Disney Girls 6: Party Time

Author: Tricksterson

Title: Disney Girls 6: Party Time!

Celebrities: Alyson and Amanda Michalka, Hayden Panetierre, Michelle Trachtenberg

Codes: Ffff, cons, fetish (foot), first, inc, oral, orgy, toys

Disclaimer: This is purely fiction, I do not for a minute think that any of the young ladies portrayed here act anything like they do in the story (unfortunately). So go do something productive instead of annoying me.

Note: Amanda is 14 at the time of the story, Alyson and Hayden are 16 and Michelle is 20

“Aren’t you a little old to
need someone to go to the bathroom with you?” Alyson Michalka asked her younger sister Amanda, aka A.J..

“Depends on what we’re going to the bathroom to do doesn’t it?” Amanda replied with a grin as she led her older sister by the hand into the bathroom and then, when they saw it was unoccupied, into the handicapped stall. Since the two sisters had been lovers for over a year now Aly had a pretty good idea what her slutty little sister had in mind and, though a little nervous about being caught, thoroughly approved. They had just finished recording a song for the soundtrack of the movie “Ice Princess” and both needed to work off the tension and hyperactivity that came with any recording session.

“God, I want you sis!” Amanda almost shouted as she pushed Alyson up against a wall and rubbed her hand against the crotch of her sister’s lowrider jeans.

“Say that a little louder. There may be some people in the Greater LA area who didn’t hear that we’re practicing incest.”

“Why, do you want me to stop?” Amanda asked, knowing the answer, as she licked her tongue up the side of her sister’s neck, unzipped her jeans and thrust her hand in.

“Oh God no,” Aly gasped as she pushed up both Amanda’s striped belly shirt and the t-shirt underneath it to expose her bouncy round tits. She lowered her mouth to them and pushed her against the stall door.

Which, it turned out both of them had forgotten to lock.

And which opened outward, spilling them out onto the floor, Aly on top, just as Hayden Panetierre, who was also here to record a song for the same soundtrack, walked in.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” said Alyson.

“It looks like you were making out with your sister and forgot to lock the door,” said Hayden who had never met either of them but was a fan both of their music and of Alyson’s show, “Phil of the Future”.

“Oh, then I guess it is what it looks like,” said Amanda, pulling her shirt down. “Um, you won’t tell anyone will you?” she asked, giving the other girl a lost puppy dog look.

“Oh hell no,” Hayden replied. “What I am going to do is give you my cell number and invite you to a party that a friend of mine doesn’t know she’s throwing but will when I tell her what nice tits you have.”

“Are you blackmailing us?” Alyson asked. By this time the Michalkas had gotten up and were arranging their clothes into something resembling decency, rather to Hayden’s dissapointment.

“Not unless you want me to,” Hayden said with a disarming smile.

“It might be better,” said Amanda. “Aly still has a few shreds of morality left and it would make her feel better. Me, I never bothered with it in the first place.”

“Okay, then I’m blackmailing you. Here’s my number,” she said, writing it down on a paper towel and handing it to Amanda. “Be there or…or else,” and then she unconvincingly stomped her foot.

“Thanks,” said Alyson, making a face at her sister and checking her hair in a mirror.


“They’re here!” exclaimed Hayden, jumping up and down. She was wearing skin tight jeans with a silver chain belt and a black spaghetti strap top that only poorly concealed the bra underneath. She hated wearing shoes whenever she didn’t have to so she was typically barefoot.

“Gee, between their buzzing the door, the security cameras and the text messages I never would have guessed.” said Michelle. The truth was she was a bit jealous. Okay, more than a bit. In the nearly two weeks since Hayden had oopsed them there had been a nearly constant stream of phone calls and text messages between the two sisters and Hayden, especially Amanda. And when she wasn’t calling them, she was calling Michelle or talking to her about the party she’d nagged her into throwing, “Since you’re the only one who doesn’t live with her parents, pleasepleaseplease?”. It only made her more paranoid that her girlfriend hadn’t let her talk to either of them saying she wanted to keep her identity as a surprise. With an eye to dazzle both Hayden and her guests she was wearing a short snakeskin skirt with matching ankle boots and off-the-shoulder top.

