tits barely held in restraint by a lacy burgundy bra. Unlike Lindsay’s her breasts were varied in shade, darker at the base, then lightening as they swelled out.

“Hey, pouted Lindsay, “I showed you all of mine. No fair.”

Raven gave her roomie a skeptical look. “Are you coming on to me?”

Lindsay gave her a sly look. “What if I am?”

What if she was? Raven had never been interested in other girls, but then no other girl had ever shown an interest in her. Maybe it was the wine, but she had to admit to a certain curiosity. She took another drink for courage and removed the bra, revealing a pair of large, dark nipples.

“I say a touch test is called for”, said Lindsay and offered hers for immediate inspection.

Raven reached out tentatively and touched one, then stroked it lightly, mahogany fingers brushing against pink nipples, which hardened instantly.

“Mmmm, so nice.”

“You’re skin’s so soft.” Emboldened, Raven brought both hands up, stroking the pale globes more firmly now. Lindsay took one hand and kissed the palm, tickling it with her tongue. Raven giggled. Her would-be seducer slid her lips down the soft brown arm to the crook of the elbow, provoking another giggle, then moved her lips to the meeting point of neck and shoulder. Then the two women found themselves face to face, lips only inches apart.

Parted lips met. Tongues danced against and around each other. Raven put down the wine bottle and twined her fingers in her new partner’s hair while Lindsay’s hands roamed up and down her bare back.

“Nice,” sighed Raven.

Lindsay smiled and planted a kiss in the dark valley between her new conquest’s breasts,then roamed avidly over the ample fleshscape while raven’s thumbs made circle’s on her own pink aureola. Lindsay’s lips finally settled on a dark nipple, sucking and nibbling.

“Ohhhhh!” moaned Raven.

“So goood!” replied the lusty Celtic bombshell, then a look of mischief floated across her face.

“You know, if we’re going to do this, there’d be a lot more room on a bed, than this couch.”

Raven hesitated. How far did she really want this to go? They’d already taken this farther than she’d expected. But she had to admit that she had enjoyed everything they’d done so far and a growing part of her wanted more.

“Could we go to my room?” she asked shyly. “I’d feel more comfortable.”


Raven nodded. Lindsay took her new love’s hand and led her to the doorway where they kissed passionately, limbs twining together. The rest of Lindsay’s dress dropped away leaving only a sheer pair of white panties covering her. Raven went and sat on her bed, back propped against the headboard, legs spread, an inviting smile on her elfin features.

Lindsay got on all fours over her partner and unbuttoned her jeans, then slid them off. She kissed her way up the other girl’s legs, the enticing smell of wet pussy leading her on. Her tongue licked Raven’s slit through the lacy panties that remained the only barrier to Lindsay’s desire, bringing a soft moan.

“Any more doubts?” Lindsay asked with a smile.

Raven shook her head vigorously. “Pleeease,” she begged.

Lindsay removed first Raven’s panties, then her own. The two beauties, dark and pale looked at each other. Lindsay was more nervous than she showed. She had known what she was for years but had only had a few actual sexual encounters, and only one real love affair, with the now hated Hilary, for that was the real reason she had taken Aaron away from her. This was the first time she had initiated anyone into the rites of love.

She lay full length over Raven so that just the tips of their breasts touched. She kissed the other girl on the fore head, then the nose, then softly on the lips, letting the weight if her body come down as she did so. Raven’s hands roamed over her back and in her hair as their tongues slid passionately around each other.

Her lips regretfully left her lover’s then kissed and licked their way down her neck then between the majestic dark mountain’s of the other woman’s breasts.

Lindsay’s fingers meanwhile were not as patient as her mouth. They slipped between Raven’s legs and into her slit causing her hips to buck upwards.

“Oh yeah, feels so good! Yeah!”

Finally Lindsay lips and tongue completed their long slow journey down Raven’s hot young body and found her pussy. Lindsay’s tongue wasted no time in plunging into the wet, dark pussy, producing moans of joy from her partner. She swung her hips over Raven’s Head

“Now you do me lover!”

Raven, going mostly on instinct put two fingers in and out of her new mistresses red furred treasure. Soon her tongue joined them.

Lindsay gasped as her inexperienced but eager partner’s teeth found her clit. “Oh God! YESSSSS! FUCK!” Not to be outdone she soon found Raven’s own joynub and gave it both a powerful suck with her lips and a vigorous rubbing.

“OH! Oh Lindsay! Cumming, CUMMMMIINNG! OH GOD I LOVE YOU!”

These words gave the lusty Logan pause. No one had said that to her since Hilary and she just couldn’t say them to Raven. Not yet. Not until she was sure that this time she wouldn’t be betrayed. Instead, as the two girls came down from orgasm, she reversed position and cuddled, one arm around her new bedmate, the other wandering idly over the other girl’s breasts.

“Are you a virgin Raven?”

“You’re the first I’ve ever let into my bed honeylove,” cooed Raven. Again the word love made Lindsay flinch.

“Then this night isn’t over.” With that she got up and went to her own room.

“Where are you going?”

“You’ll see,” came from across the hall.

When Lindsay returned she had a large doubleheaded dildo with a divider disk midway in her hand.

Raven’s normally large eyes widened further. “*What* is that?”

Lindsay smiled, a bit sadly Raven thought. “A sacred relic. This was used to break my cherry and now I want to use it to take yours.”

Raven looked a bit scared. “How much did it hurt?”

“A bit but it got feeling *much* better after a short time.”

“Well, okay. I trust you.”

Lindsay licked the false cock until it was thoroughly lubricated then, inserted one end into Raven’s throbbing pussy. She pushed it in slowly to get her partner used to it then eased it back then pushed it hard on through the hymen.

“Ah! OW!”

“Don’t worry, hun, Lindsay’ll make it sooo much better,” crooned the tempestuous woman above her as she mounted the other end. She waited for her partner to get used to the feel of the dildo inside her then started pushing against it. Soon the pair had a rhythm going of push and shove and were captured in the throes of ecstasy.

Then as they hit the height of orgasm Raven heard something that chilled her pleasure

“Oh yeah, fuck me Hilary!” screamed the girl she was making love to. It was plain that, lost in the moment she wasn’t aware of what she had said and Raven didn’t mention it but later, as they cuddled, she fought back tears and made a resolve. Somehow or other she would bring her new love’s obsession to an end.

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