Disney Girls 3: Reconciliation

Yes, this time, Hilary, Raven and Lindsay are all here now hush.

This is a fantasy. No insult is in any way intended towards anyone portrayed here so bugger off.

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Lindsay Lohan entered the apartment she shared with her lover, Raven Symone to be greeted with a call to stay outside.


“It’s a surprise!” came back the answer in a cheery sing-song voice. She waited impatiently until Raven called through the door, “Okay, come in but close your eyes.” This she
did, all the while muttering under her breath about crazy girlfriends.

When she entered she heard the door close behind her and Raven’s naked, buxom body pressed against her back. Maybe this would be worth the initial annoyance after all. She felt a mask being put over her face.

Okay, you can open your eyes now.” When she did, she realized it was pointless because it was her sleep mask so she still couldn’t see. But she could definitely feel. She felt her roomate removing her dress and Raven’s lips on her neck and back.

“We’ve got company,” Raven whispered as her hands reached around to stroke Lindsay’s tits. Between the size of lindsay’s breasts and her own she barely get her arms around.

“Is it Annaliese?” They had talked about bringing someone else into their bed for a bit of variety and Raven’s costar was the prime candidate along with Jamie Lee Curtis, with whom Lindsay had a brief fling during the filming of “Freaky Friday”.

“What part of ‘surprise’ don’t you understand?” answered Raven, reluctantly taking her attention away from Lindsay’s milky orbs, taking her by the hand and leading her into her bedroom, which was better equipped for what she had in mind than Raven’s. Lindsays bed was a four poster and each post had a short chain ending in a leather cuff/ Neither woman was obssessive about bondage but occasionally Lindsay liked to play dominant and Raven went along with it. More rarely they reversed roles.. This was one of those time as Raven led her gently to the bed and shackled her wrists.

First the left wrist and then she kissed her way down Lindsays arm to her shoulder, paused in the middle for a long French kiss and embrace then up her right arm which she then fastened, straddling her currently brunette lover in the process. She then bent so the her breasts and Lindsay’s fit into eachother and massaged one set of collosal boobs with the other, producing murmurs and squels of pleasure from her partner. She then slithered her way slowly down lindsays body until her head finished down between her legs.

“Mmmm, ohyeah! Fuck, so good!”

An impatient Hilary had snuck to the doorway and watched. Already naked, her fingers rubbed and stroked her pussy while she braced herself against the doorway. She bit down on her lip to keep from alerting Lindsay and slowly slid down the wall as her legs became too weak to hold her.

“OH I’M GONNA CUMMMMM!” screamed Lindsay and as she did Raven worked her way down her thighs, leaving a trail of pussy juice as she went. While Lindsay was too exhausted to resist she put the ankle cuffs on and signaled her partner in deception to get off the floor and onto the bed.

Lindsay felt a new person get on the bed and then a pair of lips closed on one nipple as Raven’s lips engulfed the other. Both thelips and the hands that went roaming all over her body seemed familiar somehow. But it wasn’t until they kissed *her* lips that she realized who they belonged to.

“YOU BITCH!” she screamed, then turned her still blindfolded head towards Raven and spit. “Traitor!”

*Slap!* Lindsay’s head was rocked back by an open handed blow from Raven.

“Now you just hush and listen to me. I brought her here because there are things you need to work out with each other.”

“I …thought you loved me.”

Raven leaned forward and took Lindsay by the chin then removed the mask. Lindsay wasn’t quite crying but looked close.

“Hun, I *do* love you but you loved Hilary first and you still do. All she got in reply was a snarl. “Don’t deny it. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have have called out her name the first time we made love. And it wasn’t the last time either.”

“I…I did?”

“She did?”

“Yes.” Raven reached out to stroke the faces of the other two women, one whom she loved, the other whom she was coming to love. “That’s why I brought Hilary her. you belong together.”

“She broke my heart!” yelled Lindsay. SHe lunged at Hilary but was brought up short by her bonds.

“I was only fourteen! I was scared…and confused. I didn’t know what I wanted.”

“And now?” Her answer came when Hilary leaned forward and kissed her passionatley. As they embraced Raven got off the bed and started to leave.

Lindsay broke off the kiss to look at her roomate and ask, “Where are *you* going, Miss Thing?”

“I thought you might want…to be alone.”

“Are you nuts? Listen, without you Hilary and i will kill each other. We need you to keep us sane.”

“Plus, you’re a great fuck,” said Hilary with a grin

“That too.”

“Oh…well in that case,” said Raven, relieved and went to the dresser where Lindsay kept her strapon. As she fitted it on and pushed the shorter second cockhead inside her Hilary shared a massive makeup kiss with Lindsay then shifted her attention to her once and present lover’s huge tits.

“My, how you’ve grown, ” Hilary said apreciatively as her teeth pulled at one nipple and her fingers rubbed and pinched at the other.

“You can…let me…mmmm…go now.”

Raven and Hilary shared a wink and answered together.


Lindsay sighed, first in resignation then in ecstacy as Hilary’s tongue lapped at her soft, silky belly and then worked it’s way between her lower lips. At the same time Hilary grunted and moaned as Raven started doing her doggy style.

“Mmmm, oh! Goodgoodgood! I *missed* you tongue

“Hey! What’s my tongue, a Brillo pad?” snapped Raven, still a bit insecure.

“Nooo…ohhhh…not what I meant. Make it…ooooh…up to you.”

“You bet you will.”

Hilary raised her head from the copper snatch she been happily eating. “Please, stop fighting and get back to fucking me? Pleeease? Oh yeah, that’s it. Yeah so good!. Now my ass! Oh pleeease?” she begged.

“Your command is my wish, said Raven as she switched holes.

“Ah! Yeah!! Hurts! Hurts goooood!” cried the young blond as Raven plowed into her ass. Her moans continued but became muffled as she returned to nibbling and sucking at Lindsay’s clit to her loudly expressed delight.

“Cumming! I’m cumming!” she screamed as she bucked and writhed in the restraints.

“Okay, time to earn your keep,” said Raven as she unhooked the dildo, leaving it in Hilary’s ass. She slid over the blond’s back. legs spread and finished perched over Lindsay’s face. Still stinging from her lover’s remark she shoved her pussy roughly down onto her.

“Eat me, bitch!” To which order Lindsay enthusiastically complied.

At the same time Hilary was working herself into a frenzy by plunging the didldo in and out of her bunghole. The, exhausting herself momentarily she watched as one lover writhed and rocked on top of the other’s face.

“Oh, that’s it baby…good little slut…such a good little slut!”

Recovering, Hilary wiped the dildo clean then fastened it on herself and mounted Lindsay with a determined look.

“Ohhhhhhfuuuuuuckkk!” screamed Raven as she came, gushing cream onto the face of the woman below her. Lindsay’s own muffled squeals and moans testified to her own orgasm. Finally the three starlets collapsed in an exhausted heap of tangled limbs and nubile flesh.

“*Now* will you untie me?” pleaded their captive.

“The two other beauties, blond and brunette, bronze and fair-skinned shared a look across their love’s sweaty body.


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