“Do they know what we have planned?”

“Well, the original invitation said ‘snacks, party games and a lesbian orgy’. What, too subtle?” she asked as Michelle rolled her eyes at her.

“They’ll probably think you’re kidding,” her lover said as she opened the door. “Or not,” when she saw how they were dressed. Both were wearing tight spandex pants, Alyson in sequined red, Amanda in leopard skin print with matching fuck-me pumps. Alyson’s top was white with short puffy sleeves and an equally puffy bodice that left her long, lean torso bare from just below her breasts to just above her hips. Amanda wore a teal t-shirt that would have been comparatively modest if it hadn’t also been two sizes too small.

As soon as they had entered Hayden marched up to Alyson and proclaimed, “Wow, you’re the perfect height.” At 5’9″ Alyson towered over the 5’1″ blond.

“Perfect height for what?” asked a bemused Alyson.

Without missing a beat Hayden replied, “For sucking on your tits. They’re right in line with my mouth.

“Told you they were serious,” said Amanda wryly. “Now pay up.” Alyson sighed and rolled her eyes but made good on the bet with her younger sister. She reached down and pulled up her top, flashing the other three girls.

“Well, that was nice,” said Michelle.

“What there was of it,” said Amanda.

Michelle shared a look with Alyson. I see we have something in common.”

“Small tits?” asked Hayden perkily.

“I think she meant pain-in-the-ass girlfriends,” replied Alyson.

“You got that right,” agreed Michelle.

“Is it our fault you make us look like Lindsay Lohan?” asked Amanda

“Okay, enough.” said Hayden before it could devolve into an actual fight. “Onto the snackage and party games.”

“What about the lesbian orgy?” asked Amanda.

“Oh we expect that to flow from the party game,” said Michelle with a smirk.

“What game?” asked Amanda. “Spin the Bottle? Seven Minutes in Heaven?”

“Spin the Bottle. Sort of,” answered Michelle, her smirk turning into an outright grin.


It wasn’t a bottle.

They had all eaten about as much as any of them wanted of the salad, dip and chips then bonded by licking the grease, dip and dressing off each others lips and fingers. When Michelle stood up from the couch she was sharing with Hayden and announced, ” Okay, time for the next phase of the evening.”

“Spin…the…Bottle…Spin…the…Bottle,” Amanda startted chanting from the floor where she sat in a lotus position. Her sister was sitting back in a cup shaped wicker chair.

“Like I said, sort of,” said Michelle, going into her bedroom and coming out with a massively thick nine-inch very realistic looking dildo which she placed on the coffee table that was between the couch and where the other two girls sat and gave an experimental twirl.

“But wait, there’s more!” said Hayden in a game show announcer type voice. “Vanna, tell the contestants our clever twist!”

“I can’t, Vanna doesn’t talk,” Michelle replied, making a face.

“Who’s Vanna?” asked Amanda.

Michelle slapped herself on the forehead. “Oy, kids!”

“Just spill the beans, won’t you?” asked an annoyed Alyson.

“Oh, all right. Two twists actually. Little twist is that instead of the “bottle” being spun by whoever got kissed last it goes around the table clockwise. That way everyone gets a turn.” The Michalka sisters both nodded. That was fair and anyway there was no one in the room any of them would want to avoid smooching. “Bigger twist is that whoever the dildo winds up pointing at not only has to kiss the spinner but also take off an item of clothing. Oh and shoes and socks count as one item so we can get to the good stuff quicker.”

“Sooo it’s Strip Spin the dildo,” said Alyson, blinking slowly as she digested this.

“Underage Lesbian Strip Spin the Dildo,” corrected Hayden cheerfully.

“Cool,” was Amanda’s contribution.

“I’m the hostess so I get to go first,” said Michelle. No one argued so she gave the penile pointer a spin. After going around a couple times it wound up aimed at Amanda who clapped her hands, said “Oh goody,” and, unfolding her legs pulled off her shoes.

“So, do you want me to kiss your feet or your mouth?”

“How about both?”

“Don’t get greedy.”

“How about you kiss me on the lips, then rub my feet.”


