Disney Girls 2: Raven’s Mission

Just in case anyone was wondering, the first Chapter of this series is listed under trickstersonii

This is fiction, pure and simple. A fantasy. No slur is intended towards Raven Symone, Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan. So if this offends you, well, don’t read it.

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As Raven stood in front of the Duff house, a sprawling not-quite-mansion on the Malibu beachfront, and pressed the doorbell she thought about the phonecall she’d made and the price she might have to pay for what she wanted.

She and Hilary really didn’t know each other very well. they
ran into each other now and then at Disney Studios and ocassionally at parties but Raven was the friend (and more, though noone knew that) of hilary’s archrival, Lindsay Lohan. So they were generally pleasant to each other but not friendly.

So when Raven had called on her cellphone the first thing Hilary wanted to know was how she’d gotten her number.

“Lindsay still keeps it on her PDA.”

“She lets you access her PDA?”

“Well, we’re…close.”

“How close?” The voice on the other side had gotten uncharacteristically cold and hostile, telling Raven a lot more than it’s owner intended.

“Not as close as you *used* to be. Which is why I want to talk.”

Which is what had brought her here. She waited, and just as she was going to press again the door opened. Hilary was looking at her with a non-expression on her face. She was dressed in tight lowrider jeans and a white scooped neck peasant blouse. Raven had to admit that she could understand Lindsey’s attraction.

Of course, she wasn’t exactly chopped liver either and had dressed to show that off in a short denim skirt and matching jacket. The fuzzy cranberry sweater underneath clung nicely to her tits. She noticed her rival looking her up and down but couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

“Come in,” said Hilary and led her into the kitchen.

Once they had sat down across from each other she asked, “So what do you want?”

Raven swallowed hard. What she was going to ask was the toughest thing she’d ever done.

“I want you to make up with Lindsay.”

“Excuse me? Did I get the wrong impression about you and her over the phone?”

“No but…she loves you and until things get cleared up between you two there’ll always be a block between us. I’d rather lose her honestly than continue having a lie in the middle of our relationship.”

“Don’t get me wrong but why should I care? Ever since we broke up Lindsay’s been nothing but a bitch to me. Even if I wanted to make nice she’d just throw it back in my face!”

“I have a plan.” Raven got up and walked around the table. “I think you still care about her, no matter what you say and I’ll do anything I have to to persuade you.”

“Anything?” Raven was now standing in front of her which meant that Hilary was presented with the tempting sight of the other girls large round breasts.

“Anything,” Raven answered in a suddenly soft and seductive voice. She went on to prove this by leaning forward and planting her lips firmly on Hilary’s.

Even though she had taken the initiative Raven soon found the tables turned as the young blond starlet hungrily engulfed her tongue. She swiftly found her jacket pulled off and herself pressed against the table as Hilary practically sucked her tongue out of her mouth by the roots.

Raven pushed the other girls off just so she could breath.

“Whoa, girl! How long has it *been*?”

Just as suddenly as it had appeared Hilary’s sexual agressiveness turned to embarrassed shyness. “Um…well…not since Lindsay.”

“What, I know about Aaron but were *all* of your boyfriends gay?”

Hilary blushed. “No, most of them wanted to but I don’t need the scandal and I’m not about to trust a *boy* to keep quiet about sex.”

“Hmm, you have a point. But you can trust me.”

“Can I? What is this, just some kind of business deal, right?”

Raven felt suddenly sorry for the other girl. She herself knew the kind of pressure Disney put on it’s young actrsses to maintain a squeeky clean image. But as Disney current official “Good Girl” it was even worse for Hilary. And it would only get worse a year from now when she turned 18 and the tabloids unsheathed their claws.

Raven took the other girl by the shoulders and looked deep into her eyes. “No hun. I do want to work out something that you, me and Lindsay can all share and enjoy. I’m…I’m willing to share, I just thought you might like to see what I have to offer.”

Hilary ran her hands over her sweatered breasts and down to her hips. She smiled. “I can see what you have to offer and I’d like to give it a…test run.”

“Do we have time?”

“It’s okay. I helped pay for this house and my rooms are almost a seperate apartment, locked doors and everything. Even if someone comes home, we won’t be disturbed.”

