Disney Girls 5: Ice Princesses Get Hot

Story: Ice Princesses Get Hot

Author: Tricksterson

Feedback: trickstersonii@yahoo.com

Celebs: Hayden Panettiere and Michelle Trachtenberg

Codes: Ff, cons, fetish (foot), oral

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy, I do not for a minute believe that the young ladies in question behave in any manner akin to the way they’re portrayed in the story (alas) and no insult is intended, so bugger off and find something useful to do.

Note: This is set during the filming of the movie “Ice Princess” so Michelle is 20 and Hayden 16.

Trachtenberg heard the door of her trailer open, someone come in and the door close, all without the person in question knocking or announcing themselves. She didn’t turn around or say anything because she knew who it had to be. This was confirmed when a pair of slender arms snaked around her neck and a pair of soft lips kissed the top of her head.

“Hello lover,” she said, angling her head up to look into the blue-grey eyes of her co-star on the movie “Ice Princess”, Hayden Panettierre then said in a mock angry voice, “That was rude.”

“What, kissing you?” replied Hayden, coming around and sitting on her lap.

“No,” the older girl said as she put her arms around her waist. “Coming in without knocking.” She smiled mischieviously. “What if I’d been naked?”

“That was kind of what I was hoping for.” In actuality Michelle was wearing a loose semi-transparent flowered top and cutoffs Hayden herself was wearing a scandalously short white dress with a black leather belt and no panties.

Michelle stuck her tongue out at her friend.

“Don’t stick that out at me unless you intend to use it,” Hayden chided her. The predictable reaction was of course that Michelle stuck it out again and left it out long enough for Hayden to catch it between her teeth.

“Okay, now what?” Michelle asked. Well that’s what she meant to ask. What came out sounded more like “Okinawa?” Regardless, she got an answer of sorts when her lover’s tongue darted forward and engulfed the rest of her tongue like a big fish swallowing a small one. Soon their tongues were sliding back and forth, in and out of each other’s mouths. While this was happening Michelle slid her hand up Hayden’s thigh and discovered her fortuitous lack of panty.

As Michelle’s fingers traced the lines and folds of her vulva Hayden stiffened which let the other girls’s tongue escape her mouth to kiss and lick along the line of her cleavage which was cut as low as her hem was high. Her free hand reached around to unzip the dress and then Hayden stepped back to let it fall to the floor leaving her naked except for a beige pushup bra.

“You realize you look silly like that, a top with no bottom?”

“There’s nothing wrong with my bottom,” the other girl said, turning around and giving her booty a shake. Michelle had to admit, her girl’s ass was just about perfect.

“Besides,” Hayden said, turning around once more to face her girlcrush, “is it my fault if I *need* a bra, unlike *some* people I could mention?” This time it was she who stuck her tongue out, earning her self a glare. Once again she had the facts on her side. WHile Michelle’s butt was as nice as Hayden’s her tits barely qualified as As while Hayden’s were Bs pushing into C territory even though she was five years younger.

“Well then maybe I should just keep my clothes on, if my body’s that ugly,” Michelle said petulantly.

“Oh nooo, you have a beautiful body Michelle!’

“How beautiful?”


“I want details.”

Hayden realized then that the older girl was just teasing her but decided to play along. She smiled and, getting on one knee undid Michelle’s sneakers, took off her socks then kissed each of her feet in turn, raising it to her lips and sucking on each of her toes then licking both the top and bottom of each foot making her giggle.

“Pretty, delicate feet,” she said then started massaging her way up her lover’s long, shapely legs. Her hands worked the muscles of first one calf then the other then did the same with her upper legs.

“Long beautiful legs.”

Michelle purred with delight. Being a skating movie “Ice Princess” was more than a little strenuous and was particularly tough on her legs. The massage she was getting was almost better than sex. Almost.

When her paramour reached for her shorts however Michelle slapped her hands away.

“Save that for last. You still have the upper half of my body to flatter. The half you insulted I might add.”

“Well how can I flatter it if I can’t see it?” Hayden said with a pout. In response Michelle pulled her top off and flung it into a corner revealing that indeed she had no bra.

“Mmm, a very yummy tummy,” the blond minx cooed, kissing it and causing Michelle to break into giggles once more when she stuck her tongue into her lover’s navel. Then she jumped over the breasts of contention to Michelle’s face, in the process once again sitting on her girlfriend’s lap, this time wrapping her legs around her waist. Michelle used this opportunity to remove Hayden’s bra and begin fondling her tits.

“Beautiful full lips, beautiful blue eyes,” she said, kissing each in turn. “Long, lovely hair,” she said, running her fingers through it. Then she pulled back and grinned evilly. “But your tits are still scrawny.”

Michelle made a face and growled, “Die, wench!” then pretended to throttle her while Hayden let her head jerk back and forth like a huge bobblehead doll. Their playful struggle caused them to spill off the chair and onto the floor. The tussle ended with Michelle straddling the younger girl’s waist and holding her wrists down.

“Say ‘Auntie'”

“Shouldn’t that be “‘Uncle’?”

“We’re girls.”

“And lesbians,” Hayden said, conceding the point.

“And lesbians. So, you give?”

“I give, Auntie.” Her reward for surrendering was to have her hands released and guided to Michelle’s shorts which she was quick to unbutton, unzip and pull down as far as her girlfriend’s spread legs would let her. She slipped first one finger, then two between the moist lips of Michelle’s pussy bringing a soft moan of pleasure. Hayden’s other hand reached around to grope the firm globes of her ass.

“A sweet, tasty twat and a tight round ass,” she said, concluding the litany and slipping a finger of her free hand into Michelle’s rectum, bringing a surprised but pleased grunt. She worked the two holes in rythm with each other while her lover bent down to suck at the ripe globes of Hayden’s breasts. however, just short of orgasm, she pulled off of Hayden and stood up.

“What’s wrong?” asked the other girl in a tone of dismay.

“Nothing”, Michelle answered, shimmying her shorts to the floor, “I just want to be on your face when I cum.” So saying she settled her trim brown bush down onto Hayden’s upthrust tongue while sending her own tongue and fingers to probe into the other girls blond furred cunt. Her fingers worked in and out of Hayden’s slit while her mouth licked and sucked at her clit. At the same time Hayden’s tongue thrust deeper and harder into Michelle’s own vagina, completing the job her fingers had started. Muffled mews and groans of pleasure came from the two young sluts as they brought each other to climax.

As they lay on the floor in each others arms a little later Hayden asked, “Now aren’t you glad you seduced me?”

Michelle’s eyebrows went up. “*I* seduced *you*?

“That’s right, you ravished my maidenly body,” her friend replied, putting her hands together prayerfully and assuming a look of extremely faux innocnce.

Her partner gave her a sceptical look and mimicked her voice. “‘Oh, Michelle, can I use your shower? The one in my trailer isn’t working.’, ‘Oh, you look so tense. Would you like me to give you a back rub?’

“While you were only wearing a towel I might add. A small one. Any of this sound familiar?”

“Umm, possibly. Oh all right, so I seduced you. Any regrets?”

Michelle kissed her gently but firmly on the lips.

“Not a one.”

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