In order to reach each other Amanda got up onto her knees while Michelle slid bonelessly from the couch and did the same. They then leaned forward, Michelle’s hand going to the back of the younger girl’s neck. Their lips pressed together then opened to let their tongues out to play. When they broke off both of them were flushed and breathing hard.

“Whoa,” said Amanda. Michelle just nodded, all her doubts about the evening dissolved. She felt Amanda’s foot poking her knee under the coffee table and reached under to start the massage after handing the dildo off to Alyson.

Once again the dildo wound up pointing at Amanda who gleefully doffed her top revealing a nice pair of B-Cups held in by a peach colored bra. She removed her foot, albeit reluctantly, from Michelle’s grasp and got up on her knees again while Alyson leaned down from her chair for a kiss that had none of the initial awkwardness of the one between Amanda and Michelle. When their lips parted Aly wasn’t done but kissed her way down her sisters neck to the beginning of her cleavage before breaking off and handing the talisman to her.

The next spin brought the artificial penis right back towards Alyson which prompted an outburst from Hayden.

“Not fair! I haven’t been kissed yet *and* I still have all my clothes on!”

“It’s all right hon,” soothed Michelle, leaning her head against her lovers knee. “Your turn’s next.”

“Oh, right. Sorry.”

“Midgets are *so* touchy,” teased Amanda. Although shorter than Alyson she and Michelle were still both substantially taller than the other girl.

“Yeah but I’ve still got the biggest boobs in the room,” she retorted. Now don’t you have a kiss to deliver?” Even if she hadn’t participated yet, she still enjoyed watching.

“That I do.” So saying she got on her knees in front of her sister who had already removed her shoes and slid her body slowly up Alyson’s, molding her form to her sister’s. She ran her fingers through Aly’s thick, blond hair and sat on her lap facing her giving her a kiss so thorough that Aly’s legs shot straight out from the chair like something from a cartoon then slid back down to her original sitting position.

Both Michelle and Hayden watched in stunned appreciation before putting their arms out towards Amanda, bowing from the waist and chanting “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

“Oh you are too,” replied the blond nymphet, blushing as she handed the dildo over to Hayden. This time the spinner pointed once again to Alyson who, with a slight blush of her own pulled off her top and tossed it away from her.

“Ladies, we have tit,” Hayden announced. She nearly added “such as they are,” but didn’t want to reignite the earlier argument. Because of their height difference both girls stood up to kiss, Hayden’s hands resting on Aly’s shoulders while Alyson’s slender fingers twined themselves in the other girl’s hair. Hayden moved forward, half crawling onto the coffee table, took one small breast in her mouth, sucked, then pulled back and put the pink nipple between her teeth and again pulled until it stretched out away from the rest of the tit while rubbing the other nipple between her fingers.

“Uhhh!” moaned the tall blond, throwing her head back and clenching Hayden’s hair in her fists.

Reluctantly Hayden pulled away from the other girl. Even more reluctantly Aly let her go.

At the beginning of the second round Hayden’s luck seemed to have turned because when Michelle spun the dildo it ended up pointed in her direction.

“And I’m not wearing shoes so,,,” she said with glee as she stripped off her top to show breasts barely concealed by a lacy red bra. As she kissed Michelle she noticed that incredible and passionate as the kiss with Aly had been this one was better, not because Michelle was a better kisser but because of the feelings it aroused in her heart rather than just her groin and realized just how much she loved Michelle. After the kiss she looked into her partner’s eyes and saw that love reflected back.

Not that this was going to stop them from from fucking the shit out of their guests. If anything their love would make it even easier because any insecurities had been banished. No matter what they did tonight they would still be together afterward.

Michelle handed the dildo off to Alyson and promptly found it pointed back at her. She unzipped her ankle boots and unclipped her stocking from the garter belt they were attached to, giving both Alyson and Amanda a brief flash of the panties underneath.

“Crotchless,” observed Aly, who had gotten the best look. “Nice.” She got down on the floor. “Mind if I start with your feet?”

“Not one bit,” said Michelle, who actually had a mild fetish in that area.

“Hey!” protested Amanda, “you wouldn’t do *my* feet.”

“This was your sister’s idea, not mine. Besides, you did get a foot rub.”