As her latest lover pulled her across the house Raven felt a sense of dejavu. But Hilary wasn’t really that much like Lindsay. She seemed sadder, almost desperate.

At any rate they soon reached what Raven would dub “the Hilary Wing” of the beachhouse. Raven saw that Hilary hadn’t exaggerated when she said it *was* almost a seperate apartment. Not just bed but a bathroom, den and kitchenette were included.

As soon as they were in her rooms Hilary closed and locked the door seperating her apartment from the rest of the house.

“Now you’re mine, all mine,” she said with a melodramatic cackle that made Raven roll her eyes.

Wondering why she seemed doomed to hookup with crazy white girls, Raven said, “You’re not as pure as everyone thinks, are you?”

“Hell no. Remember that movie with Buffy Michelle Gellar where she talks about having to act like ‘MarshafuckingBrady’ all the time and how sometimes she feels like slashing her wrists? Well that’s me.”

“Well come here Marsha,” Raven said as she pulled her new CrazyWhiteGirl into an embrace. They moved through the apartment, pulling each other clothes off while never quite breaking the kiss. By the time they reached the bed, both girls were topless and their hands were roaming over each others tits. They reached the bed and perched on the edge making out. Hilary’s hand went under Raven’s skirt to find, to her surprise and delight, that the other girl had come “commando”.

“You slut!”

“That’s me,” the black girl said in a parody of her show’s opening catchphrase. “Oh..oh, that’s sooo me!” she crooned has her partner’s fingers started sliding in and out of her twat. Soon The skirt had hit the floor and Raven’s legs were spread wide while her new blond love’s tongue licked and probed.

“So who’s slut *are* you?” Hilary teased.

“Ohhhh, yourrrs!” Raven purred as Hilary found her clit and flicked it rapidly.

“And Lindsay’?”

“Oh yesss1 I am Superslut!”

While Hilary’s tongue was driving her partner into a frenzy, her hands were exploring Raven’s thighs and ass, carressing and digging into them.

Raven felt her climax building but just before she peaked she felt the ohso delicious tounge leave her clit. Her eyes flew open to see Hilary leaning back from her.

“WHAT the hell, girl? I was just about to…”

“Oh don’t worry, you will, trust me,” her lover said with a smile. She then proceeded to rub her lithsome body against Raven’s in a full body massage. She felt the heat and delight begin to build up again, especially when Hilary began adding quick, sucking kisses to her repetoire as she oozed up and down her body.

“Mmmmm, you’re one bad girl Hill,”

“Yeahhhh, I am” and with that she returned to Raven’s bronze thighs, her lips and tongue creating an even larger sexual explosion that left the other woman almost paralyzed.

After a few minutes, Hilary felt her paramor moving from her side.

“Where you going?”

“You’ll see.” She heard Raven feet pad out to the kitchen and the refrigerator door open.

“You hungry?” They had after all worked up a hell of an appetite.

“Sort of.” In a moment she saw her new lover returning with her hands behind her back and remembered what she had in the refrigerator.

“You didn’t”

A radiant smile lit up Raven’s face as she brought out a large ripe cucumber from behind her.

“It’s cold!”

“Well I’ll just have to warm it up, won’t I?”, was the reply as Raven started rubbing the tuber over her massive breasts, ending by mock-fucking her cleavage, the cucumber almost dissapearring from sight inside the massive, warm, brown expanse.

This show of course warmed up Hilary as much as it did the vegatable. She spread her legs to give Raven a good view and masturbated until she was nice and wet.

Raven got onto the bed and alongside her blond lovemate. Ship slipped her lucious lips onto the cucumber and got it nice and slick then inserted it slowly while Hilary’s hands roamed over her her massive jugs.

“Oh, oh, OHHH! That’s it, now harder, push it harder!” Raven cheerfully complied ans the two starlets liplocked and ran their hands all over each other. Soon Raven straddled her partner, pushing the backend of their improvised dildo into herself even it went further and further into Hilary plae pink coonie.




Afterward as the two new lovebirds spooned, Hilary massaged Raven’s tits from behind and asked, “So what plan is this you have?”

To be Continued

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