“Not a very long one,” was the grumpy reply. “But okay, water under the bridge.”

This being resolved, Alyson took one of Michelle’s feet in her long, slender hands and licked her tongue across the top of it from toes to ankle then did the same up her calf all the way to the hem of her skirt which was about an inch above her knees. At that point Michelle put her hands on either side of her new friend’s face, lifted her head up and planted a soul kiss on her.

When Amanda next spun the dildo Michelle was once again the object of it’s desire and after baring her breasts she found them being sucked and stroked with a skill that surprised her from a girl Amanda’s age.

The dynamic of the game, indeed the entire evening changed with the eighth spin. When Alyson found the huge artificial penis pointing at her she stood up and skinned out of her spandex pants leaving her clad only in an apricot thong that was already soaked through. Hayden crawled across the table, dildo in hand, and rubbed it agressively against the other girl’s crotch as their tongues wrestled against each other. As they kissed, they tumbled to the floor, Hayden on top as Alyson unhooked her bra.

Michelle looked at Amanda and said, “I think we’ve moved into the full blown orgy portion of the evening.” The younger girl’s answer was to grin and take off her own bra.

After giving her pink nippled breasts an appreciative look Michelle said, “Wait here, I’ll be back.”

When Michelle returned she was naked except for a large strapon . Amanda had also used the time to strip off her remaining clothes. During this period Hayden had ripped off Alyson’s thong and was working the dildo in and out of her steaming cunt while the other girl had pulled her jeans and panties down past her hips and had two fingers going in and out of Hayden’s pussy in a matching rythm. Both girls had the look of utter concentration that only comes with the nearness of climax.

As Michelle came closer Amanda shook her head.

“What’s the matter hun?”

“I…I…still have my cherry.”

“And you want your sister to be your first?” Amanda nodded.

Michelle looked over to where her lover and Amanda’s sister writhed on the floor, mouths fused together, fingers and dildo thrusting away. Aly’s back started to arch in a telltale sign of oncoming orgasm.

“I understand. I think your sis will be ready for you soon. Help me get this off and then we can play, okay?”

“‘Kay.” After her new friend had helped her take off the strapon, which was mainly an excuse to grope and pinch each other’s tits and ass, Michelle lay down and spread her legs. With a smile Amanda went to her knees, put her arms underneath Michelle’s thighs and her hands beneath her firm buttocks then bent down to lick eagerly at her honeypot.

Hearing the screams and moans from the other side of the room subside Michelle looked up to see Aly and Hayden lying next to each other catching their breath.

“Aleee,” she moaned, “Mandy wants you to fuuuuck herrr with my coccck!”

“Is that true, A. J.?,” asked Alyson, eyes sparkling. Living at home neither girl owned any toys for fear of parental discovery so this was a rare chance.

Amanda raised her face, dripping with Michelle’s juices from between her legs and said, “Yes! Oh yess! Pop my cherry sister, do it now!”

Aly and Hayden got up slowly and the “midget” helped the “giant” put on the rig for the strapon.

“Spread your legs baby,” Alyson said to her sister. She felt A J stiffen as she entered and waited for her sister to get used to the feel of the dildo inside her. At the same time Hayden went around and planted her pussy onto her lover’s face. Then she leaned forward to kiss and caress Aly’s face and tits as she proceeded to fuck Amanda. This started a chain reaction: Aly’s fucking drove Amanda to push her tongue ever deeper and harder into Michelle who in turn became more and more frenzied in her eating out of Hayden. Hayden and Alyson completed the circuit as their mouths and tongues pressed together and their hands roamed all over each others upper torsoes. Thus when Amanda’s orgasm hit it almost seemed to travel in a circle from her to Michelle to Hayden to her sister and back to her, the circle of pleasure breaking only when sheer exhaustion caused the four of them to collapse in a heap of tangled limbs and bodies.


After the four young beauties had, reluctantly, untangled from each other and, even more reluctantly, put their clothes back on Alyson asked Hayden if she needed a ride home.

“Nah,” the diminutive one replied. “My parents think I’m over here for a slumber party.”

“Well, they’re half right,” said Michelle. “A lot of party, just not much slumber.”

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